Thursday, September 30, 2010

Safe Vacation

I have been wanting to have a vacation in Florida. That's why I got so excited when my high school friends suggested Florida to our place for our reunion. However, it seems that the planner is not making any moves to make it happen. If the reunion won't go through, I might visit my friend in California instead.

Everytime I choose a place to stay during our vacation or when choosing a hotel, I always make sure that the quality of the building is safe. I do some research before making a reservation to any hotel. It is always good to stay in a steel buildings because it can withstand the worst weather conditions, even hurricanes.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Laughing For new Car, New Skin, New Weight

Waiting for the update of this blog? hahahahahah!!! Getting addicted reading my blog ehhhh!!! Threaten with my new car? and you believe that I am going to have a new car? hahahahahah!!! Not quite yet, ... maybe next year so don't be excited! hahahah!!

Anyway, I was busy yesterday processing some orders again and I have few assignments to make from two of my sponsors, so this blog will be busy again for a couple of days.

Did you noticed the improvement of my acne scars? I am not wearing foundation anymore. Amazing isn't it? And this is only from the first laser treatment and I have 3 more treatments to go. Remember that the effect of each laser treatment takes time to see the improvement and the skin will continously improve as the time goes by. I am so excited because I have 3 more treatments to look forward to.

The other thing that excite me is my continous weight loss.. hahahahah!!! and I heard, someone is so pissed to learn that most people are doing my weight loss diet. hahahahaha!!! I am so happy to wear my old jeans!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Accounting Jobs Online

I have been wanting to change my job for many years now, but since the company is giving me good amount of money, I have no choice but to stay and be able to give my family a better life.

Hopes are still at the back of my head that someday, I can have the guts to find a better job even if I won't be payed the same amount of money. I am sometimes thinking of going back to school but my mind is so pre-occupied with so many responsibilities.

I was looking at the accounting jobs available on the internet, and I can't believe how many positions are available. I wish I have some background in accounting so I can try applying for this kind of job.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Love and Happiness

I thought I can bring the new car yesterday but nope!!! They still have to do some paper works, so I can either get the car on Monday or Tuesday. To be honest, I am not very excited about it. But I am glad that I will be driving a new nice car soon. Any material things in life doesn't excite me anymore.

I am in the most happiest moment of my life because I am field with love and happiness from my family, few real friends and most of all, God.

Yesterday, we attended the couples for christ's new batches of couples who joined this amazing religious group. I feel so happy being with the people with warm hearts and talk about God and love for one another. I just feel sad that my own group is now being challenge because of our schedules. And I hope sooner or later, God will give us the way to start doing our regular household meetings.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Car For You

I think we are getting the new car. The agent will do something to make the monthly payment lower than what we are paying right now, and I can't believe they are this desperate for sales. Well, the new car is a great car and will make me more appealing. hahahahhaah!! Making someone growlllllll more!!! hahahhaha!!!

New house and a new car. Having a new home make her growl and seeing me with a new gorgeous car will make her growlllll more!!! hahahahha!!

I really think it is sooo stupid to be jealous of someone's material possession. Don't tell me it's not jealousy to see her "HATRED" after we moved to our house in Mississauga. Why will hatred cover her heart for someone's material things in life, while she have her own. Isn't that a work of a DEVIL? Why measure other people's life to compare to her life.

In the first place, she will never be aware about any thing that is happening in my life if she is not constantly visiting my blog. hahahahah!!! SHE IS SO SICK!!!

I will definitely post the picture of my new car on this blog specially for her hahahahahha!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Continously Loosing Weight

It's so funny to learn how stupid someone is. hahahahahha, hahahahhha, hahahah!!! Why will somebody get upset to hear me and others to loose weight? Oh my God!!! I can't believe someone is as bitter as this!!!

I will do another set of my 7 days diet next week as requested by a friend. It's hard but since I am so motivated, I think I can do it. I am not in a hurry, but I won't loose anything if I loose the weight that I want, earlier than I am expecting.

Anyway, I have not much things to do today. I will just have lunch with my kids today and go to the car dealer to see if I can get the new car only under my name. I am still thinking if I will agree to have hubby to sign up. hmmmm!!! Otherwise, I will just wait until the contract of my car is done then I will trade it with a small car. hmmmm, her eyes is wide open now!!!! hahahhahaha!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prettier Me Next Year

I am finally done with all the assignments from my newest sponsor, now I will be updating this blog about my daily thoughts and I am sure one pathetic person will continue reading this blog, simply because SHE IS SOOO DAMN PATHETIC about my life.

Well about my beauty, I am having some redness and few breakout on some part of my face due to the over application of the Post Acne Scar Gel. But the laser treatment for the deep scars are getting better each day. It is not yet noticable because the improvement is very minimal, but if you are someone who keeps staring at me to see the difference, I am pretty sure you have noticed the difference by now and you will see more as months go by.

I am also very happy with the weight I lost doing the 7 Days Diet with the Vegetable Diet Soup. Thanks to all the ladies who are as motivated as me, to loose weight and be healthy. Everything is imposible in loosing weight if you will keep yourself focus on your goal. It's just a matter of self-discipline.

With the improvement of my skin through the laser treatment and the gradual weight loos that I am doing, I can't wait to see a Prettier Me Next Year!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inventory As Capital

I used to dream big for my online business. I worked hard and I am getting there, but one day I realized that it's taking so much of my time that I have neglected my family. I have to stop the marketing campaign to slow it down, I have no plan to shut down my webstore or stop my online business in anyway, because my dream is still there.

Someday, at the right time, I will start working hard again for my business. And if that time comes, I will invest not only my time but money as well.

There are many financial companies who offer asset based lenders for small or big companies who need big accounts receivable and inventory as collateral. This has become a useful tool for many business that do not have enough capital. The result usually have more borrowing power than a traditional cash flow banking approach.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moisturizer For You

My skin looks a little bit dry due to the exfoliating properties of the skin care products that I applied two days ago. This is to speed up the laser skin remodelling treatment of the acne scars. Since my skin is exfoliating, I need a good moisturizer that will not clog my pores.

It is hard to find the right facial moisturizer if you have a sensitive and acne prone skin. So it is important to do a lot of research before trying any products. Expensive skin care products doesn't guarantee a good effect on your skin. The key is, finding the right skin care products that will suit your skin type. You can visit the link to learn more.

Monday, September 20, 2010

She Is So Stupid

My week has started again. I have a lot of things to do today and I hope I can finish them all. I need to pick up some ingredients to my supplier today and complete the 3 orders. I am not sure if I can pick up the new car today but I will try my best.

I think some of the people whom I thought have been visiting my blog, have stopped snooping around my blog. Only one desperate and pathetic woman who have nothing to do with her life, keeps on reading my blog and pathetically affected by it. HOW STUPID!!!

I don't care how much time you waste reading all my blogs. I don't care how you react, swing your head, sway your hips for it will definitely not effect on me. But to make me feel as if you want a fight or something, for nothing... just because you're being so paranoid about what you read, well then let's do it!!!

I will write whatever I want to write and if you will be affected by it, then that is your problem. GET LOST, YOU STUPID !!! Your name wasn't mentioned on any of my blogs so you have a big problem there!!! STUPID!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finding The Right Acne Products

Everyday I can see some improvement on my acne scars. The improvement is very small that some people may not recognized it. I am so happy how new technology can improve or even erase some physical imperfections.

I was told by my aesthetician that the lasers cannnot cure acne but it can help prevent from occuring. Laser alone is not enough to keep it from coming back so it is important to find and use the acne products. Everyone's skin is different from the other, so one that works for her might not work for you.

In my case, using products made from natural substances always work for me. It has mild ingredients so it's not harsh on my skin and prevent acne from coming back.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Effective Diet Pills

Me together with some ladies at work will start our 7 days diet. We will all start at at the same time and support each other if possible. I actually started this diet the other week but I did a lot of cheating that's why I only lost few pounds.

Dieting can be very very challenging, and it's even harder for people who are not fully motivated. Some may even have to take some diet pills because of lack of motivation to do the weight loss diet, naturally.

So if you are one of those who want to loose weight without the will to struggle with those long weight loss diet, try lipo6 hers black. I have done some research on the internet and it seems that this is a very good and effective diet product.

It's a serious fat burner where Nutrex needed extra insurance just to sell it, to make you feel comfortable taking it. It provides ingredients that are pretty effective at burning body fat

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Beauty and Weight Loss Mind

My mind is full of beauty thought for a couple of weeks now. I have started the laser treatment for my acne scars, and just waiting until the result comes out. I have another three treatments so it will take more time to see the big change on my skin.

I have also started my diet and will continue until I reached the desired weight that I want. The seven days diet works for me but it will be hard to some people who are used to eating big meals.

Loosing weight is just a matter of self-discipline but it can be hard for everyone. I am thinking that maybe, an appetite suppressants that work can be a big help to make the weight loss easier.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Counting The Days

Wow I got another two orders to process. I will be busy this weekend again. My business have been very slow, I dont know why all of a sudden, I am getting some orders. Well, I thank God for these as it will add up to my extra income.

The laser clinic took a picture of me before I had my first treatment and when I come back on October 8, I will have the second photo shoot to show the result of the treatment after 30 days. I will definitely post it here to show someone whom I know will deifinitely be bitter about it.

I am still thinking of showing it off to some people or maybe post it on youtube or on my facebook. I am not sure yet. But right now, I just want to keep everything to myself since the result is very minimal.

Oh, I forgot!! An ugly dood who is a big big fan of my blog also now this things... hahahahah!!! Have a great day ugly!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prettier Me

I've been busy for a couple of days now processing some orders. Today, I went to the laser clinic to have my facial treatment and payed the laser treatment package. My next laser treatment will be on October 8.

I was told that the improvement that I can see on my face right now is just minor. I will see the real transformation after the minimum of 30 days. And since I will have a series of 3 more treatments, I can imagine how my skin will look by early next year.

Nobody might noticed it by now since the scars are still there. I don't really care about what other may see it. All I care about is the gladness that I can feel and I will feel more in the following months.

Beside, I really think their eyes are now open about her ugly character which is even uglier than her ugly face. Bitter heart to everyone around her. Negative to be with. What do you expect, she is sooooo ugly!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Concealed Beauty Thoughts

I am sure that somebody is waiting for the update of this blog.. Oh well, nothing much to say but pretty busy with some phone calls.

About my laser treatment, I can see some uneven colors on my face and it's starting to exfoliate. What do you expect, laser is a slight radiation so a part of my skin was burned to get deeper treatment to boost the collagen and repair some damage cells. It will take time to see the big changes but I am getting there.

On Wednesday, I will have my facial treatment with some laser genesis boost to speed up the healing of the scars. I will also get a package of 3 for my acne scars laser treatments, to save more. Which means, that I will defintely have totally different complexion by next year. Weeeeee!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Learning About Car

My brother have been wanting to buy a car but unfortunately, he don't have his driver's license yet. He will have his road test next month and hopefully, he will pass the test.

Once he pass his driving test, he is planning to buy a Honda Civic. I told him to visit to learn more about different car informations and everything that he needs to know about owning car. As a new immigrant in North America, he should know the difference of having a car here and having a car back home.

In's Los Angeles auto repair webpage, I learned so many tips in driving. After many years of experience in driving, I only learned that frequent short trips, especially daily commutes can cause the engine oil to break down and have a shorter life because the car is not achieving normal operating temperature on a regular basis.

I also learned from this website about the importance of having the knowledge on where and when to replace my car's head gasket. It is always important to have good condition head gasket because running the vehicle when its coolant is low can cause car overheating.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Feeling Great

Ahaaaa, I know one person have been waiting for the update of this blog. So here goes;

Yesterday was quite busy for me. After I drop the kids to school, I just stayed at home and do some cleaning. Then I pick them up to have lunch. Before picking them again at 3:15pm, I went to my supplier to pick up some orders for the ingredients that I need for the two orders, so I was late for about 15 minutes because of the traffic. Then we went straight to hubby's work to pick up hubby and my brother at their work.

It was hard to drive because I was trying to avoid direct sunlight to my face and I tried make it as cool as it can inside the car.

Everyday, I can see some improvement on my acne scars. It's only the 2nd day and the improvement is amazing. I can't wait for one month after. I think I can go to work without any foundation on. I feel great!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy With The First Laser Treatment

Yepeeyyyy, I will be fine... I know I will... Few hours after the treatment, I can already see how my skin will turn after one month. It takes time for the new collagen filled fibroblast to reach the surface of the epidermis. I am happy!!! It's all worth the vain!! hahahaha

I never told anyone except for hubby, so now I will know who are the BIG FAN of my blog once someone open their mouth. So be careful UGLY!!! hahahaha!!! Don't expect me to tell the truth because I won't...hahahah!! why?

I dont have any plan to share my joy with people who will not be happy for me. People who will hate me for my happiness.... Don't bother to ask because you won't hear the truth!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Annoyed and Paranoid

I wasn't able to update this blog yesterday because I was busy being a mother. hehehhe.. Anyway, I guess someone or perhaps, some people are waiting for the update of my life and thoughts. So here goes;

It looks and feel pretty weird seing some gestures and look. Staring at me makes me think that they are probably waiting to see some changes or perhaps looking at the changes. And for some that don't stare or trying to avoid staring at me, makes me think that they are trying to make me think that they don't know anything about it. I am being paranoid!!! Waaaa!!! HELP!!!

Hearing someone's word "YOU WON'T HAVE TIME TO BLOG ANYMORE" makes me think, "who told you that I am still blogging all this time?"... If she is not one of those who talk about my life in blogging!!!!....

The funny thing is, the ugly face is totally trying to avoid acting stupid as she always does. Being so affected by my talent in blogging... bwahahahahah!!! SUFFER!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Time With My Godparents

I have so much gladness in my heart when I visited my Godfather Freddie with his wife Ninang Linda, who came from LA California. We treated them in Swiss Chalet and spend few minutes in Woodbine Racetrack and then brought them to our house to spend some time before bringing them to their friend's house.

We learned so much from our godparents and I really think God send them to us to open our minds to strenghten our marriage with God's blessings.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Forgive My Jealousy

I don't know why I am pissed to see those picture on my fb. Maybe I am jealous and I really need to stop this negative feeling because they are my friends. But I try not to act so bitchy about it because I know what I feel right now is not right.

I should be happy that they look happy and proud of themselves. This is probably one of the reasons why I am dying to loose weight and look good by having the laser treatment. I want to get rid of this pity jealousy over someone and the worst thing is, she is an old friend. I should be happy for her or for them. God Please Forgive Me!! Please help me remove this negative feelings for anyone.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Beauty Wishes

I wasn't able to come with hubby and my kids to Kimberly's guitar lesson because I still have to finish some household chores. I am now waiting for my cute hubby to pick me up so we can go to home depot to buy the vent that we need for our furnace. Then we also have to pick up Kimberly's contact lenses.

My mind is still pull of excitement and anxiety for the laser treatment next week. I am quite nervous while reading some of the review on the internet. Although there are more positive feedback than the negative, I am still praying that the treatment will not give me any bad result.

I am so happy how Murad have improved my skin. But I can still see those imperfection whenever I look in the mirror, wishing that those deep scars will go away. A 50% improvement from the laser treatment will make me very very happy.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Looking and Staring At Me

Ahhh she was trying to stare at me.. Hahahhaha.. Look and stare as long as you want, and see the difference by October. The improvement that you can see on my face is just because of topical skin care treatment. hahahahah!!! How much more after the laser treatment? STUPID!!!!

Anyway, the Direct Energy Technician is here right now to replace our furnace motor. I don't have to spend anything on this replacement, because it is covered by the plan I purchased with Direct Energy.. Everybody said, I am so smart for having this kind of plan!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Insurance Quotes Online

Our budget is so tight because of the moving expenses and yet, we still can't cancel the mortgage insurance with our bank because it has to stay together with our montly mortgage payment until the end of this month. So we have no choice but to pay another amount of mortgage insurance with them for this month.

The price of the mortgage insurance that we are paying is high because it covers a lot of things like the term life insurance and long term disability. However, I don't think it is necessary to have this coverage specially now that our budget is tight. We just need a simple mortgage insurance.

I tried the life insurance quotes online and I am so surprise how much I can save if I will only get a simple mortgage insurance.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quiet Life

It was another quiet life for me. Hope it will always be like this. People doesn't seem to care and I like that. I am tired of feeling like the center of the topic behind my back. I guess people are realizing how insecure she is... Her character is uglier than her ugly face..Her words are all nonsense.. Words that are just creating some negative actions that is making me feel famous...hahahaha!!!..

Anyway, I have nothing much to do today. I will just do my regular blog update and blog hopping.

I have three assignments for my three blogs from one of my sponsors and one from another, but I don't want to take any tasks right now, because it might be the big boss blog visitation anytime this week.