Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cleaning For The New Year

Me and my kids together with hubby just went for grocery yesterday for our New Year's Eve celebration. Then as usual, we just stayed at home and watch bunch of movies online. Peace, simple and quiet but so much fun with my family.

Today hubby will work on his part-time job at the community centre. I am planning to go out and buy few things for home. I wanted to buy this organizer at Walmart to put on my laundry area for more organized space.

I did all the laundry today including all the rugs plus, I also cleaned the kitchen and the basement to make sure that everything in my house is clean, tidy and organized for the New Year. I will be cleaning the second floor and our bathroom maybe later today or early morning tomorrow.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shopping and Preparing For New Year

Yesterday I bought this gorgeous horse to add on my collections. I was very happy because I had a good boxing day deal for this. I think it is about time to spend few bucks for my hobby of collecting horses.

Anyway, today me and my kids went to Orfus Road and shop for clothes. He had fun!!! I bought few casual clothes for me and wasn't happy with some of it. heheheheheh

I will be doing the laundry today and do the grocery tomorrow with hubby for our New Year's Eve celebration. Then I wil make sure that everything is clean and organize inside my house by Saturday for the New Year, since I will have cleaning on Sunday and Monday morning. I want to make sure that my house is perfectly clean and organize before I start my busy life again for year 2013.

San Diego Employment Lawyer

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Lazy Christmas

It was a lazy and relaxing Christmas Day yesterday with my family. But don't get me wrong, because I really had so much fun. As long as I am with my kids, I am the happiest person in the world.

We just watch a movie, eat and sleep the whole day. We want to go to the mall and shop but everything was closed. So today, we will try to shop even if we know there will be a lot of people shopping at the every mall since it is a boxing day. If we start feeling pissed by my crowd, we will just go home. But first, I will make extra money from one of my cleaning customer.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Gift For Me

This is not so good. I have been sleeping, eating, lying down and watching movie since Sunday. My body is not really used to this laziness. hahahahah!!! I am thinking of going somewhere to keep my body working, but I am just too lazy. Aside from that, we already spend too much money for this Christmas. I bought myself a new laundry drier and a new vacuum cleaner, then a guitar for my daughter and then cash money for my kid's birthday and Christmas present. As I have said, there is a time of saving and a time for spending. I guess it is enough spending.

Anyway, this is my kid's Christmas gift for me. I love collecting horses and I am so happy how they have to save money so they can give me something that I love.

We will probably just go out somewhere on Wednesday to shop after my cleaning in the morning. My kids need to buy few clothes for themselves.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Rest and Work

Ahhhh, busy as usual even if I started my vacation from work since Thursday night. I cleaned on Friday morning and went straight to a party 'til 12am. Then Saturday morning, I cleaned again and went straight to my brother's house for my niece birthday.

Yesterday, I didn't cleaned for any of my customers but I cleaned my house. Then went to chruch, buy Pizza Hut for lunch and went to Square One Mall with my kids.

I guess today finally is the start of my rest and be back to work on Jan.2, 2013 However, I still have some cleaning schedule for some of my customers. Well, I won't say know to this opportunities specially that I am at full rest to do this extra job during my vacation. Short works during my vacation won't hurt.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Restful Christmas

Easy night at work but so tiring to pass all these hours doing nothing worthwhile. I might take an unpaid vacation on our last day. I just feel like staying at home and start planning our short Christmas vacation. I know I have done what needs to be done at home. Everything is clean and organized so I will definitely have a rest for more than one week Christmas vacation. If the weather is bad, we might just stay at home but if the weather is nice, we might go out of the country. Maybe just in Buffalo NY to have dinner or lunch.

Anyway, I will go to bed early today and pick my daughter today.I might stop by at Tim Horton to buy some Tassimo Coffee disk for my kids. I might buy something at Walmart.

I can't wait to start my Christmas relaxation. I will definitely rest!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

I am Just Me

I am so happy to learn that one of my co-worker can do electrical job. So I can now move my drier to the place where I want it to be. The lay out of my laundry room is so weird. Blame it on the previous owner of the house. However, other than that, I am happy with our house so far.

Anyway, I know I sound bad to look at the weird looking people at the party last Saturday. I am just telling the truth. How can these people try so hard to look seductive or sexy and make themselves look so funny. I can't deal with that!!! You know exactly how you look when you look in the mirror. I am sure they have mirror!! Oh well, I guess some people just cannot accept what they have and dont have. There are so many ways to look wonderful without trying so hard. You simply have to accept your imperfections and look at your best.

What looks good on someone may not look good on you. So be yourself and respect yourself. However, there are some people who are so insecure and jealous that some people just simply know how to carry themselves and still look good without trying so hard to be like anyone else. LIKE ME!!! hahahah!!! So their insecurities will let them say what is my imperfections to make me look bad.

Well guess what, I am ME and I don't try hard to be anyone. I dont wear and buy clothes that I know will not look good on me. And most specially, I listen to my best critics... My daughters....

Three Things In Cash

Yeah, I bought these three things last Saturday in cash. So what? I have been working hard so I deserve something that will make my life easier.

First I need this laundry drier to make sure that I will only do my laundry on the weekend specially that I have a new active dog so I need to make sure that all seat covers are wash every weekend. I may not put all the clothes here to dry specially those thick clothes like sweat shirts and jacket, but t-shirts, socks and underwear for sure.

I also purchased this upright vacuum cleaner to have it always ready for my kitchen. My old canister vacuum is for my basement. I might be using my new upright vacuum cleaner for some of my cleaning customers
Ahhh, I purchased this acoustic guitar for my daughter. I love seeing them happy. I will be giving my other daughter a cash for shopping after Christmas.
I work double time. I usually work part-time cleaning some days after my full-time night shift work and some weekends. So why question if I can buy things in cash? It feels so good to work hard in making extra money not to put on bills or debt, but to save some for my kids and be able to buy things that I need.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fun At Work Christmas Party

I had fun at work Christmas Party last night. I was tired due to lack of sleep with headache and hip pain but I manage to smile and have fun. And of course, to stay beautiful heheheheh!!!

I was very confident that night because I was praised by my biggest critic who is my daughter. She told me "Mom you look nice tonight"... heheheh!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Busy Mom Weekend

Today I will have another busy day for my family and for myself. I will buy my daughter the guitar that she have been wanting to have. Then, I might drop by at Canadian Tire to buy this upright vacuum cleaner that I want. I want two vacuum inside my house so I dont have to carry the other from the basement to the kitchen or vise versa. I will be needing the use of vacuum cleaner more often than the usual because of the new dog... grrrrr!!!!

The laundry dryer will be delivered today between 2 to 6pm. I might be sleeping at that time because I need a couple of hours nap since we will be attending the Christmas party at work.

Anyway, I have cleaned the house and I will just be waiting for the dryer to arrive to complete the laundry for this week.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Maschine at Musician's Friend

My daughter is a music lover. She loves to play her guitar. I am thinking of buying her something that she can use in her music.

I saw this ni maschine at Musician's Friend website and I really think that this can be a unique gift I ca buy for her.

This can be easily integrated into a computer-based studio setup by using the hardware controller to find, load, and play sounds, automate parameters, and arrange patterns on the fly. It has the ability to control and sequence all of instruments, or switch to MIDI mode to control other software.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Re-scheduling For Hair Coloring

Ahhhh I am suppose to have cleaning today but calle her to re-schedule her house for cleaning next week. I want to do my second hair coloring treatment today before I go to bed. I also need to finish some loads of laundry and do one of the blog assignments from my newest sponsor.

Just some thoughts... I really need to buy a new laundry dryer. I think I might ask hubby to go with me today at Home Depot to order one of their dryer I saw few weeks ago. I hope I will have the time to do that. Ahhhhh, I can't wait for our Christmas vacation shut down. I will really enjoy being a housewife and a mother.

Private Alcohol Treatment

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Twins

Today is my Twin Angel's Birthday. I have cleaning at 11 and I am suppose to pick them up. But I decided not to, because I want to surprise them with a birthday cake. Hubby will buy their birthday cake when I get home from my cleaning so, the cake will be here when my twins come home from school.

I will buy my Kimberly the guitar that she want this weekend... I will pay it definitely in CASH!!!!.. Ohhh, I wish I can post the receipt on Facebook to slap the faces of those who are belitteling me, and those people who are jealous of anything and of anyone. Those people who are making so much effort just to make themselves look rich and have a lot of money eventhough they are not!!!... Those people who act and talk like they are the only who have the right to have this and that, BUT stupidly shock to hear that I have iphone5... hahahahahah!!! cash or not- but it only shows how shallow you are to find this things something to show off to the world... STUPID!!! almost everyone have this kind of device specially here in Canada..

But you know what, I don't have to post it on Facebook. I don't have to shout to the world how proud I am to be able to buy my kids what they want through our hard work. God knows, that we are working our butt out not for myself or for anyone just to make myself look like I have a lot of money. Everything I do are for my kids and their future. I don't really give a sh*t what people say and think about me.

Graphic Designs Online

I feel bad for not having the time to update my webstore. I have been really really busy with my full-time job and my part-time cleaning business. As much as I wanted to concentrate on my internet marketing business, most specially my online business in cosmetic products, but I have to be practical for my family that's why I am concentrating more on my full-time and cleaning business.

One of these days, or maybe in the near future, I will be concentrating in marketing my cosmetics on and off the internet. One of the advertising strategy I have in mind is to create an advertising graphic designs to promote my products and services.

I saw this graphic design in Virginia on the internet a while ago and they have a pretty good and unique designs. I will be visiting this website again when I am ready to concentrate on my online business again.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Simply Karma

Gzzzzz, really busy!!! Sorry for my snoopers for not updating my life for you. I am sure you are so anxious to know what have been happening to my exciting life. hahahah!!! Just busy with our new dog and of course, busy being happy as a housewife.

I will be really really busy this week since almost all of my cleaning customers moved their schedule this week. I really don't know why!!! But that's ok.. Customer is always right... I will accomodate any of their request whenever I can.

Just some thoughts!!! People who can't be happy with other people specially for people close to them in anyway, are bitter!!!... You must start asking yourself if you are feeling this way or you always feel this way for a lot of people in your life... And then you must start looking at your life whether it is a KARMA or not!!! ...

My life is totally different from anyone simply because everyone is unique in their own little way. I made mistakes, I think everybody does, but I always try to take it as a lesson and make sure not to do the same mistake again.

People who keep doing the same mistake never learn and will never do, because it's their choice. Stupid to put everything in a false hope that someday someone will give them a fortune, perhaps win a LOTTO, and move them out from their stupid choices in life.

A time to save and a time to spend... Keep life simple and never compare your life or yourself with anyone.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy With What I Have

Ahhhh, I was busy for a couple of days because of our new dog, that's why I wasn't able to update this or any of my blogs for a couple of days now. I needed to stay with him in the morning when I come home from work. Good thing, I don't have any cleaning during this first few days with our new dog. But now, I think he is getting used to our routine. I can just leave him in the kitchen.

Anyway, I have been wanting to post the Christmas Decor I made in my living/visitor's area . I just wanted to feel the Christmas Season in my house this time, since for a couple of years now that we have not put up our Christmas Tree or any Christmas Decor. Maybe it's the lack of inspiration, motivation or space. But now, I think I am back to where I should be. I actually threw our Christmas Tree. Maybe I can buy a new one and put it up somewhere inside my house next year.

Anyway, there are some things that I am really confuse about some people. I don't know what to think everytime I feel or hear that someone is trying to show off their material things to me. I probably should be flatteed since I feel like they see me or think that I have a lot of money and they are trying to tell me or compete with me, that they have more than what I have.

It's really funny how people find their happiness by proving to someone that they have more than the other. I firmly believe that people on that place or perhaps immigrants like us, have the same level of life when it comes to financial matters. That's what I love here in Canada. You can never feel much difference who have more or less money. It's just that everyone have different way of living or lifestyle in spending money. And even if they have more or less extra money than me, I dont think that won't change anything in me because what they have can never be mine.

I am simply happy with what God has given me whether it's financial/material or not.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Buy Watches Online

One of my cleaning customers asked me what can be a nice gift for her husband this Christmas. I can't think of anything but a watch for men and since they have money, I thought it would be nice to give her this carrera tag heuer website.

This website offers REEDS Jewelries online. They offer a wide selection of diamond, precious and semiprecious gemstones, pearl, gold, sterling silver, titanium and platinum jewelry, charms, collectibles and gifts for all occasions.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Part Of House

One part of my house that I love now. It used to be nonfunctional part of my house but since I bought a nice basket to put some of the clutter in my house, this part of my house is now one of my favorite.

Ahhh my house is just simple and old, but keeping it clean and organize is what makes me love it. I am doing some more changes in the basement this weekend with the help of hubby to keep everything organized inside my house.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sick But Busy

I was busy yesterday despite of my sickness. I feel like I will be sicker if I will just lie down on the bed and do nothing. But I still didn't went to work last night because of my headache and for practical reasons.

So I went to the doctor yesterday and of course I was given another set of antibiotics. I hope this time my infections will all be gone. I am trying to include veggies and fruits on my diet from now on and always use antibacterial hand solutions to avoid infections. But the happy news is that, there is nothing serious on my breast ultrasound. yepeyyyyy!!!

So after my doctor's appointment, I went to this used appliances store at Weston Road and unfortunately, they don't exist anymore. So I might end up buying a brand new dryer soon.

Then I went to dollarama to buy few things for our house, like new sets of coffee mugs, smal plates and soup bowl, and the thing you put on the chair's feet so it wont scratch the hardwood flooring and many more.
Then after that, I went to Home Depot to buy few organizers I need to put on my laundry area to declutter some of my cleaning and laundry products.

Then I went to Walmart to buy some cleaning products for my Friday cleaning. I am keeping the receipt as usual for her to give me back my expenses.

Then I pick up my kids since I am already at the area, and then we took out some Mcdonald foods before we pick up hubby at his work. Then we went straight home.

I didn't go to bed yet and watch TV for a while to relax my mind and my body. And here I am, awake in the middle of the night again.

I am glad my bi-weekly Wednesday cleaning cancel her house because I am still not feeling very well so I still dont have the energy to do her house. God is good!!!.. But I might go ro Canadian Tire tomorrow to see if I can buy one more organizer to hang on the wall in the basement kitchen. And then I might go to Bramalea Centre to shop for my party clothes.

Oh yeah, I am sick but busy. I just can't let the day pass by doing nothing as it will just make sicker. I am so happy to be able to do a lot of things I wanted to do inside my house.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Music Controller Online

I tried calling the website for guitar stands yesterday but I had a very weird email response from them. This type of customer service is a big discouragements for a lot of their prospective customers. I will try to contact them when I have the chance, but for now, I am trying to find another website that offers a good deal for guitar accesories.

I found this apc40 at guitar center website. This Akai APC40 Controller is a powerful controller for electronic music performance, DJs, and traditional musicians.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Household Prayer Meeting

I was so busy as usual from Thursday up to this weekend. We had to prepare food for our CFCFFL group household meeting held in our house last night. It was a pretty solemn prayer meeting.

I need to set another appointment with my family doctor because I don't think I am better with all the infections I had for a couple of weeks now. I am also expecting the result of my breast ultrasound sometime next week and I hope that when I come in for my appointment, the result will there already.

I can't wait for the Christmas Vacation shut down of our company. Well the part of my house that I am planning to clean and organized was already done. I just need to do some organizing on our main closet upstairs and buy few things to organize my laundry room so I am set to have a big time rest during my Christmas vacation.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Guitar Stands Online

One of my daughters love playing guitar and my happiness is to see my two daughters happy. I promise to buy them what they want for their birthday and Christmas this. One wants and ereader and the other one wants a new acoustic guitar.

I was searching the internet and found this guitar stands at Musicians friend website. I find it very useful since my daughter will now have three guitars this year. I am thinking of buying this Road Runner 7 Guitar Stand for her so her guitars will not be all over her room.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Infiections and Coffee Thought

I went to the doctor after my workout and I am perfectly right about how I feel lately of having some kind of infection. Ear, throat and Urinary Tract Infection. Ahh I guess I should start eating a lot of veggies and fruits to have higher immune system to fight all this infections.

Anyway, I am excited with the new Tassimo Coffee Maker that my friend bought for me. My kids will be happy to see this. Life will be easier for me specially that I am always in a hurry for work and always needs a cup of coffer to stay awake at my night shift work.

Industrial Supplies Online

I am not happy every time we are loosing supplies at work specially the cleaning supplies since we are a food manufacturing industry. I wish the management can do something about it because it is important to have all these things available for us for work efficiency.

I was looking around the internet and found this industrial supplies website. I really think this is a very useful website for business and industries like us.

They provide free industrial products catalog the features impressive, full-color, 900 page industrial products. They have been serving manufacturers and machine builders with Knobs, Handles, Clamps, Tooling Components, Fasteners, Leveling Pads and many more.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy And Thankful As Usual

Ahhh busy to update as usual... But here I am back to share my busy life online.

Oh well, you what is keeping me busy and I have no complain at all. As I've always say, our life is always our choice. Everyday we have the choice to live our life as we wanted to and everyday I wake up thanking God for everything.

Anyway, we have overtime at work last Friday night which is not really my choice but I have to. This part of my life is what I am not happy about still thankful and taking it as a blessing to take advantage. So I am taking advantage of the time I can spend for my family and not as a money, because I am booking my overtime for my vacation.

I went straight to bed when I get home yesterday from my overtime and slept for 3 hours. Then me and my lovely family do some grocery and eat at Applebees Restaurant. It's our first time there and the food is just OK!! Then I spend time with my kids watching TV at home.

I just finish cleaning the basement and the main floor, and wash some loads of laundry. I also paid the bills and organized our budget for this month. I am just updating this blog so I can get to watch a movie. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lonely Alone From Work

It's kinda lonely going home without anyone at home. I miss everyone!! Oh well, I have tons of work to do at home I will just keep my mind busy so I can go to sleep early.

I need to clean my kids room and change their beddings then fold some clean clothes and perhaps one load of dirty clothes in the washing machine.

Ahhhhh, it will be a busy week days for me starting tomorrow for my cleaning. But then I won't have anything on the weekend so I might ask hubby to go out with or without the kids.

Yeah, its kinda sad working at night because I always go home without the kids or even hubby around. Just me and the dog. That's why cleaning houses for extra income is not just for money alone. I want to make myself busy.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Busy But Happy

I was busy again as usual from Wednesday to Friday but happy pocket..heheheh!! I'd rather be busy than do something unworthy of my time.

Yesterday I went to my Friday cleaning then went straight to bed for 2 hours sleep and went to a friend's house for her hubby's birthday party. It was fun.. It's good to something different once ina a while.

Today I will go for a massage therapy and perhaps do some grocery maybe at Costco. I want to buy some Christmas Decor. I want to have feel like real X-mas in this how which I haven't done since we move here in this house. I guess, I am happier now than before. Life is getting better.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stylish Church Pews Chairs Online

I feeels really good to be able to participate at the Marriage Encounter Retreat last weekend with my husband. Both me and my husband have leanred so much in enriching our relationship and commitment for each other, and at the same time, we had so much fun. The place the retreat was held was amazingly prepared however, the chairs they used at the hotel are quite old and out of style. I was thinking of suggesting a proper chair to use on the retreat.

I was searching for a good church chairs and saw this church pews chairs website. They provide both wood church chairs and metal church chairs. They have wide variety of church pews which are a lot better than those old traditional church pews.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MER2 and Judgemental People

It was a busy weekend for me as usual but this time it is because I did a quite different activity with hubby. We attended the Marriage Encounter Retreat at Markham from Saturday morning and went home on Sunday afternoon. It was held at Monte Carlo Inn in Markham. It was a fun night and we learned so much. God is good.

I wasn't able to update any of my blogs since Wednesday last week. Well as you know, my time is very hectic during Thursday and Friday since I am cleaning big house during these days.

It was really weird to hear some people talk about their financial matters. I feel so bad to notice how people my own race takes so much pride of material things. I guess most people do. I just wonder why some people have to lie about their material life and say how much they have even if they are not being ask at all. hahahahah!!!... Really? she earned so much?.... I wonder why she have to depend herself on working so much overtime... I dont really give a sh*t how and who work so much or little overtime.... It's not my life... Nobody have to explain why they do their things... It just show who are they, and how much judgemental they are that they even judge their own way of living..

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sigh!!! I have to go back to work tonight and I still have tons of things to do on my list. But that's okey... NO worries... I'd rather be busy than do nothing but look at the life of other people.

Anyway, yesterday was a busy day for me. I am glad to welcome a new customer eventhough I don't need anyone anymore since I am happy with the extra income I am making from my cleaning. But she was refered by one of my loyal customer so I squeezed her in to my busy schedule.

Today I will go to the smallest house I clean and then pick up my kids and go straight to Costco to buy few candies for halloween. Life is good, because God is good.

Where To Buy Gold Bars

I can't belive that it is almost one week now since I last updated this blog. This only shows how busy I am because updating this blog is always included on my daily routine specially on days that I don't work on my part-time job.

Anyway, I have a new customer yesterday and eventhough my schedule is fully booked and I am already happy with the extra income I am making from my part-time job, I still accepted the offer because she was refered by one of my loyal customer. So I guess it is another blessing that I have to be thankful for.

I wanted to invest the extra income for the future of my kids. I was thinking of investing some of it in a gold bar. So I search on the internet on where to buy gold bars and I found this website who offer wide variety of Gold and Silver Bullion Products. The have large quantities of Canadian Maple Leafs, Krugerrands and Silver Bars.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Chores

I wasn't such a busy Sunday yesterday for me, but me and hubby did few things. We attended the 12noon mass and then we did few grocery at the chinese store that we always go to. Then I went to bed right away.

Today my mind is very well focus on the things I need to do at home to make sure that all the house chores are done before Wednesday because it will be another busy days for me until the end of the week.

Tomorrow, I will still have some few things to do at home and I want to make sure to have it all done before 11am because I have an appointment with my doctor. I think I have some infections somewhere because I am constantly having a headache. This bothers my sleeping habits. Ineed a good sleep every after my cleaning for well rested body and mind.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fleece Jackets Online

The weather is getting colder every night and every morning. I have kept all my summer clothes and hanged all my Fall season clothings. But looks like it is going to be a short Fall so I need to prepare all my winter clothings.

All my winter jackets are old and I need to buy a new winter outfit this year so I look around the internet and saw thisnorth face fleece jackets website. They have super soft and comfortable designed to keep me warm during this cold season. I like the fact that their jackets are water-resistant and stretchy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

No Worries, He Knows What Is Best

It was another busy days close to weekend. We have overtime at work I didn't went. I just don't feel well working another busy night. I feel like my shoulder will collapse if I do.

Some people are too worry about things that they shouldn't, just because of so many of their financial difficulties. That even if their mind and body is saying "NO" to what it can afford to carry, they force themselves to.... Not realizing that, WE human beings are the only who are making our own BURDEN.. I used to and I still am but only to the point that my happiness should come first ... The only problem I can see is when people starts looking on other people way of living comparing to theirs... Judging other people why and what makes this people do things different from them.. I am not worry or afraid because I know God knows what is best for me... I listen to those little voices inside me to give me the directions I need for me and my family.

Anyway, Thursday and Friday is always my busy days to update any of my blogs. I was supposed to have two houses to clean but I cancelled the last one because I am having my lower back pain again. gzzzzz!!!

I am also not going to have my Sunday cleaning anymore as they no longer need my service. No worries!!! My ads is up again... Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Funny Swallow People

It is just so funny to noticed how people are so affected by other's people way of life. With a very simple material things, I was able to determine how swallow someone's attitude in life.

I posted something about my desire to have this iphone5. I was so surprised how people reacted with these. Oh Lord, how can they be so jealous with all these things in life. There are more important things in life that we can be happy about. This is just a celphone my goodness!!!!... Maybe not on his budget? We all have our own priority. It just so happen that this celphone have been on my budget for quite sometime now.

I can never compare my life to anyone. My life is always unique on my own little way and I am not above or below with anyone. God is so good to me and that is where my heart and mind is focus on. Sorry for those who keep comparing their life to anyone.

Anyway, I was quite busy yesterday. I made three new blog assignments before I go to my part time cleaning. Then I pick up my kids and went home, straight to my bed. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy As Always

Busy, busy and busy as always, that's why I wasn't able to update any of my blogs for a couple of days now. I feel bad about it specially that I know that a lot of my snoopers are waiting for the update of my life.. hheheheheheh!!!

Anyway, this was taken last Saturday night at home when few friends come over to our house for dinner to celebrate my husband and my friend's birthday. It was a simple celebration and I had fun spending time with these people.

I invited only few and I am glad that the people I am expecting to be there arrive.I feel thankful for their time and effort.

Anyway, it will be another quite busy week for me but I will try my very best to update all my blogs. I just need to call the immigration to follow up my father's citizenship application, then finish the laundry and do my today's workout. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Indoor Foundatin Online

I've been working hard because of some plans or projects I have in mind for next year, and I really hope that it will all come true with the help of God. The first project on my list of priority is to have my kitchen renovated because this part of my house is so outdated.

And of course, buying new kitchen furnitures, specially a new dining table set is a must. As I was searching for a new kitchen furnitures online, I saw this indoor fountains here at They provide home with beauty, moisture and a soothing environment.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Felt Tired For Some Reason

I have a very busy and hectic schedule last week and I realized that I need to slow down a bit. For some reason I felt so tired cleaning last week which I haven't felt eversince I started cleaning for part-time. I felt like it is not good for my health for some reason.

The money I am making with few house to clean is actually enough. It's just that I can't say NO to some offers and it is a good thing to do while I am not doing anything on mornings of weekends and weekdays after I get home from my night shift work. But gzzzzz, this is getting too much. It might not be good for my health.

Pillow and Cushions Online

I cant believe that it's been one week since I last updated this blog. It was my busy schedule and the pain on my shoulder that stopped me from using my computer for while. I feel a lot better now, but I still need to set an appointment for a massage theraphy. I also need to buy a new pillows and cushions that will give good support for my body.

I found this Foam Factory website that provide a broad range of foam, rubber, sponge and upholstery products.

They have the quickest service with a low cost. They will match the price of any products found on other sites owned by Foam Factory.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Moments I Need Time

Hayyyy it's Monday once again and I am thinking of taking one day off this week. I have so many things in mind to do but can't do it because I am so freaking busy. Most of the time, I have so many free time that's why I took part-time job but there are really moment that I need to do a lot of things for me and my family wherein one day is not enough.

First I am dying to have iphone5 and I was so freaking busy last weekend to go to the store and shop for the right mobile provider.

I need to exchange the dark design curtain that I purchase Walmart, from a lighter color. I have to do it now.

I need to shop for a dryer and the host for it to make my life easier washing and drying our clothes with my busy life.

I need to shop for a new dining table!!!!

Ahhhhh!!! I need time for all of these!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Spacious Look

I was busy since last Friday and for some reason, my energy was so down. I just tried my best doing what needs to be done on every house that I clean. I guess it is the lack of sleep because of all these stiff muscles on my shoulder causing me sleeplessness. But thank God I am ok now. I have full of energy to do my Sunday cleaning.

Anyway, despite my lack of energy, I still was able to do the changes I need for my house with the help of hubby. I replaced the curtain rod on my living room and made the style of my curtain come out. I also mooved the curio on the stair side and put this glamoroud big lamp shade beside our bay window. This looks my living room need and spacious.

I need to replaced the curtain I purchased at Walmart because the color doesn't match any of my furnitures. I need a lighter shade.

Equestrian Apparel Online

I was looking for a nice skinny jeans to warm me up a little this fall season and found this kerrits equestrian apparel webstore.

I love the fact that their products have strength and unity for a woman with a horse. They have fresh, vibrant colors and patterns with high-performance fabrics. You can choose from classic or modern, bright or neutral. .

Do I have to ride a horse to wear this kinds of clothes? I love their cups, jacket and their Cross-Over Knee Patch Breech for this winter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Replacing Curtain Rods

No cleaning today because she move my schedule on Saturday instead. Good thing that my other bi-weekly Saturday cleaning move her to Friday.... Sigh, I will be cleaning to houses on Friday... Im fine with that thou!!!

Anyway, I am doing some load for the dirty comforters and bedsheets today. I will go to Walmart in a bit, to buy new curtain rods on all the main floor's windows. I am planning to replace all thse old blinds with curtains. Better and easier to clean.

I will go to bed early today and hopefully have the energy to pick up my kids form school. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's My Greediness

Today is my own house cleaning day so I will make sure to do a good job in cleaning the second floor of my house because, I will be doing this every other Tuesday from now on since I have cleaning every other Tuesday for my newest cleaning customer.

It's just my greediness for money that's why I took this newest customer heheheheh!!! Beside, I don't do anything at home in the morning when I come home from my night shift work. So why not take the opportunity to make more extra money?... hahahahah!!!

Professional Shears Online

My life is always busy. It's not that I am complaining, infact I love my life. Being busy keeps my mind off for nonsense things. However, I admit that sometimes, I am having a hard time finding time to go to a beauty salon for relaxation. That's why I bought all the beauty equipment I need so I can do my home facial cleaning myself in my own house.

I admit that it's hard to do my own haircut but sometimes, due to my busy schedule, I cut the front part of my hair and I think I am doing a good job on it.

I saw this professional shears website that offers different salon tools like Kamisori Shears, Kasho Scissors, Joewell Shears and many more. I really think I need one for myself.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Big Mouth

Few things I learned, stay firm of how you get to know one person. She is a chronic gossiper. A kind of gossiper who say things about other people without any solid proof. An evil doer to ruined someone's reputation.

I sure do listen to some stories and gossips I hear around, and who doesn't? I think everybody does. But to say something from her big mouth that was created by her small mind????? common!!!! that is so unfair!!!

Anyway, yesterday me, hubby and my daughter Kimberly went to Richmond Hill Cosmo Music store to purchased the clarinet I promised to buy for Kimberly. I always wanted to make my kids happy and I am so glad she is happy to have her own clarinet.

It's Monday and no cleaning of course. I will do the remaining loads of dirty clothes and hang it outside to dry, while folding some of the clothes I washed yesterday. Then do my workout and go to bed!!!