Saturday, October 31, 2009

Money Opportunities Online

I have been receiving opportunity notifications from BuyBlogReview but I am so busy that I didn't have the time to look on my account from them. When I am ready to take opportunities, I realized that I have to register my blogs and wait for their approval before I can take or bid from their opportunities.

What I like about BuyBlogsReview is their support for relevant content blogs. Even though that this blog does not have relevant contents, but most of my blogs where I get most of the qualified traffic have relevant contents. Because I believe that it is easier to get qualified traffic through relevant contents.

If you want to make extra income through blogging, try BuyBlogsReview. You can choose from their number of opportunities to post. Whether you have relevant or irrelevant contents blog.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Productive Weekend Ahead

I am so happy that the product catalog software of my webstore is now working. I dont have to do the wholesale products catalog manually. I just downloaded it and uploaded it on my store file and ready to be downloaded by anyone from my webstore. The brochures can be downloaded for free and $3.00 for sending it via airmail.

I have to charge $10.00 for dowloading the wholesale price catalog but refundable on the first $50.00 wholesale purchase. The wholesale price catalog is not refundable if send via airmail.

I will be finishing the complete 2 pages of my Mineral Makeup and Natural Skin Care product's brochure so I can start sending email notification to everyone on my list. So I will be busy again this weekend.

If I will not be caught by my laziness this weekend, I will create one lipgloss to observe for the whole week. And if the quality is okey, I willcreate 5 colors and post it on my webstore next weekend and start promoting them. This will be another busy weekend for me.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still Busy With The Brochure

I wanted to post about the progress of my work in making my own brochure and catalog. But I just want to make a quick message for you Poker Face... I will not quit my job because of you!!! Because I know you will be happy to see me disappear on that place because you'll have more chance to stay longer. Well, I am not going to make you happy for that. I will stay for as long as I needed that job.

Almost done with the second part of my Product's Brochure. Here is the inside view of the second page of my brochure

And still working on the front page of the second part of the brochure

After completing the Brochure, I will start working on the Catalog both for regular and wholesale prices. Then I will post the brochure and the products catalog on my webstore, so everyone who is interested may download it for free. However, I wan't to restrict the wholesale prices for my competitors so there will be charges for the Wholesale Price Catalog.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My MIneral Makeup Brochure

I was busy processing some orders and editing my brochure. I have edited my Mineral Makeup Brochure and hoping to finish one more page for all my products, so I can send it on every order that I will ship from now on. Here is the screen shot of the front page of my Mineral Makeup Brochure.

And here is the screenshot of the inside page of my Mineral Makeup Brochure. I am so happy to finish it at last

Monday, October 26, 2009

Will Be Busy with Brochures, Greeting Cards and Catalog

I was able to create a simple Thank You Card with my products and Logo on it. So it is a Thank You Card and at the same time a simple product brochure. I am in the process of creating a custom design Brochure and Christmas Greeting Cards to send to all my customers on the first week of December. I hope I will be able to finish creating the Brochures for all my products before the first week of December so I can send it to all my customers together with the Christmas Greeting Card.

I also want to create a simple custom design Brochure with Thank You Note because I want to enclose it to every order. I really think this is a very good marketing strategy.

After this, I will create a simple Products Catalog to be downloaded on my webstore for all those Wholesale, Reselling, and Dropshipping inguiries. The regular pricing catalog is free to download while the wholesale pricing needs to be purchased. I am also thinking of giving a choice to ship the regular and wholesale price catalog for a certain amount plus the shipping cost.

Yay, I have so many paper works to do and I still need to finish the Amendments for Health Canada Notification. I will start doing the Brochures this week.

Anyway, after I ship the order, then I will start the Brochures. I might not be able to do much bloghopping for a while.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hopes For My Dreams

Another one order to shipped on Monday. I am so happy with the progress of my business. I really hope that this will continue to grow. And I hope that by the time that I am ready to leave my fulltime job, my business is already there to support me and my family. Or perhaps, I am praying that my business will make it faster for my to leave my fulltime job.

I have so many plans for my business but I don't have enough time to do it all. I can only do one plan at a time during the weekend. Like, I was planning to create at least 5 colors of Lipgloss and Soaps, but then I only end up creating 3 kinds of soaps which I will post on my webstore sometime next week.

I want to create another website offering business website designs like banners, logos and handcrafted business papers like letterheads, business cards, brochures, flyers etc. But that will be a lot of work so I cannot do it unless I am doing everything on a full-time basis. And I am hoping that my present business will make it all happen sooner that I am expecting.

You know Poker Face, you have the choice not to read my blogs so you won't get pissed. Because it shows on your eyes how pissed you are but you just can't blow it out because I will find out how you snoop around with what's going on in my head. I wish you can just be happy for me but then I know you won't. You don't like to see move on to what I want in life.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy Weekend For My Business

I know you are waiting for the update of this blog Mrs. Poker Face. So it's your choice to keep reading what's going on in my mind. So to keep you updated, I was busy processing few big orders, and I had another one today. I am posting the image of one order that I just shipped yesterday. WEEEEEE!!!, I wish you can be happy for me Poker Face, but I know you won't.

I am so happy with the feedbacks I am getting from my customers. I am also glad that I am getting more new customers. I have to process two big orders so I wasn't able to update my blogs, including this one, and to blog hopp for a couple of days.

I am getting a lot of requests both for my products and my website's ordering. I will be very busy this weekend fixing some errors of my wholesale page and the Sample Kit ordering page. I need to create a drop down menu for all my Sample kits so it will be easier for everyone to order. They don't need to type the colors of each type of Mineral Makeup. And it is going to be a a lot of work for me this weekend. I am also hoping to be able to create at least 4 colors lipgloss as my new products this weekend.

Hubby will be working overtime this weekend and I am not happy that we might not be able to attend the CFFL service this Saturday night. I will be contacting Sister Myra to inform her about our absense this weekend at the service. And of course to save some prayers for us for the whole week ahead.

Anyway, I have to go now Poker Face. I will be working on one order so I can shipped it today after I had Lunch with my kids.Bye and Happy weekend!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Kids Got My Height

click for larger view
I AM SO HAPPY THAT MY KIDS GOT MY HEIGHT and of course, my looks!!.lols... Not too tall, but not short for any race. They are only 11 years old and about an inch taller than me. I really think this is one asset that someone has to be proud of because any kind of science can not alter this. You will loose and gain weight but your height will be always there. Skin color, over weight, extra fat, those things can be altered by medicine but not the height.

But guess what? Whatever imperfection or asset that you have, if you keep comparing what you have or what you don't have with anyone, you will end up frustrated because no matter what you got, there will always be someone better than you. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN NEVER HAVE, THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAVE!!!!!

Whatever you wear and whatever asset you think you may have, if you cannot accept any imperfections in you, you will end up finding imperfection with someone else to prove to yourself that you are not alone. Go show what you got, but whatever asset you have, it will never cover all those ugliness in your heart that shines on your face.

Be happy for someone. Be sad for their sadness. Learn to accept yourself and around you. Thank God for everything that you have. Learn to forgive. Learn to accept. Stop thinking that someone is envy of you or whatever you have. Stop thinking that someone is jealous of you. Because there is noone!! Compete and you will always end up a looser!!! Because THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN NEVER HAVE, THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAVE!!!!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Her Ugly Heart

Oh, it seems a little different around you, Mrs Poker Face!! Why? Did you realized that I've never done anything to make you hate me? Did you realized that it was just your HOPELESS INSECURITY that makes you hate MY ACT of HAPPINESS and CONFIDENCE?

I honestly don't see you as an enemy. Many times I tried to show you that you're not an enemy but the ugliness of your heart shines!! I just simply don't trust you and I know you can feel that too because of your insecurity!! Why? You cannot accept your imperfection which makes you hate someones happiness and confidence. Because you cannot accept your imperfection and your unhappiness shows everytime you make fun of someone's imperfections, even if that person don't even know you.

Have you ever weigh how much imperfection do you have inside and out? Did you ever ask yourself if any type of science or medicine like cosmetic surgery can alter your physical imperfections? Did you ever realized that your imperfection is worst than the imperfections of the people that you are making fun with? That science can cure thier imperfection while yours are hopeless?

Your look actually doesn't matter but your heart is. Your heart is even uglier than your face and the ugliness of your heart shines brightly on your face. It shows on your eyes, nose, lips, skin, teeth, eyebrows, eyelid etc... and most of all, it shows on how you look, talks and act about everything around you.

You have to accept who you are and all the imperfection in you, so you can accept everyone's imperfection around you. Accepting yourself will give you peace, happiness and confidence. It will make you happy for someone's happiness. It will make you smile for someone's asset, and be sad for someone's lost!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pink and Purple Weekend

I finally made pink and purple eyeshadow for all those who have been requesting for it. And when I send the product update notifications, I received an instant order. Thank God!! I already prepared the labels and jars so I will just shipped it tomorrow when I get home form work. I am also very happy to receive a good customer feedback and I really hope to receive more.

We also attended the Saturday service in Eglinton last night. As usual, I felt peace and gladness in my heart. But my week will start again at work, and my heart will be filled with confusion before the end of the week. However, I finally got the essense of attending the Couples For Christ now. I clears my heart and my mind. I learn how to deal with my hatred by simply praying for them and by listening to my fellow sisters about being strong on how to deal with my sorroundings without loosing who I really am.

Anyway, I am looking forward creating new colors for my mineral makeup next weekend and hopefully make some soaps.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Look In The Mirror

Thank God It's Friday once again!! I am planning to do so many things this weekend. I just hope my laziness will not block my way..lols. I wasn't able to post yesterday because I was busy talking to Rogers Canada. My internet provider!! Well it's a long story and really pissed me off. But it was resolved so I will leave it that way!!!

I just have some thoughts about someone's annoying and obvious insecurity. I just wonder why she keeps on seeing ugly part of everyone around her. I JUST WONDER HOW SHE FEEL FOR HERSELF, WHEN SHE IS LOOKiNG IN THE MIRROR!!! Her eyes, Her nose, Her lips, Her skin, Her teeth, Her Eyebrows, Her eyelid.. If she can find little imperfection on someone's face and body, then how much more when she is looking to herself in the mirror?

This kind of people makes me feel I want to take the severance pay. Because I cannot take it anymore!! But thinking who I really am? Well, I've always been a fighter all my life. If will go because of these kind of people, then I am a LOOSER. So Why will I go? Well I am not!!

I will color my hair, to kill someone's insecure eyes and act beautiful so she can die inside!!! Wear the most expensive perfume and make her dizzy inside! I will try my best to loose weight faster, so I can wear clothes that will make her vomit everyday of her life. So watch me Poker Face! Feel the most plastic side of me.

Anyway, I am looking forward with a peaceful weekend with my beautiful twins and cute baby face husband. Happy weekend poker face!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Short On Budget

I withdraw all the money from my paypal. I used all the money I made from the internet through blogging and the sales from my webstore, to cope up with our short budget this week. All the expenses that we spend on our vacation in Seattle went through on our bills, so I have no choice but to use the money I made from the internet.

Now I have to save money on my paypal so I can buy ingredients that I need for my products. I was supposed to spend those money from my paypal to order some ingredients from one of my supplier in USA - for my mineral makeup, and some from my supplier in Brampton for my soaps.

My business is slow since last week but I am glad that there are few offers from my sponsors. I took two apportunities today and I hope it will help me save money, faster. I need to buy few ingredients on one of my supplier in USA. I want to make more colors for eyeshadows.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Changes On My Websites

I am happy about the new new header of my webstore. I just love it and I really want to thank Genny for such a wonderful cute header. How I wish I had friends like her in my real world.

I also did few changes on the Mineral Foundation Page. I the images like a color chart so it will be easier everyone to compare colors. I will be adding more colors on Mineral Foundations, blushes, Concealer and Eyeshadows soon.

Funny but I had three days off from work and I have all the time to do all of these. But I was too lazy and just let the time goes by doing nothing for my business. Oh well, I guess I need some break. I need to relax my mind about everything.

I also gave Google Adsense another chance after not receiving my second payment from them. I set my bank account for direct deposit payment this time. I hope this time I will be paid fairly. I put up the codes on all of my blogs again. But I will not work as hard as before, for a number of clicks. I will focus more on promoting my products instead.

Anyway, I will go out for a minute to ship one order I received during the weekend. Then I will be back to do my bloghopping and few participations to some Forums. If I still have the time, I will do few directory submissions.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Banner and Header From My Genny

Starting a business is not as easy as others may think. But if you are determined to make it succeed, you will do everything to make it all happen. Even if sometimes, I feel like I want to give it up, but everytime I receive an order notification on my email, it just made work harder and do all the necessary things to make my business go to where I want it to be.

Custom made Banners and Headers is one of the important factor on this online business. This will give your business a good impression for everyone who will visit your business website. This is one way to tell your visitors that you are continously working on your business; that you are spending money for this business to create a good impression for everyone.

But due to my loaded schedule working full-time, a housewife and working part-time on my online business, I don't really have the time to do everything that is important for my business. Isn't it so nice to have someone whom you only met on the internet, will be there to help you?

I want to thank one of my online friends, Genny of Wonderful Things In Life for creating a wonderful banner for my webstore. She is still working on the header of my webstore and I can't wait to put it up on my website. When I approach her for help, my brain is fully loaded with so many things and I don't even have any idea on what I want to see on the banner and header of my website. I just leave everything to her since I know her creativity in web designing. When she send the images on my email, I was simply amazed that my empty mind was filled up by her creativity.

I am looking forward working with her on my next project for my business. Brochures and Catalog is one important tools for marketing. Another work that Genny agreed to help me out again. Once again, thanks to Genny. Muaaaahhh!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bad Day Hubby's Birthday

It my hubby's Birthday today and I am pissed with him. I wonder why men watch TV while their wife is trying to communicate. I am talking and trying to get his attention and he said he is listening. He is listening but watching TV!!! GRRRR!!! I bought him a gift. But I was thinking of buying a cake and take out some chinese noodles but I change my mind... Because I am pissed with him!!!

Oh well, I had some confusing moments at work last night. I am having a second thought of taking the Voluntary Severance pay at work. I have the choice not to get it until November 24. So I still have more than a month to think about it.

I hate the way a lot of people think at work. I just hate them!!! They are trying to say that when I sign the papers, that my name will be listed on the next layoff... Well then fine, if that happens...At least I have no choice anymore but to leave that freaking place.

The company just gave those people the chance to ask some questions about the benefit but that doesn't mean that you have to take it. They want people to have the chance to think.

The only thing that holding me, is the economic crisis that the world is experiencing right now and some debt that we need to finish. Other than that, I have so many plans and those plans will never come to reality if I am tied up on the company.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Some Thoughts

I did few changes on the sidebar of my webstore last weekend. I thought that this can give a good or bad impact again on the traffic and sales of my business. It's been 4 days now and I am not getting any order notification. However the traffic of my webstore have strangely increased for some reason. I don't understand!! it's confusing!!

Oh well, I am predicting that for about 2 to three weeks, I won't get any sales again because of this changes. But that's okey, I will just have fun doing new products. I will also accept few offers for my blogs to cover up the extra income I am getting from my webstore.

This situation made me feel that I really shouldn't take the volunteer layoff package at work. My business has just started and I still don't know how far it can go.

Anyway, pretty quiet night at work last night. Someone's behaviour made me feel that she is really reading this blog just by looking at her eyes. She is now looking straight to my eyes. And that is good!!!!... I sometimes feel so annoyed when someone just can't look straight, specially if you are always with this person. And also, I know that I haven't done anything wrong to anyone. It made me think as if she's the one who has been doing something bad behind my back. Just some paranoid thoughts and I really hope I am wrong!! Only God knows!!! RIGHT?!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It Is Just Food

We all have our own bad and good attitudes. Sometimes words that are coming out from our mouth says who we are inside. I know that this one person have this unethical behaviour of snooping on someone's food. She sometimes makes me feel guilty of not bringing or sharing her my food. I sometime feel it is my responsibility to bring food for her. But when she don't like the food, instead of being thankful, she will utter some ugly words about the food. GRRRR!!!

And then there is this other person who will always make a big deal when she found out the someone is snooping on her lunch bag. After offering her food, she will say something that will make you feel like you want to threw out what you have eaten. She will say how much this person have eaten. Well unfortunately I am a big eater too!! lols..


Instead of saying bad or ugly words about the food, why can't she just be thankful.

Instead of her feeling bad that someone is looking for food, why can't she just GIVE!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dreams Witihin My Reach

I have two orders to shipped today which I received during the weekend. It is so much easier and faster processing the orders now that all the labels and materials are ready. All I did is fill up each poly bags and containers. I just post on my other blog about my Mineral Makeup Kit and Gift Items and after about few hours, wolaaaaa!!! I have orders of Mineral Makeup Kit.

I think this is it. I am continously receiving orders. All I need is to continue doing my best to provide good products and customer service to build a good reputation on this business. I will just wait until the moment come.

Anyway, it was a busy night at work last night. Well there are few annoying moments with someone's look but who cares? I don't give a damm about what she think of me. I know she has been reading my blogs including this one. Well she have the choice NOT TO!!! This is my life! and I am not going to force anyone to understand my life and why I blog about it.

All I know is, I AM SO HAPPY!!! Happy with what God has been giving me. Hopes and Dreams that are just within my reach!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mineral Makeup Kits and Gift Items

I am done posting the Mineral Makeup Kit and Gift Ideas on my webstore. Although I am not yet done with the packaging of the sample kits, but all poly bags have labels on it. I am glad that my daughter help me in putting the labels on each poly bag. All I have to do is fill it up when somebody order.

After I am done with the sample kits, I will start working on the Facial Care Product Kits and Gift Items. I am so amazed with the result of my Facial Skin Care on my skin. My pimples starts to go away and I want to share them to everyone.

I also have created a very simple recipe for Facial Cream. I will observe the quality for a couple of weeks before I post them on my webstore. It is just a simple recipe and doesn't contain any preservative so it will be good for everyone.

I hope that before the end of October, I am done with the Kits for Facial and Body Bath products, so I can offer them as Christmas Gift Items. I am trying to finish them before October because the Search Engine will take time before it can read my website and blog. I hope that by November, it will be up on the Search pages. Visit me webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u and see my work.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Almost Done With The Sample Kits

I just shipped two orders yesterday and when I got home and open my email, Wolaaaa!!! Another order to go!!! I can't thank the Lord enough for all these blessings. This inspire me to continue working hard.. DOUBLE TIME!!.

Me and hubby will prepare some food that we will bring to the CFL meeting tonight. This is my only way to thank God and share every blessings that I am receiving. I will always share all the blessings that I am receiving from him. Not only financially, but the time for spreading his words. Even my time is so little to do all the things as a housewife, as an employee and as a business woman, I will always do my best to spare some time to praise him.

I am going crazy processing orders every week, making me do lesser work at home. So the key is to make all the things organize to make every work easier and faster to do. I have finished all the labels and sample packages. All I need to do is put the samples products on each sample packages. Even if I won't be able to finish all of these, this weekend, at least when I recieved orders again, everything is ready to pack.

After I am done with the sample kits, I will post the Mineral Kits and Gift Items on my webstore. I am trying to catch the Gift Ideas for Christmas season. I really hope I will be done before the end of October.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Two Orders To Process

Yepeyyy horray!!! Many thanks to our Lord for another order. I thought I will only process and shipped one order today, but since I had another order, I will process this order so I can shipped it together with the other one.

I can't believe this is happening. The number of orders are getting better and better each month. I think this is it!! This is already the start of my dreams. I know there will be more work to do and more patience to carry on, until I have to quit my job so I can focus more on my business.

I want to create another website to help those people specially cosmetics makers to have their own website in a cheaper price. But I need to spend time to remember everything that I have learned from web designing/programming. It will also take so much work to create another website for another business which will be about my passion in web designing. That can only happen when I quit my job so I can concentrate on all the things I want to do to succeed. And I can't wait until that day come.

I have spoken to some people at work about my business. And I know that some maybe raising their eyebrows by now. Goooo, laugh at me... I don't care!!! Because I know God is always with me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Organizing Makes It Easier

Oh well, I have talked to my husband last night before I go to work about taking the volunteer layoff package from my work. He is not in favor of quiting my job right now simply because we are still in our financial crisis. He said I can quit my job anytime, with or without severance pay, when our financial situation is better. Well, I guess he is right. Sometimes a little sacrifice will give something more in return. So I need more sacrifice to do the job that my heart never wished for. About two to three more years of chaotic nights on that place.

Anyway, I have another order today and I am so happy!! The processing of orders is a lot easier than before, since I started organizing my products on my basement. I spend only about 30 minutes processing the order yesterday for 10 samples order. While I used to do it for more than an hour. Every type of foundation, blushes, eyeshadow etc are in one corner with label for each container. So it is easier for me to get the kind and color of makeup and simply scoop and packed them.

Since most of the orders that I am getting are samples, I will create about 10 sample pack for each color with label on it. I have not done organizing my products and I already saw the difference on processing the order. I will contunue organizing my products and do what I have been trained to do at work for 8 years, and apply them on my business. I will try to finish everything this weekend.