Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The New Me

After loosing about 18 pounds in less than 3 months, I found new self-confidence that gives me an enormous joy. Followed by a profound wisdom I gained from the Marriage Enrichment Retreat with my lovable and cute husband, which gave me so much love, peace and wisdom in my heart. Here is the new me,

Sure, there will be more trials and challenges that I will face on my day to day living, but with God beside me, I am sure I will get it all on the right path.

And for those who still can't find love and peace, prayers and finding God will keep you from feeling bitter and jealous for my happiness..

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

I am very very happy with the improvement of my skin from the laser treatment. The scars are still there but, the improvement have changed so much, in and out of me. But since we had our Retreat, I was having few pimple breakout. I guess because I wasn't able to do my regular facial deep cleaning lately.

The schedule of the retreat was so tight giving me no time to do my regular beauty routine. Then the following days were pretty hectic also, giving me no choice but to skip some of my beauty routine which gives me few blackheads and whiteheads that eventually turned into pimples.

For those who are looking for a solution on how to get rid of blackheads on nose, click on the link and it will take you to the website to learn more.

Happier Than Ever

I was busy yesterday that's why I wasn't able to update any of my blogs. I still have few phone calls to make, but I need to update my blogs first and of course, do some of my assignments.

I was busy facebooking for a ocuple of days now. I am happier to socialized on my facebook eversince I deleted some of the people I knew from my high school days. I guess I really did the right thing on deleting them. I have now inner peace and joy by avoiding those silly conversations and pictures.

I know someone have been waiting for some of my pictures since she can't see my pictures on my facebook anymore. hahahah!! I will soon be posting some of my pictures on this blog... lols.. So what out for it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Find Good Water Filter

I need to replace the filter of our water filter. But I don't know what company to contact because the previous owner of this house forgot the name of the water filter company. The water is getting slower which tells me that it has to be clean.

We use to buy bottle of water for our everyday water consumption. We saved a lot by using water filter and we don't have too much recycle to throw each week.

Having water filter is very important for saving money and keeping my family safe from drinking dirty water.

If I can't find the company of our water filter, I might just get a new water filter so I need to find a good distributor water filter to make sure that I will purchased a good quality water fiter.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tempting Looks and Gestures

Temptation always comes in the way because evil always comes in where joy and peace are in place. He is sooo gorgeous that I feel like melting down everytime he flirts on me. I feel so flattered the way he look at me and how much more, hearing him say words that can turn my world around. But nooooo, I love hubby and my kids so much.

Another tempting looks and gesture from one filipino, that is so flaterring for an aging women to be treated as someone who still have the sex appeal.hahahhaha!!! Trying to find way is I am someone who can be thrown to sin.. Love hubby so much!!

Raising the eyebrows of someone ugly who is always reading my blog!!!! All I can say to you UGLY is .... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Inner Joy and Happiness

Yeppeeeeeyyyyyy!! Another set of assignments to make me busy again for a couple of days. Meaning more money to receive on my paypal account. Thank you, thank you, thank you... and you know who you are!!

I am so happy about everything that is happening into my life. First, the marriage enrichment retreat that me and hubby attended last weekend, have changed so much of our point of views. Me and hubby learned so much in the name of God.

There are also some problems that me and my family are facing right now and as the time goes buy and with the powerful prayers of my fellow brothers and sisters of CFCFFL, I can see a bright light ahead of us. With all these blessing, I am thinking of asking hubby to sponsor at least one couple per year, to attend the marriage retreat.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Continous Weight Loss

I was so busy yesterday that I wasn't able to update any of my blogs. I have to rush one order because I wasn't able to shipped it on time since my online store provider didn't send me an order notification.

I ate much yesterday and I feel guilty about it. I am not aiming to win the weight loss challenge but it would be nice to win the game. Being able to loose weight is already a win win goal for me and, winning the fun game is something that I will be very very happy to achieve.

I increase the intensity and the time of my run at the gym. And today, I will add more challenge to my dancing routine. After my 30 minutes dance, I will add 20 minutes abs workout.

The weight loss challenge will end soon, but I will still continue my weight loss diet because I want to loose more weight. However, I am not going to make it as fast as I am doing it right now. I will do it as slowly as I can.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Online Shopping For Surveilance Camera

Me and hubby attended the Marriage Enrichment Retreat since Saturday morning and went home Sunday afternoon. So we were out of the house for one and a half day, living our kids in the house with their grandfather. Not that I don't trust my kids, but while we were out of the house, I keep thinking what were they doing. So I thought maybe, it will be good if I have a hidden camera somewhere in the house so I can see them when I am not at home.

I didn't know that Esource sell different kinds of cctv cameras. I like this 2.4GHz wireless colour kit because it has added security for home and business. It has a built-in microphone and an infrared LED. It is weatherproof for it is good both for indoor or outdoor use.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smile and Laugh. I Feel Great

I feel so tired yesterday after the extraction of the cyst's water on my left breast. It's actually not painful. It was just my regular body exhaustion that made me feel so tired. I felt that my body needs some rest so, I went to bed and have a good sleep the whole day. I didn't do my regular dance exercise and didn't run at the gym, as well, yesterday. WHY?, because my body needs some rest.

I will definitely do latin dancing today plus about 20 minutes ab workout.. And I will also run tonight at the gym. My body have enough rest yesterday, so I am ready to sweat.

Run and Dance; brown rice instead of white rice; veggies and fruits and a little bit of meat; never deprived myself with the foods that I love to eat but watching the portion and not eating them like there is no tomorrow; ease on carbs; great smile and laugh everyday... I feel great!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Best Sleep Aid

Yesterday, I accompanied my twins to their dentist. I was just sitting at the clinic for more than one hour and I am so bored that I really want to get it done because I have so many things to do at home. I am glad that I still was able to do my 30 minutes exercise.

And today, I went to my doctor to remove the cyst's water on my left breast. I am having a headache since last night, so I won't be able to do my dance exercise today. I will just run an extra time tonight at the gym.

Exercising gives me a good sleep but there are days that I am really having a hard time sleeping. This is the hardest part of working on a night shift. It's really hard to sleep during the day. I am trying not to take any sleeping pills because some of them can be harmful or addictive. So If I am going to can any sleeping pills, I will make sure to take the best sleep aid.

, but sometimes

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fun and Busy Weekend

After the last night of the new member of CFCFFL, we went to one of our friend's house to watch the fight of Pacquiao. It was a fun night watching our fellow filipino won the boxing fight again. He is truly the Filipino pride. We arrived home at 2am.

This morning, I did my laundry while doing my dance exercise. Then I did a quick clean of the whole house. I still feel energized so I was able to attend the mass without feeling sleepy. Then as usual, we did the grocery.

It was my sister-in-law's birthday yesterday so she bought few take out food for everyone at home. it is already 3pm and I still feel alive and full. But I need to go to bed now because I will to work tonight. I don't think I can go to the gym to run because hubby used the car to go to his part time job. But I will still wake up early and just hope that he can come home early so I can go to my work early to run at the gym.

Mecanudo Cigars As Christmas Gift

I will be attending to a lot of Christmas parties in the following weeks, which require to bring Christmas gift or an exchange gifts. So I am already shopping around to give me a good christmas gift idea. I want to bring something unique this time.

I was looking at this website the sells macanudo cigars. This kind of cigars are America's most-requested premium cigar. It has mild, aromatic and easy to draw. They are handcrafted shade wrappers that has a special silky texture. This can be a lovely and unique christmas gift.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fun Yet Boring Dance Video

I already recieved the 3 videos that I ordered last week. However one of them was the worng dvd so I have to wait for them the correct dvd so I can send back the wrong dvd at no expense to me.

I had fun working out with Doona Richardson's Old Hip Hop party video but I find it a little boring because there is not much challenge. But the moves are all cute but she didn't focus much on putting all togther the dance steps to make it a little challenging to make the time flies. I need to make it more challenging on my own pace so I can sweat a lot.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Beauty Goal On The Go

I am a little bit bothered thinking about how they are reacting or what are they saying about me with regards to deleting them on my facebook list. It's freaky not to hear or know what are they thoughts about it. I just hope that this will not grow like a big fire!! lols..

Anyway, I lost another 1.4 lbs. Somebody was .2lbs ahead of me and I feel more challenged to loose more weight to win this fun game... Hahahahha!!

Oh well, since there will be no more reunion, I am not going to hurry about having a juvederm treatment, however, I still want a consultation so I will know how much money I need to save. As I've said before, whether there is a reunion or not, my beauty goal is always on the go!! hahahahha

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sadness For My Youth Moments

I finally recieve two assignments after few days of not getting any, Geee, Thanks!! I am starting to worry already, but God is good.

Anyway, I am sad about some lost somewhere in my heart. But what can I do, I find it too silly to follow their stupid ways. But I am sad that everything that I am preparing for, are all gone. It is late to show everyone that I am out of my shell of bitterness. I am happy now and happier everyday, and they are all gone. But thinking how it will go, I guess it will always end up the same way.. Stupid competition somewhere!!

What have I learned?.. Just stay away from people that dont like you, and you don't like. Stop forcing yourself to be nice to people that you don't like and dont like you. Once you sense a competition, stop and focus on what makes you happy!!

High School days are the most memorable pace of my life. But I have to accept that those days are gone and we all have grown up to be different people!! Our youth have passed. I am sad that some have to cling on the bitter than the happy moments of our youth.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No More Reunion But Still On Beauty Goal

I was so stressed yesterday because of my decision to delete some people on my FB. I realy can't stand their annoying and stupid posting of pictures and conversation. It is stressful to me because some of them are my real friends from high school. But I guess I have to accept that, things have changed.

Anyway, I am so happy with the new progress of my skin in just few days after the third treatment. The burned color from the laser is starting to fade and is giving me a little rosy cheek effect. I really hope that the rosy effect will stay that way.

I am also happy about the progress of my weight loss. However, the reason of my laser treatment and weight loss plan is in preparation of our reunion next year. But things didn't turn out well for everyone. So I guess there will be no more reunion.

But this will not stop me from continuing my weight loss until I reach size 8.. I also have one more laser treatment and I will definitely continue to look good, with or without the reunion.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wanting To Show Off

I had my laser treatment yesterday and it is more painful this time because they increase the intensity of the light beam to penetrate deeper on my skin. So more improvement to expect with the following week. And guess what? in just a few hours I can see some imrovement already.

I want to go to work with a red face to show if off!! But looks like the redness is starting to subside. It can be hidden with makeup already. Oh well, no one knows about it but one pathetic person who constantly snooping on my daily living through my blog.

Anyway, I will do my one hour dance exercise after updating my blogs, then do my cleaning, then prepare to attend the mass. I need to buy something for our potluck at work tonight. I might just buy a cake.

Hahahahaha, you think this eating parties will ruin my weight loss diet? Only smart people can do it. I am smart and this holiday parties will not be the reason to stop my continous weight loss. I will continously loose weight until I reach size 8 or even less

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Third Laser Treatment And Running At The Gym

Today I am going to have my third laser treatment. My face will be so red so I ask hubby to do some outdoor activities that I do every Saturday until I feel comfortable. But I will still try to attend the CFFL service tonight even if my face is still red. I will just cover it with my mineral makeup.

My appointment will be at 8:30 so I still have ample time to do my daily dance exercise. I will be starting my weight lifting workout today to speed up my weight loss. Also, I don't have to wake up every afternoon to pick up my kids to school because I taught them how to ride the public bus. I can now go to work early to run at the gym. hahahahahhahahah!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Run and Dance For Sexy Me!!!

Hubby bought the bus tickets that we will use today to teach my kids to ride the public bus when they go home from school. This way, I will have enough sleep everyday. I won't get so tired when I wake up early to go to the gym to run.

I am thinking of buying my own treadmill on boxing day so I can run for as long as I want and with the time and day that I want, inside my own house. hahahahhaha!!! I will definitely reach size 8 or even size 6 of clothes this time. Be skinnyyyyyy!! and sexyyyyy!!!

Dancing is so fun for me, but few minutes run can burn more fats so I need a treadmill so I can run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance. run and dance,run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance, run and dance... bwahahahahahahah!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Loving The Mother In Me

I wasn't able to update any of my blogs yesterday because we have a short power outage in our area yesterday. Also, I went to the clinic for my breast ultrasound and mammogram. I just hope there is nothing serious with the small bump that I consulted with my doctor the other day.

I will not go to work tonight because I need to bring my kids to the dentist, and then I have to pick them up later this afternoon at school because they have some kind of french cafe activities that they are required to stay at school until later afternoon. Hubby can't pick them up since he have to go to his part time job. I have no choice but to use my vacation so I can oick them up.

Everything for my kids... I love being a mother and this is the most wonderful thing that ever happen to my life.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun Money And Fitness

I did a lot of posts last month because my newest sponsor showered me with so many extra tasks and I am very thankful for that. I really hope to recieve more assignments this month.

I also shipped the two orders yesterday, before I pick up my kids to school. I am still waiting for the delivery of some ingredients that I ordered from my supplier, so I can complete one order from France. Geeeee.. I really hope that God will never stop pouring me with blessings and love.

Anyway, I didn't run at the gym last night because I feel like my body needs some rest and longer sleep. I am already dancing a lot at home everyday, so running at the gym everyday will be too much. I really think that 3 to 4 times a week of 10 to 15 minutes run is good enough. I find dancing more fun than running. However running burn more fats in shorter period of time.