Saturday, July 31, 2010

Preparing For Fatima Thanksgiving Prayer

Me and my kids cleaned the house yesterday but I save some for today like the basment because the old fridge have to come out. It is making my basement stinks.

Then we went to Home Karaoke in scarborough to buy the cord for my magic mic. Some of my visitor might like to use the singing magic mic. So I thought of replacing the cord because it is already damaged.

Then I went home to get a nap. Then we went to grocery to buy food that we will use for tomorrow. We also order some take out food at the nearest chinese restaurant, as my brother's blow out on his first salary.

The priest called and he will bless our house tomorrow at around 9am. So I have to prepare everything early. Then I will pick up sister Dianne at 3pm.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Money From Personal Blog Type

I just created my new personal diary type of blog and I want to share this on this blog so my biggest fan with an ugly face will die to visit this new blog everyday too.. lols. ... Here is the simple and pretty layout of my newest online diary.

I will be writing my deepest thoughts and daily living on this blog so watch out ugly face. I am pretty sure you will be crazy reading my blogs more.

I created this new personal type blog to add extra income on my blogging business. I thought there is more money from paid blogging sponsors and more fun, than PPC campaign type of making money in blogging through relevant content blogs. However, I find making money through relevant content blogs, more challenging and more decent.

I don't have any plans to buy a custom domain name for this blog. It's just another fun blogging for me, but I will be working on it one day at a time and hope to make extra income from it soon.

You can subscribe now so you can be updated on my new posts as I have started sharing my daily life on this newest blog. For those who want to exchange link, just leave a message and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Visit my new online diary Brief Sentiments to learn more.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Die In Agony

Hahahahhaha, very very very obvious!!! Very obvious that you are a big fan of my blog, you ugly face!!! Very obvious how affected you are on all of my posts even though your name was never mentioned in any of my post. What an idiot you are? Did you ever go to college or what? Do you have brain? I thought you are an engineer or something? Is that a work of an educated, self confident person to waste time on blogs like mine.. hahahhah!!! I feel so sorry for your agony of hatred and jealousy!! Jealousy of learning all the things that I am proud of.

You actually won't learn or hear any of my proudness if you are not reading my precious posts. But you are so paranoid that you have to forget that what you are doing is a work of mal-educated person.

An educated person will never waste their time on other people's life. Yeah, you can listen to some gossips and stories about other people's life as part of your daily interaction to different people that you are always with, BUT TO SIT DOWN to WASTE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY to read all my posts????? hahahahah!!! LOOSER!!

To read and believe all that I am writing? hahahahah!!!! Well DIE!!!!

I may not be perfectly beautiful but at least my teeth are not falling. My teath and jaw are EVENLY structured!!! I maybe overweight but so you are... At least I am not a shorty, like you!!! hehhehe....

You know what, just focus on taking care of you family than reading my blog. You are such a LOOSER!!! Mind your own business.

My blogs is where I get my extra income and extra FUN!! I blog and advertise some products here and there. I post some of my personal thoughts but look, it may sound sarcastic but it will never ruin you as a person or anyone unless you REACT with no PROOF!!!...hhahha...

I will pray for our peace!!! Go and have peace with your family and so do I... Stop reading my proud post and you will not be intimidated. Continue reading my posts and DIE of agony!!!.. I will never step back on you!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Online Store For Ugg Boots

I am suprise that the weather for the past few weeks is not that hot as the first week of July. But according to the weather report today, it will be about 40 degrees warmer, which means that it is going to be warmer than the usual.

I don't like the hot weather but I don't like winter cold season neither. I love fall and spring weather, but not when it is raining.

Few more weeks and the fall season is here. My kids want me to buy them this ugg boots. If I can't find a cheaper but good quality ugg boots at the store, I might order them online next month.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Basement

Just love staying at our basement. This is were I always stay to watch TV until I feel sleepy and ready to go to bed.
I think she have realized by now how obviously jealous she is, of some material things I have shown which she probably thought I am trying to show off... Honestly, everything that we have in this world, were are all just borrowed from God. He can take all of these from us anytime he want, so why show off? Beside, my house has nothing special to be proud of to anyone. It's simply for me and my family.

It was just her narrow jealous and envious heart and mind that made her feel bitter to see me move. What a bitter person she is by letting everyone one know that it was just my lies to tell anyone that I am moving to a new home. Well we finally did and I thank God for letting us.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Avoid Speed Ticket

I was reading this information about radar detector. I was so curious how will it benefit me as a driver and I was surprised how beneficial it is when driving everyday.

A radar detector is an electronic device used by motorists to know if their speed is being monitored by a radar unit. Radar detectors are mostly used by drivers so they can reduce the car's speed before being ticketed for speeding.

I find this very useful for me since I drive a long way to work everyday. I sometimes forget to monitor my speed, so by having a radar detector, I can be warned right away to avoid being ticketed.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Business Card

Here is my new Business Card and I might create a new one without the name of my company on it for those whom I will be inviting to come over to our house in Saturday. For the meantime, I want to share this one.

I already did the house cleaning then we did our grocery. In few hours, we will drop my daughter to her Guitar Lesson. At 7pm we have to pick the Virgin Mary Statue in Scarborough and she will stay with us for one whole week. I will be inviting few friends on Saturday.

I have new order today but I don't have to do anything since she ordered a downloadable copy of some of my Mineral Makeup Recipe. I just simply checked her payment confirmation on my paypal. Isn't it a lovely way to make extra income?

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Like My Boss

The weekend is here again and my life inside my new home together with my family will be another fruitful one.

My co-employee just delivered a baby boy few hours ago. I am looking at some baby gift ideas online and I found this cute baby halloween costumes website. Aren't they so cute?

Last night was another fun night at work. My big boss mention my nane again that made her and probably THEIR eyes big and raised eyebrows. My boss is just very down to earth person which sometimes being misunderstood by narrow minded people. I guess You can not really please everyone. I believe that he is not just good at his work but he is also a good person. I hope and wish that he will be our big boss for a long time. And if someone will replace him, I hope that he will be as good as him!!

Have a great weeken to all!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Love My New Home

I was thinking why all of a sudden she started some hate gestures again, or should I say an obvious jealousy. There is only one reason I can think of... JEALOUSY!!!. She started this gestures after letting everyone know that I move in to my new home. She probably told some people that it was just a LIE, that I am buying and moving to new home... isn't it?... and after learning that I really bought the house, hahahahah!!! She hated it....Well, she can always buy a house if she want... I really don't care!!.. That's her life and this is my life!!! The problem is, she keeps visiting my blog and when she found out some of my success and happiness, she will be affected!!!... Well then SUFFER!!!! Keep reading my blog and DIE!!!! hahahahha!!! I LOVE MY NEW HOME.

Here is my backyard as I promised. I love the storage house that you can see. I can put a lot of things inside safely. What I really love about my backyard is the cherry tree because I love cherries. We are planning to change the fence next year with God's will.

And this is the overlooking view of my backyard from my kitchen with stainless steel kitchen appliances. I love it because it feels so relaxing to go home looking at the backyard. It feels like I am in the Philippines.

The massage therapist arrived at exactly 9am today, so me and my kids feels so relaxed and I am ready to go to bed in a bit.

I dropped my kids to their friend's house again near our old townhouse. Hubby will pick them up in the afternoon.

I already process the big order and I am now ready order some of the ingredients that I need to complete the order.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Thoughts Today For Snooper

I wasn't able to update this blog because I was busy blogging and proccessing orders and doing some moving phonecalls. I just recieved another order notification today and it's a big one coming from London UK. I can probably ship this big order on Friday because I run out of some ingredients so I need to order to my supplier.

I know one losser have been waiting for an update of this blog. She just can't stop her addiction on my blog which is making her face uglier than ever. So I wish her all the ugliness and enjoy being obssessed with my life... ... I can't blame you!! I am such a good blogger!!!

Today I will drop my kids to the park near our old house. Then hubby will pick them up in the afternoon.

I will do few bloghoping and grab one task from one of my sponsors then probably do few phone calls.

Today I want to thank God for giving me a good night at work. I also want to thank him for giving me a peaceful and joyful heart for my loveones. I also pray for my mother's full recovery and for my continous loving and harmonious life with my family.

I also pray for all those haters ang snoopers of my life, to find in their heart to focus on their life and not on other's people's life... There are so many things to do instead of finding hate, jealousy and anger on someone's life.. God Bless You!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My New Home

I am posting the images of my new home for someone who always visit this blog to snoop on my thought of my daily life. She is dying to see how my new home looks like to compare her life to me and to anyone in the world. Haaahahahah.. What ever you do and material things you have in your life, your face can not be change...hahahah!!

This is my living room or visitor's area.

A diffent angle of the living room or visitor's area.

My favorite side of the house going to the second floor.

This is the family room where my kids always stay because it's few steps alway from the kitchen so they can easiy grab some foods when they watch TV.

This is my kitchen and dining area. I am not very much inlove with the kitchen but it's good enough for us. The backyard can be seen from this area that we all love. But there are few clothes hanging outside so I will just take a picture of the backyard some other time.

And my basement where me and hubby always stay, because we decided to have our room here. I didn't took a picture of our bedroom because hubby is inside..lols.

Today, we will go to church nearby and set an appointment with the priest to bless our house. It will be a simple blessings celebration only for me family.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Chores In Our New House

Yesterday me and my kids drive around our new area to familiarized ourselves in our new place. I am happy to learn that there is an Asian grocery store nearby and I dont have to drive far to buy things that we need at home.

We were suppose to buy cake and ice cream for my brother's birthday but I was stock looking for the receipt of the Garmin GPS that we just bought last month. It's not working and we want it to be replaced. Good thing that Future Shop replaced with a new one even if we lost the reciept. I now have a new and more advance Tomtom GPS.

Today, I wanted to unpacked some of the boxes that was left unopen. Those are mostly frames, house decor and dvd movies. I will save the boxes for next week to use for organizing the things inside the stock room. Then we will do our grocery at the asian grocery store nearby. We will also go to homedepot to find a special floor cleaner for our new home so I can start cleaning the whole house tomorrrow. We need to buy a lawnmower for our backyard too..

Friday, July 16, 2010

Expensive But Worth It

I bought two Oreck Air Purifiers and it comes with free Cordless Speed Swifter and Refrigarator Air Purifier. The picture only shows one of the Air Purifier because the other one is in my bedroom. It cost me more than CAD$600 for this and the shipping is free. It is expensive but it's worth the price because my asthma feels a lot better.

I put the one Air Purifier in my bedroom so I can breathe better when I am sleeping during the day since I work at night. Then I put the other one in our family room near the kitchen where my Golden Retriever dog always stays, to help clean the air.

The Cordless Speed Swifter is a big help and my kids love using it to clean the area where my dog stays. They can easily swift the shedded fur of the dog and keep our family room clean.

I have not tried the quality of the Refrigarator Air Purifier because I still have to buy the battery. Since it is small and compact, I am thinking of putting it on one of the bathroom to help remove the causes of unpleasant bathroom odors, leaving clean, crisp, breathable air. It will also help to capture and destroy allergens, bacteria, mold, viruses and fungi.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Ugly Dwarf

This ugly b*tch probably missed my b*tchy posts about her. Well sorry ugly face because this blogs have been busy posting for my sponsor. One thing I know for sure, your facial structure needs some attention because TABINGI ANG MUKHA MO!!! Shame on your teeth that is falling down when you talk..... Get some dental help SA TABINGI MONG MUKHA AT NGIPING NALAGLAG NA, EH TABINGI PA!!! Stop lying about your age because you look like A few more years TO GO to be a grandparent..

Well sorry, I am already in my peaceful and quiet pace but your facial expression bothers me.. Looks like you are trying to push on something.

Even if your face is not structucally straight, better start making it straight and don't give me an expression that you are trying to start on something. I am not going step back on you. NGAYON PA!!! You are just one pinch of my finger.. YOU LITTLE DWARF!! PANDAK!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

I was reading this very interesting website about rid belly fat that says something about the most effective fat burners. I think I am not alone on this belly fat problems so I thought of sharing what I have learned from this website.

What they say about getting rid of belly fat is difficult, is very true. It says that diet and exercise alone will never be effective unless you take a good fat burner that will suit your body type. This website shares the 3 Best Belly Fat Burners that have undergone extensive research and approved by both Experts and Consumers.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How To Find The Right Diet Pills

I started my vegetable diet soup 7 days recipe but I wasn't able to finish the 7 days because my mind was pre-occupied with our moving. This vegetable diet soup is the most effective weight loss system that I have tried but I was able to follow the system because I wasn't working full-time at that time. It will be hard for me to follow this 7 days diet again specially that I am working on night shift.

I am thinking of taking diet pills but it is very confusing to know which diet pills is safe or not. I was looking at the different diet pill reviews and it is indeed very helpful in giving me a good idea on which diet pills I should try.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Acne Detoxifying Treatment

I just ordered one topical acne skin care products that I have been wanting to try for quite some time now, because I am having some acne breakout again. It's probably because of the moving stress and hot weather. Somebody told me to try the acne treatment through skin detoxifying acne pill. It treats acne internally just like treating acne externally. I might try this kind of treatment after trying the last skin care products that I just ordered yesterday.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My New Home's Kitchen

This is the kitchen in the basement where I put and make my products. It feels a lot better to have everything in one place. My computer is just beside the kitchen which makes it easier for me to print and put the label of the finish products.

Yay!!!! My vacation is over so I have to go back to work tonight. My happy days are over but I am glad that my house looks a lot more settled. I just need to do some thorough cleaning next weekend, particularly the washrooms.

I guess I am ready to go to work and start my new life to our new home. I love my house. I love my backyard. I feel like I'd rather stay at home during the weekend instead of going out somewhere to spend a good weekend.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Multi-functional Baby Stroller

It a new home with a new environment and new neighbors. We are lucky to have good neighbors and they invited us for their baby's birthday tomorrow. I look around for a nice baby gift and luckily, I found one in Baby jogger city select. I don't think I've seen them walking their baby in a stroller, so I thought this can be a nice baby gift for their baby.

It's a multi-functional stroller. You can mix and match seats, bassinets, and infant seats. So you can start with one seat, then add a bassinet, or infant seat adapter, or second seat in up to 16 different configurations. Very useful for parents.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Save Money For Auto Insurance

All prices are going up including the insurance. Although I am happy with the insurance company that we have right now, but through my experience, it's always good to look around and compare prices of each insurance company.

But for someone who have a very busy schedule like me, who don't really have so much time to call each insurance company, it's always good to look for an auto insurance reviews to give me a good idea on which insurance company can help me save money.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Office Furniture Set Thoughts

I am so exhausted putting everything in place in our new home. But I am glad to look at my new home after the work hard of moving everything from our old house. We are really short of budget right now but once we have financially recovered from the moving expenses, I will definitely buy new office furniture set that I need for my business. I made a small space in the basement for my business and I am looking at the different furniture website to look for discount office furnitures and compare the prices.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Headches

The aircondition of the house that we bought is not working. It only run on the first day and it didn't run since then. The weather have been 30 degrees since Monday and it will be this hot for the whole week. I have been calling the airconditioning company to get the aircondition in our old house and connect it to our new house, but it will take up to 3 more days before it can be connected to our new house. The heat and the work of moving to a new place is giving me so much headaches. It's even harder to work in a hot weather.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moving In A Hot Weather

The weather yesterday was so hot and it will be hotter today according to the weather report on TV. It also says that the weather will be this hot for a couple of days. It's so frustrating because the air condition is not working and we all feel so exhausted. It so hard to work in a warm weather like this, and we still need to get some things in our old house.

My skin is also starting to dehydrate and I need the best night creams to treat my sensitive skin during this kind of weather. For the meantime I need to continue drinking as many water as I can to keep my body hydrated.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Stress Whiteheads

We have finally moved and this is a nightmare.... It's so freaking hard to move to a new home. There are so much work and I have been stress since Friday up to now. We are so busy moving our things that's why I didn't have so much time to regularly wash my face and do my regular facial care routine. Our house is a mess. I am thinking if I need to drink an acne pills for a while until everything is settled. Stress is giving me so much whiteheads and I am afraid it will turn into an acne breakout.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looking For Acne Cleanser

I am so happy that even if my online business is slow for a couple of months now, my blogging have been helping me to save the money that I need for the Laser Genesis Treatment for my acne scars. But while I am saving the amount of money that I need, I am trying to find a good acne cleanser for my sensitive skin to speed up the healing of my acne. I need something that is specially made for acne prone skin.

Moving Small Stuffs

We were suppose to start putting some of the small things that we have packed in our new home, but when we get to the house at around 10pm, the seller are still cleaning the place so we might just go back tomorrow morning to start moving in the small things.

I was looking at the windows of our new home and I really think that the living room area will look nice to have a faux wood blinds. I can't wait to start decorating our new house.

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Place For My Business

I am so excited to move to our new home in Mississauga. I can't wait to start working and planning how to make my small business to grow and start giving me the income that will be enough to quit my job. Although I am happy with the printer that I am using right now, but it will be good to have the epson tm-t88iv as it will provide more speed and more reliability for my business.

Anyway, we have finished packing the things in the basement and today, we will start packing some small stuffs in the kitchen and the rest of the house. The movers will arrive on Sunday at 7am.

Just thinking about how much work will it take to make our house in Mississauga to look like a place to live in, just gives me a heachache.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy Packing In Canada Day

I went home from work last Thursday but I'd rather not share the reason why in any of my blogs because I know some people are snooping around my personal life through my blog, most specially from this one. I told to some people a false information just to stop them from asking. This is my life and I'd rather keep everything in private. But whatever it is, everything is okey now!!

Anyway, we will be busy packing our things today for our moving on Sunday. We will deliver some of the small things on Saturday on our new home so the movers will just have to carry the big stuffs on Sunday. It's going to be a lot of work.

I hope that the chinese store will be open today so I can buy all the vegetables I need for the Vegetable Diet Soup. Otherwise, I will just start this 7 Days Diet tomorrow so I can be finish before my vacation is over.

Happy Canada Day to all.

Things I Will Need For My Business

I just visited this POS systems website to know the prices of the things that I will be needing for my business someday, like barcode scanners. They have so many things I will need for my products and I am glad I found this website. They have different kinds of barcode scanners, point of sale systems and pos equipment. Now at least I have some idea where is the best place to buy this stuff.