Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Another new year, another happiness and full of trials that we will all be facing. Let us all be ready to face them all with courage, through the help of our Lord. I really hope to be able to pass all the trials and challenges that we are going to face this coming year. Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coogie Clothing And Stuff Online

I thought I already bought all the gifts that I need to buy for this holiday, but I forgot to buy gifts for my nephews and nieces in the Philippines. So I thought of looking around the internet and see if I can buy something for them, even if it s already late.

I just love this webstore that I found today that provide cool coogi clothing and different coogi items. This can be a unique gift items for everyone, particularly for young people.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just Got His Attention Again

I was pissed because of his spending too much time playing games, as if nothing and no one exist in his world but those stupid games. I was pissed when I saw him ignore and refuse to drop the kids at the mall. I can drop them to the mall myself, but I want him to get up on that stupid games and pay attention to his real world. hmmp!!..

Then he dropped them to the mall and buy me some shawarma to probably cool me down.lolssss... Just got his attention again and he should always do!!

Games make him absurd. It makes him ignore everything around him and I really hate it. He should get up and do something as it will make him crazy. He is actually starting to act one, so I just did something to wake him up. Hmmmmppp...

Anyway, I want to go out tomorrow and eat at Max Restaurant. I know it's another fattening plan but, I am on a holiday.. Grrrrr!!! I might spend time walking at the mall to shed some extra calories.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weight Loss Online

This is the problem when you are on holiday vacation. You don't do anything at home but watch TV and always tempted to eat whatever foods you have on the kitchen. Most likely, you will grab those tempting sweets and fatty foods that make everyone fat.

You also tend to be lazy to get up and do some activities as it feels so good to just lie down on the coach and watch TV or for some, just sit infront of the computer and socialize online.

I eat these unhealhty foods but I always make sure not to overeat all of them. And every morning, I do my regular 40 to 60 minutes workout at home. So far, my weight is still the same. However, I still have few more weight that I need to loose and it's really hard to loose weight because I am on my holiday vacation.

I can imagine those people who have no work and just stays at home. I wonder why there are so many non working housewife who are overweight.

There are so many informations on the internet that will provide you a very effective and safe weight loss tips for non working people. The important thing in loosing weight is to keep focus and motivated. Stay healthy and fit this new year.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Their Snooping Life

Just got home from the Laser Clinic and my face is so red. This was my last laser treatment. I will wait until the redness subside then I will set an appointment for facial treatment. Then maybe in about 3 weeks, I will be ready for the juvederm treatment.

We were at SquareOne Mall this morning and hubby wants to buy the treadmill for me since it is on sale. But my kids refuse to buy it because we don't have enough space at home. I think I will hold on to my plan of buying my own treadmill for now. I want to make sure that we will not be short on budget. Beside, I can always use the treadmill at the gym at work anytime I want for free.

I will be saving the money for my juvederm treatment and make those people who keep on snooping on my life through my blogs, to get tired of raising their eyebrows because of my vanity for beauty. hahahahahha.. Inggit ka lang!!!! Panget ka kasi!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Right Path

I crop this tagged picture from my facebook and make it as my present profile picture. Isn't it so sweet? I love my hubby so much. I only realized now how lucky I am for having him.

This year have been a great challenge for us. Those trials that we have been through opened up my eyes to see the purpose of my life in this world. God is so good to me that he never let me go to the wrong path everytime I was about to. I really hope that God will never stop leading to the right path of my life.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I had fun last night at the party. Hubby got drunk but he is okey now. And tonight, we will have a dinner at hubby's friend's house with my brother and sister in law. We are also done with out Christmas shopping so I will start my househol chores tomorrow so I can start working on the prices of my products on my webstore.

I feel so happy and blessed. I didn't realized how lucky and happy I should be long time ago if I have opened up my eyes to all the woderful things that God had given me.

This year had beed a great challenge to me, that had opened my eyes to appreciate all the blessing that was laid upon me. I am truly blessed. Merry Christmas to everyone

Used 2001 Honda Civic

Yesterday, I was so sleepy driving at the highway because I only have four hours sleep. I wish we had another car so hubby can just drop and pick me up at work at this kind of situation. Unfortunately, our budget is tight because of our moving expenses. But once we have financilally recovered, we might buy a second hand car.

I came across this Los Angeles auto repair website and I found so many good informations about buying and selling new and old vehicle. It is a very informative website specially for those who don't have much knowledge about cars. It even give informations about how and when to replace head gasket.

I just love their 2001 Honda Civic model. I wish we can afford a brand new honda civic car but since our budget is tight, I really think buying a used car can save us a lot of money.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stupid Finding A Replacement

One of the reasons why I am so unfocus on my online business is because of my facebooking... Funny but I am starting to be hooked on this networking site. I used to just make her feel bad but not anymore. I feel sorry for her stupidity of non contentment in life. Non contentment to just serve God instead of trying to find someone to fill an empty space in her life.

Her broken life will never be fixed by anyone, but her broken heart can. If she can only open her eyes to see what is God's purpose of her life in this world at this moment, she probably won't be suffering this much. I think God want's her to spend her life serving God this time.

Maybe someday, or somehow someone will come to her life. But I believe that her xhubby is already the one. But unfortunately, it didn't last forever. Finding another man can only give her heartaches and pains. It will be just another in and out of pain and temporary joy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Online Shopping For Cabin Furniture

I am worried that the laminated floor in our basement will not last long because of our Dog who always go in and out of the house with wet paws. I am planning to redecorate our basement when the laminated flooring starts to be broken. Then I might also replace the old furniture for a total new look.

I was looking at these nice cabin furniture online and it looks so nice and unique to have it at home. It looks so natural and peaceful feel of mother nature.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Open Heart and Mind

I had a busy day today but with joy and gladness because I spend it all with my family. Silly me to be jeaous of something or someone for hubby while I know and I can feel that his love is all mine. A conversation from someone that used to be so special to me, open up my mind and my heart.

God is giving me a message and I really hope I am getting it all right. I will continue to pray and ask for wisdom to surpass all the trials that I have been going thru inside of me.

I am so happy and I really hope that I can touch someone's heart about life being a gift from God. I wish I can help her get through of all the pain that she have been going through.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Weight Loss Aside From Diet and Exercise

I have been eating a lot since yesterday because of some holiday celebrations at work. I used to forget about watching what I eat during the weekend, but this weekend I will make sure to strictly watch the food that I will eat.

I will still try to continue to loose weight during my holiday vacation despite of all the parties and those moments at home that can trigger laziness to do some workout. Or at least to maintain my weight while on vacation and try not to gain extra pounds.

After my holiday vacation, I will continue my weight loss until the bones in my shoulder is visible. I just want to try and see how will I look with some bones sticking out on my shoulder. I know it's going to be very hard and a lot of discipline. But simple goal can sometimes put extra color on our everyday living. I might even try taking phentermine to achieve greater results aside from my diet and exercise .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uglier Than Her Face

I just heard an annoying story about someone again. What an ugly attitude to offer service to a friend, to drop them at the airport only to say ugly words for her friend. Laughing and making fun of her friend's way of lifestyle. Oh my God!!! I could care less... UGLY face with an uglier heart!!!

Anyway, I have nothing much to share but my pretty picture.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Systemes GPS

I don't think I go to different places here Ontario, Canada without the help of my GPS. It may sound vain to some, but let' face it, we are now living in the 20th century where almost everything is run by new technology.

I am so happy with my GPS right now, but everything is upgrading so fast. I think I need a new and advance GPS system or in french, systèmes GPS

Monday, December 13, 2010

Help Me Love The Right Way

“Love is always patient and kind; it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it does not take offense, and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end.”

Love is never jealous and I am always jealous. I am a chronic jealous when I love the person so much.

Love is never rude and selfish, and I am rude and selfish when I am angry.

God help how to love your way and free myself from pain.

NBA Shirt Online

I lost a lot of weight but I still need to loose few more pounds and try to reach size 8. I don't know if I will look good on it, but I just want to try.

And since I lost of lot of weight, I need to buy new clothes. My daughter said I need to start dressing my age and stop wearing jeans and t-shirt. But I need to wear this kind of clothes for the type of work that I do. So most of the time, I always look for nicely designed t-shirt whenever I shop. I just love this nba shirts that I saw on the internet today.

I might just buy some clothes for my age and wear them when I am not going to work

Sunday, December 12, 2010

She Is A Hypocrite

I finally discuss my feelings with hubby and I have finally released the stupid pain I am having. I just feel like I have to let him know how I feel so he will know how to deal with it once something come up. This way, he will know the consequences.

I really think she is not someone to be trust. She keeps on posting bible verses while she still keep doing things against the bibble.

Dating someone married is a very strong wrong doings that is against the Bible. So she is such a hypocrite!!

Buy Electric Blanket Online For Winter

It's getting colder and colder everyday and It's only the second week of December. I can imagine what would it be like by January. The cold weather is fine but together with the strong blow of the windchill, is too much.

I was looking at this electric blanket. It's a heated blanket that uses a heating panels sewn into each garment to create an even warmth. It is powered by a 12-volt electrical system and enjoy hours of riding with one simple connection to your battery.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sending The Message For Stupidity

I am finally healing this negative feelings towards someone after chatting with an old intimate friend. He explained to me how it felt to have my chronic jealousy when we were dating. His explanations open up my mind and heart and made me feel how LOVED I am and there is nothing to worry and to be jealous of.

I feel so stupid!! I feel so ashame of myself. Instead of being jealous, I should show it the other way. Show my love instead of jealousy..

Yeah, I create my own drama out of jealousy. Grrrr!! God is sending me the message. I am soooo lucky!!! I am so loved...

Offshore Accident Benefits

I was reading some informations about insurance for travellers who want to work offshore. Hubby's cousin from New Jersey is planning to look for a job here in Canada. I was just thinking, what if she injured herself while working here in Canada.

I want to know how she will be payed for her medical bills, employer’s obligations during her recovery, and what are her options if a serious injury leaves her unable to return to work.

There is actually an Offshore Accident where you are entitled to maintenance and cure benefits and payment of your wages for the duration of the voyage.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lost With Confusion

It feels like someone was sending her the message of my true irritating feelings for her. But only God knows that I was trying to fight this negative thoughts about her. I want to find some answers to keep me away from this darkness.

I don't know what and how to feel, but something keeps on shouting inside me that I need to find the answer. The other side of me keeps shouting that I should jump for joy. But I am too afraid to be disappointed at the end... I am lost and I am trying to find my way out of this confusion.

Is God trying to touch me? Or God is trying to send me a message? Because everytime I feel this way, I always find some answers that causes me pain.

Golf Tropies Online

I remember someone special who is very good in golfing. It was my first time to try golfing when he brought me to the golf course. It was a fun moment for me. Those were the days when I was very lonely here in Canada. He was the only one who was there for me whom I can talk to and cheer me up. Seeing these golf trophies reminded me of him.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Effective Fatburner

I am so happy taht I was able to loose weight more than I planned to, and I am still actually planning to continue my lost weight routine even if the weight lost challenge that I joined with at work is over. However, I will make sure that it will be slower and more healthier.

Do I need to take any diet pills? Well, if I need to why not. However, I need to make sure that I am taking a safe diet pills or an effective fatburner pills. I heard that Lipofuze contain great ingredients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Question Of Sadness

I feel so weird. I keep feeling negative while I don't see any reason why I should be. The pain keeps coming back and everytime this happen, I feel so sad. Why?... I should keep praying for these feelings to go away or otherwise, give me a sign that this is just a reminder of some things to be aware of. That I need to keep my eyes open.

Anyway, I feel bad not to be able to run last night at the gym. I was so tired that I had to go back to bed. The bad thing is I only did few abs crunches yesterday morning before I got to bed. Oh well, I don't think I can win the game anyway..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Online Shopping For TV Stands

I am so thankful that God heard my prayers. I need extra money to buy few things for my family this xmas. One of which is a flat screen TV to replace the old tv that we have on our family room. If I am going to buy a new flat screen tv, I need to buy a nice tv stands. I am thinking if it would be better to have the wall or ceiling mounts for TVs so we will have more space.

Busier Than Ever

I was so busy yesterday that I wasn't able to update any of my blogs. I had one small order that I processed and shipped on the same day because I wasn't able to make them on the weekend.

I also had to do some laundry and clean the house. I put some extra rags and on the hallway because it was snowing since yesterday. I don't want my floor to be wet and messy.

And of course, I did my regular dancing to finish off my morning and had a good sleep. However, my sleep was short but I still tried to go to work early so I can run at the gym. I need to buy my on treadmill!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Artificial Christmas Tree Online

We still have not put any Christmas decor and Christmas is few days away. We don't want to put up our old big Christmas Tree because we don't have enough space in the house. Aside from that, it's too old and it doesn't look good anymore.

I wanted to buy a small artificial christmas trees to put on our window. I will see if we can find one today after we pick up our kids at the Youth For Christ Camp.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sweet Revenge For My Love

I just don't know why I feel this way. I should feel contented and less worry since hubby is obviously mine. She was gone in his heart long before I marry him. I should feel sorry for her life since her husband left her, leaving her alone with their two children who are far from her now for practical purposes.

But here I am, trying to make her feel more sorry for how her life turned out by throwing back to her face how happy our life is. Making her feel more sorry for not choosing hubby.

Maybe I want some revenge for hubby. For everything that she did to hubby back then. Hubby is so kind that after all what she did, I don't hear any revenge words from him. I really feel so lucky for having him.

Best Anti Wrinkle Cream

Yesterday, I finally met the cosmetic surgeon that was refered to me by my aesthetician. Now I finally know how much will it cost me for juvederm treatment. I think I can afford it but right now, I still have one more laser treatment that I need to finish before having juvederm. Although the doctor said that he can't find any reason why there can be side effects to have it both, I just want to be on the safe side.

Beside, I am still on my weight loss diet. Even if the weight loss challenge is over, I still want to loose more. As I've said, I want to loose as many weight as I can be on my skinniest as I can. So I might have the juverderm sometime January or February when my face really need some boost. Aside from that, I need to save a little more for this treatment. So for the meantime, I will look for a very good anti wrinkle cream.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Her Weird Peace

I was chatting with the exgf of hubby yesterday. It feels weird. I hate myself for making myself so worried about her since she look so older that me. She might be prettier than me when we where younger, or perhaps we look different but geeeeee, I definitely look a lot better than her. So fat and losyang!!

It feels weird because she keeps posting bible verses on her wall. But knowing her through hubby, it just doesn't fit her personality. I find her such a hypocrite, trying to shout to the world that she have peace while the way she post comments and send messages to hubby, seems and sounds like flirting. Well I hope I am wrong about it. She is separated from her husband and I just hope she really have peace in her heart through GOD. But does she have to shout it to the world?

Don't know how should I feel when she said that I am so lucky for having hubby. Of course I am and he is too....Telling me how she regret for not choosing hubby!! grrrr!! Well sorry for her, he is mine.!!

Best Vitamins For Men

Hubby and I are not getting any younger and yet, ourjob is very physical. So we both need to take good multivitamins to keep our energy level high. Fortunately, I am happy with the multivitamins that I am taking. I need to buy hubby the best vitamins for men.

Multivitamins helps to balance our body and supplement our health. Men's vitamins are different from women especially as we age. So I need to find hubby, a multivitamins that will provide the ingredients that he needs.