Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How To Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

I went to work last night as usual, even if I have sore lower back and shoulder. But I feel a lot better because of the continous movements. I will do longer stretching later on.

I have been thinking of buying another sets of about 5 of 10' packs of Natural Palm Tealight Candle from my supplier, because I am running out of stock for my personal use. Then I received one order yesterday of 3 of 10' packs of Natural Palm Tealight Candles. So I placed an order of 10 of 10' packs to my supplier. So 3 are for my customer and 7 are for my personal stock.

I also included on my order 1 Relaxation Blended essential Oil for my personal use , and 10 empty bottles for my skin care products because I only have 1 empty bottle left.

I always light 1 Natural Palm Tealight Candle a day, to burn my favorite Essential Oil with my Soapstone Essential Oil Burner before I go to bed. It keeps my mind so relax and makes me fall asleep easily. The Levender Bulgarian Essential Oil knocks me out and gives me a good sleep while it keeps my whole house smelling like a SPA the whole day.

The Natural Palm Tealight Candle is about 7 to 8 hours burning time which suits best with the size of my Soapstone Oil Burner. I put about 10 to 15 drops of Essential Oil with water for longer burning time. It keeps my whole house smelling fresh and clean all day. And since the Natural Palm Tealight Candle is made up of 100% Pure Palm Vegetable Oil, I dont have to worry about any pollution inside my house like other parafin wax made candles.

You can choose from different Therapeutic Essential Oils Blends that will suits your mood and needs. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

End Of My Short Vacation

I was busy processing this one big order. The items are mostly eyeshadows so the packaging is not as bulky as skin care products. I will call hubby to shift this order when he come home from work.

I usually received orders during the weekend, probably because this is the time that most online buyers do their shopping. I asked the customer service of my supplier, and I was so suprised to hear that they usually received about 100 orders during the weekend. Wow, I wonder when or if I will ever receive that numbers of orders. It will be a dream come true.

Oh well, my lower back and right shoulder is still sore. But I tried doing some household chores like the laundry, and spend about an hour making this order. I had a very long sleep last night so I still don't feel sleepy. I have to go to bed in a while and prepare myself to work tonight.

So for you who are waiting for an update of this blog, are you happy reading my activities today? hahahahah. I know that reading personal blogs are addicting. I used to follow some blogs too and I still am. Hahahahhaha!! Well I hope you enjoy reading my life for today. Today is the last day of my short vacation, so I will see you tonight, whoever you are!!! hahahahaha!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sanhe Tech (SKGO) Signs Investment Memorandum with US Investors

This is a sponsored guest post written by Editor Newswire on behalf of SkyBridge Technology Group, Inc.. Post powered by Sponzai.

NANCHANG, China - (EDITOR NEWSWIRE) - SkyBridge Technology Group, Inc. (SKGO; announces that its Chinese subsidiary Jiangxi Sanhe Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Sanhe Tech; signed Investment Memorandum with a group of US Investors. Ms. Yang Yu Fang CEO said, "This deal with US investors dates prior to the Sanhe merger in SKGO and has been in the works for months. The deal called for Sanhe principals to visit to the USA, in the middle of the merger process with SKGO and for US investors to visit the company.

Under the terms of the agreement; the investors and the company signed Investment Memorandum and intend to commit $5 million USD into Sanhe Tech.

Sanhe Tech will use this investment to expand their production to meet the market demand for Plastic Lumber in the USA. The company already started negotiation with the local government for land purchase to expand company facilities. The company expects to close this land purchase in good time and the results will be announced shortly.

Ms. Yang Yufang, concluded, "As a publicly traded company we are gaining tremendous exposure on the international market and this is one of the results. Our facility already reaches its maximum capacity and we need to move forward to satisfy market demand. Sanhe entered into expansion mode and we look forward to increase our profits, our company's market value and value for the investors."

Jiangxi Sanhe Science and Technology Co., Ltd. produces and distributes environmentally friendly and recyclable 'plastic wood'. This environmental product doesn't hold any toxic residues of benzene, ammonia or formaldehyde, and it's entirely environmentally friendly. This product suits flooring, ceilings, internal and external wall panels, furniture, and other urban and rural installations. The company products hold ISO9001-2000 quality certification and ISO14001-2004 environmental certification and the company received Jiangxi Province High-Tech Enterprise Certificate in 2006.

This US investment in Sanhe does not encumber SKGO share structure in any way, shape or form. All the share structure of SKGO with this investment remains undisturbed.

The company reminds our shareholders and followers to monitor Filing Section and also our IR company web site section "PRESS RELEASES AND FILINGS" TAB Non-newsworthy events are not press released however posted on these two separate support sites to keep our followers advised of day-to-day events. For any matters relating to retail investor queries or to send us the company directly a message please click on the "INVESTOR SUPPORT" TAB or this direct link

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Filings for this event are currently being reviewed and will be filed with Pink Sheets and Client Support Section in due course. To be included in company's email database for press releases, industry updates, and non-weekly activity at the company that may or may not be news released, please subscribe or opt in mailer at

Safe Harbor Statement

Information in this news release may contain statements about future expectations, plans, prospects or performance of SkyBridge Technology Group Inc. that constitute forward-looking statements for purposes of the Safe Harbor Provisions under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The words or phrases "can be", "expects", "may affect", "believed", "estimate", "project" and similar words and phrases are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. SkyBridge Technology Group Inc. cautions you that any forward-looking information provided by or on behalf of SkyBridge Technology Group Inc. is not a guarantee of future performance. None of the information in this press release constitutes or is intended as an offer to sell securities or investment advice of any kind. SkyBridge Technology Group Inc.'s actual results may differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors, some of which are beyond SkyBridge Technology Group Inc.'s control. In addition to those discussed in SkyBridge Technology Group Inc.'s press releases, public filings, and statements by SkyBridge Technology Group Inc.'s management, including, but not limited to, SkyBridge Technology Group Inc.'s estimate of the sufficiency of its existing capital resources, SkyBridge Technology Group Inc.'s ability to raise additional capital to fund future operations, SkyBridge Technology Group Inc.'s ability to repay its existing indebtedness, the uncertainties involved in estimating market opportunities, and in identifying contracts which match SkyBridge Technology Group Inc.'s capability to be awarded contracts. All such forward-looking statements are current only as of the date on which such statements were made. SkyBridge Technology Group Inc. does not undertake any obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances after the date on which any such statement is made or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

CONTACT: For any investor relations matters, please contact; Investor Relations Department Inquiry, (IR); For (M&A) and Corporate Matters,

Hear Me Sing On My Birthday

Me and my family went to eat Lunch in a Japanese Resturant yesterday. My kids love the food. I know someone is always visiting this blog to snoop around. So here, listen to my voice. Happy Birthday to me..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dropped Moods and Energy

Tomorrow is my Birthday, but hubby and my kids already gave me their present yesterday. They always knew what will make me smile, PERFUME... HAHAHAHAH
Anyway, today we are going to have our lunch in a Japanese Restaurant. I called two of my friends to join us. I didn't invite a lot, because it is out of my budget.

I am having a terrible lower back pain for a couple of days now going up to my head which is giving me a headache as well. I went to my massage therapist yesterday to relax some stiff muscle on my shoulder, and it helps a little. I was told to do longer stretching exercise, and I will do that later on.

I was suppose to do a general cleaning, do few laundry, re-melt the orange soap that I made, and create new blushes and eyeshadow color to post on my webstore but the aches dropped down my mood and energy.

I will be off for two nights at work and I hope that I will be okey when I do longer stretching so I can do all the things I need to do. I need to prepare the room because my brother is coming over next Saturday.

So are you happy reading my life's activities? I know you are getting addicted reading my thoughts.. hahahhahah!!!! I once become a fan of someone's blog and now I a m a blogger too.hahahahaha!!! Go make your own blog and see if you can make blogs as pretty as my blogs!!!! Don't forget to post your pictures tooo!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Camera Shy

As usual, I am awake very early in the morning. But it's all worth it because I have another one order to process together with the one I just received yesterday morning. Thanks GOD..

I was able to register our car yesterday and mail the Sales Tax Form for my business. It was my first time to submit a Sales Tax Form and it was pretty easy. Starting a business is very challenging. I am learning so many things each day.

I talked to some of my friends in and out of Canada through telephone and Facebook chat. I also visited some of my friend's facebook Profile and I was trying to find a picture of someone.. hahahahhaha!! I can't find anything!!!! She is camera shy ehhhhhhhh!!!

Well anyway, this is my latest picture that I am thinking of posting on some of my blogs in replacement of my old pictures. How do you like it? LEAVE A COMMENT PLEASE!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Work Load

Yehey,, As usual, its the weekend so I have one big order!! I have to do a lot of things today so I will process and ship this order tomorrow.

Today I have to finish filling up and mail the Sales Tax Form. Then I have to renew the registration of my car. I am waiting and hoping that the closing date of our house will be before the renewal of our car' registration, but unfortunately, it will still take a while until we can move to our house in Mississauga. So I will register my car now under my old address.

Why? are you thinking and hoping that the closing date of our house will never go through? Hahahahaha, even if it won't go through, there are still a lot of houses for sale. So don't worry, because I am not worried about it. I still have my townhouse where we can stay.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Need Help

Now that everything is clear to me and you, how will you judge yourself now? This only means that you are a traitor just like JUDAS. I have never talked to anyone about how evil you are. I have never talked to anyone about how you and her talk like JUDAS behind my back.

I can always look straight to you and to her eyes and say, I have never talked to anyone how you and her talked, about my bad attitude and character. But you have been talking and concluding, that me and her have been talking about you and her. Well, it is now clear to you, that not everyone is as Judas as you... And that is the biggest Garbage character and attitude one person can have and YOU HAVE IT!!!

Have you ever asked yourself how bad your attitudes and characters are? We all have bad and good characters. Friends never talked behind if there is any misunderstandings because Friends understand and accept each other's good and bad side, BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE GOOD AND BAD ATTITUDES. You always have the choice to simply walk away, but you stayed and keep doing the Judas way.

If you still think that what you did is the right way, well go ahead. I will tell you only one thing. YOU NEED HELP!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Majority Of Them

It was another tiring night. I still have no order so I will take the chance to grab at least one task for one of my blogs, from one of my sponsor. I have 5 pending tasks but I will only take one or two. Depend on my mood...lols..

There is one incident that gave me some thoughts about how majority of the filipinos have this kind of attitude. I am not saying all, but majority of filipinos....

They don't agree about someone's treatment to them, but instead of saying it directly to the person, they will say it to somebody else. So how can the problem be resolved? I really don't get it!!!

I don't care what position or who the person is, but if I don't like the way I was being treated, I will say it right away. The person have the right to know, that what he is doing is offfending me. The issue will not be resolve, if it will never be brought up.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Soapstone Essential Oil Burner and Palm Tealight Candle

Yepeyyyy!! Finally, I already have this Soapstone Oil Burner that I have been wanting to buy. I can now burn my oil for longer hours while I am sleeping.

The oil burner that I have is too small that the oil burning time only last for about 3 to 4 hours. So since this Soapstone Oil Burner is more than 2x bigger than my old oil burner, the burning time is more than 2x longer as well. I am using this with my Natural Palm Tealight Candle where the burning hours is 7 to 8 hours.

Why do I have to burn oil using this Soapstone Oil Burner? To relax my mind using my favorite Blended Pure Essential Oil, particularly Levender Essential Oil. It also makes my whole house smell good all day. And with the use of Natural Palm Tealight Candle, I don't have to worry about any pollution inside my house. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sorry And Betrayal

What was said was already said. Nobody can take that away anymore. I have forgiven her so many times even without hearing the word "Sorry". Even if heard the word "SORRY", will that bring back the damaged that has been done with someone I once thought a true friend?

I have forgiven both of them long time ago, but something that I thought was special can never be special anymore, just because of some simple words that was given an issue behind my back.

My heart is so big to throw the word "Sorry" away, not unless the sincerity wasn't there.

Forgiveness is always in my heart but I will never let anyone do what these two people have done to me again.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ready To Work Tonight

My weekend is over. Few more hours to go and I have to go to bed to prepare myself for work tonight. My creepy nights will start again. But I am glad that I have accomplished many things both at home and for my business.

I have added some products that I will promote for the next few weeks. I added all of the new products this week so I can concentrate on making my soap for the next few weeks. I am having a hard time creating a swirl soap design and I need to spend more time to do this.

I added this words on my social network account like facebook;

"Two people implemented something on me. I find myself locked inside my head and remember everything what they done behind my back. She makes simple words an issues so many times while my friend supported her deceitful mouth. I keep everything in silence while she continues making stories that constantly resounding in my head. Not anymore, because my horns are ready to pierce someone's mouth!!"

To let someone know about something that have happened before that might still be happening today. It was a long time ago but it still hunts me while she quietly stub me behind my back. NOMORE!! traitor... Be careful because I am ready to pierce you. You better shut your mouth.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Importance of Website Look

Yesterday me and my kids watched the movie "Remember Me" by Robert Patisson. My kids want to watch it so I go for it. I wasn't happy with the story because it was really boring, but that is okey. The time I spend with them is more important.

Anyway, I finally have one order after I revert back the old version of my webstore template design. My webstore looks nice and neat again which gave me one order after that one big order I just processed. The website template design have a big role on this online business.

Anyway, I am happy with this one order. Not that big and I have to pick it up on my supplier's warehouse on Monday. But that's okey, at least I have another new customer on my list.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Try Me And See My Horn

I didn't went to work last night because I was having a head ache. Somebody was probably jumping into joy for not seeing me around. But don't worry because I will be back and will always be around..lols...

It always feel good to be Friday. This means rest, relax, sleep and be with my family. And of course do some crafting.

I was busy chatting to the technical support of my webstore provider. I hope that the template will be fix soon.

For you traitor, you will have your day someday. Enough of your plastic intrigation to ruin someone with your evil mouth to other people. I will not let you ever do that again to me. And as long as I can feel that your f*cking mouth is trying to speak about me, you will get something from me. However and whatever you say anything against me, just make sure it will not reach my ear and my eyes. Try me and watch how my horn come out!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Waiting For Me?

Are you excited to read this blog? Hahahahah, you are getting addicted to my blog are you? tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk... This is so much fun for me as a blogger. Okey, let me satisfy your time.

You are lucky because these people don't want to talk. They are protecting your insanity!!!.. You are such a fun!!! I want to share you something.

I made a new email logo that I will be attaching on my email responses. It has my face on it to show my pretty face and my business. Why don't you response anonymously to my post so you can burst out your feelings. You can do that and I will be happy to send you my response.

Anyway, here is my new email logo. I hope you like it

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Silence Is Not The Answer

She don't want to be involve that's why she don't want to speak the truth and I understand. But now, I know that she already know what kind of person she is dealing with. Someone with an evil mind and a traitor with the biggest problem with her ugly face. A person full of anguish heart, jealousy and envious to everyone.

Now you know, that I wil not shut my mouth from now on.

I have prayed for you and my prayers were NOW answered. Silence is not the answer to shut your f*cking mouth. You will now get what you want from me!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dirturbing The Silence Gracefully

Yesterday I feel so disturbed and my heart keeps pumping so hard. I feel somewhat paranoid on something that I need to spend some time to take some precautionary actions. This disturding feeling ended when I prayed the rosary and I went to sleep right after.

There is a message and I know that what I have done is not right and I have to make it right. I was thinking that what I have done can make things right, but I guess I was wrong.

Sometimes silence has the loudest voice because spiteful words can hurt someone's feelings. And sometimes silence can break someone's heart, but for someone's evil mind, there is a right time for breaking the silence. There is the right time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. It's time to disturb the silence gracefully.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Mineral Lipstick Online

I just finish the 5 lipstick color and I am now ready to post it on my webstore and send new product notification to all my customers.I already have the budget to buy another 3 lisptick mold but I will wait until I receive some sales of mineral lipstick before I order the 3 lipctick mold.
I created three lovely lipstick of Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Red, Peach and Pink Blush. I will be creating more soon. Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more

Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy Happy Business Weekend

I was busy but I want to update this blog for the snoopers of my life. Here are the photo of the bottles, jars and lipstick tubes that I picked up from my supplier's warehouse today. I can't believe how fast I run out of bottle for my skin care products..
My heart craves to create soap lately, but I have to respond to the request of my customers for the lipstick. I ordered the lipstick tube and I really hope to be able to make 5 lipstick colors and post it on my webstore before the end of the weekend.

I am so busy with my business and weekend is the only time I can focus on creating new products. But I have two occasions to attend tomorrow. So I have no time for soaping.

Not much money to be so proud of because almost everything goes to investment. But I am having an enourmous joy creating and playing with natural cosmetics. I am even happier with all the response and feedbacks I am getting from the people who have tired my products and came back for more.

To you traitor and to all who cannot be happy for me,.... All I can say is.... I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HAPPY, !!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

She Is A Traitor

So for those who are more interested to read about some of my intruiging thoughts, well enjoy!!!

I am glad that few people whom I've seen some annoying act for a couple of days, have changed the way they act from the situation. They are not supposed to get into the situation because they don't know exactly the reason behind of my actions. I said my actions, because I am perfectly aware that they have been asking why I have been taking the side of the other; that I shouldn't take any side and should stay on the middle of the situation.

One shouldn't consider UNFAIR unless they know the real reason behind. I am not the type of person who will put someone down just put myself on top!!!! Because I don't care about what you and anyone think about me. I only think about how GOD see me.

I may have been doing some things that I know GOD will not be happy about. And I have been praying that one of these day, this ugly feelings for her will be gone.

I have denied this ugly feelings for her many times, but for some reason, it keeps coming back whenever I see and feel her traitorous character. God knows, that I never spill words against her to anybody until these couple of days to someone who have grown hatred for her because of her hypocrisy of showing concern like JUDAS!!

For you whoever you are. You can deny it to every human being but you can never deny to GOD that you are a TRAITOR!! God can see HOW YOU PUT SOMEONE DOWN, JUST TO PUT YOURSELF UP!!! .. Did it work for you?

Learn how to put everything to GOD instead of shouting to everyone to clear yourself up. I am and will never be bothered about how people see me with your evil words. What they think doesn't matter to me, NOT EVEN A SINGLE THOUGHTS of clearing myself against your evil words!! I DONT CARE HOW AND WHAT ANYONE SAY ABOUT ME... They are not God whom I should please and say sorry for my action because I have never done anything wrong to them but only from your EVIL MOUTH!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lipsticks Instead Of Soap

My mind is full of soaping thought. Although my fellow soapers say that my Levender Soaps that I made yesterday look lovely, I am still not satisfied until I made a perfect swirl soap. I've been thinking of making a batch of Orange Swirl Soap.

But then I have received about 3 emails asking me when will I post the Mineral Lipstick on my webstore. So even if my mind is not set on making mineral makeups lately, I have no choice but to respond with the demands of my beloved customers.

I only have one lisptick mold and I still have not ordered for more molds because I am still waiting for more orders to spend in buying about 3 to 4 more lipstick molds. So for now, I will just endure using one lipstick mold in making about 5 colors of lipsticks.

I need to order the Lipstick Tubes tomorrow and pick it up on Friday morning, so I can make at least 5 lipsticks colors to post on my webstore this weekend.

I will try my best to squeeze my time to make my Orange Swirl Soap. I really feel SOAPING lately and I need to satisfy this cravings....lols..

Ahhhahhhh, some people might be waiting for some intriguing lines from this blog. Well nothing much and I just hope that it will continue to be this way. But I will always feel the same way for her.. She is a traitor and she shouldn't be trusted!!!! I am happy that she is out of my life now!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Beauty Thoughts

Well as I've promised to post the finish soap that I made yesterday, here it is.

I gave some to few people at work. I wasn't that happy about the result since I was trying to make a swirl white and purple color, but the finish product become more on purple. I might make another batch soon.

Today I have an appointment with my hairdresser to have a haircut. I will take a bath later on and go to the beauty salon. Then I will ship the three orders. I will go back tomorrow to have my hair colored. I want to start being ME again.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy and Busy Soaping

I am glad that I don't see some stupid gestures from some gossipers and traitor. But I am pretty sure that she or they are still waiting for the update of this blog and my other blog. She or they are such a PARANOID!!! You are sick!!!

To satisfy your sick heads, well I am busy making my soap. I started crafting my Levender Soap using the wooden soap mold. I've been wanting to play with it and I finally did.

I am just waiting for the soap to harden. I can't wait to cut it using the wavy blade. Don't worry I will take a picture of the finish product and post it again tomorrow.

I have one order today, so I will process it in a while and ship it tomorrow, together with the 2 orders I received last weekend.

So are you happy to know what's is going on with my busy and happy life?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

High Quality Homemade Natural Cosmetics

I just love the new fresh and neat looking template of my webstore. My Store provider made few upgrade on their software.

Since I changed the images of my Facial Care products, I started receiving orders for different facial care products. I started running out of ingredients and I have to order from my supplier every now and then. My facial scrub for oily skin is starting to run out and I just ordered it last week. I have two orders today and most are facial care products with few Mineral Makeup products.

Great and eye catching images have a lot of things to do to be successful on this online business. I made my images as nice and neat as possible and it really work.

Along with the easy website navigation and nice images of your products, you have to make sure that you offer great quality products so people will trust you and your products. I have been receiving orders from people who were refered by customers who have tried the quality of my products.

Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my Natural Cosmetics products.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just Laughing For You

We were supposed to watch a movie but I was so tired. I was on the bed almost the whole day but I couldn't get to sleep. I keep going up and sit infront of the computer to relax my mind. Would you believe that I fall asleep at 7pm.grrr!!!

I never feel guilty about what I am saying. I really think she deserve to be treated like that. I should have done this for a long time. I am not the type of person who talked about nonsense people like her, but I guess she deserve to be laughed and fun with. She is really funny, anyway.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

He Is My Friend

In my mind and in my heart I prayed deep when I heard that my friend was in trouble. I was so happy that before the end of the day, I will hear a very good news that he will come back.

I just don't get it when people would rather hear the negative things about somone than hearing the positive one. He will come back because he have a good heart.

Miracle happen when you ask God's mercy. The Blessed Virgin Mary is on his house and she guided him all the way to the problem that he is facing. He is coming back and he is not terminated!!! He is my friend

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Excited To Make Soap

I am posting early now because I will be busy after picking up my order from my supplier. I will finish making this order so I can set the schedule for the customer's pick up time.

I already ordered the ingredients that I will use in making batches of soaps using the wooden soap mold. I am so excited to make soap using the wooden soap mold.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Will You Trust Her?

I know about 2 or more people in my real world have been waiting for an update of this blog, so here I go.

I am half way finish processing this new big order that will be pick up by the customer, since she just live about 10 minutes away from our house. I am so happy because she is another customer who own a beauty salon. I run out of some ingredients so I have to place an order to my supplier and I will pick it up tomorrow from their warehouse. I might be done with this order by Thursday.

So are you happy for me? I hope you are! and if not well then suffer!!!

I know that you're technique to get someone's sympathy is to ruin me to her or to them. This is an obvious work of an evil. You are an evil!!!

And for you, who listen and believe with her big evil mouth. Beware, because she has been laughing at you behind your back eversince. Well what can I say, she simply hate everyone because she is simply born INSECURE! If I were you, stay away from her.. Just stay the way you are and don't be influenced by her devilish mouth!!

Hear her voice. Listen to the words that are coming out from her mouth. You have brain...and you should know how insecure people are.... You should know better than trusting someone like her!!!

People who keep talking about someone behind their back over and over again are people who have big problem with themselves.

People who are in their right mind would rather keep their mouth shut, and keep everything to themselves specially if it will just hurt the feeling of the person.

People who in their right mind, will only talk if the person will be in danger. Will you be in danger about what she has been talking about me?

Gossiping and ruining someone just for the sake of saving themselves, or trying to get sympathy, or simply just to gossips, are people that you should never trust. Because their intentions are purely for themselves and not for your good sake.

Wake up and trust your guts. I will pray for you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Daily Routine

As usual, I checked and answer emails soon as I get home from work. Then I quickly processed and shipped one order. Then after that, I quickly tidy up our kitchen and the laundry area while I load some clothes in the washer. I will bloghopp after updating few of my blogs before I go to bed.

I am surprised to look at my stocks. I have no more base ingredients for my Facial Scrubs for Oily Skin and Facial Cream Moisturizer. I can't believe how quickly I run out of stocks for these items. I will order this items once I order the ingredients that I will use for my soap using the wooden soap mold.

Anyway, I wont make this long. I just updated this for some people in my real world, whom I can consider the biggest fans of my blogs. Have fun reading my daily exciting world.