Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Risk That Needs Guidance From God

I was busy yesterday processing some orders and I have another one to process today. AHHH how I wish my business will always recieved orders like this everyday and even more in the future. I am just so happy with the progress of my business.

They are laying off people at work. Another department was eliminated and a number of employees lost their jobs again. My company is offering a very good package for voluntary lay off. They will provide an equivalent of one month salary for each year of service with a maximum of 12 years. Then after that, it will be a 12 months employment insurance from the government(60% of one month salary). So since I have been with the company for 8 years, if I will take the package, I will be off from work for 8 months with full salary and 60% employment insurance for 12 months after!!

It was a pretty good offer and I am having a second thought of taking it so I can concentrate on my business. There are so many things that can happen within 8 months, but it can be good or bad. Meaning my business will turn out to be good as I have been projecting, but it can also be bad because it was just my projection!!. My brain is spinning right now on whether I should take it or not.

My projection for my business when I started it, is almost perfect. I projected that I will start getting orders during summer and it will progress as my website mature and it is already happening now. My next projection is that, I will continue to recieve a constant order that will help me pay off our extra financial woos and I will have to quit my job early or before the end of 2011.

The progress of the business on my projection is slow because I am working on my business only on a part time basis. But if I will work on it on a full time basis, the progress of my business will be faster than it should be. However, it is just my projection and anything can turn out bad. Only God knows what's instore for us in the future. So it would be big risk on my part if I will take the package that my company is offering.

When my first projection happened and it is still happening, I saw and I can feel a very bright future ahead on this business. I am seeing myself doing this business fulltime after 2 years and putting up my own store, or a SPA Beauty Salon 5 years from now. It will be a big dream come true for me.

I would like to grab the opportunity to do what I have been wanting to do and just hold on to my faith that God will never leave us in the dark. That he will make all my dreams to come true sooner. I just need to see some signs from him if this is the path that he wants me to go.

I will talk to my husband when he come home today. I will pray hard and sleep and hope that in my dreams, I will get some sign from our God.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Madness

I thought I am not going to receive any order but I am glad to have at least one small order to start the week. Even if I am not yet prepared to received continous big orders as I had for the fast two weeks, I will always be happy to recieve as many orders as I can while I am working on organzing my products, one at a time.

Anyway, it was a quiet night at work again. Not much going on because, I always try my best not to mind those things I shouldn't give much attention. Instead, my mind is always busy thinking about the things I need to do for my business. It is frustrating just to be thinking about it and can't do much to make it all happen. But at least my mind is busy on something more worthy of thinking about.

Anyway I will do some blogwalking today. Then I will do my regular 30 minutes stretching. After that, I need to fold the clean clothes from the laundry. Then I will try to fill up the insurance claim form so I can mail it together with the order, tomorrow.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

I was able to do few things that I planned to do for the weekend but didn't finished them all. I thought it would be easy but I was wrong. It's very time consuming. But at least, it would be easier to process some orders now than before. The weekend is not over yet, I can still do few things.

I watch movies while I am cleaning some containers. I realized how much money I could save, using cheap containers that I bought from the dollar store instead of using the containers I can use for creams and lotions for future orders. Now I don't have to worry about purchasing those cream containers.

I didn't attend the CFL today but hubby went for me. I still feel sick and I only had few rest because I did few household chores and I had more to do. I will clean our bathroom tomorrow morning and do some paper works our insurance. Ahhh, there are still more work to be done. I don't want to stress myself on this so I will only what I can. Anyway, I have few more things to do before going to bed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Preparing For The Busy Weekend

I have no order since yesterday. Well, I am not happy about it but then looking at the bright side, at least I am able to breathe specially that I was sick since yesterday. I have to go to work even if I am having a fever. I am trying to avoid to be absent because it can affect my performance at work. Ahhhh, this is one of the reasons why, I am dying to just work on my business. I am tired of working with someone with a strict the same 8 hours work from Monday to Friday. In business, you might probably be working more than 8 hours, but with your own choice of time.

Oh well, I had a quiet night at work. Nothing much to be annoyed. I guess God heard my prayers on this. I really just want to keep myself away from any trouble. So I try to keep myself quiet and simply work. Whenever I had the chance to think about something else, I try to think about my business instead of something that doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, I am heading to the dollar store to buy the containers that I will use for all the colors of my Mineral Makeup. I will sanitized them one by one. Then I will print the labels for each container and start making each colors to fill each containers. Then I am ready work on the 10 samples packages for each colors.

I am not sure if I can finish all of these, this weekend. I still need to do some household chores plus I need to make one soap for us. Yay, I hope all the packages will be finish before I start getting some orders again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Organizing For Easier and Efficient Work

Since we came home from our vacation from Seattle, I've been busy and cannot do many things that I regularly do at home. Because orders keep on coming in. Well, I am not complaining and infact, I am very very thankful for those unexpected orders and how I wish that I will always have and even MORE orders than these. I struggled processing those orders because I never expect to get those continous orders. I was never prepared for that and everything is unorganized. It was a mess!!

I have been working with one of the best and biggest confectionary product manufacturing company in Canada and here I am, struggling to do what I am trained to do in organizing stuffs to make work easier and more efficient.

I guess, I am denying to myself that my business will come into this. I hope and pray that this is already the start of what I have been waiting for. So I have to start making my life easier while giving my customer the best quality products and service.

So I started by creating and printing the list of colors of each type of Makeup. I will buy and put every color in one container and label them one by one. Since I always get sample orders, I will pack ten sample package for each color, so my life will be easier when somebody order them. All colors are in one container, so all I have to do is take the number of scoop per order of containers. I will try my best to do this, this coming weekend. I already counted the number of containers I will need. I am sick today so unfortunately, I can't do much today because to have to go to bed early.

I have to make my time more efficient in processing each orders because I will be doing this on a part time basis for a long time. I can only leave my fulltime work, when all my extra financial worries are done. I hope that by two to three years from now, my business is strong enough to make me quit my fulltime job. So I have to make sure that even if I am doing my business on part-time, I will be able to accomodate all orders in a fast and efficient manner. I can only do this by organizing my products and use what I have learned from my full-time work.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Strengthen Friendship Award

I want to thank Imelda of My Daily Thoughts and Mood for this Strenthen Friendship Award. I am really sorry for this late posting my friend.

I want to pass this to everyone on my blogroll. Grab it and just let me know. I will be happy to link you back.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy But Need To Be Organized

I recieved another orders during the weekend. I am really really happy whenever I receive orders from my webstore, but it is exhausting. It's because the filing of my products are not yet organized. Probably because I didn't expect to received orders for my products that I thought noone will be interested in purchasing. I am really surpised with the orders that I am receiving lately.

I will try my best to organize my things this weekend and try to create all the colors ready for packaging. So I won't spend too much time creating everything from base when I received orders.

Oh God, thank you so much for these blessings. Please help me reach my goal. I know you're on my side in every step of the way. I can't wait until that day come.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Weekend Errands

We went to Vaughan Mills Shopping Center yesterday to buy book that my kids need to school. This shopping centre has imporved a lot since the last time we visited about 3 years ago. I just wish they will put a theater to complete the shopping time of everyone.

Then we went to Scarborough to buy DVDs then my kids have a haircut to one Chinese hair salon for only CND$7.00 each. Pretty cheap, so we will probably come back there when we buy another dvd.

I am very please with the improved formula I did with one of my Foundation. It has more coverage and nice glow. I am also happy with the hairstyle tools I bought two days ago to lift my hair for the hairstyle that I've always wanted to have. I am glad to spend time doing things for myself.

Hubby won't be able to attend the CFL household today because he have to got to work for overtime. So I will be attending alone today. I just feel bad because I won't be able to attend the Sunday Mass again. I really hope that God will find ways for us to attend both to Church mass and the CFL household.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Addiction in Making Mineral Eyeshadow

Yes, I finally finished all the Mineral Makeup new products that I have been wanting to add on my website and I have more to add particularly on my Mineral Eyeshadow color collections. But I will create and add more one at a time. But right now, I prioritized those requests that I am receiving.

I have been receiving requests for more Mineral Eyeshadow colors so I decided to post some on my webstore. I realized that it is so much fun to create different eyeshadow colors. It's messy but it is such a joy everytime to see lovely result after mixinf two to three colors. It is very addicting!! It's just very time consuming because I have to take picture, cut the size to make it fit on my website.

Natural Cosmetics and Mineral Makeup Making is so addicting. I wish I have all the time to do this everyday and share my joy to everyone. This is the reason why I am dying to make my business work so I can do all of these on a full-time basis. Ahhh I wonder when will this happen. I hope soon!! Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u and view more of my Eyeshadow color collections.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stress In The Chest

I was so stress yesterday and I had chest pain so I decided not to go to work and take a full rest. I feel a lot better now but, I want to make sure that I will be okey so I might not go to work again tonight.

It's really hard to work on a greveyard shift. My body is still adjusting again after my vacation in Seattle. I can't sleep during the day and it is really slowing down my energy. I couldn't do anything but lay on my bed the whole day trying to get some sleep. It is stressful not to be able to be able to do all the things at home. This is probably why, I felt the stress in my chest.

I had a hard time processing the consecutive orders because the products that they order are not the usual products that I have been receiving. So I have to create them all at the same time. Since I will not go to work today and I have the whole weekend ahead, I will make sure that I will prepare all the bases and color of all my mineral makeups. So when I receive the order, all I have to do is take a scoop and pack it. I already have all the labels prepared, so all I have to do is print it.

I have been receiving many requests for different colors for eyeshadow and the oil control mineral powder. I want to make sure that before the weekend, I have created about, more or less, 10 colors for eyeshadows and about three colors for oil control powder. I will post it all on my website this weekend and send an email notification to everyone.

It's difficult to run the business and work full time with other company at the same time. Not to mention that I am also a housewife. It's a big sacrifice and I really hope that God will reward me for this, and I know he will. My heart is full of hopes and dreams which drives to do all of this. With all those inquiries and requests, I know this business will go far!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Dream That Is Coming True

Yepeyyyy, I have two orders today. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU GOD!!! You are so kind to me. I will continue to praise you and pray for my dreams to come true. I can feel a bright future ahead of me. My faith that you have given me, has given me all the strenght to hold on to my dreams. My heart is overflowing with so much joy and happines everytime I see the progress of all the efforts that I gave for my business. I really hope and pray that my business will help to finish our financial woos, so I can quit my job and focus on making my business grow. I have so many plans for my business.

Yes it is really my plan. If my business will help me to payoff our financial woos. I will just save small amount of money and I will quit my job so I can concentrate on my business. Because I can see a good future on my business. I just need to invest more time and money. But right now, it is impossible because I have other full time job. It's hard to run a business and work fulltime with other company at the same time. And I really hope that God will see all my sacrifices.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Organizing With Plastic Storage Boxes

I feel so tired and sleepy since last night at work. But when I got home from work, I have to go out to ship the order. I organized my computer desk and will just update this blog, then I will go to bed.

I realized how unorganized all my things inside the house eversince I was hooked into blogging and now as an online merchant. So I bought just one small storage file organizer and I will be buying bigger storage boxes this week. It feel so good to see everything in place. So I will first organized my things inside my room particularly my cabinet and my files. It's so messy.

Then I will organized my business products in my basement. I will complete all the colors in one container and put the necesaary label. I will trasfer all the makeup in a cheaper container that I bought from dollar store, so I can use the Cosmetic Container for orders. Then I will organized the rest of the things in the basement.

I was inspired by my cousin in Seattle and see how pleasant it is to have everything in a storage box. So I will try to buy few plastic storage Box tomorrow at walmart and start organizing my room.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hoping For WAHM

I am so happy that my business is starting to recieve some orders again. I recieved orders while I was on vacation and I have another one today. I really hope that orders will keep on coming until it reach my dreams. I will be the happieast person when it happen.

I have to do many things today and cope with all the houesehold chores and some papers works while I was on vacation. But I am so glad that I was able to organized my book keeping files for my business while waiting for our flight at the airport. Good thing that I brought my files with me.

I am saving money that I am receiving for my orders and spend it to some things I needed for my business like insurance, licensing and some equipments I need for my products. I am crossing my fingers and keep praying that this will be the start of the moment that I have been waiting for to be a work at home mom in the near future.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy Days After Vacation

We came home from our short vacation in Seattle Washington last Tuesday (Sept. 8, 2008). I went straight to bed when we came home from the airport and slept for only 3hours, and went straight to work.

The next day, we picked up our dog to the dog boarding; processed and shipped the orders I received during my vacation. I couldn't sleep and slept for another 3 hours and went to work very tired and exhausted. So yesterday, I didn't do anything and slept for 12 hours. And now, I am finally updating my blogs and my website.

I still have so many laundry to finish and clean the house this weekend, but I will try my best to post some of the pictures we had in Seattle and Montana this weekend to share on this blog. I will also try to share few thought about my vacation in Seattle when I got the chance.