Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stupid Accident

I just had a very stupid car accident today as I went home from work. I drop the key of the parking lot somewhere inside the car. So instead to looking for it, I decided to park the car somewhere to look for the key. Then when I am about to leave the place, when I am backing up, I forgot that there is a big post on my left and I hit it stupidly.... AHHHHHH!!! About 25% of my annual bonus will go there.... STUPID!!!!. Well I guess I still have to thank God that I am alive. He probably told me to park instead of looking for the key while I am on the road. It hurt my pocket but, at least I am still breathing. What a life...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Wished The Night

I want to have a business not because I want to be rich. Money is not the answer for happiness. There is only one part of my life that is not happy, MY WORK!! It is so hard to work mainly because of MONEY. Not to mention that fact, that I am not happy with the people around me. It could be a lot easier if the people around me will ease the pain of doing something that you dont really like. But these people make it even harder.

I feel sad that the people whom I always with; people who are supposed to be there even just to listen are the people who will talked behind my back. Laugh behind my back. I feel so unlucky in finding a true friend who will accept who I really am. Who will lift me up when someone is trying to put me down. More pain to find out that they are the one who are actually putting me down. People who will always give bad meaning on whatever I say, instead of understanding what I meant to say. I sometimes dont want to take my break at work, just finish the night and go home, so I dont have to have any conversation whith them. Ahhhhhh!!!!! 3 more nights!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Support From Them

I send a subscription email notifications to some of my friends and relatives. I want to see who are there to support me, who are happy or who are not. I always see some faces of people that made me feel that stepping on this business is crazy. Maybe I am just being paranoid but this made me kept my mouth shut and just do my thing quietly.

I sometimes feel that those people who are supposed to be there to support me, are those people who are turning their back and perhaps, will be unhappy if ever my business become successful. They are laughing. They sound sarcastic. Making me feel everything will go nowhere and this is just a dream that will never come true.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tag From Nova

I got a tag from Nova but I actually dont know how to post it. So I just link her tag link for everyone to visit and read. It's a very enlightening post for everyone. My other blog is busy so I am posting it here. Thanks for the tag Nova.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blame For Their Guilt

I always try to focus my mind on things that I should be doing with my website even if I am at work. I hate it when I see faces and nonsense talked with people at work. People with judgemental looks and mind.

I sometimes ask myself if the problem is me. But geeee, I try not think anything but my website. I am just human to hear something that everyone have been talking about. Like those people who had done fraud in taking advantage of the Computer Loan at work. Stupid them to take the computer Loan, then return the computer to the computer store after receiving the Loaned Money. It was their GUILT that hunts them and NOT because of the people talking about it. So why blame anyone for talking about it?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Error But Was Able To Sell

I realized that there is an error on my Online Store's Shopping cart that's why I lost one order the other day. But I am so happy that, even if there is an error on some of the pages, I was still able to get sales yesterday. I am so freaking happy because I have been working hard for my website.

My hopes are hanging there and I can feel some success somewhere. Far, yet I know it is reachable. Just patience, focus and perseverance and I know I can get more sales coming from the Search Engines.

For a while I thought I have to wait until the middle of the year until I get the traffics that I need from the Search Engine but here I am, smiling in and out because I was able to get 100 page views yesterday and most are coming from the Search Engine. This is very inspiring and I hope to get more.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Free Mineral Makeup Contest

I am done with the Meta tags for each pages on my website so I wont be that freaking busy on my products pages anymore. So now I am thinking of having fun online. I want to have a contest for free makeup before my birthday, March 29. I wonder if anyone would want to join.

If I got good responses, I will be creating the smal banner. And if I find it fun to have this kind of contest, I might be giving away free gift from my website every month. What do you think? If you want to join visit my blog Raptured Dreams. I am planning to send Mineral Makeup for free with free shipping for the winner. You can visit my online store All Natural Cosmetics 4u to see the products that I am willing to give for free each month... if this will be fun for me and for everyone.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Free Sample For Homemade MIneral Makeup

The label arrived yesterday so I made a simple logo for my products. I think it is important to have a logo, to let my viewers know that the products are really mine. I also registered to some organic organization online like "Safe Products". They are now reviewing my products. I hope I get approved so I can put their logo on my website.

I love my Mineral Makeup. It is very effective on my sensitive skin. I am so happy and pleased with effect on my skin. This is probabaly the reason why many women are using Mineral Makeup. I also noticed that Mineral Makeup are now being sold on shopping Malls. More expensive brands are now creating Mineral Makeups like L'Oreal. I tried buying one to compare my Mineral Foundation, but it feels heavy on my face. It has paraben so I got some mild itch. My Mineral foundation is pure.. No Talc, no paraben, no flour, no corn starch, no bismuth just pure minerals, so it WON'T clog pores.

Mineral Makeup is now the latest trend on beauty cosmetics and I must admit that it intimidate me. There are so many Mineral Makeup on the internet now and the competition is getting tough. There are only few in Canada but I've seen new websites coming out. But then, it's more than just the money why I choose this products. I simply love it and it is very effective. You can buy my Mineral Foundation for only $10.00/net wt of 5gr in a 30gr sifter jars. Visit my online store All Natural Cosmetics 4u. Free sample in a small poly bag is available for purchase.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Website Week of Work

Today I will clean the house and do the laundry first before starting a whole day marathon work on my website.. lols.. I will be adding as many products as I can until next week and this is going to be an exhausting week. I want to surpass the index pages of my competitors. I know that it will be hard but there is no harm in trying.

I will be working on creating my lisptic and eyeliner so I can start the description and images on my website. I am just waiting for the labels I ordered so I can revised some of the images I put on my website. I need to put the pictures of my products with label on it so it will look more professional.

One of my competitors visited my website and when I visited her back, she did few changes on her website to compete on my line of products. lols.. She only have mineral makeup products and now she is preparing to add more products like facial care or skin care products..lols. I like that... I find it motivating to see my website as a competition which means that my website/products are competitive. So see you in a while. I will be visiting my ellow bloggers first.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Mineral Eyeshadow

I am having so much fun with the products I am selling on my website. I will be off from work this week to finish the Mineral Makeup Product Category. Then I will start marketing my products on Google dwords to know how customers see my website and products. Crossing my fingers here. I have created some color for eyeshadow and I am so happy about it. I LOVE IT!!!

Satin Pearl Blue 01

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Shimmer Rose Sky

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Shimmer Tan

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$4.00 for 10gr round sifter jar

$2.00 for 5gr square sifter jar