Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Simple Prayer For Myself

I went to my family doctor today because last week, I felt something inside the area where I had my surgery. Oh God, I hope this is not another surgery please, please... Even if it wont kill me, going inside the surgery room makes me feel that I have to give up half of my life. And going outside the surgery room is just another agony of pain and wait for a quick recovery.

I wanted to look on the bright side that if this will be God's will, I will be off from work for another 2 months. And I will have anotehr ample time to do my love for the internet. But that is not the case. I feel so unhealthy and weak just thinking about the pain. Oh please God!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unexpected Money For Unexpected Expenses

I received a suprise money this morning. I thought I can buy the software that I want and enroll for an online learning to get the certificate for cosmetics making. I thought I can use some of the money for the paid advertisement of my webstore. I thought I can invest some for my business. And I thought I can save some for this summer.

But the plumber said that the homeowner association of our townhouse will not shoulder the expenses for the repair of the leak on our basement. Because the leak is not coming outside but inside our house. The faucet and the toilet tube needs to be replace. And I know that the money that I just received will all go to the repair of the water leakage on our basement.

Ahhhh, at least God has given us this money for this unexpected expenses for our house. I am actually thinking of using my credit card for the repair of the leakage. But thank God, we got this money to cover this unexpected house expenses.

I am not yet sure how much will it cost to repair the leak, but if there will be few amount left from the money I just received, I really wanted to buy this software I will use for my second webstore. I want to build a website where I can sell my love in webdesigning and also to use some for online marketing. Crossing my fingers !!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is It A Baby Shower?

I have been eating the whole night at work. We brought food for someone for her baby shower party. Funny but this is already her second pregnancy which is probably the reason why nobody wants to join. Not that I dont want to bring food for everyone, but we can have fun and bring food without asking everyone for some kind of donation to buy a baby shower gift. I sometimes think Filipinos are over reacting and always want to make something small to a bigger celebration.

Saying she will bring big plate of food while she only brought a plate good enough for small group of people. Big mouth to measure my mouth while she cannot even hold on what came out from her mouth.

Anyway, I really want to apologize to everyone who visit this blog. This is actually my personal diary blog where I always write down everything that comes into my mind and heart. It may be nice or it may be bitchy, but this is just me.

Well anyway, I had fun with the food we ate last night. I always promise myself to start my diet but here I am, overeating again. grrrr!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Session With Couples For Christ

Me and hubby attended the Couples For Christ last night and it was really a worthy time with nice people. We have been wanting to join this community but nobody is really pursuing us to be an active members. Plus the fact that we are too busy with our life. I guess this is the moment that God has given us. I enjoy the peaceful moments with this nice people. It's nice to meet new people and perhaps gain more friends. I am hoping to spend more weeks with this community.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Homemade Natural Cosmetics

I wanted to do the ads in Google Adwords, Shopzilla, Adcenter and Facebook for my Natural Cosmetics Webstore. But I need to go to bed because I promise my kids to bring them to the theater after school. I dont want to spend time with them sober, so I will need to get a few hours sleep.

I've been to my supplier to pick some stuff I ordered. We are running out of Shower gel so I ordered some. I also ordered a bigger bottle of Eucalyptus Essential because it's been a big help for my asthma. All I do is put a few drops on my Oil burner and the Eucalytus Scent is all over my house. My Asthma has never been as better eversince I started using Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

I also ordered a wax that I will use for the preparation of making my own homemade facial lotion. I dont have any intention of selling this for now. I just need it for my personal use. It is so hard to find a facial cream or lotion that will suit my sensitive and oily skin. The Facial cream base that I bought from my supplier just made my skin oilier. Proactive facial cream that I have been using make some part of my face dry. It is so hard to find a cosmetics products for my sensitive skin. When my facial lotion worked for me, I will definitely post it on my webstore so I can share something valuable for evreyone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Permission To Be A Credit Reference

Someone made me as her reference for a home credit or something, without even asking my permision. I wonder why me? What kind of person is she to make me as her credit reference. I know how bad her credit is. She is putting me on the spot. I feel bad about her life, but I am not sure if I can be a good choice as her reference. I wil think about it first before I answer that phonecall.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Responsible Kids

I wasn't able to take a picture of the APPLEPIE that my daughter made yesterday. There are some left on the fridge but it doesn't look good anymore to post on this blog... lols.

I am so happy with my two girls. They are growing up being so responsibe in everything that they do. I really hope that they will continue and even improve all the good things that they have right right within themselves.

Its raining hard today so I dropped my kids to school. I will take the bus tonight going to work to save a little on gas. Plus, I really get so sleepy driving home so since the weather is good, I will start taking the bus at least two times a week.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

Hubby and I will go to our accountant to finished the submission of our tax. So I went to bed early so I can get few hours of sleep. Unfortunately, the Canada Post delivery man knowck hard on our door and it woke me up. Grrrrr!!

I thought of getting more than one or two suppliers for my Mineral Makeup to avoid big importing taxes for big orders and for faster delivery. But I noticed that my Major supplier for my Mineral Makeup ingredients is shouldering some importing taxes which is a lot better than my two suppliers. However, this major supplier thatdont supply big amount of MICA, so I tried ordering to this new suuplier I found from the forum that I always go to. They do have bigger supply of MICA, but I have to pay CAD$8.50 for the amount of $24 that I ordered from them. So I am now thinking if I will continue ordering from them or just stick with the main supplier.

I cant go back to sleep anymore so I will go out sober again. This is the painful part or working on night shift. There are so many intruders while you sleep during the day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Financial Matter Is Private

For some reason, I am sad and feeling so low. Very disappointing moments for my webstore. I dont have any inquiries or new subscriptions this week. But this wont make me give up. I am still hoping for the best. I am pretty excited with the workshop that I will be attending to on Saturday. I just need to make sure about something for my business.

I am just wondering why someone has to say "DONT TELL ANYONE" while there is really nothing to hide. I was thinking why she always talk about money to me while she is trying to hide so many things from me. I realy think money is something very private except if you are blogging and you want to motivate people to make money online, then you have to post how much you earn here and there. But personally speaking, financial matter is a private thing. I am not really comfortable talking about my financial or anyone's financial informations. Why the heck she have to tell how much she receive or get. Why bother while I know she has been keeping a lot about her private life from me. I am not her friend. Just someone she know...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unpair Situation

I went home and saw my kids eating. I was thinking of dropping them to school but since the weather is good, I just let them walked. I want them to walk going to school and going home from school, because walking is a very good form of exercise. Besides, they are having fun walking with their friends.

There is one unpair situation at work for someone and I was asked by this person to come with them and voice out unpair the warning they did with this someone. I said, "Why me?, will she do that to me if I got in trouble?" ... Ahhh I dont think so!!! If there is anyone who will depend for you at work, that is ONLY yourself alone. If you cannot explain and depend yourself, then who can? .. Life is not perfect. Life is sometimes unpair. An this is where your faith will come in. There is always a reason for everything. We just have to do our best and give everything to God.

Well girl, whoever you are.. If you dont have this faith then don't take away mine. Don't judge me for saying "NO" because I am done trusting anyone at work. I can only treat anyone as they treat me. If someone look at as me as a friend then I will give the same treatment. But to question the level of friendship I will give, is the biggest question one should always ask...

Friendship is a relationship that has to be develop to give deeper meaning. I dont consider anyone as a true friend when she talk bad things about me behind my back. A friend is supposed to be there and cover you whenever someone is trying to kill you.. Are you? You even talk about the bad habits of your bestfriend infront of so many people behind her back. Even if we dont know your bestfriend in person, it is still consider as backfighting to talk about her private life. If you are her bestfriend, you should be the first one to hide her imperfections. But girl, you are spreading her mess!!! Dont you know that?... It's hard to consider you as a friend. Never will I trust someone like you.

Anyway, I will go to bed now and I will just wait for my girls to wake me up when they get home from school.

Monday, April 13, 2009

One Quiet Freaky Night

When I got home from work this morning, I almost panic that my kids were not dressed up yet for school. Then I remember, ahhhhhh, they dont have school today because it is still holiday.. But unfortunately, not for me. I have to go to work last night and spend another busy night. Same as usual, busy busy busy night at work. But seems a little quiet for one freaky face. lols... I just dont like her, simply because she dont like anyone. PLASTIC!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Freaky Life With Them

Just at home since yesterday with my family. I dont think it's appropriate to go out and have fun since it is Black Friday. We didn't go to church but we will on Sunday to thank God for all the blessings he have given us. Staying at home with my kids is a joy. I wish I can always be like this but unfortunately, there are things that I need to do and be away from them.

Tomorrow will be another night at work and I will have to see someone's face again with so much evil thoughts. I dont know if it is me, but I have been thinking what have I done to her? I never said anything against her with anybody. Or probably its because I am not saying anything about her is what making her furious. She probably want me to say something against her. Nahhhhh!!!

Oh well just sharing my freaky life with freaky people. I guess she is really jealous or envious not only with me but with everyone. These are just the kind of people with too much pain and bitterner in their heart. She always look on the ugly part and not on the wonderful part of a person.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For Someone Insecure

What a rude attitude person she really is. I really think she is reading my blog but don't want to talk about it. So here is for you my evil friend.

"If you think I didn't saw how you touch her to let her know that she shouldn't say anything infront of me, well I did saw it. If that is the case, then you should get out of my face my friend. You shouldn't be with me or not even share any moments with me. I am just wondering why do you have to spend time with me. You have all the chance to get out of my site when I acted like I want you both to get lost. Simply dont sit with me. I dont blame you why you are so insecure. Hahahaha!!! I really dont!!"...

Monday, April 6, 2009

They're Supposed To Be Happy

They are suppose to be happy for me. They are suppose to support me. But why she seems so upset to hear that I am still pursuing the online business that I started. And the other one seems laughing or smiling mixed with an insult. In the first place, I will never mention it if I was never asked about it.

Ahhh never will I stopped because they dont believe that I can make it. They are not happy about what they are now but they are not doing anything to make a change. AND I DO!! and I am working hard to make it happen and I know I will. Is that bad? Is it bad to set a goal? Is it bad to dream? Is it bad to hope? and work hard to make it all happen?

I have been receiving wholesale inquiries despite the fact that I haven't done any paid marketing campaign. This only mean that I have a big chance of making it all happen. I am just preparing myself. I am just waiting for the right time and I will start the PPC campaign.

But one thing I learn about online marketing, if you want the cheaper way to market your website. Be patient and learn the right way to do it and the Search Engines will give you a free online marketing.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy with My Online Business

Yay, I have too busy for the whole week and I wasn't able to blog that much. I had to be absent one day because I did few things for my website to accomodate some requests. I wonder when can I hit one big deal and start the ball rolling. This is the hard part of online business, waiting is big killer. You'll be working your butt out for a couple of months until you see the success. The worst thing is, it can be a success or not.

However, on online business you just have to know what you're doing and you will surely get there if you are patient enough to work for months without getting anything. Time a money is the investment. So far, I have been receiving wholesale and reselling inquiries almost everyday. The problem is, I still dont have a the wholesale pricing for my products. I am on my way to finish the wholesale page on my webstore so people who are interested on buying wholesale will just login and view the products.