Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Important Doctor's Appointment

Waaaaa I am full.. I ate too much for my breakfast and now I am feeling guilty. I still want to lose some weight..

I will wait for about 30 minutes and I will go to bed early and try to get few hours of sleep and wake up at 12noon, because I have an appointment with my surgeon at 3:30pm. It will take me about, more or less 2 hours, to the clinic because it is located in downtown, Toronto- so I have to take the public transit since the parking lot there is expensive. Then I have to wait for the patient's line up..

I am not sure if I can sleep early because my body is not use to it but I will try mybest. But if I can't, I have no choice but to take the Emergency Leave at work because I can't go to work without sleeping. I don't think I can go back home as early as 6pm, to take at least 2 hours nap before I go to work!!!!

Sigh!!!! I can't reschedule this appointment since my doctor is only available at this time. It is important to me because this is part of 5 years observation on my medical case. I hope I will go home with a smile tonight!!! I don't want any surgery anymore!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stupid Troubled Night

I was in trouble at work last night. I don't know what is wrong with me again. I don't know what went wrong. I guess I was tired and sleepy and I've been doing this for so long that made me overlooked all the important things about my work. I was simply stupid!!

Yes, I wanted to quit my job but I just can't, because of the lenght of my service to the company. I wanted to be laid off to get some part of me that I have dedicated to the company, but I never wanted to be fired. I wanted to leave my job DECENTLY, and I don't have the heart to F*ck Around just to get what I want and what I need.

Oh well, God's will and giving everything into his gracious Hands

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Visit From My Cousin Jen

As I've mentioned on my yesterday's post, my cousin, Jen, from Orange County, California visited me yesterday. She was with her boyfriend but unfortunately, I forget the name of her boyfriends....lols...

We had lunch in Swiss Chalet in Rexdale and Kipling. I thought of bringing them to Swiss Chalet because this is the most famous Canadian Rotiserie Restaurant in Canada.
It's so nice to see her after such a long time. It was about 5 years ago since I last saw her when we visited and stayed in their house in Orange County, California.

She had her Medical Conference in Niagara Falls and I really appreciate the time she spend to visit us here in Canada. Her and her boyfriends headed to downtown Toronto to see the CN Tower. We didn't went with them as I have to go to work that night.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Enough Rest Yesterday

I just stayed at home yesterday and take a lot of rest and sleep. I need it so I did it. I feel a lot energized today and ready to go to work tonight. However, I don't think I will have enough sleep today for my night shift work, because I received a call from my cousin in California, yesterday. She will be here in Toronto most probably at lunch time. So I don't think I will be able to go to bed early.

I will be taking pictured if I have the chance and post it on my FB and on this blog.

I have two orders to make and I will start doing the labels after I updated this blog.

I also finished the last blog opportunity that I had to do for this week and I am glad I was able to submit it on time. I also been logging in to my account to bid for opportunities. I hope to receive more assignment this week.

I hope we can attend the mass before my cousin call to have lunch.

Best Online Coupons For Shoes

This is the last week that my kids will be home with me during the day. Because their school will start, And since it's their first day in HIGH SCHOOL, I wanted them to have new things to use in school like shoes, bags, etc..

I don't really have the time to go to the shopping mall, specially that there are so many people on every mall, shopping for school supplies. So I thought to look around on the internet to find something nice, fashionable but affordable shoes for me and my kids.

I found this Zappos shoes coupons website where you can find discount deals on Zappos shoes, clothing, bags, jewelry, and many more. They provide clearance sale discounts, special promo code deals for different shoe stores.

This is the perfect time to buy shoes on sale. This website provide latest styles of dress shoes, including boots, comfort shoes, and many more.

They also offer Footsmart coupons . Simply click the link listed on their website and get the discount or special discount. Then enter the discount code before you finalizing your order.

Everyday they add many new promotional offers and special bargains and discount coupon for different online stores.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Chores

Today, after my dance workout and 15 minutes run, I tidy up the house and my daughter Kelly help me out to vacuum. I will clean the washrooms tomorrow because I feel like going to bed now. I might not come to Kimberly's Guitar lesson and just stay at home to have some rest. I will probably watch a movie later on.

I did two loads of laundry today and I thought of taking a picture of the clothes that I hanged in our backyard. I was looking at the way the clothes were hanging and I feel like I was in the Philippines. hahahahha!!!!

Hospitality Room Director Job

I had an easy week at work but that doesn't mean I find it exciting and interesting because it's NOT. I am not getting any younger and I sometimes feel I only have short time left for me to do something worth my time.

I was looking at this Job Search website and this Room Director Jobs catches my attention. I thought it is an easy but quite interesting job since you will have a chance to interact with different types of personality of different nationality.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Columbiana and Sampaguita Plant

Me and the kids watched Columbiana the movie today and we obsolutely love it. Then we ate at A&W.When we get home, my high school classmate (Fe) who just live nearby, made a quick visit to our house just to bring me the Sampaguita plant. It was so nice of her to spend time to deliver this sampaguita plant. I really apprecited the kindness and the thoughfulness.

I have been wanting to have this plant but I just don't know where to buy it from. And I was so happy when she offered me one pot of this plant. I will do my best to make it last for as long as I can. I might just need a little guidance from her as she is an expert on this.

I decided to put it inside the house because I am afraid it will die outside since the front of our house is directly pointing to the sunlight. I thought it might die for too much sun exposure. It smells so good.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy To Be Forgiven

My newest sponsor remove the assignment with broken link and replaced it with new assignment. They don't know how happy I am to continue receiving assignment from them, despite having an expired domain name for my other blog. My worries are gone and was replaced with happiness. I hope my Raptured Dreams blog will be accepted by them.

I have decided not to purchased a new domain name for my blog with expired domain name, unless my newest sponsor ask me to. I think I have enough blog on it's own domain name and I will just make sure to take care of them to avoid having any expired domain name again. Also, I will spend more time to regularly update all my blogs.

I will put on my calendar each blog's expiration date so I will be reminded to renew them on time.

I am happy to be forgiven if they find me at fault, although it wasn't really my intention..

Funny Tee Shirt With Hilarious Slogan

The weather is getting cold which means, Christmas season is on it's way. I am already looking for a unique Chirstmas Gifts for friends and relatives.

As I was searching for a unique gift christmas idea, I saw this funny tee shirts website and I find them really nice not only for a gift but for my personal use.

They specialize in funny t-shirt slogans that offers the fastest standard shipping.I love the fact that they don't hold orders like other apparel company.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Not To Be Remove

I was so happy to open my dashboard and see that I have one new assignment from my newest sponsor. However, the link is broken so I thought of notifying them before I do the assignment. They might not be aware of it. I will visit the link again tomorrow or maybe later today and see if they have corrected it.

I felt so relieve to recieve new assignment from my newest sponsor. I thought I will be terminated from their list of bloggers because of the expired domain name of my other blog. But God is so good. Thank you so much to my favorite Sponsor. I will be very very sad if I will be remove from their list because they have the simpliest, easiest and more informative assignments I am getting from.

Anyway, I had an easy night at work last night. And today, my kids decided not to attend the "GET READY" program from their new school. It's a voluntary program for new students so, I agree to their request not to attend to it anymore.

I hope my other other will be accepted by them so I can do more business with them since my other blog's domain name was expired.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Still Waiting and Get Ready Program

I have no assignment from my newest sponsor since my other blog's domain name expired. I don't know if the domain name expiration has something to do with this lack of assignment, I hope it's not not the reason why I am not receiving any assignment from the. I am getting very very anxious to know how they will reposnse and until now, I still don't have any response from them.

I am glad I was able to grab some task from my other sponsor and I will definitely do it tomorrow. I also did some bidding for blog opportunities from my other sponsor and I hope some advertiser will response from my bids.

Anyway, yesterday we went to the church as usual and purchased few groceries. Then I went to bed early and woke up early for work.

Today, I dropped my kids to their school for "GET READY" program. This is a program for new secondary students as preparation for their new life in their new school. They are very nervous and excited to meet new people in their new school.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still Waiting Until ...

I still don't have any response from my newest sponsor with regards to the expired domain name of one of my blogs that is registered with them. I am feeling anxious about their response and I hope I will not be banned for this, since losing the domain name which I worked so hard for more than 3 years now, is already painful for me.

Anyway, yesterday I went for lunch with my two male co-workers (Julo and Ed), at Chako BBQ Restaurant in Scarborough. I didn't bother to take a picture of the moments I had with them. I was thinking of taking some pictures and post it on my FB but I thought it would just create an intrigue. Better to keep in with ourselves.

Today, I went to the doctor with hubby to have the doctor looked at hubby's ankle which has been causing him some pain for many years now. Also, to have the doctor looked at the reason for my headache and felt like having a fever. I thought I had tonsilities and I was right. So he gave me a medication and I hope to feel better by tomorrow.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Waiting For The Response

I am still waiting for my newest sponsor's response about the Expired Domain Name of my "Array Of Hopes" blog. I am a little bit nervous about their response. I know this is very disappointing because I myself is very disappointed to lose the domain name since I have worked so hard for the URL to get a good PR.

I submitted it to as many directory as I can and I really can't go back to each directory to remove the link. I can only remove the link to some of the directory where I have submitted it like BlogCatalog, Myblogblog, FuelMyBlog etc because these are the major strong directories where I usually submit my blogs.

I wanted to purchase another domain name of this blog but if my newest sponsor will say it's useless to buy a new domain name for this blog because they will not accept the new domain name, then what is the use of purchasing new domain name for this blog? I might just abandon this blog but will not delete it because of the links. Just like what I did to my other blog where the domain name was also expired.

Houses For Rent In Calagary

Me and hubby are planning to have another vacation next year. but this time we want it to be a relaxing vacation within Canada. One of the places that we want to visit is Calgary. I am looking for houses for rent in Calgary, to give me an idea how much money I should save for our next vacation.

So I tried searcing on the internet for houses for rent in Calgary and I found this website where you can easily find house for rent online. You just simply click the area of where you want to go and you can view pictures, descriptions, and prices of the houses for rent in Calgary.

Renting houses for vacation is much cheaper than renting a hotel room specially if you are going to stay in the place for a couple of days. In renting houses for vacation, you can cook and don't have to spend too much for foods. You can relax as if, you are in your own house.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frustrating Expired Domain Name

I was busy talking to Google customer service and it took me more than an hour of frustration to reach the Google customer service. GRRRRR!!! Then only to find out that I cannot have back the domain name of my blog anymore. I know I have this blog domain on automatic renewal, same as my other blogs with domain name, thats why I didn't bother to log in to my Google Apps to check since the domain name is up and running good so far. I also didn't received any notification on my main Email so I thought evrything is doing just fine and it will automatically be renewed, like the rest of my blogs. But gzzzzzz, I cannot open my blog... and only found out that the domain name was already expired!!! It's really frustrating

I already publish it on it's original free domain name because it frustrates me more to see a different website using the expired URL.

I am waiting for the response of my newest sponsor about this matter and see if I should buy another domain name for this blog so I can start working on it again and get good ranking in the near future.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Remishing The Vacation

Just reminishing the time we spend during out East USA Tour. It was truly a memorable vacation for me and my famiy.

Benefits Of GPS In Traveling

I am not very smart when it comes to remembering places. I am always lost even if I have been to a certain place for several time. It's been abig help since gps technology come out in the market. I was able to bring my family to different place that I never thought we can visit only through driving.

GPS or Global Positioning System is truly a cost-effective way to ensure you will get to the place that you want to be without being lost. The satellite signals track your position and direct you, metre by metre, to your planned destination.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lovely Humid Sunday

Today I finished the remaining 3 articles from the direct advertser's offer and one from one of my sponsors. I workout and run today. I feel a lot better so I am starting to include running on my workout routine again.

Hubby cooked Chicken and Porch Chop BBQ

Our lunch for today. Chicken and Pork Chop BBQ with Three Cheese ranch Salad, cherries and strawberries.

I took a bath after eating our lunch and ready to go to church. It's so humid today

Love this new blouse I bought last Friday. It's perfect for the humid weather.. But I dont like how the humid weather do to my hair.. grrrr!!!

Wide Selection Of Contact Lenses Online

My twin daughters bought wear prescribed contact lenses and I admit that it is really painful on my budget. But what can I do, they are the reason why I work so hard. I want to give them what they need and make them as happy as I can. I am planning to buy them a prescribed coloured contact lenses before the end of this year. I want them to look great.

I saw this iLense website and they offer different high quality Contact Lenses. You can choose from affordable prescription lenses, coloured contact lenses or just a daily disposables contact lenses.

They provide reputable brands contact lenses like Cibavision, Acuvue, Dailies, Freshlook Colours, Purevision extended wear, SofLens, and many more.

Ordering is very easy and they are known to have a good reputation in delivering online orders of contact lenses. If you want to learn more, simply visit their website and you will be amazed with the wide selection of contact lenses that they have. You don't have to go anywhere.

If you have any questions, their customer service is always happy to answer all your questions.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday At Walmart

We went to Walmart Brampton yesterday to buy my kids their school supplies.
We ate first at McDonald inside the Walmart.

Then I bought few thing I need for myself like the thin curling Iron for only CND$9.97.. It was pretty cheap so I decided to buy.

I also bought Roasted Fried Chicken for our dinner. It was pretty cheap too for only CND$7.77. Love it!!

Then we went staright at home and watch a movie... Very relaxing Friday!!

Buy Wigs Online

I sometimes wanted to have a short hair or long curly hair just to change my look for a day or 2. However, it takes a while to grow my hair back. So I think a wig can be a good idea.

I was looking at these sexy wigs on the internet. I just love the Sexy long wig with soft smooth waves. The prices is not that bad.

It's good to change style once in a while specially when attending to parties and gatherings. By wearing wigs, I don't have to go to a salon to change the color of my hair, have it curled or cut it. I simply wear them and take them off when I want to see my own natural look.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Random Life

It's Friday and it's been almost 4 days since I have updated this blog. I was busy with so many things, mostly for my kids.

Last night, I was supoose to go to work about 3 hours early so everybody in my shift can go home early. But I wasn't able to wake up early so I have to call my boss to use my vacation. I am little bit disappointed because I am trying to avoid to use my remaining vacation. Oh well!!

Today, I have a couple to blog assignment to make. I also have to bring my kids to Walmart to buy them their school supplies.

I will try to bring my camera to post on my FB.. hahahhaha!! Just to update my FB account. Yesterday, me and my Kim went out and eat in A&W and Baskin' Robin but I forgot to bring my camera. Gzzzzzz!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Blessings Despite The Poverty

It's quite scary to see how slow our production at work. It just simply show how much poverty is going on all over the world. If USA economy is down, all country is down. I hope these economic crisis will soon be resolve.

Anyway, I am still thankful that aside from the full-time I had during the night time, I am so blessed to still be able to make extra income on the internet. The assignments I am receiving from my sponsors are pretty slow, and I am glad to recieve direct offers from advertsers... Thank you Lord for the blessings.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Half Way Done With Direct Offer

I was so lazy to update any of my blogs for a couple of days. Gzzzzz!!! I have been Facebooking again and it's actually a waste of time. I should Facebook only about 15 to 30 minutes a day because it doesn't do any good but STRESS from people with stupid thoughts.
Anyway, I am happy that I was able to finish 4 of the 8 direct offer from the advertiser. I need to finish another 4 within this week so I can ask for the other half of the payment of our deal. I have to be as professional as I can be by doing the assignment on time.

I am posting the copy of our conversation but I have to erase the name of the person and his email for his privacy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back Home From 4 Days East USA Tour

We just came home from the 4 Days East USA Tour. It was frustratingly tiring because of the hot weather, particularly in Washington DC but very educational specially for my kids. I wish I can post all the pictures coz I know one couple is probably waiting for this... hahhahaha

Shopping on the First Day

At Manhattan New York

It was so hot in Washington DC

The most quiet place of our 4 days tour.