Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day Of Blessed Virgin Mary

I feel so sad the the Statue of the Blessed Virgin is not inside my house anymore. But I am so happy that she is now at the house of one of the people whom I can consider close to my heart.

I process the orders soon as I get home from my overtime. Leave the house at 10am to ship the order and pick up Sister Dianne which is in Downtown Toronto. It was snowing but I don't feel tired while driving. We safely arrived in our house at pass 12 noon, and start preparing everything. I had a couple of friends who came here to pray with us.

I was so tired and didn't had any sleep until 6pm. But I was happy that the Blessed Virgin is now in the house of the people that I know will take good care of her for one week.

I will get her again on the week of my Birthday and I hope that we already moved in Mississauga at that time. This time, I will make a good preparation and will have a bigger space for her. I will go back to sleep in a bit and prepare to go to church.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Gladness For Today.

Yepeeeyyyy!! First I already have the Wooden Soap Mold that I ordered online about 2 weeks ago. It was my first time to order on that webstore and I thought it was a spam after not receiving an email response. But I am glad that I was wrong.

I will be ordering about 25lbs of soap base from my supplier and pick it up on Monday (If I dont have any order to process on the weekend). I am so excited to make my soap using this wooden soap mold.

This excitement is more than just for the business purposes. It's more on satisfying my cravings for crafting. It's a hobby that most people do. If you know what I mean. I am just lucky that I have a talent in web designing so I can sell it on my webstore.

My second gladness for today is the 3 orders I received and I will process it today and ship it tomorrow. One order from Mississauga, one from USA and one from UK.. How's that? If you cannot call this a success, I don't know how will you call this.

I am taking a picture to show to some people that I am not crazy to make this things up. I am not that stupid to waste my time to fool myself. Why should I? I'd rather spend my time making myself good on something and have fun doing it.

So if you cannot take what you are reading and you know who you are !!!! Then leave me alone!!

I got to go now and start processing this orders. I will have lunch with my kids in a bit.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have Fun Reading My Mind

So much about the ugly character of one ugly woman. It's over, and now everything is clear to me. That there is nothing and noone can cure someone's deep insecurity of ugliness. I will pray that someday, you will find peace in your heart and learn how to look at the beautiful things in the world than finding something to be ugly about. Learn how to love yourself so you will learn how to love others.

Make yourself busy on something that is worth spending time for you and your family, than wasting your time knowing what is going on with someone's life and mind. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME KNOWING MY DAILY THOUGHTS IN MY BLOGS. Shame on you!! and you know who you are!!!

I will perfectly understand, if you are a blogger like me. But what do you know about blogging? Nothing.. You are simply here to snoop on my life. Well goodluck!! and have fun. I am so proud to learn that my thoughts are very interesting. So to start with;

Here is my new product to post this weekend and start promoting it after. It's my Papaya Body Butter. You can purchase this together with my lovely Olive Papaya Soap. Both have Papaya Fruit Extract. I notice that my skin has slightly lighten because Papaya has a skin repair properties, by increasing the rate of new cell formation. It is also reach in vitamin C so it has an an anti-oxidant with wonderful proteins for smoother, softer skin.

I also have one order today when I open my email. I will process it and ship it tomorrow. I am so happy that this customer love my Natural Facial Scrub so she ordered the larger bottle on this order.

I am so happy with the progress of my business. This is where I usually spend my time. I blog because it's part of my business and to make few extra income. I love making natural cosmetics and sell it on my lovely website.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Your Actions Are The Answer

The hate conversation continue as it relieve all the kept confusion of hate to someone without telling to anyone about how I feel for such a long time, about her deep self-bitterness to hate me for being me.

I actually realized long time ago that the problem is not really me, but her bitter self acceptance about life. Her bitterness towards me worsten by observing her silently and confidently. She hates me for acting as if I don't know what is happening, while the truth shows into my eyes. My laugh and smile makes her bitterness turned into hatred. I felt her hatred which made me feel the same way at some point.

I prayed for the healing and I thought that my prayers was answered. Maybe it was, but evil thoughts of an evil mind persist to start showing some hatred again, because of my happiness, smile, laugh and confidence.

I am beautiful!!! Are you bitter about that? I may not be perfectly beautiful outside, but the truth that people will always recognized me is a big sign that I am Beautiful and you hate me for that?... Well then, you are BITTER!!!

I can never changed someone's self-bitterness by throwing to her face about her bitterness. But I should change myself for keeping myself away from her.

It's not about how good your life is; how perfect your family is; how much money and material things do you have.

Bitterness comes from being bitter by someone's happiness and joy.

"Whenever one finds oneself inclined to bitterness, it is a sign of emotional failure”

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Can See Her Sadness

I feel so happy and unstressed while the Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is here. I just wish she'll make it more easier for me to deal with her miracle inside me. Stupid me, but it kinda scare me. I just don't feel I deserve this. Crazy it may sound to some, but I can feel her presence. It's very overwhelming for me, which makes me feel so uneasy.

I can see her sadness today. I don't know why. Maybe I should stop feeling the on and off hatred for her. I should just probably pray for her instead of feeling this bad for her.

As I was told, I can never change anyone, so I should be the one to change. I can never change her deep insecurity so I should just ignore her. Beside, I don't spend that much time with her anymore.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Felt Her Love

I felt her presence when I was driving her to our place. I felt her love and happiness for bringing her to our home. I feel so small and unworthy to be embrace by her loving arms, but believe it or not, I felt her deep love and grace.
I was so tired yesterday. After coming home from work, I have to finish processing the order and shipped it. Then I have to drop the money to our real State Agent and spend few hours with my kids at the mall. I was dead trired

I asked my friend that I cannot pick up Virgin Mary until 7 to 8pm, because I need to take a couple of hours of sleep. At 5pm, I woke up because I keep coughing. Then I just thought maybe I should pick her up since I am awake already.

When I was at the house where I will pick Virgin Mary, I realized that the Old Lady who own the Statue have about 12 bags full of religious accessories. Then I have to drive her to our house to set up the place when Mama Mary will stay. Then I have to drive herto her house which is located in Downtown Toronto.

I was worried I kept telling to myself "How Can I do All Of This?". I must admit that I had some regret in my heart for accpeting this responsibility at that time. But few minutes before we arrive to our house, I have a goose pimples all over. And I suddenly felt her strong presence and loving embrace. I just keep telling the old lady "She is here, I can feel her.. My God she is here beside me". Then I just keep on crying and crying.

I felt a lot of energy. Everything is light. Everything is open in my heart. She is making me do this because she has chosen me and my family to be visited and stay with us for one week.

This morning I can feel her begging me to pray the Rosary and so I did.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wishes In My Hands

I am finally done processing this order. If I didn't have to go to work for overtime last night, I have shipped this order yesterday. But it was a mandatory overtime so I have no choice.

And now it is ready to be shipped. I am not sure if the post office is open today, since I haven't tried mailing anything during the weekend, but I will go out to see.

It took me three days to finish this order because I run out of two kinds of ingredients. So I have to palce an order and picked it up yesterday from my supplier's warehouse.

Did you see my friends? There is a technique and ways for everything. But it takes a lot of learning and hard work to make someone trust you to place an order online. But I am getting this much trust from people in and out of Canada and I thank God for everything.

I am so confident that this business will continue to grow. Patience is the key to continue what I have been doing and never stop believing that God is there to grant our wishes, only if we will make it happen.

Everything is in our hands and not just by mere LUCK.

I took a picture to inspire everyone that everything is possible. These are all my very own products. They are all Handmade Natural Cosmetics and I am so proud of myself for creating wonderful products for wonderful people in every part of the world. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my products

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Goes Around

Ngeee, Still processing this one big order and I run out of some ingredients. I ordered the ingredients and I will pick it up tomorrow. I will try my best to ship this order tomorrow before or after my lunch with my kids.

I am also adding some funds on one of the blog campaign company that I signed up with. This is my first time doing this so I only bought two campaigns and see how it goes. I might be buying 3 to 4 or more blog campaign every month. Depend on how much sales per month I will receive.

Anyway, just to share few quick thoughts about someone. Oh well, what can I say!! What goes around, comes around!!! I never had any intentions to ruin her with everyone. But I guess, WHAT REALLY GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!! She is probably hating me so much for not standing by her, and showing more support to the other.

What can I say but.... I DON'T CARE!!!! WHATEVER!!!! I know exactly what is going on!!! I am not STUPID!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When To Quit Your Job For Business

When I found out that this couple quit their job to concentrate of their chosen business field, I just thought to myself, "That is not a very smart thing to do"..I was kinda skeptical to believe that the business is doing good so they both quit their job for their less than one year business.

If you will make a thorough research on how those SUCCESSFUL business people started their business, you will never believe those people who will say that business is all about LUCK!! Those people who say that money from business happen overnight are foolish. Perhaps LUCK has something to do with being big on business, but LUCK comes along with tons of hard work and dedications.

Any successful business people in this world, work hard for who, what and where they are right now.

Whatever NEW business you may have, needs some investment of MONEY, TIME, EFFORT, and KNOWLEDGE.

MONEY- If you don't have enough money, you might as well stay on your full-time job specially if you have a family.
- Because you will need money to market your products or services to let the world know what your business is all about.
-Business is all about marketing or advertising. Effective marketing needs some financial investment. It may be big or small advertising campaign, but money is needed to make your business grow.
-You will need money because you need to support your family.
-You will need money because your NEW BUSINESS cannot support you and your family financially.
-One, two, three years or even more may not be enough to consider your business strong and big enough to support all your financial needs.

TIME- Your business needs time to build a good reputation before you can consider your business SUCCESSFUL, on whatever field it may be. Building reputation doesn't happen overnight.

EFFORT- You'll need tons of effort to improve your products or services and build a good reputation along the way. You need tons of Efforts everyday of your life. You may even need to sacrifice some part of your life.

KNOWLEDGE- Having a diploma or certificate is not good enough to say that you have enough knowledge on your business. EXPERIENCE in your products and services is a big part of your KNOWLEDGE about your business. EXPERIENCE doesn't happen overnight.

Now tell me, is it worthy to quit my full-time job for my one year old online business?

The trafiic of my webstore and sales have improved a lot. I am spending more and more hours processing orders and answering emails. But this doesn't mean that my business is worthy enough to QUIT MY FULL-TIME job... I am not stupid like them!!

And I am SMART enough to know what I am doing!!! Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my business.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Craft World

I am done processing the two orders and it's all ready to be ship tomorrow. I put all my tools and ingredients in the basement so it's really easier for me to process the orders now. And it will be a alot easier if we move to our new house because I will have my own kitchen to use for my products in the basement. I can't wait to move.

I am more inspired to craft different colors, scent and flavors for my products So I've been crafting handcrafted cosmetics for me and my family since yesterday. I am so happy with the Lipsticks Mold that I purchased online. I might order some more soon. For the meantime, here is the image of the lipsticks that I just created few minutes ago. I just need to melt it again and put more iron oxide for the color that I really want for myself. I will be posting my lipsticks on my webstore once I have created about 5 more colors. Maybe next week so watch out!!

I also created Goat's Milk Strawberry Soap yesterday, using the French Mineral Red Clay to produce a red color soap. The result is a lovely Goat's Milk Strawberry soap. I just love the scent and the way it cleans my skin. I can't wait to receive the wooden soap mold so I can create batches of soaps to give to my friends.

I am addicted crafting my own cosmtics. It's so much fun to craft during the weekend. It really relaxes my mind. What about you, what is your hobby? Isn't it so nice to have a hobby where you can make few bucks from? Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my products.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Forgiveness

We attended a small prayer gathering yesterday and one of the person whom I have some annoying fight at work, was there. She is not working at the company anymore but she was invited too.

Although what she and her husband did to me was a terrible thing to be forgotten that easily, I've forgiven them in my heart long time ago. However, I can't see myself treating them as I used to do. I am simply not a hypocrite person. After what had happened, I cannot consider myself being close OR a friend to the kind of people they are. Not that I am saying, I am superior than them or my values are higher than them. We simply are just different.

Well at least, there is no bitterness in my heart for people who did some wrong things to me. Perhaps I also did something wrong to them. But as far as I know, what I might have done to hurt them, started from what they did to me in the first place.

Anyway, I was suppose to start arranging my basement and put all my products together in one place in the basement. But I did the laundry and fix some errors on my website yesterday. Then we have to attend the small prayer gathering yesterday. So I wen't home so tired that I just had to go to bed right away.

Anyway, I am ready to start arranging my basement and perhaps start cleaning the house if I still have the time.

We will have lunch somewhere today to celebrate the Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Online Shopping For My Products

Yesterday I place the order for the wooden soap mold and today, I placed the order from my two suppliers in USA. One for the scoops and carmine pink mica and the other order is for my Mineral Makeup Jars.

I just ordered my Mineral Makeup jars last month and I didn't expect that I will be ordering again this soon for jars. I received one big order last month and I don't want to run out of stock. I need to order in case I will have another big order for my foundations and veil. I was about to order bigger number of jars but I realized that it will be cheaper to order smaller number of jars per shipping to avoid high higher shipping cost and importation tax. So I guess I will be ordering jars to this supplier often than my other products.

I also noticed that I only few carmine pink mica for my eyeshadows and lip products. I forgot to order the carmine pink on my last order from this supplier so I have to place another order. I really hope I can get this ingredients before I receive orders for my eyeshadows and lip products that needs pink carmine.

For the wooden soap mold, well it is just my curiosity to make soaps using the wooden soap mold to make my soaps looks more like a homemade or handmade soap. I was about to create my own soap recipe but I realized that it will be cheaper to use my supplier's soap bases. I will just make my own soap recipe after we have moved to our new house. It's just my cravings to craft my own soap recipe. Beside, I am running out of money on my paypal.

I only have one more tools to order outside Canada. The lipstick mold. I haven't tried using the lipstick mold that I just ordered last month, so I dont know if it is worth to order for more. I will try my best to make one lipstick tomorrow and see if it is a good lipstick mold to use in making my own lipstick to sell online, so I can order for more.

See, I bought all these products using the money I made from my webstore and I still have few amount left on my paypal. My business can now support the expenses in buying the tools and ingredients I used to run my business. I might not order from any of my supplier outside Canada for a couple of monhts from now, except for the Mineral Makeup Jars supplier. Because I need to place smaller number of jars per shipping to avoid higher importation tax and shipping cost. So I will probably need to order the jars every month.

This means, I can start saving money for marketing. I still have few more weeks left for this month to total all my savings for the month of February and see if I can spend money for blog promotions to start getting solid backlinks for my webstore.

This is how I spend my time when I am not at work. I am making my life worthy than spending time with worthless things like what other people that I know.

This is how I spend my mind instead of thinking about how other people run their lives. Make yourself good on something and have fun doing it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy Weekend Because The Closing Date Was Moved

Ngeeee!! The moving date to our new purchased house has been moved. The seller has been requesting to move the closing date for another one month because there is some problem with the land title that they need to fix. It was frustrating because we are all ready to move but on the otherhand, nothing to be hurry about. At least I can save a little more money to add on our budget for the moving. But I need to make another phonecalls to cancel the appointment that I made with them. Like Rogers Cable, Bell Telephone line, Enbridge and the movers. I already canceled my whole week vacation at work for next week.

So since, it will be another month of waiting to move to a new place, I will be busy cleaning our house. I will arrange the basement so I can put some of the products from my room to the basement. I will also make the new images of my mineral makeup which I have been wanting to do, but hold it on with the thoughts of doing it after we have moved.

I will also order the jars and ingredients that I need for my mineral makeup and the wooden soap mold that I have been wanting to have. This is going to be a busy long weekend for me.

I cant let my life stop just because I thought I will have a new life with the new place. My life will always be productive wherever I am.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Ugly and The Beauty

I was so freaking busy yesterday processing two international orders while making a lot of phonecalls for the closing of our house. And I have one order to process from Puerto Rico. I hope to be able to ship this order today.

There was this some funny and annoying incident from two annoying people. It was just a question in my head, why she will be affected when someone says to herself I AM BEAUTIFUL"?... I was thinking, she is probably affected by this words because SHE KNOWS SHE IS NOT BEAUTIFUL!!!

If you know inside you, that there is something in you that is beautiful, whether it be physical or not, you'll never be affected by anyone's physical appearance and self-confidense. But the thing that I see, is that she herself looks at someone's imperfections so she know how and when someone is trying to look at her imperfections as well. Now she is being paranoid!!

Beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone. And you know, if your inside, is even uglier than your outside!!

Don't be affected by anyone's confidence. It won't hurt you anyway! Unless you don't have the confidence because there is nothing to be confident at all!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Natural Cosmetics Orders

I was waiting for the shipping payment confirmation for one order from Australia, but she decided to make the order bigger since the shipping cost will be the same. So I send her the paypal invoice to pay the balance.

I thought of waiting for her payment before I order the product together with the ingredients I need for the two orders I was about to ship today. So I have no choice but to order it separately because I need to ship the two orders now.

I am thinking of holding the shipping for one order while I am waiting for the payment confirmation from Australia, so I don't need to go back twice to my supplier to pick the two orders. So I might be shipping only one order today and I will ship the other one together with the order from Australia.

I am so happy with the progress of my business. I have been receiving orders from different part of the world even if I am at work. I will only quit my job when I know that my business is stable enough to support me and my family. I will be waiting for that day and it's going to be a dream come true!! Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my products.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My New Business Card Design

Yay, I have no day off and the week is so long. I have 6 more nights to go to have one week vacation. I can't wait to send this new business cards to some of my friends and relatives, WHO CARES.

I think I will be using this Business Card design for a long time. It looks so feminine which fits the kind of products that I have. I will create a card with the same design to fit this business card.

Anyway, our appointment with the bank turn out good. We are ready to move next week and I can't wait to start arranging the basement for my business. My friend who work with the bank (who help us with the mortgage) will help me sell my products to her clients. She was so surprise to learn about my business and since she love makeups, she is so excited to have some of my products. She is asking for brochures, and business cards to give to some of her friends, relative and clients.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Good And The Stupids

We are going to the bank today to sign the mortgage contract. I am so thankful to God for giving me some friends who have helped to go through this buying a house. A friend from TD Canada Trust who's always been there to support me and give me the best, and for one friend who trusted me to some financial issue, to get this mortgage approval since I have two houses to pay.

I only have few people to consider a friend here in Canada. These people that I have mentioned, are people whom I consider and will always consider a part of my life. I can never thank them enough for all the support that they have given to me and my family.

And for all those people that I personally know, who have been following this blog. I know that your intentions for visiting this blog is nothing but BAD selfish intentions. Nothing but to find something in my thoughts, that you will judge me from. But I always find something to smile and laugh about to the kind of people like you. STUPIDS!! You are all stupids to waste your time just to find something to judge me from this blog.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Soap Blog Template

Yepeyyyy!! I want to thank Genny again of Darling Rose Design for the new cute template of my soap blog.

It's all free!! and she always give out free template and more so come and visit her blog often.

She is so nice that she even offered her service to download the code herself to my blog account. But geee!!! that's going to be too much. So I decided to just ask the code and I downloaded it myself. Beside I also did few changes on fonts and color that I want. But overall, from top to bottom, it's all her design. Thanks Gen!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preparing For Busy Days

It is so busy at work and we are required to do overtime every weekend. And this weekend, we have to work straight on Saturday and Sunday to cover the long weekend for Canada's Family Holiday the following week. And I heard that, we will be busy until March and perhaps, for the whole year.

I need money and I should be happy for this. But thinking about the physical and emotional stress, just frustrates me. I can't say "NO" because it is mandatory overtime.

I have so many plans for my business. I still have so many things to do with my website, and create all the ideas I have in mind to offer to my customers. How am I supposed to go on with it if I will only have one day off for a week?

Oh well, I shouldn't complain about it. I should be thankful and take it as a blessings. I will just try my best to do all my business plans slowly, one day at a time.

I will be off on the Week of Family Day because we are moving. I will try my best to finish everything before I go back to work. Then I will prepare myself for this busy days at work.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sick and Soaping

I am sick and I wasn't able to go to work last night. I just shipped two orders and when I come back from the post office, I have another order. The order is just small so I was able to process the order, and it's now ready to be shipped. I might just ask hubby to shipped it today or tomorrow because I feel dizzy now. I don't think I will still not be able to go to work tonight because I still dizzy and feeling so weak.

I can't do some packing for our moving because I still don't feel well. I hope I will be okey by tomorrow so I can do some packing.

I made a wonderful soap last weekend and I am so happy with the mixture of scent that I made. I am so addicted to making soaps lately. Who could have thought that I can make money from this hobby. I feel so inspired everytime my products are being appreciated.

I am running out of jars and some pigment for my mineral makeup. I can't wait until we move so I can order the wooden soap mold and ingredients that I need for my soap and mineral makeup.