Friday, July 29, 2011

Blogging While Travelling

All our luggage and carry on bags are ready. We are very excited for our USA East Coast Trip. I forgot to take a picture of our dog when we brought her to kernel boarding house. I hope to remember to take a picture of her when we pick her up on Wednesday. She looks so funny.

I am happy that I have few blog assignments and I really have to receive more in the following days. My daughter will bring her laptop and I will definitely continue doing my assignment even if I am on vacation. This blogging for money is not a JOB for me but FUN!!

Halloween Invitations Online

Summer is almost done I can smell the cool wind of Fall. And when Fall season is around, it mean children are looking forward for celebrating Fun of Halloween. Not only children but some grown ups too, like myself. I can`t wait to put up my Halloween Home Decor and give out candies to cute little children in Halloween costumes.

My kids are planning to have few of their friends to come over to our house on Halloween. I just love looking at different Halloween invitations online. They offer Halloween card designs like scary skeletons, spooky spiders and other frightful sights. Their cards are perfect for inviting my kids friends to their Halloween fun.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Just Sensitive Teeth

I was busy again soon as I get home from work. First, I tidy up my kitchen then went to my dentist. Thank God there is nothing wrong with the sensitivity that I have been feeling for a couple of weeks now, on the 2 molar lower right side. Just sensitive that require the use of Sensodyne.

Then I went straight to the bank and withdraw some money. Then I went straight to our new Family Doctor to ask for a replacement for my medication because I am having upset stomach. Unfortunately, upset stomach is normal and it can't be replace. I have no choice but deal with it until the infection is cure. I also ask for a Doctor's note for my absence at work. I will hand it to my boss tonight.

I only had 30 minutes to do my workout and I am glad I did. I am also doing my Home Facial Deep Cleaning. I am updating my blogs while waiting for the Facial Mask to dry and I am ready to go to bed.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feeling Better For Work

I am so happy, the pain is starting to go away. I can now walk without holding unto something. But I still have to go back to the and ask to replace the medication as it is giving me stomach ache. I also need to submit the form to transfer my medical records to their clinic. I feel so comfortable having a family doctor nearby.

Today I will drop my hubby to work. Then I will do the laundry, do a little workout, drop kids to wonderland, then mail one order, withdraw US dollars to our account for our trip this weekend then go home, to call our former family doctor for the result of our blood test two weeks ago. I will go to the doctor nearby before I go to bed. I hope to have a good sleep.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still In Pain For Work

I still wasn't able to go to work last night and I am still having some pain. So I am not sure yet if I can go to work tonight. I don't want to look like a crippled laborer at work. I hope the medication will make me feel better before night time so I can decide whether I should go to work or not. But I will still go to bed early this afternoon and hope to feel a lot better when I woke up. This is terrible!!

Anyway, I can't do much yesterday at home because of the pain. But I was able to cook food for the kids so I feel happy about that. Other than that, I am disabled!! I was thinking of doing the laundry but, I feel so uncomfortable moving here and there. I might just do the laundry on Thrusday so all the clothes that we will need for the trip will be ready to use by Friday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Absent Due To Pelvic Pain

I was having Pelvic Pain again since Thursday. I was hoping it will go away this weekend since I will get a lot of rest, but unfortunately, taking tylenol doesn't even make my walking straight. I have to be absent at work and I will definitely go to my doctor tomorrow. I might just go to the walk in clinc tomorrow and probably set an appointment with our family doctor after.

oh well anyway, I wasn't able to update this blog since Saturday because I was busy doing my Mineral Makeup Making photos. I uploaded the Making Mineral Lipstick and Powder Foundation on my Facebook but only the Lipstick Photos that I was able to post on my beauty blog. I will be posting the Powder Foundation Photos on my Beauty Blog tomorrow.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Good Old Friend

This morning, me and my kids went to the travel agency and pay the balance for our trip next week. I am so excited!!

Then I went straight to bed to take a few hours sleep so I have enough energy to go to the Funeral of a good old friend who died few days ago. I used to work with him and he is pretty nice to me and taught me a lot of things at work. So I thought it would be worth the time to see him for the last time and I did.

I arrived about 10 minutes early at the Funeral. I was waiting for some co-workers at the funeral but I got bored so I went home atfter few minutes.

I will do some update on some of my blogs and then probably spend some time with my kids.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Posted Stir Fry Japanese Noodles

I was in the HWay for almost two hours due to traffic and I really hate it specially that it is so hot outside. I am trying to conserve gas so I am trying to avoid using the car aircondition.. So I was in a hurry when I get home.. Clean the kitchen, workout and then cooked this Stir Fry Japanese Noodles..

I did few facebooking and posted this stir fry japanese noodles. I thought it would be nice to let these people know that they are not only one who can post some foods... hahahahha... I would rather post some unique foods instead of posting everyday filipino foods... gzzzzzzz!!! Whats the point of posting caldereta, kare kare, sinigang... ? Gzzz My goodness!!! As if filipinos abroad can't cooked and eat these kind of foods... whatever!!!

Oh well, I am a bit disappointed to see my weighing scale.. heheheh I gained a little weight because I have been eating a lot and I did fewer workouts last week because of the pelvic pain I had. I will jst try to make it up this following weeks..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Posting Foods On FB

I have these ice cream since last Sunday but I only posted it on my FB to show it off with some crazy people on my network site...hahahha!!!.. It's crazy to see some people posting their daily meals on FB... I am amazed with the time and effort that they spend just to take pictures and broadcast their daily living... I don't know what they are trying to convey... But knowing how these people are, I really think they are trying to show it off to make some people jealous and it's really crazy...

Oh well, but I truly love this ice cream flavors; Maple Walnut and Ube ice cream...Just ate few scoops this morning.

Anyway, I went to my dentist to hand the document that I need for Attestation of my Identity, and just leave it there. I hope to have it on my next dental appointment which will be next week.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lasgna Today, Looking For Professional Yesterday

I cooked Lasagna and I think it's a little bit salty, but I think it's okey. Hubby will work overtime again. So since he will come home late tonight, I just thought I should cook for the family. It's hard because I have some things I wasn't able to do but it's okey. I will just do it tomorrow.

Yesterday, I was busy looking for a professional people who will sign the "Attestation of I dentity" other than my medical doctor because his clinic is far from home.

My dentist can sign it but it will take time before he can sign it because of his busy schedule. The secretary said it might take about 2 weeks.

Nobody want to sign it, the policeman, pharmacist, postmaster... gzzzzz!!!

I was suppose to go to my dentist today to drop the document and at the same time to the optemetrist and see who can sign the paper first. Oh well, I will just do it tomorrow.

I am also suppose to do one load of laundry but since I was caught up with the cooking, I have to drop it off my schedule because my workout is more important. I can do it tomorrow when I get home from work before I do my workout. Then I will go to my dentist and optemetrist.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spiritual Meeting With Friends

Me and the kids watched Harry Potter then we went straight at home so I can get a short nap so I can can I have some energy for the household meeting.

I had fun with the household meeting last night. It was very spiritual meeting with my members. I hope to have this meeting often as it really help to feel closer to God.

Today I cleaned the three washrooms and did few laundry. I didn't vacuum the whole house since I am saving this work for my daughter Kelly. I wan't them to do some job at home while on vacation.

We will do the grocery after the mass then go home, as usual. Then I will go to bed to prepare myself to work tonight again.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Second Place At Solo Guitar

My Kimberly won the second place in Solo Guitar competition yesterday at CML or Canadian Music League. I am so happy and worth all the effort and expenses to see her grow in her love to music.

Everytime my kids join any competition like this, I don't expect them to bring any award. I just love to see them play in public and expose their talent. It's really a joy to see them accept an award. I am so proud!!!

Buy Swooper Flag Online For Advertising

I was looking around the internet today about new way of business advertising and I found this swooper flags website. The swooper flag or the feather flag is actually not new to business advertising. It's been there for a long time but only few people find it as an effective way of advertising. You can have it custom made for your products.

If I have a store for my business, I would probably put one infront of my store. Unfortunately, I still don't have enough income to put up a store for my products. But I hope someday I will have even small store where I can accept customers to view my products.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lack Of Attention

It is so obvious how some people complain their situation just because they LACK ATTENTION!!!... Nobody sees them. Nobody recognize them. Their existence is so little that's why they need extra attention of recognition. I feel so sorry for them because, after that big step that they did to get the attention, I don't think their situation will change at all... Because it is all about PERSONALITY!!!

Tradeshow Booth Online

If I have the choice to focus on my business, joining a tradeshow will be included on my plan and make something big for my products.

I was looking at this Trade show booth website. Everytime I see this kind of website, that gives some idea on how to promote business, I just feel like quiting my job and focus my time on making my business grow.

Multi-media Trade Show Booths or a simple presentation with Portable Display Boards will extend the message a maximum impact for your business.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy With The Workout DVDs

The last 3 Workout DVD's that I ordered finally arrived yesterday. I was having some thought that the audio systmen of LIZA 5 Days Latin Dance System Workout DVD will not work on the dvd player on the basement, like the other Liza Hip Hip dance workout dvd, were I have to play it on the family room upstairs, which is quit frustrating because I am not used to working out aanywhere inside my house but the basement. Plus the fact that my kids put the other dvd player on the twin crib room.

I was already thinking of buying another cheap dvd player to connect on the entertainment system on the basement. But then I thought of checking the cable wiring connection of the audio and I found out the audio cable connection is not properly connected.

I was so happy for being able to find the solution. I can now play all my workout dvd in one dvd player... Thank God for the blessings.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pain In Pelvic Area

I was so tired again at work last night because I wasn't able to get a good sleep yesterday. I am still adjusting to my night routine from my vacation. Aside from that, I am still having this pain on my pelvic area and I couldn't move as fast as I used to. But then I am glad that I still did good at my work.

I will go to bed early today after my stretching and few minutes workout, as I really think, I need to get some rest to relieve the pain on my pelvic area. I will do pelvic exercises and see how it goes. If the pain persist, I might set an appointment to my doctor.

Graduation Gift Ideas Online

Last month I bought my daughters Kimberly, a new celphone and Kelly, a book for their garduation. Nothing so expensive because we were saving money for our trip next month. If we are not going to travel next month, I could have bought them a nicer grad presents, like these items I saw on the internet today. I gave them the choice to choose and they choose to Travel, so I guess everything is fair. I might just save money for a nicer gift for them this Christmas.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sleep Routine Adjustment From Vacation

I was so sleepy at work last night because I only slept for 2 hours on Sunday afternoon. I need some adjustment with my night lifestyle at work again, and it will probably take me few days to go back to my night shift routine.

Today I cleaned the BBQ grill to make sure that bacteria will not accumulate and the grill are all ready for another set of meat BBQ.

I will drop my Kimberly to her friend's house in a few minutes. She don't want to wait for her father to come home from work to pick her up, so I just let her to take the bus to go home by herself, because I won't have enough energy to wake up in the middle of my sleep, to pick her up, specially that I am adjusting to my old sleeping routine.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Too Late Flowering

I am so into gardeing or flowering my front and backyard. I feel so relax everytime I see some of the flowers outside my house blooming. I wanted to buy and put more flowers in my garden but I think it is already late for that. It is already July and the summer will end in maybe about 2 months from now.

Anyway, I feel so lazy and tired yesterday and I didn't do anything almost the whole day. I just lied down and rest for the whole day. My pelvic area feel so tired and I can't walk straight. I am still having some pain on this area but a lot better than yesterday. So I guess I have to skip my workout today just to give my lower body some rest.

I going back to work tonight and I hope the pain on my pelvic area will go away. I also tried to get up this early in the morning to start adjusting my time of sleeping again...

I will do some laundry so I can hang it outside after the church mass. I will also process this one order so I can ship it tomorrow morning. I will see if the pain on my pelvic area will be okey so I can do some house cleaning before I go to bed.

I really wanted to buy some more roses and other kinds of flowers like daisy for my front and backyard. I also wanted to plant some perenial herbs on a small area on my backyard and probably some annual plants like tomatoes and eggplant next year.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Last Relaxing Night

Tonight is my last night sleeping in my room with my family. I will be working again tomorrow night... Oh well, I really enjoyed my short vacation and I really had so much rest. I think I am ready to work again because I feel revitalized after my relaxing vacation at home.

I have been sleeping the whole night for a couple of days now and I will surely have a hard time adjusting to my usual lifestyle in a graveyard shift. I will try my best to sleep in the afternoon today so I will not have a hard time sleeping tomorrow afternoon before I go to work.

DNA Testing Online

The technology of today can almost make everything possible. There are good and bad side on everythings but if we can only focus on the good side of the new technology, we will all be thankful of what God has provided us.

Secret Crimes that were impossible to detect before, can now be easily detected with DNA testing by dna experts. DNA testing services are recognized many professional accrediting organizations including the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors–Laboratory Accreditation Board.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lazy and Resting

The last update I made for this blog is last Monday. It's already Friday and I realized that I didn't update this blog for a couple of days. It's not because I am busy, but simply because I was lazy. I actually have all the time to update all my blogs but I was just lazy.

I was lazy for blogging but I was sad that I only had few assignments. I sometimes wonder why, when I have all the time to do things I need to do, opportunities don't come. I have few blog opportunities and I have zero orders!!! Gzzzzz..

At the time that I am busy, everything will come all at the same time, amking me stress were, I dont know how, when and where to start doing things. Oh well, at least I had my full vacation all relaxation!!!

So last Tuesday, we just wen't outside to do few things. Then Wednesday, we had fun bringing the Dog at the grooming salon. She looks very neat and clean for all summer. Then yesterday, we just stayed at home, watch TV, BBQ and a lot of rest.

Resources For Car Repair and Maintenance

Yesterday, I let hubby to use the car since me and the kids decided to just stay at home teh whole day. How I wish we have two cars so hubby don't have to take the bus and he can come home earlier than usual. But the maintenance and insurance expenses is so expensive. That's why we just decided to have only one car.

Our car is brand new so, we still don't have the headache about it's maintenance. But like any other car, it will get old sooner than later. That's why it is important to always save some money for emergency expenses. helps a lot of people to know how much money to save for their car maintenance. Their Repair Estimator page allow you to know the fair price for the repair of your car for free.

They also allow your to Find a Shop or Dealer near you with all the advice and informations that you need to find the nearest shop or dealer.

In this awesome car information website, I found all resources for the repair and maintenance of my Honda car. They provide the unbiased repair estimates, expert advice and user ratings and reviews.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Year With Him

We have our simple Marriage Vow Renewal Blessing yesterday after the mass. I was just a very short ceremony so my daughter wasn't able to take a picture of us together with the priest.

Then we went straight at home to BBQ and we clean the backyard late in the afternoon. We took this picture after the cleaning the backyard.

Thank you Lord for another challenging year for me and my husband.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday BBQ Moments

We just stayed at home BBQ-ing for lunch then we went out for a little bit for Kimberly's Guitar lesson. We also bought few things at the grocery store for my kid's love of ice cream.

Tomorrow, the new priest in our parish will bless us for our 14th anniversary. This will be the first year that we will be blessed and we made a promise that we will be doing this every year.

I have one week vacation leave from work and I will definitely enjoy it while doing everything I that I need to do at home.

Friday, July 1, 2011

BBQGrill For Canada Day

I am so happy because it's the long weekend for Canada Day anf I will be off for the whole week. I will definitely take a lot of rest.
Me and hubby bought this gorgeaous stainless steele BBQ Grill at Walmart yesterday to make sure that me and my family will enjoy the long weekend and my long off from work.

Free Shipping For Women's Sandals

I love the womens sandals sandals that I saw on the internet yesterday. I actually emailed the webstore and waited for their reply to know if they ship to Canada but unfortunately, they don't ship to Canada. I hope that someday they will be able to ship to Canada so Canadian can also enjoy the comfort of ordering their products online.

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