Friday, October 29, 2010

Enjoying My Dance While Buring Fats

Whuhhhhh!! I am done with all the assignments assigned from this blog. And my other blog is now taking all the new assignments. I am so happy and very thankful to my newewst sponsor. I really hope to get more assignments. Not only that I am making extra bucks from all these assignments, but I am also learning so much.
Anyway, I had so much fun learning all the moves of Juliane Arney's Hip Hop Cardio Workout yesterday. Her steps and moves are fun and easy to master. I will give it a couple of days and I am pretty sure that I can master it in no time and start to just have fun dancing while sweating my weight off.

I don't do any exercise during Fridays, but since I am so excited to learn all the dance moves from the 4 Dance Exercise DVD's that I bought, I will do Jennifer Galardi's Hip Hop Party today. I am so excited to learn all her moves and master all of them until I can just enjoy dancing with her everyday.

I lost 3.2 lbs this week with a total of 14.5 in 7 weeks. I can't beleive that I am getting back in shape this fast, and still be able to eat all the foods that I love to it. It's all about doing everything smartly. Having fun dancing and few minutes run at the gym.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful and Having Fun

I am getting more assignments here and there, so I am getting busier. This is not a complain, but a simple expresion of my JOY and Gratitude. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... so much....

Anyway, nothing much today. Just another tiring day but some simple things that gives me fun and joy. Just LIFE!!

I was suppose to do Petra Kolberg's Just Dance video today, but it's about 55 minutes which is quite long. So I will do it on the weekend and just do Juliane Arney's Hip Hop Cardio workout today.

I need to call the insurance today if I still have the energy after my workout.

Funeral Planning Website

I mentioned on one of my posts about finding an insurance that will provide a nurse when I get old. Because I don't want to be a burden to my kids due to my old age. So I am planning to buy this kind of insurance for me and my husband soon.

Having a nurse to take care of you when your old can be a big help for your family. So if there is an insurance that will provide a nurse care, there is probably an insurance that will provide a funeral planning. We all go there, and funeral expenses can be as expensive as the nurse care.

Ferrari Parts Online

Me and my kids were at the car showroom last weekend. While looking at all the sports car infront of us, hubby whispered, when he can have one of those luxury sports car.

Well it's not bad to dream, specially if you will make your dreams as an inspiration to a better future. Dreaming a luxury car is not bad, perhaps it can be a good inspiration to work harder to have one someday. As long as you are not stepping on anyone's feet, why not reach for your dreams.

Ferrari car is one of the sports car that I want to have someday. However, since it is expensive, expect the Ferrari parts to be expensive as well. Who knows? someday, God will provide us this kind of luxury things in life.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dancing Exercise Is My Thing For Fun

Woooooh!!! I did a total of 4 tasks today. I was supposed to do some bloghopping, but doing 4 tasks have eaten up my time. I need toget off the internet in few minutes to do some dancing.

I have tried Jennifer Gallati's Hip Hop Dancing yesterday and it was realy fun. I also watched some of the steps of Julliane Arney's Hip Hop dancing and I also find it more interesting to learn. Today, I will try to do the Kickbox Party video of Jeantte Jenkins as my exercise today. And tomorrow, I will dance with Petra Kolberg's Just Dance video.

I need to watch all of them to see if there is damage so I can send it back right away. But after watching all the 4 dance exercise videos, I will focus on one video for one week and move on to another one. I am interested to learn Juliane Arney Hip Hop steps for the whole week next week and move on to Jennifer Gallatis Hip Hop steps.


Dancing is my style of life of having a simple fun at home. Dancing To Sweat is my thing for fun!!! Can't you find your own fun?

Travel Vacation At Branson.

I am already saving some of the money I am making online for our vacation next summer. Somebody suggested me to have a summer vacation in Branson.

Branson is situated in Southwest Missouri, 35 miles south of Springfield and is rank 16th among all overnight leisure vacation destinations in the country.

Branson vacations travel website offers a 3 days, 2 nights vacation for as low as $49.00 which includes $50.00 for attraction tickets.

I will ask hubby to visit this travel website. Maybe he will also be interested to visit this place.

Waterproof Black Leather Boots Online

I will be sharing another interesting website with interesting products on this blog again. I just love sharing intereting website on all of my blogs. This allow me to share to everyone what are the new products that I am interested to buy, and where to buy it.

I just love this Privo Peggy Waterproof Black Leather Boots. It has an approximate 2 inches heel height with faux leather lining, rubber sole, waterproof nubuck or leather/nubuck upper, EVA midsole, metal stud detail, stitching accents, soleassage, Footbed Model # 37664. It is available in hunter nubuck color. Lovely footwear for winter.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thankful For Assignments, Happy For Dance Videos

Yepeyyy, about 3 new assignments from my newest sponsor and this time, it is for my blog that I just recently submitted to them. Geeeee, thank you so much!!! I really hope that these blessings will continue to pour.

I just came home from my family doctor's clinic because I felt one small cyst on my left breast yesterday, so I called my doctor right away to set an appointment.

Then when I came home from the doctor, the 4 dance exercise videos that I ordered was right infront of my door. I was so excited, so I tried following some of the steps for few minutes. I only have few minutes so even if I wanted to finish the hip hop dance video, I have to stop because I have to do at least one assignment.

Futon Cover Online

I finally found a store where I can buy a slipcover for my futon bed and for my living room set. And as I was shopping around this website, I realized that they sell their futon cover for a very affordable price. I will definitely bookmark this website and come back when my budget is ready to buy some slipcover.

Our budget is very tight right now. We will probably have good budget flow by next year. I have been looking for a seatcover for my futon bed and I just can't seems to find any at the store.

This is what I love about online shopping, you find anything on the internet. And most of the time, you will be surprise with their low prices.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stupidly Getting Old

I just finished two assignments and I really had fun doing it. I just love all the assignments that they are giving me. It's all worth the time.

Anyway, nothing much for today. I feel better now so I guess I can start running at the gym tonight. I actually had my 30 minutes dance yesterday and it made my fever better than lying down on the bed the whole day. It made me sweat which made me feel better after.

I was looking at the photos again of some people in my fast. The more I see them pausing like an idiot, the more I realized that we all have to be cautious of what we wear as we age.. hhhahahahah!!!

Custom Made Photo Holiday Card Online

I have moved to our new home for a couple of months now and I still haven't send my friends and relatives our new home address. I have planned to create a photo change address card many times, but just can't seems to find the time. I am thinking of just buying a custom made photo holiday cards online for friends and relative.

I want a personalized greeting card that are customized with photos of my choice. I saw one website where I can choose a photo to print on the card. I can send a black and white photo, or a sepia tone or they can add a unique effect to our photos. I will visit this website again soon.

Online Shopping For Laminated Flooring

I am happy with the laminated floor on our main floor, however, I am a bit worried about how long will the laminated floor on our basement will last, because our Golden Retriever Dog stays there the whole day and night. Laminated floors really made our basement looks neat and clean, but I sometimes wish we should have tile flooring instead because we have a dog.

When I learned that laminated floors are the easiest to installed, my worries starts to fade. I felt more relax when I learned about website where they sell different laminated flooring including pergo laminated. They offer quality and cheap laminate flooring. Plus, they can provide free shipping too.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Start Of My Week

It's Sunday once again and I have to go back to work tonight. I am still not feeling well but I will try my best to go to work. I might come early to work because I promise someone that I will come to work early to run on the treadmill with her. But I might not run because I don't feel strong enough yet.

I might bring my kids to shopping after the church to buy them few clothes. Then I will go to bed early to prepare myself for another busy night at work.

I just finished this one small order and I will mail it today or tomorrow.

I was a bit disappointed not to recieve the 4 dance exercise video last Friday. I was expecting to recieve it last week because the first order arrived in 5 days. I am so excited to start learning the dance moves from the DVD. I hope I will get it this week.

Weighing Scales Online

I don't weigh myself on the weekend because I know that I will just be frustrated. But I always weigh myself during the week days specially that I am on my weight loss diet. The weighing scale that I have at home is old and it's not accurate. I have to weigh myself at work to see the progress of my weight loss. I need to buy a new weighing scale.

I am looking on the internet and I saw huge selection of weighing scales at They provide name brand scales and balances at discount was stated on their website that they have been selling weighing systems since 1939. So they must have known what customers want.

Online Shopping For Bathroom Sink

I am happy with the powder room on our main floor, but not quite with the master bathroom on the second floor. This is one area in our house that I want to change. However, this might not happen in few years because there are other parts of our house that needs more attention, like the fence, garage and the kitchen. But it's good to look around and get some idea on how much I should spend.

I just love this bathroom sink that I saw on the internet few minutes ago. It is so neat and stylish. This website that I just visited have a huge selection of bathroom products from tubs and toilets to faucets and shower kits to bath vanities, countertops, mirrors, medicine cabinets and many more. All are lovely and well designed.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I am Sick Today

I am sick. My body is aching all over. I can't do my regular dance exercise. I really hope I will feel better tomorrow so I can still go to work. However, I can't do my 10 minutes run at the gym because my body might still feel weak by then.

I feel so sick last night while watching "Paranormal Activity 2" with my kids at the theater. But I tried to get up because I want to make sure that I spend quality time for my kids during the weekend.

Saturday is a busy day for us because my twins have separate music lesson class. So I have to stay at the mall while waiting for them to finish their music lesson. It will be hard for me today because I am sick and I am having a terrible headache and body pain. Hubby will go to work for overtime today so I have no choice but to do this on my own.

Steel Garage Building Online

I am thinking of getting my RSSP next year for steel building. We need a l or 2 Car Steel Garage for our car. It could be a RV or a steel frame home.

Crown International Steel Building Systems trussless, pre-engineered Steel buildings, are perfect protectors. They provide a special steel alloy to provide lifelong durability, with a 35-year guarantee. The engineering of their metal buildings features a unique corrugation that reinforce steel beams for strength that channels away snow and rain.

I am very interested. I will see if I can have this next year

Blackheads Treatments Online

Although I am very happy with how my skin care products have eliminated the constant production of my blackheads, I am still making sure that my skin is always clean to avoid any new blackhead or whiteheads. I am very prone to this because I have a very oily skin.

Going to a facial salon is very expensive and I really don't have the budget for a regular facial treatment, that's I do my simple facial cleaning at home using the right skin cleaning products to keep my skin always clean. The best way to get rid of blackheads is to get a good blackhead treatments and be consistent in using them.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Exercise With Petra Kolberg

I am having so much fun dancing with Petra Kolberg with this exercise video. That's why I included another exercise video of her on my last order. I love her personality which is so motivating to learn all the moves.

This exercise video of Petra Kolberg focuses on the core area without doing any floor exercise. All just simple dance moves like salsa, cha cha and party dancing. I just love it. Time fly so fast and I didn't know that I am sweating like a pig.

I still go to work early to have at least 10 minutes treadmill run. Because running burns more fats in a short period of time. This will also give me a good start in running, because I am planning to do outdoor run next summer.

Remove Pimples

I am using this one acne product for more than 3 years, but after my last surgery where my left ovary was removed, this acne product started giving my skin some bad reactions. It made my skin so dry which is giving me more pimples and acne.

It is truly frustrating to find the right acne product that will work for you. I spend a lot of money and time just trying to find the right product for me. Professional help may not be the answer. Sometimes, the cheaper product will surprisingly work for you. The best way to remove pimples is to find the right skin care product.

Anti Wrinkle Lotion Online

The skin care products that I am using right now works both for acne and wrinkle. I don't have that much problem with wrinkles since I am an asian. However, the acne and wrinkle solution that I am using contain some ingredients that can boost the production of collagen to help speed up the healing of those deep acne scars after the laser treatment for my acne scars.

Since I have a combination skin of oily and dry skin, I need something that will control the production of oil to reduce acne breakout and at the same time, moisturize my skin.

Always remember that an anti wrinkle lotion must contain an ingredient that will help to produce collagen and elastin to eliminate wrinkles.

Loosing Few Pounds

Yay, I lost few weight this week but then, all my clothes are getting looser that I can wear some of my old jeans already. Ahhhh, whatever,!!!! loosing inches is more important to me because noone can see how much is my weight anyway! Beside, loosing both inches and weight always go together. Once you loose inches, your weight will follow and vice versa. So I will continue whatever I am doing now. I will just increase my activity each to continue to loose weight.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

My problem area eversince is by belly fat. I heard that belly fats are also known as stress fat. I find it somewhat true that's why I try not to stress myself as much as possible. I dance and watch movie or listen to my favorite music whenever I am stress. And most of all, I write or blog about my stress.

There's a lot of informations that you can get on the internet on how to get rid of belly fat. I try to get as many informations as I can and apply some of it on my daily living. I take the most natural way as possible and see how it works for me. So far everything is working well on me. I am seeing a lot of improvement on my core area while I am loosing weight.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank You To My Newest Sponsor

I am taking a break today, for doing some assigned tasks from my newest sponsor because I have another batch of assignments that will keep me busy again for the following days. GEEEEE!! I wish I can announce who is this newest sponsor that I have been talking about, but unfortunately I can't.

I want to take this opportunity to THANK my newest sponsor (I am sure you know who you are). I am very happy for all the assignments that you are giving me. Not only that I am making extra bucks from my simple hobby of blogging, but for giving me the chance to give my readers some informative products and services online.

Rest assure, that I will continue to use the right keywords and keywords phrases so I can target the right traffic for each post.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Acne Treatment That Works

It is really hard to find skin care products that will work for you, because everyone have different types of skin. One work for her may not work for you. It's is frustrating to buy and try different skin care products only to find out that it only cause more skin problem at the end.

My acne have been healed by one famous acne products but I realized that skin condition change as we age, so I started having some bad reactions to the products even if I have been using it for a long time.

If you want to find an acne treatment that works, you can visit because they provide Acne Products Reviews, Advice and Information on Acne and Leading Acne Products.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Having Fun Dancing At Home

I have two phonecalls to make today and after that, I will do my daning following 30 minutes of Petra Kolber and 10 minutes Kathy Smith's abs workout DVD. I am having so much fun learning the dance moves of Petra Kolber. Her attitude is very motivating which makes the time fly so fast. I can't wait to receive another 4 Dance DVDs and start learning some new dance moves particularly hip hop dancing steps.

I'd rather exercise inside my house. I don't have to travel to go to a workout gym. I will simply insert the dvd and start sweating. I love dancing, that's why it's fun for me. I can memorize the steps in less than a week and just have fun doing it.

I am so happy that I am continously loosing weight. I will loose as many weight as I can. So if you have anytthing NEGATIVE to say about my personal daily activities and personal goal in life, then SUCK IT UP!!! INGGIT KA LANG !!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Textbooks Online

I am so happy that my kids love to read books. It's actually their hobby and they love visiting the libraries and bookstores. They also love to shop to different bookstores online.

I found this new online bookstore to shop and I will definitely let my kids know about it. They provide the latest and greatest brands of textbooks at great prizes. They also have millions of products ranging from computer hardware and software to electronics, cellular, books, movies, music, sporting goods and more, with 24/7 open store, all year long.

Exercise Videos For Fun Fitness

I finally received the two exercie videos that I ordered online yesterday and I am so excited to try them. I have a lot of exercise videos at home but it's getting boring to do the same exercise moves every now and them. I need new exercise videos to keep me motivated to do my regular exercise. I have no time to go to the gym so I find doing exercise following videos more time saving and it's fun.

I ordered these two videos that focuses on the core area because it's my problem area. I will be ordering some Dance Exercise Videos maybe next month to make my exercise more fun.

Whether I am loosing weight or not, I do my exercise 3 to 4 time a week to keep my body from stiffness, keep me energize and to give me a good sleep. And since I am on my weight loss diet, I have to do at least 20 minutes exercise EVERYDAY!!

Most of my videos are about 45 to 60 minutes long which is quite long for my busy life. So I need to order 3 to 4 time saving 30 to 45 minutes Dance exercise videos, because I only have few time saving exercise vidoes here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finance Job For Business

I had some confusing moments with Canada Tax Revenue last week with regards to my online business filing for Reatil Sales Tax. As you see, since July 2010, Canada Retail Sales Tax doesn't exist anymore. Instead, all business should file their taxes under Harmonized Sale Tax. It was confusing because I keep receiving notice of ratail sales tax filing for a couple of months now. And I have to call them back and forth to make things clear with regards to this matter. But at the end, they made it clear to me that it was at their end's error why I keep recieving those letters.

I wish I have an accountant who can do this job for me because I am not really good on this. But my business is just a small business and I registered it just to make sure that I am on the legal side.

A business that is making more than CAD$30,000.00 should file their monthly HST. And since my business is not making that much income, I can just include my sales when I file my personal income tax next year. This means I don't need any finance job with any accounting firm at this time. But I am hoping that someday, I will need this kind of service for my business.

Online Shopping For Solid Ink Sticks

I have been wanting to make a special designed label with my business logo for my products, but I just didn't have the time. As I've said before, my online business is not my priority anymore. My mind is more focus on my family and to my health. But this doesn't mean that I will neglect everything that I have worked hard for my business. It is still at the back of my head, that someday, I will start working with my online business again until all my dreams come true.

I sometimes play around with my label creator software. I love creating different digital designs. Once I save enough money, I will buy the Media Sciences Xerox Phaser 8560, 8560MFP Solid Ink Sticks 4 Magenta (108R00724). With Media Sciences I can save more money in choosing color printer supplies. It is safe, risk free choice when using their products, and they offer the strongest warranties.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Weight Loss

I got another order and the two orders I just received the other day have not been shipped yet... Waaaa, I am busy!!! I still have few more phonecalls to make.. My goodie!!!

Anyway, I am so happy that I am continously loosing weight by following the advice of the weight loss challenge at work. I am happier doing this diet because I can still eat the foods that I love to eat. The 7 days diet is to clean the sytem and should be followed by eating the right foods for life.

Funny but some people think that I am not on a diet anymore because they see me eating carbs. People should realized that weight loss diet is actually a lifestyle change or eating habit change. As I've said before on one of my posts, I have neglected so many things in my life including my health for quite a long time now, because of my addiction in blogging and on my online business. I am wide awake now and I am trying to get back on my feet in facing the reality of life. Weight loss shouldn't be a long term sacrifice. It's simply eating the right food and being more active.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Health Care Insurance Online

My kids are growing up so fast. They are taller than me which makes me feel that I am not getting any younger anymore.

When we visited our cousins in Seattle, Washington last year, my aunt told me about her health care insuranc were the benefits includes a private nurse to take care of her when she reach the old age. She don't want to be a burden to her children so she decided to purchase this kind of health care insurance.

I was loooking for this kind of health insurance and thinking of purchasing this kind of health insurance for me and my husband. I came across the ssdi website and I will find out if they offer this kind of health benefits.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting In Good Shape

I am looking at some of the pictures of my high school classmates and most who are in good shape, because they lost weight, are so proud to post their pictures to show off that after all these years, they are still in good shape. I don't mind looking at it, as long as they are not posting photos wearing half naked unless their body is really in good shape... lols.. But mennnn, some are so trying hard to look sexy showing their tree shape whole body... lols..

Well anyway, this made me more inspired to continue to change my eating lifestyle to continue to loose weight. I am not in a hurry since I still have 9 weeks to go for the Weight Loss Challenge, at work. And I also have about 2 months to go for all the parties that I will be attending.

I am not trying to compete to anyone, but I also want to make sure that I am not a looser on this matter... hahahah!!! I will definitely make myself in good shape too.. hahahahah... But to look as trying hard as some of them...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Laptop Insurance Online

I am planning to buy my kids their own laptop on boxing day as my Christmas gift for them. I am thinking if I need to purchase a laptop insurance since laptop is very sensitive. This way I don't have worry if something goes wrong after the store and manufacturer warranty expires.

Getting a laptop insurance is perfect for parents who want to insure their children's laptop will be replaced if stolen or damaged. This is also good for schools, administrators and staff who want to insure their school issued laptop will be securely replaced or fixed when damaged.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brithday Gifts For Hubby

We bought a gift for hubby last Friday afternoon. My kids were very excited to give the gift to their father.

My hubby love perfume so I thought of buying him this "Sexual Perfume" Fresh scent. It comes with two free soaps and an After Shave. It's a lovely gift for man. He love it!!

Then after Kelly's piano lesson, we bought him a birthday cake. It's a strawberry shortcake. We all love it!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fashionable Sweaters Online

It's getting cold but I am glad that the weather yesterday and this weekend is awesome. I just wore t-shirt but I have to wear some sweaters during the night.

I am so happy that I am continously loosing weight. The weight I am loosing is getting slower since I already lost a lot of weight during the first 3 weeks. But my clothes are getting looser every week.

Even if the dropping of my weight is getting slower, this won't stop me to continue doing what I have been doing until I reach my weight goal. Loosing weight is actually a lifestyle change.

I am dreaming of wearing these sexy and fashionable sweaters soon.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What A Busy Friday

It was a very very busy day. I had my second laser treatment at 10am then I pick up my kids early at school because they want to go with me to buy gift for their father. So we went to The Bay to buy hubby a perfume for his birthday. Then we ate lunch at the food court and wen't home.

Our dog ripped off hubby's paycheck. Grrrrr!! Now we have to wait until Tuesday for the replacement of the check.

After we pickep up hubby to his work, we ate at Mcdonald. Now hubby will go to the bank to open his new personal account, while I wait here at home. We will go to our Insurance agent for our mortgage insurance at 5:30 pm. What a Friday!! My face is sooo red!!! waaaa

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What A Gay

I just created a wonderful new mineral makeup formula. I love it's sheen and glow and it's very light However, my face look white so I added few more colors this morning to blend well on my skin tone. I don't want to look like a trying hard to be white skinned, like someone I know, who look desperate to look light skinned. ULIKBA NAMAN!! hahahha and beside whatever color her skin is, she still look ugly!!

The other day, before I go to work, I saw her husband. I really think it's gay for a man to collaborate with his wife's women's fight. WHAT A GAY!! What can I say, he is a chronic gossiper. WHAT A GAY!!

Anyway, I don't have much things to do today. I am just waiting for the payment confirmation from one international customer's order. After the payment confirmation, I will start ordering some of the ingredients that I will need for her order.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Worries For Busy Weekend

I had a funny conversation with a friend. It sound so mean but somehow she is quite true about criticizing someone. Dress for the occasion!! Sometimes, over dressing makes us look stupid, no matter how expensive the outfit is. Thinking that someone might be jealous of what we wear, sometimes makes us stand out to be a laughing topic. Oh well, people are people. You cannot really please everyone!!!

Anyway, I still have few phonecalls to make for re-scheduling some appointments. I really hope everything will be okey before the end of this week. Damm, we are so busy.!!

I will have my second laser treatment on Friday morning. My face will be so red and I have to attend to two appoinments in the afternoon. Geee!!! I hope the sun won't be up on Friday, otherwise I will be hiding my face here and there again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Best Wholesale Insurance Online

I already cancelled the mortgage insurance from our mortgage bank last week, because it is too expensive. I have to wait for 3 months after the closing date of the house before I can cancel the mortgage insurance, so I have no choice but to pay that very expensive insurance for 3 months.

I talked to our car and home insurance agent yesterday, and she gave me the monthly premium quote for our mortgage insurance. I've been in this insurance company for many years now, and is one of the cheapest and reputable insurance company here in west Toronto area. But I still want to make sure that I am getting the cheapest and the best insurance so I thought of shopping around for Wholesale Insurance on the internet to compare each insurance quotes online.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Off From 7 Days Diet

My busy week started again. I have some phonecalls to do for pre-authorized payment transfer to our new bank, like insurance etc...

I have two more assignments to do from my newest sponsor but they gave me enough time to finish it, so I am posting my regular daily thoughts for now.

I am off from my 7 days diet this week and will just do the advice of the person from the gym at work. The 7 days diet is very effective but draining my energy. So I thought of doing the advice at work, which sounds more healthier since it is balance diet, and see how much weight I will loose this week.

I have not much things to share for today. I just thought of doing the update of this blog incase one pathetic reader is waiting for it. hehehehh!!! It's good to know that someone is pathetically waiting to know what is happening to my daily life.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Supplement For Healthy Joints

I am so happy that I am loosing weight, doing my 7 days diet with the vegetable diet soup. I have lost a lot of weight with this diet plan, in a short period of time, which drained my energy for the last couple of days last week. That's why I decided to stop this 7 days diet this week for a while.

I lost a lot of weight and I think I need a good supplement to make sure that my body, most specially my joints, have enough nutrients while loosing weight. Most supplements don’t have the right amount of vitamins and minerals that our body really needs. I am now doing a research to make sure that I am taking the right msm dietary supplement for weight loss for healthy joints.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Skin, New Weight, New Clothes

It's been more than more than than 4 years since I started blogging publicly. My addiction in blogging gets worst when I learned that I can make money from it. My time in front of my computer takes even longer when I started my own online store selling my own line of products.

Since then, I have neglected a lot of things in my life particularly my health and beauty. Because of my busy life, I stopped watching what I eat and stop exercising, making me gained a lot of weight. I sleep less and I have stopped taking care of myself, making my acne get worst everyday. Then I woke up one day, that my life is starting to be a mess.

I am back on my feet now. But this doesn't mean that I will stop my love for blogging and my passion in creating and selling my own natural cosmetics and mineral makeup. But this time, I will focus on more important things in life. My health and my family.

I am now undergoing a series of laser treatments to heal and remodel those acne scars to give me new skin. I am also on my weight loss diet and I am so happy to start wearing some of my old jeans. I still have about 10 to 15 more pounds to loose and I am so motivated to loose all of it.

Since I am loosing and will loose more weight, I need to buy new clothes for this cold weather. I am thinking of buying new sets of cardigan sweaters after I reach my desired weight.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy Mind

I had a headache this morning so I went to bed soon as I get home from dropping kids to school. It's probably because of lack of sleep and loosing too much weight in just two weeks. So I guess I will take a break from my 7 days diet this coming week, and just stay on the balance diet for a while, as what we were adviced at work's weight loss diet challenge. I will see if I will continue to loose weight doing their advice. The 7 days diet is too fast and I have 10 weeks to loose the weight that I was adviced to loose. I have enough room to loose these extra pounds.

Anyway, we have few things to do today. I will pick up my kids early and we will pick up hubby after. Then we will go straight to the bank while waiting for my father's call from the airport for his arrival from the Philippines. I will see if we can eat a quick snack somewhere before picking up my father at the airport.

I have bulk of laundry to do that I wasn't able to do the whole week because of my busy busy week. I hope I can finish all the household chores this weekend before my busy days at work begins.

I also have some pending assignments to do from my sponsors, so I might start doing it tonight after taking a lot of rest. I need to freshen my brain so I can do all these tasks perfectly. Winding this up for now... Are you happy reading my thoughts now UGLYYYYY!! ?