Monday, October 31, 2011

Comparing Quotes

I just got this from online friend. I am thinking of posting this on my FB so those people who can't stop comparing themselves to others will open up their eyes. That if we only know how to focus on ourselves, there will be no jealousy, hatred and envious feeling for everyone.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

60's 70's Rock n' Roll Party

Just got home from "60s 70s rock n roll party".. I had so much fun just watching old people dance all night... lols... I drunk a lot of coke probably why I still can't sleep.

They have a very nice 70s outfit. I wished I have prepared. But it's okey, I had fun. I already posted the pictures on my FB and hopefully those people who think that I have no other life, will see this picture.
I love my hair, my makeup and my simple outfit. I just wish those people who always see the imperfection in me were there. I love making myself beautiful. I may not be perfectly beautiful but I definitely know how to be one.
Anyway, today is another Sunday for me with my family. I will make sure to do my Sunday workout, and finish the laundry before we go to church.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Back On My Feet and Enjoying

One pending order to ship due to my laziness. I will do it tomorrow morning.. I am happy I have one task from my other sponsor for one of my blogs. Thank GOD!!!...
Anyway, I am a little bit slowing down from my chat addiction for a couple of weeks now. I was able to do some chores yesterday and of course did my workout even though I have to squeeze in my schedule a little bit due to my workout absence last Tuesday. I think I am back on my feet.

My bad personal plan is still there, but the chance is slim to make it come true because of my higher standard... hahahhaha!!! I will just have fun with it and enjoy whatever it is!!! F**k all filipinos about my way of enjoying my life.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Waisted Time In Chatting

No assignment, No task from any of my sponsors!!!! BIG BIG BIG SIGH!!!.. Good thing I have two orders and I already ship the first one yesterday. I have one order to make and hopefully to finish it today so I can ship it this afternoon.
I have been chatting with friends online and it is really taking so much of my time.. It really relaxes my mind... I will try to do short chat today and focus on doing things I need to do for today and go to bed early... Stupid chatting!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Early Cleaning To Do The Promise

There was no available parking spot at Bramalea Centre yesterday so we just decided to go home after we pick up hubby to his work. I promised my kids to bring them at Bramalea Cetre today before we go to church. So I need to finish all the remaining household chores. I need to clean the washroom upstairs. It is really filty.
I am doing the laundry now and I am just waiting for the food that I just ate to be digested so I can start my Sunday dance workout. I guess I will clean the washroom first so the food will be easily digested. hahahahah!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Socilizing With Strangers

I just posted this on my FB status "FB is getting boring... Fake friends adding up.. SIGH!!!!... Just nice to connect to good old friends since FB is getting more famous and it's easier to communicate with real friends ... I am having more FUN with my other social networking site... Sometimes it's more fun to share thoughts with strangers... You won't be judge!!!"..

Oh well it's true... Fake friends keeps adding up. Most people from MY work are FAKE friends because they keep on looking on what you have that they don't have, and what they have that you don't have... Whether it be about physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, material, ability, including sexuality... etc. bla bla bla!!! All about competition to make oneself feel better.... GZZZZZ!!!
I sometimes think it is better to socialized to strangers.. I am having FUN sharing my thoughts to strangers. Answering some of their questions to share some of my thoughts without being JUDGED....It relaxes my mind to socialized!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Judgemental People

Having fun chating with some strangers. It relaxes my mind with frustration and desparation to get out of that place but have no other way. How I wish that the company will offer volunteer layoff. I really need it to start a new life.

Funny but some people find it a show off or act of arrogance to wanted to get avolunteer layoff package. It was a mistake on my part to share my desire to get the company package. I forgot that some people might take it the other way. But it is the truth. I am sometimes thinking of doing stupid things so I can get some package but it's not part of my morale. I have to plan my life the right way.

I sometimes think it is better to talk to strangers and share my thoughts with them than sharing it with people who I really know personally, but will judge me!!! Strangers will not judge me for who I am and infact have been cheering me up for a couple of days now!!!

Anyway, I will pick up my kids and pick up the order from my supplier's warehouse after I pick up hubby to work, and then go to bed. I will have to wake up tonight so I can go to a friend's house to practice the pantomina dance.

Speaking of pantomina dance number, I might block the people at work on my FBlist so they won't see my pictures of some events that I will attend. Too many judgemental people in my life!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Compliments From Strangers

Still zero opportunity.. VERY BIG SIGH!!!... Oh well, I am having so much fun socializing on myyearbook. I think it's more fun to socialize with strangers because you won't really care how or if they will judge you.

I am having a lot of compliments on my picture. Eventhough I know that my friends will also give me some compliments, but it's better to avoid giving annoyance to some. Filipinos are very judgemental and envious.. I hate to feel this way, but that's how I really see it specially that I can now clearly see and experience the differences between races.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another SIGH

Still zero opportunities.. SIGH! SIGH! SIGH! But there are still few more days to go, so I am still hoping to receive some before the end of the week. I will order some of the ingredients for this one big order I just received last weekend. I will pick it up of Friday after I pick up hubby from his work.

Usual moments of some annoyance... Can't do anything about it... I try my best to avoid people that can ruin my peacefulness. I will pray for this continues peacefulness and to keep me from things that can trigger the bad side of me.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nothing Is New But Annoying

I have zero assignments from any of my sponsors again!! BIG SIGH!!!!... I really hope to have some opportunities before the end of this week. This is getting very frustrating.
Anyway, another annoying moments but what can I do? It will always be part of my daily life. At least, talking to some people whom I am quite comfortable with is fun but I can only count on my fingers.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nothing Is New But My Light Lipstick

Usual childish moments. Nothing is new.. !!!! I will go out before I go to bed to check my orthotics and buy bus ticket for my kids.
I took this picture yesterday before we went to the CLS. I thought of wearing light lipstick so I won't look like I am trying to OVERDO my makeup to catch attention. I wanted to post all my pictures on FB but I dont want to look like I am bragging. There is nothing to brag because I am not perfectly beautiful. Some may find me pretty, but some may find it NOT or perhaps ugly!!! It's about my hair that I am proud.. I love it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Excited For Future Events

It was a blessed night at the CLS last night, as one of the prayer warriors. I didn't took any photos because I feel like I am overacting on putting too much pictures on my account. I might just take some photos on the graduation of the new CLS members.

Anyway, I am happy that I was able to finish the two assignments from my newest sponsor. I am hoping that I will have another set of assignments from them this week.

Last night after the seminar, we went to the dressmaker who is suppose to make our dress for the pantomina dance that we are planning to do for the Golden Wedding Anniversary. But he is charging too much and I don't think I can afford to spend this amount of money for one simple dance number. Sis Cynthia have another plan for this.

There will a lot of events and happenings at the CFFLS and I am pretty excited to attend to all of them. I really think this is a good opportunity for me, to have peaceful environment while I am having fun. I can't wait!!!

Cigar For Christmas Gift

I am so excited with a lot of future events happening on CFFL. There are so many upcoming parties that I will be attending and I can't wait to take some pictures and post it on my FB..hahahah!!

One of the events that I am looking forward is the Golden Wedding Anniversary of our group members. They don't have a perfect relationship as husband and wife but they survive this long. I pray that me and hubby will be able to celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Since there will be many parties that I will be attending, I shopped around the internet and found this swisher sweets cigars. I thought this can be a very unique gift for men and perhaps for women too. This can be a good exchange gift idea for Christmas. I can't wait....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Future Events With Them

My mind was refreshed. My heart was refreshed. I feel so light after being with the people that I always wish to be with. No judgements; no looking who is up or down; all God fearing.... How I wish to be with these kind of people always. But I guess, God will always gives us challenges to see how long can we keep his words in our heart despite all the evil things that sorrounds us.

Anyway, it was brother Boy's birthday yesterday and I really had a fun night with them. I am so excited with some future events that I will have fun with them. Like the Rock and Roll party on Oct 29 and the Golden Wedding Anniversary next month. I am pretty excited with the Pantomina Dance number that we will do on the Golden Wedding Anniversay of Bro Jose and Sis Annie. They are such a cute and sweet couple. I was asked to do the choreography that's why I need to learn some of the simple moves from youtube.. hahaha!!.. More events are coming for Christmas...

Tonight we will be at the Christian Life Seminar. Then after the CLS, we will go to the dressmaker to discuss and get our size for the dress that we will wear for the Pantomina Dance number. I am pretty excited for this event.

3 Days Sale for Color Ink

The ink of my computer is running out. I need to buy another black & white and color ink cartridges before it run out. So I tried to look around the internet where to buy a cheaper ink and with the fastest delivery.

I found this webstore where they offer employee pricing discounts on most of their items including the computer printer ink that I am looking to buy. It's a 3 days sale only, from October 14 to 16. I will try to see if they have the kind of ink that I need.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank God It's Friday!!!!

Just having some negative guts feeling!!! COMPETE, COMPETE, COMPETE!!!!! I just can't breathe seeing some competing faces and gestures!!!.. Trying to Ignore but it's slapping on my face!!! I wish I can shout to them, YOU CAN TAKE EVERYTHING, I HAVE NOTHING... I AM EMPTY... JUST LEAVE ME ALONE !!! Oh God, thank God it's Friday!!!
I had a message from a friend. She is inviting us over to her house tonight at 8pm. I will definitely come because these are the kind of people that I really want to be with. I just need to confirm if it is tonight or tomorrow night. I doubt if I can come if it will be tomorrow night because we have to attend the Christian Life seminar. They need people to pray the rosary while having their sharing.

I will do few household chores, then my workout, then go to bed. Wake up at 2pm to pick up the kids and take them for a snack before we go home. Then I will go back to bed for another few hours of sleep and then wake up at 7pm to attend the invitation. Hayyy, I need to go away from these chaotic environment.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gay Will Always Be

I tried to make him feel everything is okey. I just don't know if he will take it that way without any hypocrisy in his heart. However, forgiving him doesn't mean everything will go back to normal and what happened was okey. I will still try to avoid him as much as possible because I know, people like him will never change. GAY will always be GAY!!!
Anyway, I will do some tidying up on the kitchen and of course, do my workout for today before I go to bed. I will pick up my kids as usual and go to bed after, to have enough energy for work. I can't wait to spend another peaceful and lovely weekend with my family!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Absent And Vain...

I didn't go to work last night. My feet hurt again and I wasn't able to sleep well because I was hooked with the fun of chatting with some friends hehehhehe.. It's so fun but here I am, sober to go to work so I just decided to call my boss and I am glad she agree to use one of my vacation leave. It's slow at work that's why I am not worry about using my vacation even the unpaid vacation anytime. There are too many people at work.
Oh well, I was playing around my picture using Foto Flexer yesterday. I wanted to post my pictures on my FB but there are so many small minds that might take it the other way so I will just post it here. I don't see anything wrong with having fun in loving yourself. I just thought someone might not like it.. They don't like me being vain.. hehehhe ... I might just post it one at a time as my profile picture.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pictures Of Me

I am sad because I have no new job from any of my sponsors. Money is getting slower and slower!!!! Oh well!!!... I was trying to catch a friend whom I promised to videochat on skype today. But he is taking so long. I guess I should do my workout and some household chores and see if I still have time to chat after.
I put all together all my pictures that I took yesterday before I go to work. I just like taking pictures of mysefl once in a while... I know I am not perfectly beautiful but I am trying to figure out if I am UGLY!!! hahahahah!!! Am I ugly?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday To Hubby

Yesterday is my hubbydoods birthday... We just bought few foods like roasted chicke and vegetable salad, and a birthday cake and celebrate it quietly at home.
Oh well, I accepted a small mind's apology although I know it's a devilish insincerity that lies behind the word "SORRY"... Devil mind will always be a devil... People who can't be what they want to be or perhaps, they don't know what they want to be will always have a BITTER HEART... Gay who can't be gay will always be living in agony!!!

Why will I delete him?... Let him die with my smile and happiness!!!

I love my life because I can always be what I want to be. Loving the man that I love and loving me back and having a wonderful children is the most wonderful thing that God has given me. Thank you Lord for this wonderful life. Happy Birthday to my husband.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am Wearing Makeup

I was so busy for a couple of days, mostly chatting with my sister about our sick mother. I didn't realized that I didn't do much update on any of my blogs for this week.

Oh well, I had a rough day yesterday because of one gay asshole from my FB. Now I have confirmed how he and most of the people on that place think about me specially the gay!!!... Saying "Ang tunay na maganda, hindi na dapat magpaganda"...... Well, "Ang tunay na maganda ay hindi matitinag ng ibang maganda at MGA NAGPAPAGANDA!!!".... Just can't believe how people can be so freaking angry with some people who love wearing makeup!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Wonder Why?

It's so funny how obvious she tries to compete herself to almost everyone. I can't believe why she can't stop herself worrying, who among the people around her will surpass whatever she have, financially. I can never compete to her financial wealth specially that I don't really have nothing to compete. It just feel so weird to see how she see me as one of her competitors!!!

Anyway, we will go to work early tonight so I will go to bed early so I can have enough sleep since I have to wake up early. I am not sure if I can sleep right away, but I will try my best. I am not sure if I can go back to bed after picking up my kids to school this afternoon. I will be sober at work tonight!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Get Cash Advance Online

I really don't feel comfortable talking about financial matters to people that I don't trust. You don't really know what they will say behind your back, whether what you say is positive or negative about your financial status or problems. I can only say the positive part of my financial life just to have something to share to the group conversation. However, some may not take the positive truth because all they want to hear from you are the negative part of your life.

That's why I am glad that there are some business cash advances on the internet, where you can get instant cash advance to help you in some of your financial difficulties. These financial institutions provide confidential cash advance services.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Annoying Night But Happy With Chinese Noodles

I have a very boring and annoying night again. Just can't stand talking to people who have judgmental mind. Oh well, what can I say. I don't really give a damn about anyone's life and what they think.
Anyway, I cooked this chinese rice noobles in beef and bean sprout and then I put a little bit of shrimp and chinese bokchoy. I love it and I hope my kids will love it too. I will try to bring some tonight at work

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Loving my Hairstyle

My daughter took a phot of me while we were waiting for hubby at his work yesterday. It was windy and a bit chily.
I just love my hair when I curl it. I bet she is trying to figure out how to do this. hahahah!!!! She will probably go to a salon to have this kind of hairstyle..waaaa!!! What do you expect from someone who doesn't have her own style. She will copy everything around her that she thought might look good on her, eventhough it looks awful on her..
Gzzzz try to have your own style girl!!! Just continue looking at the magazine and copy the fashion model's style!!! So you will continue to look awful!!! hahhaha

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Seeing Me As A Competition

I just don't know why there are some people who just can't help but to compete themselves to others.

Why she wanted a party in my house? To see what kind of house do I have to compare my house to hers? Because the houses in Mississauga are usually big and nice? So she wants to find out if my life has surpasses hers? Oh my God!!!...

I have nothing to compete. I don't know what did I do to make this kind of people see me as their competetion.

MATERIAL THINGS and everything that is wonderful in our life can be taken away anytime our Lord decide to take it away from us. I have seen it. I have experienced it so many times. That's why it is very important not to be proud and compete with anyone's life because everything in us are just borrowed from God.

I just take care of what I have and focus on my life. Try to be happy with what I have without looking at anyone's life. The more we look at other people's life, the more we will see what we don't have, instead of counting our blessings.

Oh well, hubby is working overtime today so I will be dropping my beautiful Kimberly to her guitar lesson. Me and my pretty Kelly will do the grocery while waiting for Kim. We need fruits and some snacks at home.