Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's My Quiet Birthday Today

Today is my Birthday and it's a pretty quiet day for me. I like it that way because I don't need extra attention anymore. ahahhahaha!! I have enough good and bad attention.

I was absent at work for two days because I was vomitting and having a heavy headache last Sunday night, that I have to go home. I feel a lot better now so I will go to bed early to have enough sleep for work.

Extenze Side Effects Informations

I was just chatting to my friend few minutes ago and I am so happy to know that she is engage with an old man in Seattle. I feel bad when I found out that her marriage didn't work out, but now she is happy finding a man who can accpet her for she is.

She was telling me that her boyfriend is worried about making her completely happy, particularly in bed. But I told her that there are many supplement to help enhance male sexual performance. I told her to visit extenze side effects website to learn more.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My New Short Hairstyle

I love my new short hairstyle. I look different and I love it. I took a picture of myself and posted it on my FB account. Isn't it I look pretty? heheheheh!!

Funny but after posting some of my pictures on my facebook, I read the group chat conversation of my bacthmates and realized how she pretend to like me. The conversation is pretty obvious how she wanted to compete me with her group of friends..

I don't socialized with them and I am trying to be as quiet as I can. And still they won't leave me alone... grrrr!!!!

Perdomo Cigar For My Male Friends

I think my plan to have a vacation in the Philippines with my kids will come true because, my father told me that he will pay for the plane ticket of one of my daughter. I am now starting to collect some simple gift items for some of my friends.

I find it hard to look for simple gifts for my male friends. So I thought of looking around the internet to get some idea. Then I found this perdomo cigars.

It is made with attractive wrappers and with complex flavors like almond, coffee and cocoa. It's a very nice gift for my male friends back home.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Little Obsession

I bought some Victoria Secret Body wash and lotions again. I love Vistoria Secret as it not only moisturizes my skin. but it also gives me a nice body scent that last all day.

Hahahahah, I posted this picture on my facebook and the picture with my new car. I know it's not my style to post some of my material things in life, but I have been being belittled too much by these people. I am not rich but I am not poor because I know how to work... gzzzzzz!!!!

Walking Braces Online

I am still having some slight pain on my right knee. But it's getting better since I started avoiding salty foods and drinking as many water as I can. I suspect that this is some kind of arthritis. But if this pain last for another 2 weeks, I might see my doctor to find out what is causing the pain. My work require too much physical activities, so I want to make sure if using the aircast walking brace will help ease the pain.

Spring is here and I really want to run outside once the weather gets better. I really hope that the pain will go away soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Don't Like Them

Hubby will work overtime today so I will be taking my girls to their music lesson alone. I will also go to the accounting office alone for the filling of our income tax. I will be missing my partner the whole day.

Anyway, I have been reading those chat conversations again and I really find it so stupid. I don't know why I can't tolerate their stupidity. They just can't seems to find a better way to spend their daily life but talk about nonsense things. Or maybe, I just don't like them at all!!!

Social Security Disability Online

I have so many aches and pain. My right kness e is aching so I couldn't run. I can imagine how it feels like to about 10 to 20 years older from now. I am not even sure if I can still do my job since it require to much physical activities.

Canada is a good country to leave in, because of the government's health benefits for its citizens including immigrants. However not all health sickness is covered by it. I am happy that my company also provide a good health benefits, but I still feel need of getting social security disability when time comes that I can no longer do my physical job.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Unfocused Mind

I feel so guilty not updating this blog for a couple of days. I was busy with so many things particularly the claiming of my car insurance since the accident happened last Saturday. But everything is going smoothly and I don't have to pay for the first deductible amount since hubby was not at fault.

I also glad that I am finally done processing this one order that I was suppose to process since last weekend, but due to my unfocus mind and laziness, I am only shipping it now.

I also have some assignments to submit from my newest sponsor which I have started to submit one yesterday. I will definitely submit about 2 of the assignments later today. I need to go out now to mail the order and fax some health insurance claim with Sunlife..

I really need to focus my mind on doing important things so I won't be stress and crumbling in finishing them all.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saving Money For Vacation

I am planning to have a vacation in the Philippines next year, if I can save enough money because I will bring my two kids with me. Hubby won't be able to come because he said, he won't have enough vacation. he can only come during December shut down of their company. But the plane ticket during this time is so expensive. So I have no choice but to leave my beloved hubby.

Oh well, this is just a plan and perhaps a dream. I hope it will come true. That's why I really need extra money, so I will spend more time visiting my sponsors to reserve and bid for different assignments from different advertsers. However, I will always choose a good content for my readers and promise not to be desparate.

Since I need to save more extra money, I don't think I can spend my money to some of my female vanity. As much as I wanted to have a laser genesis, but I would rather save some for juvederm so my skin will look fresh before I have a vacation.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Me with My New Car

Yeah!!!! Finally!!! I am posting my new car. I look so ncie with my Honda CRV 2011 model. I love this car and it really fits my bold personality. I am still thinking whether I will post this on my facebook since it's not really nice to show it off to some of my friends. I don't think it will matter what and how much material things I have with my true friends.

I am posting this for one couple who have been snooping around my life through my blog. I wan't them to be furious to see how pretty I look with my new car. hahahahaah!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Lost

I am still in a middle of confusing feelings on whether to changed the way I belive I should be and be myself or, be someone else by surpressing how feel just to please some people. Because it seems like they are the only one who wants to be a star, right from the very start and don't want to give anyone a chance to have the attention.

It seems like they are trying to prove that they have a good life even if others have proven to have better life than them. That they are happier even if others have better life than them.

Maybe I am wrong and shouldn't feel negative. But I guess, isolating myself from all the stupid competition of life will be better. However, somehow somewhere, I feel somewhat guilty... And I am a little bit lost from here.

Buy Plastic Cord Covers Online

I am so happy that my vacation leave was approved. I am cleaning every corner of my house and I spend most of my time trying to fix all these cords on my computer. So I thought of looking around the internet to find a good solution so when I encounter some problems with my computer, I will not spent too much time finding which cord is connected to each USB.

I found this website that offers a plastic cord covers to help manage and protect the wires, cables and cords. It's a very light floor covers for easy bundling of cables.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Done With The 3 Soaps

FINALLY!!!, I am done making the three soaps. The three orders are ready to be ship tomorrow. I can actually ship the two orders now, but I thought it will save me more time to ship it all together. The soaps need to evaporate so it will not moist when wrapped.

Beside, I need to do few things outside tomorrow. I need to withdraw some cash money, and I need to send money to a friend for her daughter's tuition fee. I need to share my blessings. She said it's a borrowed money and she will pay me back. Thanks if she will pay me back but I don't mind if she won't.

Taking Online Nursing Degree

Funny but I was just chatting to my nurse friend in LA, and we were talking about her job as a nurse. She was assigned in the hospital's mental department and she said that working in the mental department is less stressful than the other department, particularly the ER.

She was encouraging me take nursing degree for a change. But I thought that my life is too busy to go to school, and at the same time working full-time. Not to mention that I have a family to take care of.

She suggested me to take an online nursing degree, since it will give me a better time management. I will be thinking about it and perhaps, taking an online nursing degree is better for a busy working housewife like me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busy Facebooking

I wasn't able to update most of my blogs for a couple of days, including this one. I was busy again with facebooking. I tranfered my friendster picture files on my facebook since I am not as active as I used to be in friendster.

I also have some pissed moments from facebook with one stupid bacthmates from our group chatting room. A person who was obviously threatened to surpassed her show off attitudes, as she can't speak much when I am online. I can read all her stupid nonsense story about Canada to show off her life.

The thing about most Filipinos is that, they really can't put down their pride and ego about many things in life, particularly material things. I can't stand being with these kind of people.

Anyway, I had a good time with our prayer meeting last night in our home. A worth time I spend with people with so much sense. These are the people whom I know I can spend time with and talk with, where I can learn something from.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Blogging and Three Orders

I just finished one assignment and I have nothing else to do right now with my blogging world. However, I have three orders to make for this week, so I will start doing the labels of the two orders, and I will just do the other one later this week, since I am still waiting for the ingrdients.

I will just tidy up my kitchen and load some laundry before I start doing the labels of the two orders. Hopefully, I can finish the two orders tomorrow so I can ship it right away.

I want to go to bed early today because my head feels heavy. I am glad today is an easy day for me!! I hope to receive more assignments before the end of the week!!

Sporting Gifts Ideas Online

I am not very much into sports even when I was younger, but my kids are very much into it. One of my daughter joined the football team and the other one, joined the soccerball team in their school. They are already looking for a nice gifts for their teachers and coaches on their graduation day.

I found this website that offers different nice coach gifts ideas. They provide a personalized sporting gifts with personal messages. They also have this laser-engraved picture frames which is a very unique gift idea for anyone.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Clean and Tidy House

My house is so clean and tidy and every corner. It's because I was absent due to sickness the other week and last week, I was on vacation leave for 3 days. I will try my very best to keep my house as clean and tidy as this, because it really feels to go home with a clean and neat house.

Even my laundry area is so neat that I don't even want to see any dirty clothes, so I keep washing as it starts getting big.

My kitchen is the hardest part to maintain and it's always been a challenge to me everyday to keep it clean and tidy everyday. But I will try my best to keep always clean.

I am so happy with my life. I appreciate all the wonderful things around me and every thing taht God has given me. I really hope that he will continue to keep this happiness!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Music Talent For My Children

I am so happy that my daughter Kelly's piano band won 1st place and my Kimberly's guitar band won 3rd place in bandfest for year 2011. I posted it on my facebook to shout to the world how proud I am to have a very talented, intelligent and most of all beautiful daughter.

I am want them to grow doing what they love to do. I really believe that music is one of the most important part of everyone's life. And as a parent, I wanted them to imporve their talent and be able to express themselves through music.

Relaxing Vacation Rentals Online

I was chatting to a friend and she asked me what is the most important thing to have a happy marriage. There are so many things to consider to keep the fire burning and with so many negative things that goes around the relationship, it can be hard to keep a happy relationship.

Through my experience in 14 years married to the same man, it is important to share some hobbies and interest. Me and hubby love foods, movies and travelling. We always make it a point to travel at least once a year. That's why I always look for a cheaper airfare and places to stay.

Oceanfront vacation rentals are located on the beachfront. There are no buildings or lot between the home and the beach which makes anyone's vacation more relaxing.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Mineral Makeup Workshop

I am sure someone ugly have been waiting for the update of this blog. She wants to know what happen to the workshop that I have been very excited for a couple of days now. hahahahah!!! hey it was a very successful workshop that I had with three people who paid me just to share my knowledge about making mineral makeup

Here are the photos but I have to hide their faces since I have no permission to post their faces on the internet.

After the presentation

During the workshop

This is my mini kitchen in my basement. My workshop or crafting area... For my hobby... This is how it looks before the workshop

This is how it looks after the workshop

Visit me webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more about my workshop for Making Mineral Makeup.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Preaparation For The Mineral Makeup Workshop

Yeah!!! Finally I can start concentrating on my workshop. Today I will complete all the papers needed for the workshop and print all the handouts. I need to finish all the papers so I can start counting all the containers that I will to order from my supplier and pick it up tomorrow.

This is going to be a lot of work. I will be staying at home today and will buy everything I need tomorrow. Then prepare my basement on Friday morning since the workshop will start at 11am. I am so excited!!! Visit my webstore All Natural Cosmetics 4u to learn more!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Obsession In Cleaning My House

Ahahahhaha! I guess she read my post yesterday and saw the picture of my laundry area. Soooooo!!!! Mind you own business fat nose!!! I will blog whatever I want to blog about my life... hahahhaha

Oh well, I am obsess cleaning up my house. I want it to look neat and tidy in every corner. I can't wait until summer so I can start cleaning my backyard and my storage area.

And because of my obsession in making my house neat and tidy, I ended up doing nothing again. Well, it's okey because I will be off from work tomorrow so I have all the time to do whatever I need to do. I need to do this two phonecalls, and finish the documentaion for the workshop until tomorrow, so I can start preparing the ingredients to use during the workshop.

My basement looks clean and tidy now so I don't have to worry about it. I just need to buy a curtain on my laundry area.

I am so happy to look my house particularly the kitchen and the basement, because it looks so clean and tidy. I just love being a working housewife.