Saturday, December 31, 2011

Busy With Smile

Yesterday, I went back to Bramalea Centre Bestbuy with hope to buy the LAN Adapter for samsung bluray dvd player but in my frustration, they still dont have it. I tried checking Future Shop at Airport Rd and Queen St and luckily, they have it. Me and my family are now enjoying the movies on our new Flatscreen TV with Smart Bluray DVD player with complete home theater system.
Then after buying the LAN Adapter, I went to Scotia Bank to withdraw some money to pay one bill. Then went to the Dry and Clean to have 3 of our Winter Jacket. Hopeing to get in on Monday. After that, I went to Staples to buy labels I will use for my business, then went to Dollarama Woodbine Centre to buy Organza mini bag for my business again. What a busy day I had. Home at pass 2pm and ahd little chat with one friend online... So happy and full of smile!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Adapter For Smart Bluray DVD

I am finally done with all the assignments from my newewst sponsor and I am so happy to be able to submit them all on time. I was actually planning to submit them all yesterday so I will be one day early from the deadline, but I was thinking that I will be posting too many posts in one day, so I just decided to submit the rest today.
Anyway, today we went to Bramales Centre as we planned. I was able to buy things that I planned to buy for myself. However, the adapter for our smart bluray dvd player is out of stock and I was ask by the bestbuy crew to come back. I tried looking at Walmart but they are also out of stock.

I will go at Bestbuy before lunch and hopefully to get the adapter so we can watch netflix on our new Flatscreen TV without asking hubby get out of the TV in the basement.

Handcraft Furnitures Online

So I continue to look around the internet for furnitures just to give me an idea how much it will cost me incase we decide to replace our old furnitures. Then I came across this amish furniture from amishretail website and find their furnitures quite interesting. Just the style that I want.
Their furnitures is more like a handcrafted. They are known for their quality work of beautiful pieces that will last for generations. Aside from that, they offer fair prices for their furnitures and will deliver your order in no time.

My Earings

We went to Bramalea Centre this afternoon as we planned. I bought these earings for myself and I am so happy to look at myself wearing them. I like making myself pretty. I am planning to buy more next time.
I am not planning to wear this for work or to show it off from some people that might say or see it something against me, but it would be nice if they see me wearing it. heheheh!!! I always want to look good when I go out specially that there are some chance to see someone around.

At the mall, I feel so flattered to be told or mistaken to be an older sister of my kids. Isn't it nice to look that young?

Furniture Store Online

I am so happy with how the new Flatscreen TV made our family area looks a little bit cozy. This area is actually our messy place but with the new TV, it looks a lot better than before. It made me inspire to keep this area neat and tidy. We still don't have the budget to buy a new furniture, but once we have enough budget I will definitely want a new furniture for this area.
I was looking around the internet and saw this furniture stores los angeles website. I find their items very nice and offers discount prices. They carry top manufactures for furnitures like Ashley, Serta, Emerald, Coaster, Acme, and many more.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Flatscreen TV

I am so happy with the new Flatscreen TV with the Blu Ray DVD player with complete Home Theater system. I also bought a nice stand for this new enetertainment system. Me and my family love it. I put in the small family area near our kitchen and it made that area looks cool.Tomorrow, I promised my kids to bring them to Bramalea Centre. I will buy a new fancy earing for myself and and Rihanna CD. I will also look for an adapter so we can connect the Blu Ray DVD player on the internet and be able to watch netflix on our new entertainment system. I am also thinking of buying a low cut snow boot.

Car Lift Online

The main reason why I bought a brand new car is because I don't know much about car. I used to have a second hand old car and it gave me so much headache and spend a lot of money everytime it broke. But if you are someone who have some knowledge about car, it is very practical to have a secondhand car since you will know exactly what part of the car needs to be fix. I think one of the important tool is repairing a car is a car lift, this will give you more access to the hard to reach area of the car to easily detect where the problem is coming from.

Murad 60 Days Acne Kit Arrive

I finally received the Murad Acne Complex 60 days Kit from BalleyDirect. I was expecting to recieve this order sometime next year but I am suprise to see the package on my malilbox yesterday. This only mean that BalleyDirect have good customer service.
I am this big acne breakout on my right lower cheek and having this acne kit in time made me happy. I am a little worry about how this acne breakout will turn out when it dry. I hope it wont leave a deep scar.

Secure Gold Website For Investment

I feel blessed for still being able to work with the company despite the fact that there are already many workers who have been layed off last year. I may not be happy with the people and it has been a challenge to me eversince, I am still very thankful that I am still working with the company.
I am thankful yet somewhere in my heart, I am wishing to be layed off and get the company benefits for my service. My work is too far from our house and I am not happy with most of the people around me at work. If ever I am going to be layed off, which is quite not possible at this time, I want to invest some part of the money in gold.

I saw this gold bullion website and it really gives me a very good idea that a gold is where the best investment is. Their website provide the highest level of security to make sure that all personal and important informations are safe.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bought Bed For Daughter

We were busy yesterday. We went to Walmart and see if they have a bed frame there for my daughter Kimberly. Unfortunately, they dont so we went to IKEA Vaughan and bought her that she want. Then we went home to put down the bed part in the house.
Then after a couple of minutes rest, we went to our friend's house for a Christmas get together Dinner. The food were so good. I ruin my diet but that's okey. I will make sure to continue to lose weight.

We might go back to Walmart later today to buy the FlatScreen TV on sale.

The two orders are now ready to be shipped. I finished it last night. Thanks God.

Free Youtube Video Downloader

I have about four youtube videos of rihanna on my FB account. I love Rihanna and I want the world to know what kind of music that I always listen to. Plus the fact that, I wanted someone to listen to the lyrics of each song of Rihanna that I am posting. When I listen and post music on my FB, it is usually about the lyrics that I can relate to and then few are about simply loving the beat and melody of the song.
I am so glad to learn about this video downloader today. It says that it is the fastest, easiest and most reliable youtube video downloader and it is also safe YouTube downloader that allows you download YouTube videos on your computer.

Happy That Site Is Up

I was so sad last night not to be able to open the other social networking site that I got to. They were having a maintenance and it was down the whole night. I was soooo happy when I open the internet and saw that the site is already up now.
I answer the message that I have been waiting for, soon as I get to my account. I was so excited to read and answer it right away. I am so glad to have a new friend.

Gold Chain Jewelry Store Online

I was just just chatting to my friends online a while ago and how I discuss with her how slow my business is since the economic crisis. We were talking what is a good business nowadays since she has a feeling that she will be layed off from her work. She will receive a good amount of separation pay if ever and is already thinking where she can invest her money.
I really think that investing in a gold is the most secure way. So I thought of sharing to her this gold chains website that I saw on the internet, so she can have an idea.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looking For Brown Leather Gloves

Today I am planning to go out to buy a winter leather gloves because I couldn't find my old favorite brown leather glove. I feel so bad not having it because I have this leather gloves for more than 4 years now. Even if I will buy a new one, I still hope to find it.
Then we will have an early dinner at our friend's house tonight. I hope I will not forget to bring my camera so I can take a picture of us at the dinner and post it on my facebook.

Cheap Vacation Rental Website

I am having some fantasy of having a short vacation somewhere in Canada. As much as I wanted to getaway from all the stress in life, during this Christmas vacation, but my budget is too tight to make it all happen. But then again, I am still hoping that sooner, I will be able to save some money to bring my family to a short vacation on summer.
I was looking around the internet to find a cheaper vacation rentals and found this website where people who are looking for house or room rental can easily find what they are looking for. People who are willing to have their house or rooms to be rented by people are welcome to post their properties on this website. This is a good website for people who are really looking for a cheap place to stay for their vacation since there are so many choices.

Thankful For All The Blessings

Today I just stayed at home relaxing watching the Filipino Drama Show on my computer while doing few household chores like laundry. I want to make sure that my mind and body is fully relax before I start going back to work in few more days.
Even if my body is not moving as much as when I am working, I am making sure that I am not gaining any weight and infact, I am losing weight instead. Yeah, I lost about 4 pounds already in I started my 7 days Cabbage Soup Diet 3 days ago. And the amazing thing is, I am cheating a lot in following the diet plan to eat in a day and have not been exercising due to my headache and dizziness. But today, I will make sure that I will start since my headache and dizziness plus my shoulder pain is feeling a lot better now. I want to make sure that I will lose weight before the new year. Thanks God for all the blessings.

Address Plaque Online

One of the things I have in mind to buy for this new year is a customized Address Plaque. Not only that it will help my friends and relatives to locate my address, but it can also be a simple marketing strategy for my products and services.
I am thinking of putting a small logo of my business on the adress plaque. Even if few people are passing by our street, it will at least give them the idea that I have a small business and the products that I am selling. You'll never know who are the people looking for products who have sensitive skin like me.

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Smile and TFC Subscription

I have new inspiration to smile and its taking my mind off again. But since I am on vacation, I letting it make my mind fly and just enjoy the smile.
Aside from that, I subscribed again at TFC Kapamilya online Filipino Channel which makes me watching Filipino Teleserye. lols. It is really taking my mind off from all the things I need to do. Together with my new inspiration to smile, I am really enjoying the stress free mind vacation

Importance Of Medical Liability Insurance

So my brother and his family were here yesterday to spend Christmas with us and I was so happy to be with my brother who is the only family I have here in Canada.
We were talking about how lucky we are for being here in a country were health benefits are given by the government. However, some of the health problems are not covered by the health benefits given by the government, so policy from a medical insurance is important.

I am glad that my brother and his wife are now receiving health care benefits from the company that they are working now.

Guilty Feelings For Christmas

For some reason I forgot that Christmas day is a Sunday and we were not able to attend the Sunday mass which is the most important day of the year. I feel so guilty and I ask our Lord for forgiveness for this negligence.
I cleaned the whole house yesterday, so before New years eve the house will not be so filty and all I have to do is to tidy things up. It skipped my mind that it is Christmas Day.

Buy Barcode Scanner Online

I was busy for a couple of days preparing for the workshop I did last Friday. I was so happy to received a compliment from my client about how I presented my Making Mineral Makeup. She actually offered a contract job in developing differnt colors and textures of Mineral Makeup for them, and prehaps help them in giving some concept or ideas on how to run their business.
One of their plan is to put up a small storefront for their products. So I thought of looking around for a good quality but cheap barcode scanner, because I believe it is one important item to use in running a business for automatic workflow for retail, healthcare, industrial and municipal applications. Barcode scanners allow data management for inventory items to make work efficiant and simplier.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Blessings From My Newest Sponsor

What a very nice Christmas Gift I got from my newest sponsor. I have 10 new assignments from them...Yey!!!! Thank you, Thank you and Merry Merry Christmas to all the stuff and owner of my Newest Sponsor.
I will start doing the assignments later today and make sure to finish them all before the deadline.

Yesterday, we just did our grocery for tonight's Christmas Eve simple celebration. I was suppose to buy a new jacket and look around for a new falt screen tv at futureshop, but I start feeling lazy and had headache. I will see if I can shop later today after my appointment with my massage therapist at 12noon.

Thank you Lord for all the Blessings.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Done Buying Christmas Gifts

I am finally done buying Christmas gifts for my brother and his family. They are the only family I have here in Canada so I want to make sure to share some blessings to them.
I wanted to buy a new winter coat but it's annoying to spend time looking one for myself while seeing my kids and hubby waiting for me. It takes time for me to find something for myself.

I will just buy a gift card for my two Godchildren in Toys R Us.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Unhappy People To Compare

My mind is really focused now, as I was able to do a lot of things yesterday as I have planned. I was able to talked to Storesonline Chat support with regards to the domain renewal of my webstore. I will be faxing the credit authorization form maybe tomorrow or anyday before the holiday starts.
I was also able to order my Murad Acne Complex Kit 60 days supply at BalleyDirect for my beauty regime maintenance.

I was able to do some social networking with friends, update my blogs and still be able to go to bed in time. Everything is doing great.

Just few annoying moments with some people at work. Unhappy people are those who always compare themselves to others. GZZZZZ!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Haters What Can I Say

It is so sad to see these people to make fun of me behind my back. What can I say but, "HATERS"... People will not hate if they are don't see anything that they can never have from other people. Or probably, surpasing them in some ways. I will be posting these picture soon on my facebook. I dont really give a sh*t who will be annoy.. hahahh!!!I am happy with my life and will always be. People who keep looking at other peoples life will never find happiness because they will always compare what they have, and what they don't have.

Monday, December 19, 2011

In Pain Again

I just stayed at home yesterday and yet wasn't able to do much household chores because of the pelvic pain again. I just told my boss that it was lower back pain to avoid dirty thinking from people. They are thinking that way, anyway. But who cares?
I will go to our family doctor in an hour. There is a new laser skin clinic at the clinic of our family doctor. I will inquire if they have acne facial cleaning and I hope they have because their clinic is much closer to our house. I just hope that the price of their facial cleaning is the same with the laser clinic that I always go to, or at least cheaper

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Busy To Go Out

I had a very busy Saturday. Hubby work overtime, so I have to do everything myself. Me and one daughter brought the dog to the vet clinic then we went straight to the mall. I have to wait for one hour at the mall until her guitar lesson was over. But I am glad that I have someone to text with.
I still have a lot of things to do today and I hope to be able to finish them all, including one order. Hubby will work overtime again and I might let him bring the car since I don't have any plan to go out because I need to do a lot of things. But I feel guilty because we might not be able to attend the church mass again.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Easy To Install Basement Tile

Laminated floor makes my basement looks neat and tidy all the time even if I didn't do much cleaning. However, with our golden retriever dog who stays in the basement, it makes it hard for me to clean it and maintain it's good quality look, specially during fall and spring season when it always rain.
I am thinking of changing the basment laminated floor to ceramic tile. I think ceramic tile is a good basement tile specially if you have a dog. I found this ModuTiles basement flooring that is said to be easier to install.

Visited A Friend

I am happier than ever. I know God always a good reason for everything and why people come into our life. I know now the purpose and I am here to guide people in anyway I can.
Anyway, I visited my friend in Scarborough whom I havent seen and talked for more than one year now. It's always good to get in touch with true friends. I might visit her again before or after Christmas.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Well Focus Now

My mind is well focused on all the things that I need to do. I was able to finish the two orders. I will ship it this afternoon after I pick up my kids in school.
I will have my professional facial cleaning tomorrow at 10:30. I am glad I was able to focus on setting the appointment.

I have so many things in mind to do and I have listed some of it on my appointment book. I hope to have it done before the end of the year. No stress for me anymore. I will do it all one day at a time.

Artisan Crafted Bead Items Online

Few more days and it is Christmas once again. I have bought my kids their birthday and Christmas present but I haven't bought anything for my nephews and niece in the Philippines. I was thinking of giving them gifts on my vacation to the Philippines next year.
I found this green girl studios website and I find their products a unique gift for my niece. Their items are whimsical artisan crafted beads and pendants that are uniquely made to remind us nature, myth, poetry and fantasy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Right Path

I have to make three orders and I hope to finish them all so I can ship it today when I go out to buy bus tickets for my kids and also, I will ask for the claim forms for my orthotics shoes at the orthotics clinic.
Oh well, the devil is trying to get in but I dont think God will allow it. My eyes and heart is very much open now to go to the right path. God is so good to me.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Day From Insanity

Today is a new day for me after my short insanity.. hhahahha.. I am back on my feet and ready to start updating my blogs regularly, particularly this one. And to start with, I colored my hair and I am so happy with the way it makes me look less than a Filipino. I was mistaken to be a non filipino race by a fellow filipino at the church yesterday.. hahahhaha
I will join the choir in our church for sure. I actually inquire last Sunday but the leader wasn't there yet. We don't have much time after the mass so I might just come back next Sunday.
We bought a Birthday cake yesterday after the mass for my two angel's 14th Birthday. A very simple and joyful family celebration at home. I am so happy and blessed to have them in my life.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Temporary Insanity

I am coloring my hair again. But I dont think it will cover the grey hair because I am using a very light hair coloring. But it's okey, I just want to look glamorous this Christmas. I will just color a darker hair coloring sometime next year and color it again to a lighter tone.
I am ready to face my normal life routine this week from now on. No more insanity for my midlife crisis. I guess it come to everyone's life once in a while, where you seek for something new. We just need to be strong in holding a strong grip of who we really are so we will not get lost.

Today we will buy a Birthday Cake for my two twin angels for their 14th birthday. I will take a picture and post it on my Facebook.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lunch For 14th Birthday Of My Twins

Today me together with my family ate at "Wok Of Fame" Chinese Buffet Restaurant for Lunch, located at Steeles Ave and Hurontario Street, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, to celebrate my twin daughter's 14th Birthday.
The foods were great and the place is so elegant. The prize is worth it.

I wanted to take a picture outside the restaurant but it was so cold and windy so I forgot all about it. I also forgot to take a picture of me with my kids because I was busy with the foods. lols

I have been so lazy updating my blogs again. My mind was flying. I have one expired task from one of my sponsor and I feel so bad about it. My insanity has slow down a bit and I think I am ready to be back on my regular life routine. God is so Good.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Online Store For Instrument

I promised my other daughter that I will buy her a piano so she can play and learn more on her own time inside our house. She said she don't want to attend the piano class anymore and she is confident that she can improve the basic piano skills that she have learned, if she have her own piano at home.
So I was looking at this instruments webstore to see if they sell piano. Surprisingly, they provide different kind of piano and I am so excited to tell my daughter about this website

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Outfit At The Party

This is my outfit at last night's party with my fellow CFCFFL members. I wasn't that fun but it was okey. I was very very sleepy because I didn't have time to take even a short nap since hubby went to work for overtime and I have to take daughter to her guitar lesson, plus do the grocery.
I bought this blouse yesterday morning before my daughter's guitar lesson, at Urban Behaviour. I really think the blouse is very cute and I used my wide belt to give more accent on the style.

I tied my curly hair this time for a change, and posted it on my facebook account. Show it off to my friends that even at my age I can still look great and stylish. I dont really care how other people on my list will see and say about me. Whatever negative thoughts they may have, I really think this is just part of their jealousy.

Canadian Pharmacy Online

My father is coming back from the Philippines to live with us for quite sometime again, until he gets is citizenship. I am glad to have my father to live with us, but the only problem I am having when he is here, is my time in assisting in bringing him to the doctor. I am glad that there is already canadian pharmacy online.

I am so happy when I learned that canada drugs can now be purchased online. This canada pharmacy online is one of the largest and most trusted online pharmacies. They always make sure to provide people with quality brand and generic medications that can save up to 90%.

Purchasing prescribe medication on the internet will give everyone the convinience. I dont have to spend time going to the pharmacy to buy prescribe medication for any of the member of my family, including myself. Their customer service representatives are always ready to help everyone.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shopping For Clothes

Today I promised my kids to shop clothes for them. So we will either go to orfus road for cheaper clothes, or to Bramalea Centre before Idrop my daughter to her guitar lesson.
We also have one party to attend tonight and I hope to find a clothes at the mall for tonight's party. Otherwise, I might use one of my old clothes.

Wall Spice Racks Online

For a couple of weeks, I have been doing nonsense things everyday. I feel like I am losing myself. I have been neglecting a lot of important things on my everyday life. I always forgot to tidy up the kitchen before I go to bed, as I always do. Today, I realized that I need a new kitchen spice racks because what we have right now is so old and broken.
I saw this spice racks webstore and they are offering different kinds of wall spice rack which I think I really need for my kitchen to save space. I just need a simple but with quality. is a very good place to shop for spice rack because they have all the size, great finish, style, and material. They provide Free Shipping, Expert Customer Service To Assist You, Low Price Protection. Their products are exclusive so when you like one of their products, you can only find it here.

Unique Kind Of Joy

I am so hooked with a lot of things in my life lately that is giving me an enormous amout of smile in and out of my face. It is giving me so much unique kind of joy. But I don't know if this kind of joy will last forver. All I know is I just want to enjoy whatever this joy is giving me.
Anyway, I will try my best to keep in track of my daily life as I've lost it for a couple of weeks now. I am struggling to keep my feet back on the ground. I hope God will help me make it this time.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

EReader For Christmas Gift

My kids love to read and as I was searching for a Christmas Gift for them, I found this ereader online. It will give you the latest New York Times bestsellers in a digital form. Amazingly, you can also store large amount of reading material inside this portable electronic eReader.
Aside from that, you can use this ebook reader using a wireless connection, to shop online and download books, magazines, newspapers, blogs and other digital media. It allows you to download books 24/7 on Amazon’s public domain.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sad Rejected Posts

I am happy that I have a couple of task from one of my sponsors but I am very disappointed as well, as I have a couple of rejected posts from them. To think that these advertisers who are very picky in grammar are those who are paying cheap. So I just decided to reject the assignment. WASTE OF TIME!!
I am happy I have one assignment from my newest sponsor. I seldom receive assignments from them whichmakes me really realy sad. One assignment from them is fine. At least I have something to make myself busy. I will submit this one assignment later today and do one at a time from my other sponsor.

Gift Ideas From Shepard Fairey

I am so happy lately. All I think is smile and laugh. I feel great and God is good to me. I have wonderful friends around me and relatives to really care for me. I am thinking of sending gift cards for Christmas to some of my friends in and out of Canada.
I found this shepard fairey website informations along with side weights, dimensions, and all other characteristics related to the product. They always try their very best to give everyone the highest quality images.

Also, shepard fairey have an excellent welll educated Customer Service Team about all their products. You can either contact any of shepard fairey customer service team via Live Chat, e-mail, or simply by calling. They are always ready to answer any questions from commercal aspect, to the practical residential one.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Works Adult Xmas Party

I had fun last night at my company xmas party. I feel beautiful and sexy. I guess I really am. I lost my self-esteem and I am soooo back. Thanks to all the strangers who noticed my sweet existence.
I just feel so sorry for those people who can't be happy for someone's happiness. All they do is find something to say UGLY to other people.

Tradeshow Displays Online

I am so happy with the feedback of one participant of my Making Mineral Makeup Workshop yesterday. It's worth all the sleepless night. The customer is planning to give me a contract to develop a different line of Mineral Foundation for them in the near future. I really hope this plan will go through.

I have so many things in my mind when it comes to business. I just didn't have the time and money to make it all happen because I have a family to focus on. If I only have the opportunity to make my business grow, I know how far I can go.

One of my plan is to have my products be known by a lot of people and one of the marketing strategy that I know will really capture more potential buyers is to join a tradeshow. This will need different trade show tools like barricades, velvet rope, stanchions, crowd control.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yesterdays Worries

Me and my daughter Kim went back to Bramalea Centre to buy the floral blouse for the Company party. I will just use the red blouse for the 50th wedding anniversary of our friend.
Then we went home to pick up hubby and my daughter Kelly to go to church. After the church, we did few groceries for kids snack at school.

I ate and go to sleep straight. I wasn't able to have a deep sleep because I was thinking of something. It just bothered me because I couldn't get the messages. I really hope God will give me a sign.

I went to work with a sadness in my heart but tooked it as an answer from God. But then before the end of the day, it was just the continuation of my search for an answer.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

For The Party

I bought a nice blouse for the party at Bramalea Centre. I am thinking of buying the other dress for the hawaiian costume and I will just use the one that I have right now, on the other party that we will attend.
Anyway, I had fun shopping with my daughter Kimberly. My daughter Kelly didn't come because she feels lazy as usual..

I am also having so much laughter from chatting. It is really priceless... I just can't share it with other people because they might not understand it... I am laughing almost everyday...