Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Much Things Inside My head

I just order some of the ingredients to complete the order. I will pick it up tomorrow and ship it after. I will go to bed early today because I have to wake up at 5pm to drop my daughter to her guitar lesson.

I miss hubby already. I have no one to talk to about different thing at home specially that there are so much things going on right now in my head. Grrrrrr, I need to do something for my niece who is now in San Francisco, California. I want her to stay with me but don't know how. I have to figure out the best way she can be with me here in Canada.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Missing Him and Hoping For Busy Days

Just knowing that hubby will not be around the house for two weeks makes me feel so sad. I miss him already. I sometimes don't like to see him whenever I am having some mood swing. It's probably part of my love for him..hahahhaa. But now that he will be out of my sight for two weeks, makes me want to ask him to come back because I know it will be hard to live my life without him.

Anyway, I hope that I will be busy while hubby is gone so I wont think so much about him. I have one order to process and I will try my best to ship it on Friday.

I am so happy that the traffic of my webstore is back and it is continously increasing. I was frustrated about this matter for the whole month of April. But now that I know where the problem came from, I feel so relieve because I know that everything is under control.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rest In Peace

I wasn't able to do the update of this blog because I had some issue on the account. But everything is okey now, so expect my regular posting on this blog again.

Hubby's father died the other day and he will now fly to the Philippines. I will miss my hubby for more than two weeks. We can't come because we are not financially prepare. I will just pray for my father in law's rest in peace.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Natural Skin Care For Skin Pigmentation

I finally got the approval of the affiliate program of Civant Skin Care. I can now start promoting it on all of my blogs, including on my webstore.

I join their affiliate program because I wanted to offer to all my customers a products that will complete the healing process of some skin problems including the skin pigmentaion of acne. My very own products cannot cure the skin pigmentation, so I thought of offering a high quality skin care products that I personally use.

I am not going to promote this product if I am not going to make money from it. But I want to make sure that I am offering a high quality products to combine with my very own Natural Skin Care Products.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sadness and Happiness of Memories

I have so many old friends and classmates that I never thought I can re-connect again, but only at Facebook. My God, everybody is going back to the old memories. I have a mixture feelings of sadness and gladness to see all those old pictures. I have so many good memories that is making me smile and sad at the same time.

Going back to those old happy memories, just makes me feel like I want full the time back and be there again. Feel the fun and happiness of being so young and free again.

Those friendships that are so pure and innocent are now ruined by many evil thoughts of being adults. Why? Why all the good things never last.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trying Hard To Be White

Finally, I have recieve some payments that I have been waiting from one of my sponsor to complete the amount for the Pigment Reducing Cream that I have been wanting to buy online.

Although the cream that I bought in downtown Toronto is working just fine, I am still very curious to try this Pigment Reducing Cream that everybody is talking about on the internet. It has so many good review which makes me so curious to try.

I am not very impress about the skin lightening effect because I am happy with my skin tone. I just want my skin to have about 2 layers lighter and lighten the deep dark spots at the same time. I dont want to look like a trying hard to be white asian like the one ugly person that I know. Her face looks like a world map (mukhang anan, hahahhaha!!). Some part of her face is white and some part are dark making her look like she have a vitiligo skin problem. Trying hard to look white. Meaning she look so insecure and obviously don't like what she see in the mirror. hahahhaahha

So if this Pigment Reducing Cream starts making me look white, I will defintely stop using it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I am So Pissed

I am pissed... I am pissed with hubby!!! He bought my kids their own cellphones without telling me and I am pissed!! Our money is our money, and it is so unfair for him to decide without asking me. I am pissed!!! The worst thing is, he ask my kids not to tell about it to me and they kept everything to me for a month. Am I that stupid not to know?

My kids are only 12 years old and they are not aloud to bring any electronics at school. So buying them their own brand new cellphone is not important and it is definitely out of our budget. I AM PISSED!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Happy With The House

I just had lunch with my kids. I had no order and I am too lazy to take any task from any of my sponsor so I thought of doing some household chores. But my sister in-law did all my laundry so I am very thankful for the help. I am so happy that I am with my brother and his family now. They are now trying to explore around and learning to take the public bus.

I am thinking about the house that we purchased in replacement to the other one. This house is much better than the other one. It's almost a dreamhouse for me. All we need to do, is move in. It is 4 bedrooms with one room in the basement. Two kitchen, two stoves, two fridges with 1 dishwasher in the main kitchen and 3 washrooms. Very spacious and with one very cute family room. The backyard is huge and I can imagine the fun of my kids playing with our dog. I love the finishing of the basement specially for my business and for my hobbies. Me and hubby will be staying in the basement. I can't wait to move.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pursuing A House In Mississauga

I was busy yesterday when I get home from work because I have to get a certified check for the house downpayment. And today, I went with the house inspector and the house inspection went perfectly fine. There are few minor issues but the seller is willing to fix them all. The final deal will be probably until tomorrow, at the most. Otherwise, everything went good. I like the house and I have a strong feeling that this house is realy for us.

By the way, this property is still in Mississauga. As I've been saying, if I am going to buy a house, it will never be in Scarborough!!! Mississauga is the best place for us.

So are you happy or sad to learn that I am still pursuing to buy a house. Oh well, too bad that you can not hear it straight from my mouth about all the things that is happening to my life. But then you keep on reading this blog, so it's not my fault anymore!! hahahahahahha..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Third House The We Made An Offer

So we did the house viewing yesterday and we were able to view about 8 houses. The image of the house that I posted yesterday is fine, but I found out that this house is better and I am so glad that we were able to close the deal on the same day. Finally, we are moving on June 28.

The first time my feet step on this house, I already have a good feeling that this house is really for us. The seller have twin girls too. hahahhahaha!!! This house is a lot better than the house that we are suppose to purchase. I just love it's layout, the finishing and the features that the seller did. This is the third house that we made an offer, and it is the combination of the first two houses.

On Monday, we will give our downpayment, while we are withdrawing the downpayment that we had on the previous house. Then we will have the house inspection before Wednesday. I can't wait to move.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New House Hunt

Yesterday, I taught my brother and his wife to take the public bus so we ate in one of my favorite Chinese Restaurant in North York, which I have not visited for about 2 to 3 years now. They is a very slight fluries yesterday and it was cold. They were overwhelmed by the cold weather but they are glad to see the small flurries.

My sales agent send us a list of the houses in Mississauga that we are going to visit. So today, we are going to visit some of the houses on the list, and we hope that we can find one that we can move in before summer.

The houses that my agent sent me are much better that the house that we are suppose to get. I really hope to move by summer. We are crowded in our townhouse and my kids have been wanting to move so much. It's about time to leave this place that we are in.

I am very interested in this house. The image and the description match what me and my family want. I hope that this house is still available and everything looks good on the inside too, so the deal in "ON".

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mood Swing

Yepeeyyy, It's Friday once again and today, I will teach my brother and his family to take the public bus so they can explore the city by themselves. We will pick up my twins first, then we will eat Lunch in one of my favorite chinese restaurant in North York. I am suppose to bring them in downtown Toronto but I changed my mind. I am craving for the chinese food from this chinese restaurant.

I wasn't in the mood last night so I am pretty quiet all night. I don't know why but it was probably my mood swing again. I tried not to talked to much with a lot of people because I know I can be easily irritated. And I am glad that I never had any bad encounter with anyone.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

His Pride and Arrogance

We are still in a blind situation about the closing date of the house in Mississauga. So this weekend, the hunt for a new house to purchased in Mississauga is "ON" while we are still hoping that the issue about the house that we are suppose to purchase will be resolve before we submit a new offer to a new house.

So it was a pretty rough night at work but everything goes normal as usual. It was just some annoying situation that I told to few people about the arrogance and hypocrisy of one person from the other shift.

Sometimes, too much pride and ego can drive people to tell lie about the truth in their lives. Sometimes the truth is hard to accept that they have to tell lie. Only to put themselves in a humiliating situation. Acceptance can lead you to the truth that will set you free from pride and arrogance.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Brother and His Family's Arrival

My brother and his family are finally here and I am happy to welcome and spend time with them. Today I will accompany them to get their SIN number. Then we will go to my work after to give something a friend.

Yesterday after my massage theraphy, I went to downtown Toronto to buy the natural facial cream for the dark acne spots on my face. I just took the bus so it took me more than 2 hours to get home. My very own cream moisturizer is not doing anything in removing the dark spots so I thought of buying this. I used to apply this about 4 years ago so I know how effective it is in removing dark acne spot and in moisturizing my skin. I've seen a good result in just one use.

I will try to commmunicate with the company of this facial cream and see if I can resell this on my webstore. Or can I just probably resell it on my webstore for those who are looking for an effective dark spots cream.

Then when I get home from downtown Toronto, me and hubby went to Walmart to buy two airbeds and some chinese foods. I went to bed while waiting for my brother and his family's call from the airport. At around 10:00 pm, I received their call and pick them up at the airport

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Want A House In Mississauga

Yepeyy, I am off from work tonight because I will pick up my brother and his family at the airport. I am pissed because my house is a mess, because of the on and off closing date of the house the we purchased in Mississauga. I told my sales agent that it will be only up to this week, and if we still can't move in, then the house is not ours. So we will find another house and I still want it to be in Mississauga.

Why I want in Missiasauga, because it's nice there. The environment for my kids will be different from the city.

Not because everybody have their house in Scarborough, it means that I should be there too. I am already in a chaotic place of Etobicoke so why move to Scarborough. It's the same thing...helooooo!!! As I've been always saying, if I will ever buy a house, it will defintely not in Scarborough.

How stupid some people to think that living in greater Toronto area is far from the city. GREATER TORONTO means it is still in Toronto.. STUPID!!!! That's how we leave in Canada.. We drive around to get around. Why can't you just leave your old way of thinking? Or probably you are just jealous!!!!! Oh yeah, you're insecure so what do I expect. bwahahahahah!!! Ignorant!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Changes and My Pretentions

I have no order still and the traffic of my webstore is so low. It's because of the changes I made from my account. But that's okey, this is the time that I should take advantage with doing the things I need to do at home and on my blogs. I know that the effects of the changes I made will be from 2 to 3 weeks. So I hope that the traffics will go back by then.

It was a quiet night at work. I am so happy that the moments that I was trying to ignore and deny about someone's hyprocrisy of friendship is over. Pretentions and forcing myself to like her is over. I feel so free!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun With My Friends

I had fun spending time with my friends yesterday. Hubby went home totally drunk..hahahahha!!

It was just a very casual eating party or get2gether. We were suppose to have a videoke singing party, but we ended up chatting, eating and laughing for the whole time.

It was fun being with people who don't have any jealousy and envy fellings for each other. People who will not look at what you wear or how you look. I just went there wearing what I wear at home and I had so much fun.

My long weekend is over, and I have to go back to work tonight. sigh!!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Day Fruit Cleansing Diet

We were able to finished the general cleaning of our house yesterday, and empty one of the room for my brother and his family's arrival on Tuesday. My daughter will stay with me and hubby in our room for a while until we move to our house in Mississauga.

We are going to have our dinner at my friends house tonight, and since I'm done with my Fruit Cleansing Diet, I can now eat regular foods.

I feel good after the first day of my fruit cleansing diet. I feel light and more energized. I will try my best to do another fruit cleansing diet on Friday until Saturday night. I really think this is a healthy way to clean the system.

I still have my lower back pain but it feels a lot better now after the fruit cleansing diet. I will do my 45 minutes stretching later while I do the laundry.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Fruit Cleansing Diet

We didn't go with our fellow CFFL brothers and sisters to have the Cross of the Station because of my lower backpain and headache. We will just clean the house the whole day in preparation of my brother and his family's arrival on Tuesday.

I was adviced by my Massage/Physical Therapist to do the Fruit Cleansing Diet for at least one day to Flush out the toxic substances in my body, that is giving me aches and pain in diffferent parts of my body. So I bought some fruits and started my Fruit Cleansing Diet since yesterday afternoon up tonight, and I don't mind doing it at least once a week.

I was also adviced to loose some weight, and this once a week Fruit Cleansing Diet will help to speed up my metabolism and loose weight faster.

I was told by many, that my face looks fresher when I am overweight.. hahahahhahah.. But for my health sake, I need to have my normal weight back. Hahahahahaah!!!

Don't worry, you are still sexier than me even if I loose some weight. But you can never have the inborn appeal that I have bwahahahahahaha!!! AND you can never have the height, even if you drink as many growth balls as you can... bwahahahahahah!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nobody Is Jealous and Envious

I know now hahahahahha. Now I get everything, hahahahhaha.. Everything that is in my thoughts, that I keep denying; that I keeping saying to myself that "Maybe I was wrong".... are all true. You are really so sick, you really need special psychological help. hahahahahah!!! You're freaking sick with your chronic insecurity bwahahahahahha!!

Is that why you keep dropping some messages to that drop box? To prove to yourself that you are better than what you think I am good at. Writing my thoughts in my blog? bwaahhahahahaah. Why didn't you tell me? I can make a blog for you for free !!!! hahahahhahahah

Now I know why you freakingly brag about your luck in having your man. Oh yeah, you are so lucky.... Very lucky... Very very very very very lucky to the point that you look like a trash when you are together. Bwahahahahahah!!! Hands up for that!!! hahhahahaha!!! But you know what, nobody is jealous of that because that doesn't mean that you are a better person than anyone in the room. The more you say a word, the more you sound how insecure you are, because nobody is putting you down in the first place. hahahahahha!!! You are just being paranoid by your deep insecurity bwahahahahahah!!!

Why, how did you get the love of your man? Is there any effort in his part to make you feel like a princess to love him? Or you made him feel like a prince to love you? Is there any courtship at all? Is there any gift to win your heart? Or you gave him some gifts to love you? Yeah, you should be proud after all the effort that you made... Hands up.. You should be proud!!!!! Love is the deepest feeling two people feel for each other and I believe that you truly love each other. But that doesn't mean that you are a better person than anyone in the room and nobody is envious of you. Bwahahahhahahahahahahaha.

Because majority of the women in that room have their husbands because their husband did the effort to win OUR heart. So before you say to the world that you are someone to be envied, think twice. You don't know each and everyone's life in that room. Don't make them laugh like I do. You are just making yourself like a clown!!! Bwahahahahhaha!!!! Beside, nobody really know what kind of person your man really is!!! It's you, who know, like and love him and not anyone in that room.

Hearing someone say "I am beautiful" is creeping you out? Why? Is my confidence bothering you? Is it causing you some trouble? Is it against any law? and most of all, is it against the bible?

Oh you are sexy? You have a great body than anyone in that room.. Bravo!!!! Sway your hips here and there, but did anyone notice you at all? Where is the sex appeal of your great sexy body? Oh so if you believe in that, then you should hold on to that baby and keep it safe in your heart. So even if you don't have the HEIGHT, you will still feel that everyone is jealous of you, bwahahahahahahha!!! That you are someone of be envied with! Bravo!!!

You better start taking some growth ball to completely heal your chronic insecurity. Start saving money too, to repair your face to let everyone know that we all don't have the right to put you down anymore! Even if nobody is putting you down in the first place.. STUPID!!! Wake up and start loving yourself without criticizing anyone.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

So are you happy to read this thoughts for the day. You are sick!!