Friday, August 28, 2009

Boastful Heart

Did I boast or I was provoked? Did I stepped on someone's shoes? If I did any of these, I sincerely asked for God's forgiveness. I never meant to hurt someone, nor I want to put someone down. I speak and did what I think is right. I tried my best not to hurt someone, and if I did, I will pray that everyone, including me, will find the humility and peace in our heart.

It is very confusing if I will believe every story that I hear from everyone's mouth. Not that I don't trust anyone, but I really think that I should believe on what I think is worthy of listening to.

Everybody is jealous and envious of someone. Everybody think he is greater than the other. People will say he is great and the other will be intimidated. I stand for what I believe, and someone will say I am arrogant. Oh God, please help me say and do things your way in my day to day living on that place. I will always ask for your guidance and love.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mind Your Own Business

I dont know if I what I have done is right or wrong, but as far as I know, I tried not to step on anybody's toes. I tried to be fair with everybody even if I know both side have it's own problem. Their side is full of carb mentality and his side is full of arrogance.

Their crab mentality to understand that someone is trying to reach a goal is very hard for them. And on the otherhand, his arrogant mind cannot take to have a humble heart to hide his work from this people, to be able to reach his goal QUIETLY.

Funny but I was in the middle and I have to deal with both. I learn something today, and I should always keep this in mind. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Other's Goal Over Yours

I still consider to listen to my own way of thinking instead of listening to other's agony just because someone will be promoted. Who care's if she will be chosen to get that position or will she ever get it at all. I am not going to loose anything whoever will get that position. I am not interested to have that position anyway, because it will just make my life more miserable in the first place. I'd rather be thankful of what I have right now than making myself bitter of the possibility that someone will reach her goal. What I want for myself is not on that company.

I want to work at home and that is where my mind is focus right now. It is more challenging and worthy of having as a goal, than working for bunch of a**h*les. Funny but a lot of them feel so angry. I am thinking if they are just angry or jealous? This is the problem with a lot of people. They don't want to focus on their own goal, instead, they focus on someone's goal. Which makes them look like, they probably don't have any goal at all.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The New Testament That I Found

Everybody at work are still talking about the couple that was fired last week. It was really indeed a traggic situation for both of them, specially that it is very hard to find a job nowadays. I really feel bad and I will really miss them. But there is a big lesson that everyone should keep in mind. Cheating is something that God will never want us to do in any way. There will always be a price to pay for such act. Thinking about the situation, my company still have a big heart to give them another chance. Infact that chance that was given to them is actually enough TIME to find another job or redeem themselves.

With our busy life; because of too much financial worries, we sometimes forget about the most important things that we should give more attention. Time for GOD.. I was thinking that, maybe this is the reason why I found a small New Testament while me and my dog was walking at the part about 4 weeks ago. It is probably a reminder that it is my responsibility as a member of CFFL and as a Christian, to read the Bible everyday. And so I did.. Since yesterday, I put this new testament in my bag to remind me to read at least one verse everyday before or after I go to work. I feel so good and more secure with his love and guidance.

We all should turn to him and continously praise him. He is our only way to pass all the trials in our life. I always pray for forgiveness for all the sins that I have done or might have done everyday. Let us remove all those selfishness in our heart and shield us from any harm. I pray for my friend who just lost their job. May they find a new life in a job with God soon.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My First Soaps and New Dress

I finally did my first soap and I am so happy how it turned out. I just need more practice and more tips from my fellow Natural Cosmetics and Soaps makers to make my soaps look prettier. I did this few minutes ago.

I was busy yesterday shopping with my kids. I am happy with the clothes I bought that I will use for my cousin's wedding in Seattle. Even if I am not happy that I only lost few pounds, I hope that I won't look too overweight on the pictures. But I will still continue to go on with my diet slowly until I reach my normal weight. This clothes will probably look better on me then.

I spend too much money yesterday and it really hurt my budget..geeee!! I bought my kid's school stuffs plus some things that we need both for the wedding and for our vacation. And while I am doing this, I was thinking about the couple at work that was fired. I just can't help thinking, what if that was me?. How can I afford all of these.

I feel so bad loosing such a hard workers like them. Just a mistake that completely forgot the good sides of them as one of the good workers around. They've been close to me and I feel so sad not seeing them around forever in my workplace. I will include them in my prayers

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking Forward On A Busy Weekend

Yepeeeyyy, I ordered the Soap supplies and I will pick it up tomorrow. I have been wanting to make my own soaps and I am finally doing it. I am so excited to play with it. I will see if I can give some finish products to some people.

Anyway, it was a pretty quiet night at work and I am happy that I have no annoying moments. How I wish my night at work will always be like this. However, I am trying not to feel some hatred everytime I think about the look, act and words from some people. I just can't help but noticed why she keep completing herself in anyway to anyone. Geee.... Oh God forgive but, I will try harder not to feel this way.

I will be busy this weekend for the preparation of our vacation in Seattle next week. We have to buy a lot of things we will need for the wedding. I still need to buy my clothes for the wedding and I am so disappointed to loose only few pounds. Silly appetite I have..lols.. So here I am, overweight look on pictures again... But I will still continue to try loosing weight and have my normal weight back soon. I can't wear my old clothes and it is not advisable to keep buying larger size clothes...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Resist The Evil Minds

Another busy night at work again and as usual, some annoying moments. But I am so happy that I was able to resist the temptation of speaking some words that will make God unhappy infront of this person. I didn't avoid him but I tried to be strong not to say or do something that I will regret later on.

Aside from this person, there are two people that I know I should be strong everytime that I am with them. They are full of judgements and will try to provoke you to say the same thing to someone. But as far as I know, I never said anything that I will regret as well. I just focused on the right words to say everytime there is a temptation. And last night, I let God win and I pray that I will always have the strenght to resist all their evil doings.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Praying To Resist Evil Doings

Evil act always sorrounds me. He is like Judas who will find ways that will provokes me to do or say something evil. I am not Jesus. I am weak and regret doing and saying things infront of this evil person. He is totally a masterpiece of Satan. I am praying that God will help me to be stronger when I am with this person.

This is a strong indication that the closer I get to be at peace and continously praise him in my thoughts, evils are there to turn my mind into somethings that God will not be happy to see and hear.

I am now slowly realizing the importance of CFFL in my everyday life. I pray for forgiveness to what I have done today and I hope God will continue to humble my heart and be strong to resist all those evil doings.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Count Your Blessing

Funny but people are asking how did he come up to have those kind of savings. Then all come out that his spouse started a business and luckily made it successful. I really think the it's NOT all about LUCK. It's all about starting from somewhere and working hard to make it all happen. We all have to start somewhere and slowly work on it and never forget to do it in the name of God.

This answers some questions in my mind why he looks happier now while I find him full of bitterness before. I guess this is what he has been waiting for. To be able to buy all the things that his heart desire.

But do we have to be bitter when all those things that we have been wanting is far from our hands? There are so many things that we should be happy and be thankful for but we sometimes overlook all of them, because we want more than what we have.

My heart desire for more that's why I have to start somewhere and I already did. Whether God will grant my prayers or not, what I have right now is so much for me to be happy and thankful. Let us count our blessings instead of someone's fortune.

Just sharing one of my favorite spiritual songs.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ready For Soap Making

There are only few members who attended the household meeting last night, so there are many left overs. But that's okey, I will bring some to work tonight. And speaking of work tonight, well another week will start and I hope that it will be a quiet week for me at work.

I have finished that changes I want for the images of my products on my webstore. I am so happy and I never expected that I will finish it that fast. I will see if I can order some of the soap supplies I need for my soap making. I will also need some Essential Oils for itch on my surgery wounds. I will see it will help reduce the itchiness. I need to look at my budget on this.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Malicious Gestures

It's Friday once again. Weekend is the days that I have been waiting, but it's the shortest of all the days. It will be another busy weekend for me and my family because the household meeting will be held in our house tomorrow night. So we will be busy for the preparation and of course, a thorough cleaning of our house again.

Hubby brought the car for his work. I will go to bed early so I can wake up early to go out for grocery. My kids will go to the mall to buy some stuff and then we will probably eat somewhere for our weekend family quality time together.

Anyway, it was another quiet night at work but few annoying moments. Maybe I am just being paranoid but there are few malicious gestures from about 2 or 3 people. I don't really know what to think about this kind of people. Well, I don't really care about what they think. I am not doing anything bad. It was just their malicious minds.

"There is one way to handle the ignorant and malicious critic. Ignore him.”

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Medical Test Result

It was a tiring day yesterday for me. I have to sleep for few hours and woke up for my doctor's apppointment in downtown. The parking fee is so expensive so I have to take the bus, which took me about 2 hours to get there. I am glad that my daughter Kelly, went with me so at least I had someone with me to talk to.

I am sooooo happy when my doctor said that the test's result is negative and I have nothing to worry about. So my next appointment will be next year for another test. I am so happy, but I am still crossing my fingers that the cyst that they took out from my tummy will never ever come back.

It was another answered prayers from God and Iam so thankful!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Her Life Against Them

Not that I agree with what she did, but I can't disagree- because I don't really know the real story behind. Not that I am on her side, but I am not against her side neither. It's because her life has nothing to do with my life. Whatever is going on with her life, doesn't bother any part of my life.

I just find it very interesting to listen about different stories and hear different sides about the said story. I am so amazed how people look, talk, react and ACT on other's dirt without looking how much dirt that they have.

I sometimes think that they are just jealous about her courage to do things that will make her happy without thinking about what other people may say, feel and think. And on the issue of what is wrong and what is right? if the path that she have chosen is right or wrong, is not on anyone's hand and mouth to say. Time will tell and God knows how to say it.

I feel so sorry for those who choose to be a prisoner of what they think is right but have made their life unhappy. Or perhaps they just don't have any choice but to live their life as it is. Ahhhhh, we all have our choice.

Will I do the same thing as she did? Perhaps... If I need to; If I want to: If I have to because noone will run my life but myself. And if I have chosen the wrong path, that's life. Mistake is part of everyone's life. Mistakes makes us stronger and a better person.

But FORTUNATELY I am living in the most happiest moment of my married life, simply because I choose to be happy and not because I HAVE TO. But..... hold up... NOTHING IS FOREVER, so don't be surprise if one of these days, you will see me living with another man in one small condominium nearby.

Smile, be happy. Learn to be happy for someone. Count your own blessings and not someone's fortune. Give advice and suggestions ONLY if you are being ask. These are the things that I have learned from my day to day living in my freaky world...

"To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Soaps That Inpired Me

The soaps that I ordered from one of my fellow merchants arrived yesterday. It was so lovely and smooth on my skin. The scent is very inviting. This made me more inspired to make my own soaps. I will first finish the new and original images that I am planning for all my products on my webstore- then I will order the soap making supplies from my supplier to start making my own soap. Then later on, post it on my webstore to sell.

Aside from my happy family, my online business is making my life busy, happy and productive. Instead of spending time talking about other people's life, I'd rather spend my life being productive than spending hours on the phone to talk about other people's life. Yeah, I listen and give my theoretical comment when I hear something about other people during some spare time at work, but I will never waste my entire time with this nonsense stories. Who cares about who's having an affair or what? I don't care !!

During our short meeting, when my boss said goodbye to us to leave for her new job, she mentioned about Dreaming and keep reaching for this dreams. I felt more inspired to keep dreaming. Dreaming and keep working hard to reach that goal. Dreaming will never happen if you just keep dreaming without working to make it all happen. And with the help of prayers, everything is possible.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Felt Rejected But Happy

I am so freaking happy to ship three orders today. I got the last order last night before I go to work. So I process the last order soon as I get home from work today, so I can shipped it together with the two that I processed yesterday morning. I am crossing my fingers that my business will continue to receive more orders.

I emailed a friend to show my support as friend against some issue that covers her. But I didn't get any response. I did that because, I know that there are many people who are trying to cover up themselves with something that they did to ruin someone. I was thinking that perhaps, communicating to her that I have nothing against about everything that I heard about her will take me out from some probable issue that I may have about her issue. That's not my life and who cares! All I care is that, she is nice to me.

I looked at her as a friend even though we were once open with each other's thoughts in a short span of time. But I guess not responding to my support, just shows her ego or pride or probably guilt for what she may have done. Well, not my issue anymore. I have given her my side and my support as a friend. However, I felt rejected for not getting any response. I felt that it was a mistake to give my support to someone who are is willing to take it. Geeeee!! Tooo egoistic!!ARTE!

Anyway, I am happy with my life. The heck with other people's problems. My business is doing great and I can see a good future ahead for all my hard work and dedication to make it successful. I really wish I can leave that place sooner than I am suppose to. I am not really happy with the sorroundings on that place. Full of jealousy, competition, judgement, wrathful thinking etc..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Soaps and Soap Making Supplies Blog

I finaly started my blog for my Soaps and Soap Making Supplies. I have not added any Soap products on my webstore but I will do it one day at a time. I will probably purchase a domain name for my Soaps Making Supplies Blog when I have added a number of Soaps Supplies on my webstore.

I really think it is important to work on my blog while adding my products one day at time on my webstore. It takes time for the Search Engines to read and give a good index position on the internet. So while I am completing the important products in Soap Making, I will start submitting my Soap Making Supplies blog domain on different live directories to gain number of backlinks.

However, I am not realy sure when will all this happen since I am not yet done adding the products that I need to add for my Natural Cosmetics supplies. But I will try my best to start working on my Soap Products whenever I can. I am not in a hurry. I am having fun and I really think Soaps are good products to sell online. You can visit my temparary blog for my Soaps and Soap Making Supplies.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still Wishing For The Stars

The weekend is too short for me. My workload is overloading and now the dog is an added load for me. I have to walk our dog for longer hours regularly. She needs to get used outside, so she won't be afraid to new places. The people at the veterinary clinic had a terrible time with her, that's why we have to go back today to repeat the heartworm test. But she looks better at the veterinary clinic today than the last time.

Then we did the grocery and I bought few containers for my products. I was able to finish the labels I will use for the orders. And while doing this, I load some dirty clothes on the washing machine.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the two orders and I will definitely have to finish it by tomorrow so I can ship it on Monday morning. And I still have to clean the washroom and the whole house tomorrow.

I told hubby that I cannot attend the household today and I am glad that he is willing to attend by himself. I wanted to attend the household to meet the new members, but how can I do all of these? My weekend is supposed to be my rest time. But here I am, trying to figure out how to squeeze my time, so I can do all the things needed to be done.

The visitors of my webstore is improving every week. Almost everyday, I will receive more than one inquiry about my products. I answer all the inquiries as fast as I can because I believe that this is a sign of a good future ahead for my business.

I wish God can hear me. I just need to finish our remaining financial liabilities and I am ready to find a simple job near our place. Or perhaps, if God will make my business grow by that time, I will probably just look for a part-time job and concentrate more on my business. I am still crossing my fingers and holding on to my faith.

I know some people who are suppose to be happy and supporting me will be laughing or perhaps, they are already laughing by now while reading this. But you know what? Those laughs are not important to me. Because those laughs are wicked laughs which makes me more inspired to work harder. I can see some bright light now with all these inquiries I am receiving. I know God can hear me and he will make it all happen soon.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Short Busy Weekend

I got two orders to prepare this weekend and ship it on Monday. The other one is just a small order but then I am happy with the other one. I wish I can have another big orders like last week, but I guess business sometimes can be slow.

Anyway, I had a pretty quiet night at work and I hope it will always be like that. I had to go to bed early and didn't do much when I get home from work because I had a headache. But I am okey now, so I went out with my kids as usual, for our Friday Mother and Daughter bonding... lols...

I have so many things to do tomorrow for my business plus I have to do a lot of household chores. I wish I can finish them all so I can relax on Sunday. Ahhh, weekend is just too short for me.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thinking Of Soap Making

I am crossing my fingers on the international order inquiry that I just received. If this order will go through, I will order the soap supplies that I will use to start creating my own soap.

I can't stop thinking about creating my own soaps and add all the soap making supplies that my supplier have, on my webstore. I dont want to create another webstore for Soaps since it is related to my products. Instead, I am thinking of creating one blog with it's custom domain name for Soaps and Soap Making Supplies. Creating another webstore is too much work and more expenses. I will probably think of that when I am working fulltime on this busines. I just hope that God will make it happen. I just love my products and my business.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Random Rants

It was a busy day soon as I get home from work. I shipped the order and buy another packaging materials. I run out of packaging materials that I usually use for free sample orders. Then I went to my dentist for my dental checkup. I'm glad that there is no dental problem so far.

It was a busy night at work. Quiet but some annoying moments as usual. The woman on the cefeteria whom I haven't done anything wrong keeps showing me some hate gestures. I am trying to ignore but just keeps getting on my nerve. I wish I can just say it is sometimes hard to have a strong personality... heheheheh,.... people sometimes think I am snob or something, or perhaps I look like someone you would really like to hate for nothing. Well then, I don't care!!!

And of course, the denial gay who is somekind of Satan's Masterpiece. Instead of creating piece to his sorrounding, he would always want to try to make people hate each other more. What a total masterpiece of an evil...grrrrr!!!

Anyway, I feel sleepy now. I will just do the work for my websites and blogs tomorrow. I need to keep working for the maintenance of my blogs ansd websites, so Google will continue to give value on each of my pages. I have so many things to change on my webstore and add more products, but I dont know where to get the time.

I realized that there are so many people looking for Homemade Natural Soaps and Soaps Making Supplies. I want to add all the products from my supplier and resell them. I am thinking of creating another blog and buy a custom domain for my Soaps products for promotionn. Hayyy, How I wish I am doing all of these on a fulltime basis. GOD!!! hear me please...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Praying for Preparation

I feel so good after attending the mass and went straight to the monthly conference of CFFL. I felt that all my sins were cleansed and my spirit was renewed. But tonight, I have to go back to work. I am starting to prepare for another sins that I may have inside that place. I am praying that God will shelter me from all the evil things that I will face for the whole week. I am praying that I will have a whole week full of blessing that will cover up the evil things that I may face.

I still have few things to do inside my house today before I go to bed. I need to finish the laundry and perhaps do some cleaning. Next weekend I will prepare and buy few things we will need for our vacation in Seattle. I really hope that I will have another good week for my business. It wil be a big help for our budget.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inspired For Soap Making

Yay, Until now I haven't not done the Mineral Oil Control Powder and the ingredients are sitting on my basement for a month now and here I am, thinking of making my own Soaps. It's because my kids and my husband prefer to use Soaps than Body Wash Gels which I prefer to use because it is more gentle and subtle on skin. So I thought of shopping for Soaps. Then I realized that there is not much good quality Soaps in stores. All they have are synthetically made Soaps that makes my skin dry.

I shop around the internet and found one of my online's buddy's Soap website. Her Soaps are made from Natural Ingredients and looks very yummy. This inspire me to make my own Soaps. I just don't know when will I have the time to do it. But for the moment, I thought of offering Premade Soaps by my supplier, on my website as well as the different Soap Making Supplies. I find it very interesting to offer different Natural Cosmetics that I myself is interested in. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u for any special requests.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thankful Moments

Is this real? Am I dreaming? Is this the start? I can't believe what I am seeing on my email.. I have another Order Notification!!!! Yehey!!!!! Another serious real time order!!! weeee!! Okey, when I say serious real time order, this means it's not just another free sample orders. It means, order that makes me smile..... I thought the orders I got this week is just some kind of luck but, a follow up order notification is just too good to be true.

Thank you God! After all the insult and diappointing feedback from one of the customers this week, that really broke my heart, I have orders that is very uplifting. I really hope that this business will continue to grow and make all my hopes and dreams to come true. I want to leave my fulltime job and be a work at home mom. I will repeatedly say that because that is what I really want to do. It may not happen toady, but I hope and pray soon it will be given to me.