Friday, August 1, 2008

A Perfect Blend Of Friendship Award

Awarded: Mai Yen Chez Francine La Place de Cherie Le bric à brac de Cherie Wonderful Things In life Concealed Mind Your blog where you posted this

Thanks to Genny for considering me as one of her online buddies. I really apprecite this award girl.

I’m giving this award to: Gracey- My Safe Haven, Laurilaw and Vhiel- Cans Of Thoughts


vhiel said...

thanks for the tag.. grabbing it now

Tey said...

you're welcome Vhiel. Have fun

genny said...

Thanks Ester for doing the tag..

Vhiel said...

hey missy nominated you for the kick ass blogger... come by and grab it when you get a chance.

Kick Ass Blogger

Enjoy your friday

Webbiestuffs said...

congratulations for being obviously friendly in the Net and in the blogosphere...can i be one?

I have had this before..

Happy Blogging.

-WebbieStuffs-... where your comment will gain another comment back from me..

Tey said...

thanks webbiestuffs