Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Good That Nobody Cares

I drove my sister in-law and my niece to the Catholic Secondary School to submit the registration form for my niece. They just have to wait for the School's Vice-President's call to set an interview appointment to complete the registration.

My life seems pretty quiet and full of love and attention from my family particularly from my husband.

It also seems that some people don't seems to care, but only one person, who is the ugliest of all. I hope it will always be like this.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Excited For The Skin Treatment

I finally received the payment from Google and I will transfer the money I saved from my two paypal account tomorrow to complete the amount I need for my Skin Treatment. I am thinking of transfering the money now, but I thought there might me some other payment from my sponsors that will come in.

I am so amazed with the result of Murad Acne Skin Care on my skin. My skin looks a lot better. The acne dark spots have disappear and my skin tone looks more even making the scars looks less visible. However, I want more intense result, and I am so freaking excited for the skin treatment. I can't wait to see the result and I really hope that my skin will respond faster and positively with the treatment.

Anyway, we didn't go out anywhere yesterday. We didn't even attend the church mass because we were busy tidying up the mess from Saturday night. We had few visitors who came over to invite my brother and his wife to join the Couple's For Christ.

Today, me and my kids will go to the school to have them registered for this school year. This time they will go to a Catholic School.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Different Kinds and Flavour of Cigars Online

I seldom see cigar website and I was so surprise and amazed to see one. I really think that this is one good online business because there are so many people who are looking for different kinds and flavour of cigarette.

Take a look at this kind of cigars that I find interesting. This is the Partagas cigars. It is originated in Cuba, that has a very rich blend of Dominican Cuban-seed and Mexican fillers. The broadleaf maduro wrappers have made them the most consistent cigars in overall quality, flavor and aroma. This is one of the best-selling cigars in the world.

If you haven't had tried different flavour of cigar, it's about time to explore. Visit www.cigarauctioneer.com to learn more

Friday, August 27, 2010

Acne Scars Improvement By October

The big improvement that you can see on my skin right now is just the result of my consistent use of Murad Skin Care Products. Some of the post acne dark spots were gone and my skin tone looks even making the deep scars looks shallow. But you will see the big transformation of my acne scars hopefully by October.

This is the before and after images of some of the patients of the clinic that I will go to.

Hahahahaha, I changed the appointment of the treatment to confuse those nosy people who are waiting for it. And this time I will not announce the date. And don't expect me to share it when somebody ask because I wont tell the truth.

I will also understand if nobody will ask specially those people whom I am expecting to ask for it. This is going to be exciting for me. Because this is where I will get the biggest sign of who are the big fan of my precious talent in blogging. hahahahha!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Looking Good For The Reunion

It's going to be three more weeks before the first laser treatment for my acne scars. I have no choice but to wait this long because this is the earliest Friday available for them. I am still thinking if I will have it scheduled earlier and see if I can take a one day off from work.

Although our high school reunion is going to be sometime next year, I am already preparing myself for this reunion and I really want to look good on that day. This is one of the major reasons why I want to have the acne laser treatment. After the expenses with the treatment, I will start saving money for the travel vacation for this high school reunion.

I might suggest my high school friends who are organizing this reunion to take a look at Outer Banks vacation rentals website and see if they will be interested with one of their places. I really think their places and houses, including the prices are awesome. A great place for our reunion.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inspired To Have Beauty Treatment and Netbook

So I went to the Laser Clinic yesterday about 15 minutes early and I will definitely have my acne scars treatment with them. The first treatment will be on September 17 or it might be earlier. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I am just crossing my fingers that there will be no negative side effects on my skin.

What made me decide to have my laser treatment with them? It's when they show me the before and after treatments of their patients in their netbook. There is a big difference on the scars on the first treatment. And since my scars is not that severe, I might only need one treatment. It will depend on how my skin will react with the laser.

I just love the netbooks that they are using at the clinic. Aside from inspiring me with their beauty treatments, I was also inspired to own a nice netbook.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Laser Treatment Appointment

I am so excited for my appointment with the Medical Aesthetician of the Laser Clinic in Woodbridge, today at 11:30am. I will just my regular blogging routine then I wil take a bath before I went out. I can't wait to find out if they will charge me cheaper than the price quote of the Cosmetic Surgeon that I went to 3 months ago.

After my appointment, I will decide to which clinic I will have my laser treament and when it should start. I am a bit nervous because, even if most of the patients who have undergone the laser treatment, have positive or even amazing result, I have also read few negative result which is making me quite nervous. Oh well, I still have to find out if I can afford it before I think about the result after.

I have no plan to tell this to anyone. So the only people who will find out about this in my real world, are those people who keeps on annoyingly snooping on my blogs.

Finding The Right GPS

Today is my appointment at the Laser Clinic that I called last week. I am so excited to find out how much they will charge me to improve the appearance of my acne scars. I don't exactly know know how to go to the Laser Clinic but I am confident that I will be there on time with the help of my GPS.

Having GPS is very important specially for someone like me, who is not very good in memorizing places. Without my GPS, I don't think me and my family won't be able to go to different places.

There are many kinds of GPS and it maybe confusing to choose which one is right for you. So before you buy any type of GPS, it is good to make a research by reading gps reviews and get a good idea on which GPS is right for you.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Health Insurance For You

My brother is sick right now. The doctor said he is not allowed to go to work until the kidney stone is gone. The bad thing is, there is no plan for any surgery or any medication. The kidney stone have to go away naturally. But I am glad this happen after my brother and his family got their Ontario Health Card. They are new to Canada and they are new to their work so they don't have any private health insurance for prescribe medication .

Canada Health Benefits is good but it is still important to get a private insurance for those medical expenses that are not covered by Ontario Health benefis. How much more if your country doesn't cover any health benefits for you and your family?

Blue Advantage is a health insurance company whose main focus is to identify the true needs of each individual. They offer the best service to all their clients in any insurance needs.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Modern Sofas Online

Our budget is tight when we bought this house. There are actually 3 areas where I have to put a sala sets. One in the living room or visitors area, which is the biggest area where I need a complete living room set. The other one is in the basement as our family room and the smallest one is near the kitchen area as our second family room.

I wanted to buy a new leather living room set because I wanted to put our old sofa set in the basement, but we are out of the budget. So we end up just buying the owner's living room set so we can save money. It was an old living room set but it has a good quality.

When we have enough budget, I will replace this old living room set with a leather sofa set. That's why I always look around the internet so I will an an idea about modern sofas and how much it cost.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lovely and Blessed Saturday

It's a lovely Saturday again. I just watched "Piranha in 3D" with hubby while kids watch "Vampire Sucks" with their friends at the same movie theater. The story of "Piranha in 3D" is the same as the original version. The only difference is, it is in 3D version.

I did my regular Saturday household chores as usual. Laundry, basement and washrooms cleaning. It's a cloudy day so the clothes I hang outside are still a little bit wet.

I have few more tasks to make so this blog will be difinitely so busy in the following week. I am very thankful for all these blessing and I really hope the God will never get tired pouring me love and blessing.

Car Insurance For First Time Driver

My brother realized that having a car in North America is not a luxury but more of a necessity. He wanted to buy a new car but when he was given an insurance quotes, he was surprised and change his mind in buying a new car but a second car instead.

It's because he is a first time driver here in Canada which makes his car insurance premium higher. But over a period of time, the price will eventually go down, as long as he will maintain a good driving records.

I asked him to pass the driving test first. Once he got his driver's license he can start shopping for a second hand car and ask for an insurance quote with our insurance company.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Busy But Full Of Love Weekend

Today I brought my car to Chrysler for service maintenance. They I was picked up by their driver to pick my car. I will pick up hubby to his work this afternoon and perhaps, have snack with him somewhere.

I wanted to watch "Piranha" the movie but Kimberly will be with her friends and Kelly don't want to watch this kind of movie. So I guess I will just be home today.

I am suppose to spend time with my friends in Scarborough tomorrow, but I might cancel the date because I have so many things to do in our house. I need to create new product for my business and I have few tasks to finish from my sponsor.

So for someone ugly who always visit my blog... Just look my beauty online... Have a delicious weekend UGLY!!

Promotional Gift Items For Business

It's getting colder here in Toronto. Time fly so fast. Few more months and it's going to be Christmas once again. I have been thinking of some cheap but a nice promotional items for my customers this Christmas. It's my way of thanking them for supporting my small business and at the same time, a nice way to market my products.

Some promotional gift items I have in mind are custom pens, promo bags, sports bottles, tote bags, hand sanitizers, umbrellas, drawstring bags and trade show giveaways with my business name on it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Orlando Florida Vacation Next Year

I hope I can save enough money for next year's vacation plan in Florida. Because me and my high school friends from USA and Canada, are planning to have a reunion in Florida next year. That's why I am so desperate to earn and save the extra money I am making online.

I have been shopping around the internet to give me an idea how much money I need to save for this vacation. And while I am looking at the different travel websites, it makes me so excited for a grand Orlando vacation with my family.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shopping For Lighting

I had my ultrasound at Mt Sinai downtown Toronto yesterday. I went straight to bed to get few hours of sleep soon as I get home from Mt Sinai, because I have to go to work. And today, I have to go back to Mt Sinai to talk to my doctor about the result of my ultrasound. Even if the doctor at the utrasound department told me that the result of the ultrasound is negative, I am still crossing my fingers that it really is negative from cyst.

As I was walking at downtown Toronto yesterday, I saw this beautiful lighting store. Although I am happy with the lighting features of the house that we are in right now, I am still looking at changing the lights in our backyard, once we have financially recovered from our moving expenses. I can't wait to start spending some money to upgrade some part of our house soon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ultrasound In Mt. Sinai

Today I will go to Mt. Sinai to have an ultrasound that was requested my my surgeon. So I have to go to bed early because I have to wake up in 3 hours.

I have two more task to make but I will just make it tomorrow because my mind is really out for anything right now. I will eat my breakfast and jump into bed right away.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Liquidation Online

I just came across with this liquidation website as I was trying to find a good bag for my daughters. And I am so surprised to see their low prices for different items. This is actually my first time to see a liquidation website and I am so suprised to learn that you can really see or find everything on the internet nowadays.

Liquidation.com is the leading online auction marketplace for wholesale, surplus and salvage assets. This is where wholesale distributors get about nearly 1.2 million registered professional buyers to access different surplus inventory and government surplus on the internet. Bulk orders are sold by the truckload, pallet, or small package. Different product categories like apparel, computers, electronics, housewares, industrial equipment, vehicles, and many more, can also be access.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Peaceful and Relaxing Weekend

I was able to finish the laundry and few household chores yesterday. Then I dropped my daughter to her guitar lesson and while I am waiting for her, me and my other daughter went to the optical clinic, near my work place, to pick up my safety glasses provided by our company.

It was a pretty peaceful weekend for us. We didn't go out and just decided to spend the weekend at home. It feel good to enjoy the weekend to our new home.

Today, we will buy few things at the grocery store after the church mass. I want to buy fish because I am planning to cook the fish recipe I have in mind, maybe on Wednesday.

My weekend is over again and I have to go back to my freaking workplace again tonight. SIGH!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Online Learning Experience

We went out yesterday to buy my kids some things they need for school. We don't have any big plan for today, but we might go out to buy few things that we need at home after my daughter's guitar lesson. So I need to finish cleaning the house and my laundry.

I want to go back to school to upgrade my webdesigning skills but it's hard for a working mother like me. I thought of getting an online degree someday but I have to make sure it's a reputable school. OnlineSchools.com provide informations about online learning experience. They provide different facts before enrolling and choosing an Online schools.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Back To School Online Shopping

Thank God its Friday once again. And today, I promised my kids to buy them some school supplies. I have been telling them to shop online instead of shopping around the crowded mall, but they are not used to online shopping like me. So I have no choice but to drive them to the mall to find what they need for school.

One of the webstore that I found very useful is buy.com. This is where you will always find the latest and greatest brands with affordable prices. They offer millions of products from computer hardware and software to electronics, cellular, books, movies, music, sporting goods and more. Find out more about their weekly deal ads for different items.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Chicken Afritada For My Family

I made Chicken afritada or chicken stew yesterday since I don't have much things to do at home. I am glad that my kids love my chicken afritada.
However, to my excitement to cook the chicken, I didn't do my regular blog update and blog hopping. I just did two tasks from two of my sponsors and chat with a friends in facebook.

Today, I will not do my regular blog hopping again. I have to go to bed early because I have to wake up at 3pm to drop my daughter to her guitar lesson. I will just to my regular online routine tomorrow.

This blog will be busy again for a couple of days because I just received a couple of tasks from one of my sponsors and I am so thankful for all of these.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Online Shopping For Headlamps

Hubby is always having a hard time looking at the pipe in our furnace area because it is so dark in there. I am also having a hard time cleaning this area because I can't see anything. I always have to bring along a flashlight to see everything clearly. It will be another expense to pay an electrician to put a switch light in our furnace area, so I thought that using a led headlamps will make it a lot better and cheaper.

Headlamps provide convenient, hands free focused lighting and is also good to use for hunting, fishing, outdoor projects and other applications where holding a light is difficult.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Goodluck For Ignoring Me

My week started again. It's all the same usual stuff in my life. I just noticed that she have been trying to ignore what she have been reading probably because she have read one of my posts saying how ignorant and mal-educated she is for wasting her time snooping on my life through my blog. Well, whoever you are and you know who you are, you're doing a good job... LOLS... Good luck, ugly face!!

Anyway, I called my mom today and I am so happy to hear that she is okey now.

I will be doing few things today and I hope I will be able to finish what I have scheduled for myself today.

* I need to call back my surgeon's secretary to follow up on my ultrasound schedule before the 18th of the month.

* Then I will start doing my business tax after I finished blog hopping and updating few of my blogs.

* I hope to be able to cook something today before I go to bed.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Port Colbourne Nickel Beach

We went to Port Colborne to do some adventure in finding a cheap but nice beach and it was a big failure. hahahahah!! The Nickel Beach at Port Colborne stinks. But it was a very nice place to visit.

So we just drive around the area and eat at Little Red Rooster Restaurant around the area.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trying To Ignore

Ahhhhhh, So it's good see that she is learning now. She is now trying to look innocent about being a big fan of my blog... BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! It's true that the best way to make somone like me to shut up is to ignore me... hehehehehh!!! And it's good to see that she is using what she have learned from school and not what her mother taught her of being such a B*tch and a gossiper like her mother. Shut up and get a life, instead of snooping around my life through my blog. Stupid!!

Well anyway, I was able to finish all I planned to do yesterday except for the filing of my Business Tax. Looks like I will be able to start filing my Business Tax this weekend. Because today, I have another load of works to do.

* I need to call my surgeon to confirm the date of my appointment next week.
* I need to process this one small order and hopefully to ship it after
* I need to buy fruits and vegetables.
* Update my celebrity blog and of course do my daily blog hopping.

So are you happy to learn my daily routine my stupid and ugly friend?... hehehhehe DIE!!!!! That is right... IGNORE ME so you can have peace of mind... hahahahha

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No More Car Squeeky Noise and Nice Big Boss

I have happy and sad thoughts for today. My sad thought is about my big boss living our company. However, he was replaced by another good boss so it's okey. I wish him all the best and I hope someday I will see him again somewhere.

My happy thought is, the squeeky noise in my car was gone now. Raceway Chrysler did a good job. They clean the breaks system at no cost to me, because it is still under warranty when they replaced the break system last month. I hope it will last long.

Now let's go back to my big boss. Ahahahahha, she or probably they are happy that my big boss, who is always giving me extra attention, was gone now. They are happy simply because they don't want to see or hear extra attention for me by him. Heheheheh!! Who cares!! I have so much attention already and I am actually tired of it lols...

Anyway, I was able to finish all the task yesterday except for the filing of my business tax which is my last priority. I have another load of works to do and I hope to finish them all.

* I will fax or email the bank pre-authorized payment form for our insurance;
* Call the optical clinic to confirm the safetey glass form from our company nurse;
* I will call the Mississauga Enbridge to know if I can do something to wave the cash deposit request since I am an old client from Toronto Enbridge;
* then I need to do one good high paying task from one of my sponsors;
* then I will update my celebrity blog;
* and then of course, blog hopp !!
* Then I will start processing the small order before I go to bed.

Did you see how busy my life is? I really don't have time for other people's life. Only paranoid people are like that.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brought The Car Back For Squeaky Noise

Hahahahha, looks like she woke up from the reality how obvious her insecurities are. How obvious her bad breeding is. How obvious what kind of sorroundings she grew up. A sorrounding where every people don't have anything to do with their life so all they do is mind other's business. SQUATERS are like that!!!.. hahahahh!!! DIE!!! I will just laugh for your agony....

Today I drop the car to the service center to check the squeaky noise on the break. They drop me off and they will pick me up from our house when their work is done.

I already did few cleaning on the kitchen and in the basement. It's a pain to vacuum the basement everyday but this is where our dog stays. So I have to remove the extra fur on the floor everyday. SIGH!!!

I have one small order to make but I need to contact the customer because one product is out of order right now because I am out of stock of one ingredient. I dont want to order any ingredient to my supplier for this order because the price is too small to accomodate the expenses to pick the ingredient to my supplier's warehouse.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Lovely Cute House

We didn't go to any special place but me and my kids just went to Mississauga Square One Shopping Center. We went there about 6 years ago but my kids couldn't remember it so I thought of bringing them there again. We were suppose to go to Niagara but we just decided to enjoy our long weekend inside our cute house.

Majority of my visitors find my house CUTE. Well I like my house and it's layout, particularly the backyard. But I really think that no matter how good the layout of the house and how expensive your things are, if you dont know how to decorate your house, your house will look like a looser. Just like the house of someone I know. She have the guts to say ugly things about someone's house who happen to be her so called FRIEND!... I really think her friend's house is very nice. I don't know why she have to say bad things about someone's house while her house has nothing to be proud of. THIS IS WHAT YOU CALLED JEALOUSY OF A BITTER PERSON.

Well, go .. continue visiting my blog and DIE!!! I have a lovely CUTE house.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and Farewell To Virgin Mary

Here are just some photos taken yesterday. Too bad, I forgot to take some picture of some of my visitors who came earlier. But we had fun even thought I am so dead tired.