Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ready To Launch

At last my online Store website is done. I can acccess my account again. It is done and I can actually take orders now, but I am not ready for that yet because I want to make sure that the shopping cart and the shipping system is fully secured and will not create errors.

Although the website programmer was already done with the first 25 pages, there are still so many things to do before I can fully launch the website. I still have to buy a domain, complete the UPS shipping registration and add some of my products. I am not satisfied with the design and I want to make it look more personalized. There are still some errors that I overlooked so I have to do it myself.

I still have to do the shipping, Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy.. My vacation is almost done and I still have so many things to accomplish with regards to my online store. Far yet to make money!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Small Party Last Night

We went to a small party last night and I had a pretty good time. We stayed for about 2 hours. I eat, sing and sing..lols.. It was fun and it relaxed my mind. They said I am gainging weight...lols.. I agree with them, because I never had my exercise ever since my Benign Vertigo strikes for the seond time. I am not burning the calories that I have been eating. The bad thing is, I am a big bad eater and exercise is my only way to control my weight. I am still having a little imbalance becaus of my Vertigo but I started my exercise routine again two days ago and I feel a lot better after. At least my last big calorie intake will be last night and no more parties anymore...lols

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sick Or Not?

My father went to the emergency room again by himnself, believing that he is having a high blood pressure only to find out that there is really nothing wrong with him. All the bood pressure and ECG test are normal. He always do this and I am getting tired of being paranoid. I don't mind spending time taking care of him, bring him to the doctor everyday if there is really something wrong with him. But he is wasting everybody's time.

He has been measuring his blood pressure (BP) every hour by himself. And when the arrow went up just a little, he will think that he is having a high bood. He is not eating the right food. His food doesn't have any salt or sugar. I feel like he is too afraid to die. I wonder where his faith on this. I hate to say all of these because he is my father. But I sometimes don't know when to believe if he is really sick or not!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Theater

We spend our Christmas at the theater to watch Marley and Me. It was a good movie and I felt good spending quality time with my kids. I will have few more day to spend with my kids and I dont want to waste any single moment on my Christmas vacation without them beside me.

I am working with my products together with my kids and I am glad that they are also having fun playing with the ingredients with me. We also spend a lot of time with our dog and, seeing this movie makes me feel like our family is not complete without our dog in our life.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party Last Night

Wwe have a good time last night at the Christmas party for Filipinos at my work. My kids had fun too. We went home very late last night. It made my mind so relax from all the work that I have been doing in and out of my fulltime job. I also didn't do any blogging this weekend and spend most of my time with my kids and I also did a lot of self relaxation.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Have To Save Money

I am so lucky for having a wonderful children. They are not very hard to deal with and they can easily understand what is going on around the world. They have been reading and listening to the news, so they know how hard life is with this crisis that the world have been experiencing.

They dont ask too much things for themselves. I sometimes have to offer them or ask them if they want money or if they want to buy something for themselves. They will even say "We have to save money mama"... . So even if I wanted to buy something for myself, I will feel guilty and just drop whatever it is I have in mind to buy for myself for luxury..lols..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Twilight Series Books For My Kids

The three series books of "Twilight" that I odered from Amazon arrived today. My kids are very happy to have it since they are a big fan of "Twilight". I am glad that my kids love to read books.

It's good to have a hobby of reading than seeing them infront of the computer playing nonsense games. However, I always have to remind them to finish their assignment first, before reading their favorite books.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dinner at Asian Buffet

We had our dinner at Asian Buffet as my daughters requested to celebrate their 11th Birthday. I tried to get up even if I feel so sick. I dont want them to feel bad or ignored. They never ask for anything big like party or an expensive gift. So even if I feel so sick, I tried to get up and spend some time with them.

I still feel sick right now. If I still have this dizziness until Monday, I will go to my doctor. Although my doctor said that, there is no medicine for Benign Vertigo, I will still seek help because this is really annoying.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Twin's 11th Birthday

It's my twin daugther's 11th birthday. I love my angels and I really think I am so lucky for having such a wonderful children. I was asking them what do they want for their birthday and they said they just want us to have dinner in Asian Buffet tomorrow. They don't have any visitors or they dont want even a small party. I guess they never got my personality on this aspect. lols... I love parties when I was younger...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Health For Kids

Raising health conscious kids seems harder than ever. Many years ago, children ate whatever was fresh and seasonal. There were no other choices as we have today. Readily available proccesed foods provide no nutrition so that our childre miss out on eating nutritionally rich foods. Meaning, progrss is taking us backward when it comes to nutrition.

Your choices are what ultimately will determine if your children will grow up to be health-conscious. If your snack drawer and refrigerator are always stocked with junk food, chances are that's going to be the norm for your kids. Weight problems can also be a factor, there a good chance that children with frequent acces these foods will experience low energy, learning difficulties and dental problems.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Proud Of My Kids

I am so happy with the grades of my twins. They performance is school improve tremendously. Their prescription eyeglases have help them a lot to focus and be inspired to learn what their teacher have been teaching. They are more motivated and can clearly understand the lesson.

I am so happy and blessed to have such a wonderful children. I sometimes ask myself where do they get this from. Honestly, I am one big stubborn child in the family thats' why I am always grounded when I was younger. lols... Oh well I guesss they got it from my wonderful husband.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Online Store Homepage

Here is the printscreen of my homepage... As you see, there are still a lot of work to do so this is not yet live on the internet. I will be working on this site one day at a time and at the same time working on my product. But right now, I want to show how my website will look like,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am Making My Own Product

I have been thinking so much about how and where should I get the product for my second online store. Now my mind is all set. I will be the one making my own product on my second online store.

It will just take few months for me to launch my second online store because I will be waiting for the arrival of some ingredients for my beauty products. Although the base ingredients are already made, I still have to do few formulation to make it my own. Then I will create my website for my own product. I will just add new products each week while I am working on it for the search engines.

Now that my mind is set for the product for my second onine store, I will now focus on making money on blogging this week..I am more excited to launch my second online store because it is my own product. Weeeee, I will be making my own product!!!! yepeyyyy!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mini SPA at Home

Every hardworking mother deserve a week at a SPA. But since it is so expensive, we better start considering ourself to a min-spa right in our own home. Oh yeah, I always do this whenever I have the time espcially during the weekend.

You can begin your min-spa with a yoga exercise. Then head for a shower to relax and revialize your mind and body. Create an inviting space in your bathroom with soft lighting, fragrant candles or a sprig of eucalyptus hanging from the curtain rod. Play your favorite mellow CD. The water should be moderately warm. I love doing this and it really help relax my mind.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slowing Things Down

I was glad that my kids didn't asked me to go out last Saturday and I was able to pay attention on different things about building an online store. Funny but my first online store hasn't started yet and here I am, thinking of creating another one for one product that I want to sell on the internet... Grrr!!! greedy me!!! I guess, I have to set aside the thought of creating another online store until I have finished the first one.

We went to Walmart today and buy few stuffs at home. I also bought a new Bubble bath and salt, so I can do a small spa at home this week. I feel more relax now about building my first online store. I am just waiting for the website programmer's cal so we can start working on my online store design. I hope to launch it before Christmas. Although I am a workaholic freak, I am trying my best to slow things down. So I will try my best to relax my mind on this freaking internet marketing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Plan To Watch Twilight

I will do my blog hopping later tonight. I have to go to bed early because my kids want us to watch "Twilight" the movie when they get home from school. I know that a lot of people have been waiting for this movie to be shown. I told them that if the line is too long we will watch it tomorrow morning. I will do the review of this movie on my Celebrity Blog after we watch the movie.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Easy Blog Images

Blog Pictures  acobox.comThe webhost provider for my online store have a limit uploading pictures and the same things goes with other webhost provider. I have been wanting to learn scrapping and I will be needing more space for this. As much as I wanted to put all the scrap images on all my blogs, but I am afraid that the space will be pull and I wont be able to use the space for important images for my posts.

A friend told me about blog pictures host provider. This sounds very new to me, so I thought of visiting the website and register an account with them. I got this image from them and it's very easy to get the image code. I don't have to resize the images by myself. I simply have to choose the size of the picture that I want to appear on my blog and then post it on my blog. I can choose whether I want it to appear on the left, right or center of my post.

Acobox collects, screens, and hosts quality pictures for bloggers. All images are properly licensed, optimized, and ready to put on blogs. You simply copy and paste the image code and no need to download, resizing, or upload the image file. It's very simple, easy, and free.

Now with this new feature, I dont have to download images and upload it on my blog. I simply choose the images and post it on my post.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Once Again

It snowed today and it is so cold and windy. We went to shop a little, and noticed too many Christmas decor at the mall. Wow, time fly so fast. It's Christmas once again. We will be spending another boring Christmas here in Canada. I miss how we celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. Oh well, at least I am blessed that I am with my family this Christmas. I just wish that my mother is with us to celebrate Christmas. I miss my mother so much.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Buy Books Online

Me and my kids went to Yorkdale today and buy them books. I am so happy that my two angels are so hooked on reading books. I am not a reader freak but their father is, and I am happy that they are spending their free time on reading books. My husband has been encouraging them to have this hobby instead of computer.

When we went to Indigo Bookstore, the book that my other daughter wants was out of stock and I have to go to their branch. And the cashier's line is soooo long. I realized that it is better to buy books on the internet. Amazon has a cheapest price that's why most of the people buy books here. You can save money on shipping and handling if you buy multiple books. So I told my daughter to list down all the books that they want so when we purchase books online, we can save money on shipping and handing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Today's Routine

I am done doing one tasks on my of my blogs and done doing my regular blog hopping. I am waiting for the website programmer's call and I hope to start giving her all the informations and images that I want to appear on my online store. I will just login to my online store account to ask few questions on the online support about my online store builder.

I will do few update on my other blogs. Then do a little laundry while doing my 30 minutes exercise. I hope everything that I needed to do is done before the website programmer call.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sorry For The Comment

Sorry for those who commented on my previous post. I cannot post a comment with your business link to compete the link of my topic. I find it unethical especially if it is a paid post or if I am promoting an affiliate product or services. But thanks for spending your time on commenting on my post. But your comment is obviously to get backlinks and not to create an online friendship. This blog is an online diary type, and definitely not for business purposes only. I only publish post from people who constantly visit this blog. Have a great day to all!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Help With Debt Consolidation

We used to have so many financial problems that almost break our marriage. But we were able to survive everything. We still have some financial difficulties but not as much as before, that we almost forgot to take care of more important things in life. Thanks to these financial companies who are always there to help people in deep financial crisis. With debt consolidation, we won't be able to finish our financial crisis.

Financial companies who offer debt loans are there to help you, only if you are willing to help yourself. They will give you the money that you need to get out of your present financial problem but you have to use it wisely.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Kid's Friends

My kids went home with about 5 of their friends. So I asked my hubby to buy 2 boxes of pizzas for their friends. They had fun watching and playing games for more than 2 hours.

I can remember myself when I was their age when I will come home from school with my friends.It's fun and I feel more independent. My parents were supportive of my friends whenever they visit me, so I am doing the same thing for my kids. I'd rather see them having having fun inside our house than anywhere else. So I try to make them and their friends feel more comfortable inside our house. I went back to my room and sleep, because I really think that they will be more comfortable if I am not around while they are having fun.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Super Mom With Diaper Bag

I know how it is to have a baby and to be true super mom. You'll first need to buy a super diaper bag. Remember that this bag is going to be used and abused sometimes stuffed beyond capacity, and toted through all kinds of weather. So it is better to choose a dark colored, nylon diaper bag. Many designed diaper bags look great and are very useful.

You need a bag that comes with a changing pad to avoid having to lay your baby on hard surfaces. Always keep a cloth diaper folded within the changing pad to protect the pad from messy changes. Pack a couple of extra cloth diapers for burping, spitting up, and other messes. Never use the cloth diaper from the pad from any other purposes because germs might go near your baby's face.

Some extras you may want to think about, should you still have room for your cellphone, index card and plenty of plastic bags for sealing and tossing dirty diapers or taking home soiled clothes.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Doomed Life Around Them

I am pissed about the people around me for some reason. I just can't find anyone with sense to talk to. This is the reason why I got addicted to blogging. Here I can meet and read a lot of thoughts with sense. People in my real world just doesn't make anysense. If you talk about something like politics or business, they will make you feel either your arrogant, show off, or weird.

I don't have the time to watch Filipino Drama series, so I dont have anything to share about that. I also SELDOM watch Filipino movies because I find most of them boring and very predictable. They dont watch what I watch and they don't do what I do, aside from the work that we all do. If they find you wearing something different from them, they will make you feel weird and laugh because you don't wear rubber shoes, like them. My life is doomed around these idiots!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Winter Shopping With My Kids

I went out with my kids today to do some shopping for their winter needs. I bought them winter jackets and winter boots. It cost me more than $200.00. I wanted to buy one winter jacket for myself but when I computed how much more do I have to spend, I just decided to buy it when it is on sale. Poor mother!!! lols

I am happy to see them happy and never mind with what I want for now. I guess I need to take some more tasks so I can buy the winter jacket on my next visit on that store. I still have a lot of winter jackets anyway. And beside, I need to lose some more weight before I start buying clothes for myself. At least, I was able to spend another quality fun moments with my two angels.

Friday, October 31, 2008

I Have A Crush

I am going to share something funny and weird about me on this blog, since I write most of my secrets here...lols.. But please promise not to tell anyone..lols.. I HAVE A CRUSH!!! with someone that I work with. hehehe

There are actually bunch of cute and gorgeous looking men at my work. I had few crushes but after a while, I am used to be around with gorgeous men. I may not have a husband as gorgeous as them, but I find him cute though..lols..

Two days ago, I dreamt..., Well his name is "Jerry"... shhhhhh!!! I dream of his face. He is just a normal cute guy like anybody else, so I actually don't find anything special about him. But not after I dream of his face... hahahahah..

Just sharing my funny thoughts!! It's fun to have crush again after soooooo many years. I have never felt this kind of crush on any man since my first year High School with my first crush. Funny but it reminds me how it feels like to be a teenager again... heheheh!! What about you, do you have crush while being married to someone you really love?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Balance Of Life For Men and Women

We all know that we should strive to balance our lives. We need to do things in moderation. But what you should do to improve differs depending on which direction you naturally head in. For those who work long hours and focus much of their attention on their career, greater commitment to their relationship and family time must become a priority. But for those whose focus is the family, greater time working outside the home actually increases the health of relationships and family life.

Studies find that the balance work life and personal life is consistently different for men and women. Most women express more satisfaction with their family as they work more hours ourside of the home. Most men express less satisfaction with their family life as they work more hours outside of the home. (Marks, Huston, Johnson and MacDermid 2001)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Importance of Future

When relationship has a successful history, some may imagine that the work has already been accomplished. But that is no more true than imagining that successful gardeners can skip watering and fertilizing for the year because of their good track record. The fact that you have experience and confidence in your relationship means that you know what needs to be done. It does not mean that you can ignore things that needs to be done because you've done them before. The task of a successful relationship never ends because the point of a relationship is to build toward the future, not the past.

Satisfaction in a relationship is 8 times more reliant on recent feelings and the ability to perceive improvements than it is based on the history of the realtionship.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Negative Thoughts About Viral Linking

I am sorry for not posting the viral linking that Winnie, have invited me over. I have few issues on this kind of tag. I don't think this is necessary in creating backlinks. I also don't see any fun doing this viral linking. You have to realized that too many open links can put down the score of your site.

Also, I have few bloggers who are probably included on the links of this viral linking tag, who never do the tags I am passing to them. So I'd rather give my linky love only to the person who link me on her post and perhaps those fellow bloggers who will join the fun of the tags. I am so sorry for being negative about this type of tags. Again thanks to Winnie of Ramfam for including me on her tag. Have a great day to all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Dogs Need Salon?

My dog is starting to shed because the weather is starting to change. It getting colder and drier. I need to bring her to the pet grooming salon. Funny but I seldom go to a salon but my dog needs to go there at least every 3 to 4 months.

At first, I find it silly and waste of money but I realized how much time it saves me for constantly cleaning the house. I used to clean our basement before and after I go to sleep especially during winter and summer season, where our dog sheds a lot of fur. But after we brought her for the first time in a pet salon, I realized how much time it saves me for constantly cleaning our house.

Having a dog here in Canada is far different from my home country. It's more expensive here and a lot of blablablabla. If not for my kids, I probably have send our dog to the animals adoption center, long time ago. Kids said that our dog is their real bestfriend..lols. Oh well, I will call the pet salon now for the appointment.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We Went To Scarborough

Today we went to Scarborough to buy my daughter, Kim, a guitar at Long and McQuade. She has been asking me to buy her a guitar and want to learn how to play it. I am glad that she wants to learn how to play the guitar instead of spending long hours on the internet during the weekend.

After that, we went to Brimley and Sheppard to but DVD movies. If you live in Scarborough, you will probably know if it is legal or illegal to buy DVD's there...lols... I'll keep that from here..lols.. Then we went to a Filipino restaurant nearby and bought some of our favorite Filipino foods for take out. Now I feel bloated....lols Have a great weekend to all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bear Friendship Tag

We need friends for many reasons, all throughout the season.We need friends to comfort us when we are sad, and to have fun with us when we are glad.We need friends to give us good advice.We need someone we can count on, and treat us nice.We need friends to remember us when we have pass on..

Got this bear Friendship Tag from my friend Bill- My Piece of Paradice. Thank you so much and I really appreciate it Bill.

Anyweay, I will be passinf this to evryone on my blogroll. Just buzz me when you're done posting this tag and leave your post url so I can link you on this post. Have a great weekend to all.

Coolest Blog Award For Everyone

Thanks to Bonz and Chronic Chick Talk for remembering me again to include on this tag award.


1. Put the logo on your blog;
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you;
3. Nominate 10 other blogs;
4. Add links to those blogs on yours;
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs;
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool.

I really think that everyone on my blogroll deserve this award, so I am passing this to everyone on my blogroll. Please leave your post url once you're done and I will be happy to link your post url on this post.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How To Stop Children's Back Talk

At first, they look and sound so cute when they begin flexing their linguistic muscles but lately, this sounds so annoying and alarming to my ears. Their angelic talks and voice saying "Idiot" and "dump stupid head" isn't cute and silly anymore. It's rude and disrespectful. It is a parent's responsibility to teach their children how to express themselves in ways that are respectful.

We must understand that they learned all of these from television or on playground at school. They don't necessarily mean to hurt feelings with their words but just imitating someone. I don't take it to heart if my daughter call me a "big-butt" (maybe I do lols). She probably just repeating a phrase she heard somewhere where she thought I might find funny or silly.

Getting angry and punishing a young offender is a very common mistake for a lot of parents which makes the child angry inside. I try to reponse to the rudeness by saying "That hurts" or "please don't talk with mean words like that", then I add a clear warning about the consequences of using that language again. If discipline is really necessary, it should be something that you can follow through with.

Older kids shut their mouth for different reasons because they've learned how to use words for maximum impact. They have better understanding of other's people's feelings and this is their way to assert independence. If your child's expression are starting to get out of hand, let the least offensive words go without comment (dont call attention) and let more disrespectful phrases like "Shut UP" garner a punishment. And if your youngster continue to speak in an offensive way, you may consider removing what and where they are getting it from like the TV. Because even cartoon shows can teach them disrespectful phrases.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Will Dance Salsa With My Boss

We had a grand meeting at work about 3 days ago and it was a little bit funny and annoying at the same time. One of our company department will have a campaign for United Way donations and the campaign will includes some fun like singing, dancing and many more, all for the company employees.

Our big boss is so down to earth that he is willing to join some of the fun, if will be joined by one the employees. So the he ask for a volunteer on who is willing to dance Salsa with him. I was so embarass that some of the people on my department pinpointed and shouted my name. And he look around and say "Where is ESTER"...lols.. I joke and said "I am here, Sure why not, we can dance hip hop too"...lols

I thought that it wasn't a serious deal and he will forget about it since the fun will be next month. (Too far still).... Ahhh unfotunately, he visited my department yesterday and ask one of my colleague, where am I. I wasn't there at that time and he just said to my colleague to tell me that he can't dance hip hop so he will just find someone to dance hip hop with me instead...lols.. My colleague told him "OH !!! Ester has been practicing Salsa already".... Oh my Lord, I am really in big trouble here!!! Now I have been practicing Salsa every morning ...lols..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Hospital In Brampton

I was so dead tired yesterday because I have to bring my father to the hospital for his cataract operation in Brampton General Hospital. I didn't go to sleep after work until about 5 pm. My head was spinning because I did my blog hopping before I go to bed. Good thing that my boss approved my vacation for one night, so I slept my butt out the whole night.. lols..

Brampton General Hospital just opened last year and I was suprised to see how huge it is and cool interior design. They have over 730 beds (and still growing. It is one of the largest community hospitals in the province, located in the northwest Greater Toronto Area and only 45 minutes from Hamilton. They provide programs and services to nearly one million residents in the growing and diverse communities of Etobicoke and Brampton. They also offer a dynamic multi-cultural community life, a strong and solid curriculum, enhanced learning environments, community based care and one-on-one mentorship.

My father is okey now. The cataract operation took about 20 minutes and another 20 minutes for the recovery. No bandage as I am expecting and he can walk right after the recovery. He will have another eye surgery sometime next year for his left eye and will be done again here in Brampton General Hospital.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Free Reader's Digest Widget

Me and my family love Reader's Digest. We are actually receiving a monthly delivery right infront of our house. But we are sometimes frustrated when the delivery do not come on time, when everybody else in the world have read what's new inside the Reader's Digest. About two years ago, it was only me and my husband who fight who's going to open the Reader's Digest once it arrived on our door. But lately, our kids are also waiting for the Reader's Digest delivery every month.

My kid's love RD Laughs Main portion and they always have it stayed on their minds until the next day, to share it with their friend at school. I am so glad to find the Reader's Digest website because I dont have to fight with anyone on my family to read my favaorite Reader's Digest portion about health and wellness.

One great thing that I've learned about their website, is the fun of putting their free widget on my websites. My kids also have their own blogs, and I am sure that they will be happy to put the Reader's Digest widget on their blogs and be able to read their favorite Reader's Digest portion right on their own blog.

To put the widget on your personal webpage, simply downloads it from Widgets. You can even add the widget on the facebook app, show off your propped photos and discuss your favorites with your readers.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shopping The Whole Day

Busy shopping with my kids today. We are at the mall almost the whole day. First we went to Yorkdale Mall. I bought my leather boots at Aldo. I also bought winter scarp and leggings. I grab the opportunity to buy my skin care product, Proactive loose powder and Sheer Tint moisturizer at Yorkdale Mall.

I was supposed to buy my girls their winter jacket and accesories like scarp, gloves and hat but only few boutique sell winter items at this time, so there is not much choices to choose from. We just decided to come back sometime next month, perhaps a lot of stores will be putting out winter items by then.

Then when we got home, my friend call me and ask me to meet her at the International Center, about 10 minutes away from our house, because there is a huge sale for signature beauty items and perfumes. So I went there together with my kids again. I bought 4 perfumes. 1 Perry Ellis 380 and 1 Green Tea perfume for me; 1 15th Avenue Elizabeth Arden for my niece in the Philippines, which I will send on December; 1 Eternity for men and 1 Dunhill perfume for my hubby on his birthday.

My kids pick few items for them like nail polish, earnings, bracelet etc but unfortunately, the line on the cashier is too long so they just decided to let all those items go. I feel bad since my kids didn't got anything for themselves. So I just treat them to their favorite fastfood restaurant, MCDONALD!!!! hahahahah!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What An Idiot

I have a very frustrating night at work with my idiot fellow Filipinos (not all). I am so sorry but that's how I really see them and I am sometimes ashame to be one. Leaving here in Canada for almost 9 years, made me see how we (filipinos) were brought up to be shy and no freedom to express our real thoughts. Isn't it good? Perhaps it is, if compare with other races who are so absurdly loud. But to prefer to keep everything in one place and just go with wrong flow, just made me want to say "WHAT AN IDIOT!!!". This will never solve the problem but make it worst. Perhaps they don't realize it because they are Idiots!!.

There is this one fellow who try to act as if he knows and can manage the flow of foolishness that has been going on with this full of politicians. But mind you, he is just one puppy who just say "yes" and never say "no" not to his real master, but to someone just his level... "WHAT AN IDIOT!!!". Perhaps he is threathen that I will steal his position as an IDIOT Feeling BOSS. Crazy but that's just how he feels but the truth is, he is just one slave IDIOT like everyone else!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking For A Golden Retriever Breeder

I am so confuse about this breeding plan for my dog. My hubby don't want to breed our dog with my friend's dog (mix american eskimo) because he want's a pure Golden Retriever. But I dont know anybody here who own a Golden Retriever who's willing to breed my dog.. Now I don't know what to say to my friend about this because her children were expecting our dog to have puppies in the future..lols..

I tried searching on the internet and phone some to inquire about this. I found one who is willing to find a Golden Retriever breeder for my dog. He took my phone number and name and will phone me, as soon as he finds one. I might call him this weekend for follow up. My dog will be on HIT soon. I am thinking of spaying her instead if I can't find a breeder, but my kids will be sad if ever.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Music Can Break The Tension

Think about a situation in which a couple is on the brink of being irritated with each other, May be they had a hard day, or maybe one said something that could taken the wrong way. They sit there uncomfortable, the silence between them magnifying the tension. And then one of them puts on their album. The music permeates their thoughts. The tension dissipates, and both partners are put in mind of shred joys and good times. Music can enliven and transport the mind, and music shared between two people can be an important and healthy form of communication.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spending More Time With My Kids

I noticed more closeness from my kids since stareted spending more time with them lately. They talk more about their everyday life in school, even their crushes. I tried to wake up earlier before I go to work and spend time talking with them for at least 30 minutes before I prepare myself for work. I find it effective and they look more happier.

I would like them to be comfortable sharing to me everything that is happening in their life outside our home. I don't want to be simply as their mother but as their bestfriend as well. But not to the poing of forgetting who I really am in tgheir life, their MOTHER.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy Weekend

I just finished all the household chores for this weekend except for the vacuuming because my carpet still looks clean anyway, so I might just save this on the next weekend. But if I have enough time tomorrow I might do a little vacuuming on some part of the house particularly the living room and my room.

I bake Zucchini cake so my kids can bring them for their snack at school tomorrow, while hubby cooked spaghetti for our dinner tonight. I might bring some Zuchinni cake tonight at work too. Oh well, I am so busy even during the weekend but at least I am more focus now on all the things that I needed to do before blogging. I guess I am signing off now and take a few hours sleep.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Puppies In Mind

I didn't walk my dog today because I am so busy doing a lot of things at home during the weekend. So I might just walk her during the weekdays when I get home from work. I am suppose to bring her to her boyfriend (lols), my co-workers dog to start the breeding process, but I was too lazy to bring my dog to the Vet Clinic to see how much she weigh now. The Vet said that she have to lose 10 pounds before she get pregnant, that's why we are dieting her for the past few days. I hope I wont be lazy to bring her to the Vet next weekend. I also hope that she will lose more weight this week so we can start the breeding process. My kids are so excited to have puppies soon. But I AM NOT!!!..lols

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Disclosure Policy

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Training To Walk On Leash Again

If I am not mistaken, it was one year ago since I walked with my dog around the neighborhood. I used to walk our dog every morning when I get home from work. And when I am off from work, I used to walked with her in the morning and in the afternoon. Ever since I started being addicted to blogging, I have neglected a lot of things in my life. Now my dog is not used to walking around with her leash again. She is dragging be and she wont walk far like we used to. We just cross the street and let her run in the park for a couple of minutes just to give her some exercise. I guess I have to do this more often so she'll get used to it again. Gosh, it's like training my dog again to walk on leash and it's going to take some time again before she get used to it.

Pants For Cold Weather

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thinking Of Breeding Or Spaying

For a couple of days now, I am thinking if I will have our golden retriever dog spayed or not. I was about to set an appointment to the Veterinarian few days ago, but I have to stop to think for the best day to bring our dog to the clinic. But last week, when I found out that my former co-worker's pug dog had 6 puppies and he was able to sell each puppies for $600.00, it made be even think. My eyes widen when I heard the amount and learned how he sold it on the internet...lolsIt sounds so easy. So yesterday, I search on the internet on how to breed a Golden Retriever dog. I learned some pros and cons about it and I am still deciding whether to spay or breed our dog.

I love puppies but I don't think breeding will fit to my busy life. My kids have been asking me for another dog and it can be a good way to have another pet at home. But thinking about the time I have to spend to train, sell and take care of the puppies just creeping me out. I am still not decided!!! Waa!!! I dont know what to do...

Being Flexible For Something

When we want to be with friends and family, we ofetn want it to be on our terms. If everybody approaches relationships this way, no one will be happy.

Instead of thinking only about what you want, think about what the others want too and consider why it is important to spend time together. Accept that there are always differences between people and that if you are flexible, you will enoy your time with them more and feel closer to them.

It is far better to be flexible enough to sacrifice what's personally ideal to have something acceptable, than to sacrifice the aaceptable to have nothing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

One-stop Source for Western Wear

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friendship In A Relationship

The two closest relationships in our life are likely to be between you and a partner and between you and a best friend. But for many, feeling of closeness, supportiveness, affection and good communication are stronger with a best friend. This imbalance can be a source of frustration and disappointment in our relationship.

Our friendship, of course, has an advantage over our relationship; the great struggles, dilemmas and debates in our life are likely to happen within our relationships. By comparison, our friendship looks easier or better. But if you see the friendship in your relationship, you can recognize that the difficulties of a relationship are a prelude to their strenght.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Angry With The System

I am so freaking angry with Google for stripping down the PR of all my domains. I have been trying my best not to abuse all my sites by NOT posting too many open links due to paid posting, that is why I created multiple blogs. But they still stripped it down. This obviously tells us that Google hate sites who do paid postings and that is crazy. Reviewing products and services is one good way to get more traffics because this gives your readers new and useful ideas and informations about cetain products and services.

I guess this is the conclusion of my experiment on making money by blogging. Never will I leave my job for blogging because Google makes it so complicated. I am planning to discontinue the renewal of this domain next year and 3 more of my domains. I might continue to have only 2 paid domains and I might also delete some of my blogs by next year but I am not decided which of my blogs to delete yet. I still have to choose which of my blogs that I will delete.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Geometry Set For My Kids

I spend another day with my two girls yesterday shopping around. First we bought few things they need for their school like the Geometry Set, rules, binders, calculators etc... Then we went to the mall and let them shop for their favorite stuffs like earnings, necklace , bracelet and other accesorries. Ahhh, dont get me wrong but only those cheaper one and not the real jewelry stuffs..lols..

When they asked me to buy them a geometry sets, I tried to remember what are those. I can't hardly remember what are included on the set except for the small triangle ruler... lols.. So when we went to the store I found the box of Geometry set, than I remember how I hate this subject when I was in High School..lolss. They are only in Grade 6 and they already have Geometry subject? Geee!! everything is so advanced now..

Here are the things inside the Geometry Set;- 2 Sets of squares, - 1 6” Ruler,- 1 Protractor, - 1 Metal compass, - 1 Metal divider, - 1 3.5“Pencil, - 1 Eraser, - 1 Pencil sharpener, - 1 Mini stencil, - Comes in a clear-topped plastic reusable carrying case

Friday, September 5, 2008

Back To School Expenses

School just started and I am sure that like me, you spend a lot of money for your children's back to school needs. This can be painful for our budget. At times, we have to ask friends and family members to borrow money just to be able to give everything for our kids at the right time.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tears Of Sorry

Kelly went to me last night to say sorry for what she have done. She was crying while she was hugging me begging for forgiveness. I hug her tightly and wipe her tears. I was thinking that probably, I have something to look at myself too as a parent. I am always busy and I really think that I need to spend more time with them. So tonight, I will spend an hour chatting with them before I go to work. I love my kids and they are my life. I will do anything for them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Replacing Old Mailbox

It was raining for a couple of days and I didn't realized that I need to change my old mailbox outside our house, until I received all those wet letters. Not to mention the old looking house number that we have on our gate. I have noticed this since last year but I just didn't have the time to buy or, I always forget shop around. So I try looking for a good mailbox on the internet, just to give me a good idea on what style I should buy for our house.

This mailbox I found on "Mailbox and Beyond" website just caught my attention. I tried to look at the store nearby to see if I can find the kind of mailboxes, address plaques, house numbers and other house design accesorries that they have on their website. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere. The house design accessories that they offer on their website are unique which makes it so interesting. It will truly enhance our home appearance. What is great about their products is that, they are designed and built to last a lifetime.

"Mailbox and Beyond" offer a large selection of home accents and garden decor, from mailboxes to address plaques to personalized decor. Whether you need their items for personal or commercial use, they can provide you a variety of products with affordable price and a great customer service.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kid's First Day In School

It's the first day of school today after summer vacation. My kids looks tired this morning because they were not able to sleep early. Why? because they were used to sleeping very late at night the whole summer vacation. They said it's one of the fun part of summer vacation. Freedom of deciding for themselves on what time they will go to bed. So then I let them have this little freedom and have the fun of staying late at night playing the computer, talking on the phone or watching TV. But I never stop reminding them, that they will have a hard time sleeping early when the school start.

I guess giving kids a little fredom like this wont hurt that much. I want them to learn from it. I was like them when I was their age and I felt the freedom too. Didn't hurt me that much until the school starts....lols.. Oh well it will take maybe about two weeks before their body adapt to the system going to Bed early again. KIDS!!!!