Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two Years From Now

It's Sunday once again and I will start another week at work. I have been thinking a lot for the past few days. Observing and searching for some answers. I guess I must admit that it will never be always given no matter how hard you want it in your heart.

The payment of our car will end on year 2011. That is where I think I will be ready to quit my job. I am not sure yet because only God knows what will happen two years from now, but I will try my best to make it happen. I am working so hard and hoping that my passion on making money on the internet will make it happen earlier. But I dont think it will be possible. I have to be patient until that year came. For the meantime, I will continue working on my webstore and who knows, by the year 2011, my business has grown

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lazy Weekend

I watched "UP" the movie with my kid's and one of their friends. I had a nice time watching the movie. It was an animated comedy adventure about an old man with a young boy who loves adventure. Pretty sad but made me laugh by most of the scenes. It was pretty entertaining.

There is nothing much going on with my weekend so far. We have to leave in about 2 hours to attend the Couple's For Christ. My day is pretty boring and I am too lazy to lift any things inside the house. I just did a couple of laundry and tidy up the basement a little bit. I will see if I have the energy to vacuum the house tomorrow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Hate Moments

It was another busy night at work as usual. For a couple of days now, I dont feel any hatred or whatsoever from the people whom I am always with. For some reason, I suspect that either one or the two of them have read my last post before this one. I am not sure but whatever it may be, I hope it will always be like this. Because I really hate it when I feel that someone is hating me while I have never done anything wrong to anyone. I never want to compete or compare myself to anyone.

Anyway, there are some funny moments and some weird moments. I just feel bad about someone. I may never know her really well, but for some reason I just couldn't believe that she is having an affair. But whether it is true or not, I wish her all the happpiness in this world.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why? What Have I Done?

I sometimes wonder what have I done to her to show me some hate. Maybe I am just being paranoid but I just can't understand why.

Eversince, she is always accusing me of something that I have said to someone about her secrets. Why will she tell me secrets then later on, accuse me of spreading them. Only to find out that she have told these secrets to a lot of people.

Many times, I told her not to tell me any of her secrets anymore. And that she should only tell her secrets to one person. This way, when the secret is revealed, she will know exactly from whose mouth did it came from.

The time that I know she was on the darkest moments of her life, I tried showing her that I am here for her, even if I am not always physically present. Now that the storm in her life has subside, I am noone but someone she can never trust. Someone that she should hate.

What have I done? I have done nothing wrong to you. You have been accusing me many times of something I have never done. Something that you yourself should be blamed and not anyone.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wishing My Day Like This

Me and my daughter Kelly went to L'Oreal warehouse sale. There is nothing much there so we just go home after few minutes. We both few stuffs like lipgloss. lipstick and shamposs. Other than that, there is nothing too interesting for us to buy. I was expecting to buy liquid eyeliners but they dont have it.

Anyway, there is nothing much for me today. I just stayed at home the whole day, having so much fun in front of my computer. I just did a lot of changes on my webstore making it more friendly and more optimized. I might expand my PPC campaign to get more visitor so I need to make sure that every pages are optimized.

Ahhhh, I wish my life will be like this someday. Doing the things that I love to do. I wanted to make another webstore since I have two products in mind that I want to resell. But working on just one website is already killing my time. Maybe I will try to do this when everything is okey with my business.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Getting Better

My joy is overflowing as I look at the traffic of my webstore. It's getting higher and I am getting more and more emails almost everyday. I am getting more and more inquiries about my products. I really hope that this will continue to grow until I get to where I want it to be. I promise that I will never stop working on my webstore and my products.

I am always praying that soon I will leave the freaking place of my job and do this on a fulltime basis. I just can't stand being with the people full of envious thoughts and jealousy for each other. Like me, I know that they are not happy to where they are right now. But I wil not stay in one place and let the days pass by without doing anything. I have dreams and goals.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Loving God The Concrete Way

I was supposed to start my house cleaning plans yesterday starting from the basement but I end up doing nothing but just few cleaning on my kitchen. I slept and slept. Well, I guess it is good to gather some energy first before doing the general cleaning of my house.

We went to the Couples For Christ fourth session yesterday earlier than we used to. Because me and hubby have a one on one confrontation with our senior leader of the group. It was pretty stress relieving session and I was able to release some of the thoughts and emotions that has been bothering me almost everyday.

The full group discussion is about "How have I loved God in a concrete Way?". I guess loving God should always come from within us. We have to love ourself because we will never how to give the real love to somebody if we dont know how to love ourself. God wants us to take good care of everything that he has given us starting from ourself.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Customer's Response

I am so relieve to receive the response of my customer about sending the wrong color. She is willing to try the color that I send, and if not happy, I will send the right color of her choice free of any charge. She is thankful for notifying her in advance.

I dont really care about the money I will loose from this order. The satisfaction of my customer is more important to me. Especially now that I am just starting to build a reputation. And even if I have gathered good impressions in the future, I will always prioritize the satisfaction on each of my customers. I am glad that she is happy of my action.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wrong Color For The Order

Yay, I send the wrong color to my customer today. I am so stupid!!!!! GRRRR!!!. This is the problem when I am processing orders when I get home from work. I am tired and always in a hurry to send the order.

Next week, I will be off for the whole week. I will prepare one jar for each color of my mineral makeups. So I dont have to mix when there is an order. All I will do is take a scoop and pack it.

Well, I am just starting and I am not yet an expert on this. But soon I will get use to this. I might just send her the color that she want tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Page In MSN Canada

Hoooray!!! My webstore is on the first page for the keywords "all natural cosmetics" in MSN Canada, and second page on the keywords "natural cosmetics". Do you know how much it is to be on this position in MSN and Yahoo? These keywords are use by thousands of people all over the world. So being on this position in MSN and Yahoo Canada, mean so much to me. Now I know why I have so many page view numbers on my statistics.

I know I can make it happen. One to two years, I know I will get to where I want to be. I will never stop working and learning until I get there. I have so many plans and I know God will be there to help me make it all come true. The heck with all those laugh I am getting from them. Everyday is a struggle to see the path that I want to go but it seems too dark. But I know down the road, I will see the bright light.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Most Wonderful Mother's Day Gift

My two angels bought me this Teddy Bear yesterday as their Monther's Day gift. I am so happy and very lucky to have such a wonderful and thoughful daughters. I sometimes ask myself if deserve this two angels. I am so thankful to God for giving me the most wonderful gifts in life.

When we were at the church yesterday, my Kimberly went out for a couple of minutes. I thought she was just going to use the washroom, but when she came back, she gave me a rose and kissed me. Saying "You're the Best MOM".... I wanted to cry, because I am not so sure if I really am sometimes. I know I have been doing all the best to be the best mother for them. But I sometimes feel, it's not enough and I have to give more. And if I will be ask to give my life for them, I will not have a second thought to do it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Repentance and Faith

We attended the second session of Couples for Christ and I really had a great time with the topic discussion. My kids are with us and I am sure that they learn something from the session.

It was a very interesting topic about Repentance and Faith. There are two topics that we discuss during our sharing.

  • Share with one another areas where you need to turn more fully to God.

Everyday is a challenge for me at work. I am sorrounded with people who always see negative in their sorroundings. Everytime I am having conversation full of untrue stories about someone. I always say to myself to stay firm and only believe in what I see and hear but not the things that I hear from the mouth of envious and jealous people. It's always been a challenge for me not to say things that can lead to misunderstanding from poeple with narrow minds. But repeatedly coming out from mouth.

  • Share area where you need to grow in faith

I always feel hatred for people who always lead me to sin of believing untrue stories that was only created in their minds. People who always see jealousy with other people. People who always judge other people. I shouldn't hate them but feel sorry for their bitterness, but I am too weak to lead them to the right path. Instead I feel so upset and always show my hatred for their weakedness.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Creepy Minds and Mouth

I have sinned by listening and beleiving their Creepy Minds and Mouth. I feel so ashamed of myself. Thinking about how people think and talk at work just makes me feel like vomiting. I realize something and I have to admit that in some ways, I had some judgemental thoughts and words for some people. But last week, I realized something. I should never listen to any mouth from this people. I wish I can isolate myself so I wont hear any words from anybody. They are all thinking like paranoids. Pointing to people and saying words that exists only on their minds. They dont even have proof about what they are saying but their MINDS!! I have sinned by believing some of these words and I hope God will forgive me.

From now on, I will close my ears and my eyes to everything around me. Never believe anyone but myself. Believe only the things that I see and hear. Never judge anyone but believe in what I see in them. Never think negative or positive beyond what I see.

These people who keep talking about other people in a negative way are basically the people who have problems within themselves. I dont care about the imperfection of anyone because I myself is not perfect. I dont care if they see some people at work as someone lazy or not doing what they are suppose to be doing. All I should care from now on is how I work. Make myself worthy to be paid by the company. They talk and talk and talk and talk behind the person but infront they smile, smile, nice, nice.... They cannot even say it directly to the person..... Creepy Minds and Mouth!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy Happy Day

Busy day since I came home from work. First I went to the Ultrasound clinic and HOOOORAYYYYY!!!, they didn't see anything inside me... Yeeeeee!!!! But I am still crossing my fingers because I still have to see my Surgeon next month for another test.

Then I went straight to my kids school to suprise them. Every Friday, I take them out for lunch from school. They love it when I pick them up and drop them back to school for lunch.

Then I went home to do about one hour answering emails and monitor my Google and Yahoo Ads, while waiting for hubby. I have to drop him to work and go straight to my supplier to pick up some ingredient that we will use at home.

What a day. It's already 5:30 and I haven't slept yet. I feel so happy because there is no finding on my Ultrasound. Now I have to set another appointment to my family doctor for my Benign Vertigo. The chronic dizziness has gone but there is still some position that I can feel some slight dizziness. Although it is not as chronic and long attack as before, but I still have some abnormal feelings on a certain position.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Traitor Strike Again

The devil woman denies her Rudeness. The fact that it came from her own mouth that they were not able to speak in English because they are in hurry, means that she admits her Rudeness.

It is Rude to speak a language when someone is around who can not understand the language or dialect that you are using specially at work. It is absolutely unethical. Whether you are talking about personal things and work related, when you are inside the workplace. Now if you urgently need to use any language or dialect, you could at least say "Excuse Us..... " to show some respect or permision to talk something personal near the person.

I cannot really fight someone as traitor as her. And I dont really care what bad things she say about me behind my back. Words that are coming from her mouth against me will simply go back to her. In the first place, she shouldn't join my company if all she will do is talk behind my back. I dont care what she think about me. I only care what and how God see me. And God knows what's in my heart. God is my only way to see the right path.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

L'Oreal Warehouse Sale

Our company was invited by L'oreal on their warehouse sale on the third week of May. Our shift was only given 12 pass tickets and my name was picked. Although I am doing my own Cosmetics, but since I dont have the haircoloring treatment on my line of cosmetics, I will definitely have fun to shop to this warehouse sale. Plus, my girls have been asking me to make a lipgloss but I still dont have the materials and time to do it. So I will be buying them their lipgloss for now, until I am making my own.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stress Free For Worriers

I am not busy at work last night, at last. And I wont be for the whole week. I was just a little pissed with one fellow worker trying to boss me around. I dont now what she think if herself or it's probably just her personality. But a lot of people are getting pissed with the way she approach people. I really think she should change her way even if she doesn't mean it.

Well anyway, a lot of things are going on at work and I really can't stomach most of the things that are happening around. There's a lot of changes eversince our company was bought by a bigger company. Everybody is trying to get themselves into a safe position because everybody is worried about being kick out. Everybody is looking at each other's fault to lift up themselves. Everybody is trying to prove that they are better than the rest.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What It Means To Be A Christian?

I wasn't able to attend the children's birthday party that I was invited to. I did so many things at home and on my business plus I have to wake up for the Couple's for Christ second session. The weekend is just too short to do everything. So since attending to a children's party is on my last list of priority, I have no choice but to remove it on my list. I am just worry if the person who invited me will understand why I can't come. I sometimes think some people just dont have enough undrestanding, but I hope this will not end up into some kind misunderstanding in silence. I hope nobody will jump into conclusion that I am being arrogant or a snob like some of the people always think about me.

Anyway, we attended the second session of Couple's for Christ and the topic is "What it means to be a Christian". On the group discussion, I simply say it's all about Faith that will hold the true Christianity in every person. Some people will just go to church for the sake of letting other people know that they go to church. God can see what's in our heart on everything that we do. It doesn't matter to me if some people think that I dont look like that I go to church; that I dont look like that I know how to pray. Because what they see doesn't matter but what God see is what matters to me.

There maybe some challenges and worries in each and everyone of us. And I have told myself many times that it's all about human nature's cravings for more things in life, that makes satisfaction unachievable. I do have many worries in life. I have so many dreams and hopes but I always put in my mind and in my heart that if it is God's will, it may or may never happen. But never will I loose my Faith. There is always a reason for all the things that is happening in our life.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busy House and Business Weekend Work

I will be doing a lot of household chores today. I have to vacuum the whole house, and do a lot of laundry. Then after that, I will try to create colors for my Ultimate Foundations both for Matte and Shimmer.

I am done with the Mineral Foundation wholesale page, so I will try my best to finish the rest of the Mineral Makeup wholesale pages like the eyeshadow, blush and concealer etc... I want the dropshipper to just use this page in ordering for their customers. My Mineral Makeup products is the most inquired products for wholesale, private labeling, dropshipping and reselling, so I need to finish this wholesale category page.

I am not sure if I can attend to the children's party that I was invited to. We have to attend the Couple's for Christ at 6pm and I really think this is more important than the rest of the things I need to attend to. If I still have the energy, then I will probably will. But right now, I have to focus on the things I need to do.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Heated Confrontation

I had a little straight but very professional confrontation with one of my co-workers. One good thing I like about most Canadians or White People (sorry to sound a little racist)is that, they never take things personally unlike Filipinos. We just talk straight and discuss our views and opinion without hurting the personal relationship. I noticed that if this kind of conversation I had is with a Filipino, I will probably end up having one enemy. We end up, saying it's nothing personal and its' just work. We are clear about what we want and what we expect from each other.