Monday, January 30, 2012

Effort To Hate

We went to church yesterday as usual and I just love how Father Lorenzo deliver his sermon. Very alive and interesting. Then we went for a little grocery for my kids needs and went home. I slept early but woke up early because I went somewhere in Brampton to deliver one order.

Oh well, what can I say but some people just can't stop hating people that they know are above them in some way. WHY? First HEIGHT can never be bought by any amount of money. So sorry that beside being a dwarfy, he also such a monkey looking human being. What can I say? Good thing he is making good money. At least that is something nice to share to the world. But then, that is just MATERIAL things and there are so many things in life that can never be bought by MONEY... hehehhehehe

It doesn't matter how you look and who you are, but the way you look at life will determine the happiness in your heart, whether you are rich or poor. If people you hate are not doing anything but keeps on giving you HATE in your heart simply by seeing this person, you better ask yourself....Is it a sign of HAPPY HEART?

Everyday, we can always try to overcome the hatred that we have over other people eventhough it maybe hard at times. The more you feel hate, the more you are being a looser TO YOURSELF. Why will I waste my time HATING someone who don't really matter to me?... hahahahha!!! not unless the person is doing some effort to catch your attention to make you hate him!!!.. EFFORT EFFORT!! heheheh

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Peaceful Saturday

Me and my daughter went for a 45 minutes massage today. Then we went home to pick up hubby and other daughter for the guitar lesson. While we were waiting for one daughter from her guitar lesson, we both few bath stuffs at Shopper's Drugmart because a lot of their items were on sale. We both Kentucky Fried Chicken for our dinner.

It's a busy but peaceful Saturday for me and my family. I am having some thoughts about something, if there is or what is the reason behind it. hmmmmm!!! Anyway, tomorrow is another last day of my weekend. I didn't do my workout for Friday and today so I will make sure to do my workout tomorrow morning. I wanted to run at the gym tomorrow night but I still don't have my permanent passcard at work yet. But I will definitely do my regular day of run this week.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Searching For Answer

Yey, It's Friday!!! I am so lazy to do my workout because of this cold I am having. I hope it will go away over the weekend so I can start running at the gym again. Eventhough, I still plan to do my regular run next week.

I will pick up my kids today at a later time than usual, because of their community service hours. Then I plan to take them out for snack maybe at Mcdonald. It's a never ending search for this week. A search for an answer for a question that I am not really sure about myself. I think I am having this what they called "Midlife Crisis" hehehehe!! But whatever it is, I am starting to get some answers. Making me realize a lot of things in life.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Transportation Attendant Jobs Online

It's another annoying day for me. I have no complain with company that I am working with. Infact, I feel very lucky for being one of the employee of these awesome company. However, I am not happy with most of the people that I am working with. That's why it's always at the back of my head that one of these days, I will start looking for a job that will truly make me happy no matter how much the salary maybe.

I was searching around the internet today and came across with this Transportation Attendant Jobs. It sounds very interesting so I thought of learning more about it. I learned that this type of job is focus on providing efficient service and meaningful experiences for customers. The Top 10 transportation attendant jobs are mostly in a Hotel or Resort.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Asset Oh Yeah!! No Dwarf

My day will never be complete without facing the challenge of dealing with my haters heheheheh!!! But I simply deal it by showing my ass!! ahahahah... laban ka?.. Yeah my thigh is big and I am proud of it because it is much better than having thin thigh.. hahahhaha!!!! Specially that it fits my athlectic built and a normal height ajajajaja!!! At least I am not a dwarf!!!

This is the problem when people have no physical asset at all. In short physically ugly people... They tend to be ugly inside too and become bitter with people who have something that they can never have no matter how much money they have.. HEIGHT can never be purchased... Long ladle like face that looks like it can scoop a bowl of soup for everyone, can never be fix by science heheheh!!! These are the kind of people who really hate me... lols...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cutting Tools Online

I am so frustrated for a couple of weeks now because hubby is not doing anything to fix the loose faucet on our kitchen. I realized that something was loose under the faucet and needs to cut something to be able to tighten up the loosen volt. So I search around the internet and found this cutting tools website.

I was amazed how much cutter they have on their website. They have carbide tipped tool bits to broaches and reamers, through countersinks, end mills, drills and many more. Their cutters are designed to make job easier.

Oh well, I guess I will have to do the job myself instead of expecting for someone to do it. I am glad that there are websites like this that makes everyone's job easier.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kids Didn't Went To Church

Only me and hubby went to church this morning because one of my daughter is very sick and the other one is studying for their coming big exams.

I feel so sleepy and tired when I woke up so I am planning to go to bed early tomorrow. I have few things to do, but I will try to finish them all or perhaps do only what I can do so I will have time to watch the filipino drama series before I go to bed. It's quite relaxing to watch something so my mind will be off from all the stress. Thank you Lord for all the blessings...

Get Forever 21 Coupon Online

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I went to my massage therapist for a 45 minutes massage and then went straight to the car service centre for my car maintenance. Then me and hubby drop my daughter for her guitar lesson and while waiting for her, we did our grocery.
We went home to drop the grocery stuffs and then we went to Bramalea Center for a shopping. I just love shopping at Forever 21. I bought another pair of earnings as I always do when I go there and bought this winter hat that I always wanted to have. I wish I have visited this forever 21 coupons website before we went there yesterday afternoon, so I can have more discounts on all items that I purchased at Forever 21. I am sure a lot of people, men and women, young and old would love to have this discount coupon.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Whole Week Blah Summary

I purposely didn't update this blog for this week simply because I has been busy since th eother week So to summarized my whole week;
Monday- I did all the things I planned to do like calling my previous company insurance to get something. And then set an appointment at Castle Honda for the maintenance of my car on Saturday. I also mail few letters the post office after I pick up my kids from school.

Tuesday- I follow up my order from TKB with regards to the shipping price. I wasn't charged for the shipping and I will usually get a response from them to pay for the shipping. I wanted to start watching the new filipino drama series but I didn't because I went to bed early.

Wednesday- My relaxation day- I change the bedsheet of my bed and fold some clothes, and did few phone calls like the company insurance to know if running shoes and workout dvd is covered under our wellness account, and also call the clinic to set an appointment for a massage therapy for me and my kids. Then I soak myself in a hot bath salt before I go to bed to help the skin dryness and itchiness.

Thursday- My last night and I just relax myself watching the filipino drama series after my workout.

Friday- I went to bed early after watching one filipino drama episode. I woke up at 2pm to pick the kids, but burger at A&W and eat it at home. Then I brought one daughter and waited for her 45 minutes massage therapy. I also did one of the tasks from my other sponsor and happy to see new assignments from my new sponsor.

And today, I will do my workout and then take a bath and go to my 45 minutes massage therapy appointment and bring my car for maintenance after.

I wanted to go to the mall and buy a big round earing and I also want to do grocery to buy few ingredients for my plan to do at least the first 3 days of my 7 days diet. I will still see if I have enough energy to do it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Affiliate Network with Blue Global Media

It's been 5 years now since I started my blogging in public and I've come a long way to learn and experienced the different ways on how to make money online. It is truly rewarding to learn the simple principle of selling products and services that is better, faster and cheaper.
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Their Affiliate network program will allow visitors to reach your sites quickly and easily. And if you simply want to make money as a publisher, you can also try to join their cash advance affiliate program

Sunday, January 15, 2012

All Done and Ready

Hoooo, I've been busy doing a lot of important things since Friday. First, I was able to finish this one pick up order and I have emailed the customer already. I will just wait for her call or email to set the appointment of her pick up.
Then yesterday, my daughter Kelly and I went to the optical clinic for eye testing and to get a new prescribed frame and lenses for her.

We got back home, I worked on the claim form of all the things I need to claim, including the pending claim of my orthotics from our previous insurance company. Well I still have until March to claim the amount for my orthotics. I hope to get all these amount soon, as the bills will soon arrive.

I also finished the two pending tasks from my other sponsor and have paid all the bills online. So I guess, I am all set to do some remaining household chores before we go to church today. Then I am ready to get some rest for my work tonight. Thank you Lord for all the blessings

Friday, January 13, 2012

Peace and Smile

Yey, I am finally done with the last assignment from my newest sponsor. Thank you So Much!!!! I hope to have more assignment next week.
Oh well, the frustrating argument that I had with someone few days ago, had finally ended up in peace and I thank God for that. At least, she have fully admitted all her fault. And I know I shouldn't have done that one thing out of my frustration otherwise, I could have my way to fight all the way to the end. She probably know now that she should be careful who she is dealing with.

Ahh, today I had to go to our family when I got their message about the urine test I had last month. I thought there is something serious with the result but thank God it nothing to be worry. It was just a follow up.

Then I went for a whole body massage. I feel so sleepy now but I am still waiting for my kids call when to pick them up since they have a review for their big test. Oh, well I feel happy and smiling inside.

Swimming Pool Fence For Safety

I went to my friend's house after work and I saw her big swimming pool on their backyard. It was all frozen but it was fully covered by a special pool cover plastic. She told me that their swimming pool needs a fence since they youngest is starting to walk. There can be a safety issue with their swimming pool for their growing up children.
So I look around the internet and saw this pool fence arizona. Their pool fence are specially designed for preventing a child from drowning. It is important for adults to learn the safety precautions of having a swimming pool.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Massage Therapy For Stiff Muscles

It's my last night tonight at work and I am excited to spend my time again with my two angels. I am planning to schedule an appointment again with my massage therapist on Saturday so my shoulder pain will continue to improve. It surely does help to have a massage therapy at least once a week to release those stiff muscles on my shoulder.
I am planning to start my 7 days vegetable diet soup tomorrow. I am not sure if I can finish the 7 days but I will surely try my best. It's the fastest way to lose weight. However, the side effect of this diet for me, is sleepless since my body is working hard in burning some fats and calories.

Custom Design Pins

I am so happy that I am receiving a lot of inquiries for my workshop at home. A lot of people are interested in making their own Mineral Makeup, whether it be for personal or business use. I am thinking of having a customized gift for each workshop participant and I want it to have my own business logo. It can be an excellent marketing tool too.
I found this lapel pins custom website that provide FREE service in making custom pins. All they need is the picture, slogan, logo, etc of your business. Their graphic artists will make a digital image for your pin before the actual pin stamping.

Breaking a Sweat

I run at the gym at work last night again and I feel so great. Not because I felt that I lost weight but it's because I love it when I break a lot of sweat and catching my breathe when running. I feel like all the bad stuff inside my body is being release.
I really must run at least 2 to 3 times a week to release all those bad stuff inside my body. However, I need to make sure that I drink a lot of water so my kidney will not work hard.

Open Back Surgery Online

I am so happy with the increase amount of our company benefits for Massage Therapy which include my family. My daughter who have a mild scoliosis need it to relax the muscle on her back and hopefully, to naturally improve the condition of her spine.
I came across this website that gives informations about Open back surgery. I learned aboute differences between various spine surgery techniques like the AccuraScope which is a natural opening, minimally invasive spine procedure. My doctor do not recommend a spinal surgery for my daughter's case, but it doesn't hurt to do some research.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Obnoxious About What I Do

I am so happy with the tasks given to me by my other sponsor. However, I have to bid for higher price for my other blog for the same task as my higher PR blog. I hope the advertiser will accept my offer.
Anyway, I had fun last night on my own little way. Funny how other people will jump into conclusion on something that they don't have any idea what is really going on. It's their dirty mind that makes them care about what I do. I won't even care if they are doing what I am doing, because their life has nothing to do with my life.

Who said that I have a boyfriend? and if ever I do, will that effect anyone's life on that place? This is my life and nobody will run it but me... Not because I am texting someone, I am already having an affair and if ever I do, I dont owe anyone an explanation because this is my life. I am texting and messaging a lot of people, friends and relatives. Laughing and smiling while texting, shouldn't be an issue with anyone unless you are born to be obnoxious about others people's life.

Winterboots Dryers Online

I am so happy how mild our winter is now. I wish the weather will always be like this. It's so beautiful outside. But then, nobody know when is the snow going to fall. For the past couple of days, my new winterboots still looks very new since it still now snowing hard to make it look dirty. But once, the snow falls hard, it will definitely make my boots dirty and I will have to wash it, whether I like it or not.
I just found this boot dryers online and it is very practical to have at least one ot two of this product at home, specially that most boots are not suitable for dryers. It has its own dryer for super fast drying time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fast Submission Of Assignments

I am so happy that the website of my newest sponsor is so fast now. Maybe they have updated and increase the space of their website, making it easy for their bloggers to submit their assignments. Thank you so much for this new update.
I am on my way to finish all the assignments that was given to me, on or before the deadline. I hope to have more assignments soon!!!

Anyway, I was chatting a while ago and I have to stop and limit my time in social networking because I need to do a lot of things today. And I hope to have the energy to do it all. My mind is quite disorganized today as I wasn't able to plan the things to do and write it down on my daily activities book... hayyy!!!

Claw Foot Tubs Online

I was watching one movie last weekend and I noticed that most houses nowadays have claw foot tub. About 10 years ago, I was disappointed with the house to rent, that was offered to us because of this kind of tub. But I realized how nice and relaxing to have this kind of tub at home.
This website that I came across with, offer wide range of tubs like vintage clawfoot tubs, pedestal tubs, vintage style tub faucets, exposed showers, clawfoot tub shower enclosures, matching sink faucets and many more. They also offer soaking tubs, whirlpool and hydrotherapy tubs.

This website just gave me an idea on having this kind of tub in our basement.

Backing To Prove

People keep on talking things, but when the moment of proving comes, they are backing out, and try to avoid to prove themselves about what they heard that came out from their mouth. It's funny how people can easily say what they heard without even thinking if it is necessary to say it, specially with the person involve. Oh well, what can I say but just share words what was shared by someone.
Seeing some people's facial expression for HATE can be so annoying specially if you know that you have not done anything to them. Or if ever I did, for some reason in the past, some people just can't forget, as if they have not done anything at all.

Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Valentine's Day is on it's way and I am trying to think of something unique to give to my one and only boyfriend, who is no other than my husband. As I was browsing around the internet, I saw this website that gives a very unique and interesting Boyfriend Gift Ideas.
Their products will definitely surprise any man. They offer a variety of friendly themes for mean like barware, barbeque, and gadgets, inclusing classic gift ideas like sports memorabilia and many more. This is a very good way to let him know how important he is in your life.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fun At Burger King

Yesterday we ate at Burger King after the church. I just love the Angry Poutine of Burger King. It was a little bit spicy but taste so good. I had fun spending time with my kids at Burger King. We seldom eat out lately but it's good to do it once in a while.
I was suppose to run at the gym but change my mind because I still only have a temporary pass card at work. It was Sunday and I am not sure if someone will open the door of the gym for me. I hope to get my card soon.

Drug Detox Residential Treatment Center

I just had a conversation with my friend in California yesterday and she told me about her problem with her teanage son. She is not sure, but she have a feeling that her son is under drug addiction. I told her to visit drug detox center program website once she is sure that her son is having some drug addiction problem.
It is a residential treatment center that provide proper medications that will ensure the detoxification process to be easy and compfortable. The medications are given to minimize the effects of the detox process in the body of their patients.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Life

Today we will go to church as usual. I am doing the laundry while updating my blogs and I finished cleaning some part of the house. I can't start cleaning upstairs because my kids are still sleeping. I hope I still have the energy to clean it later on.
I will go to work early today to run at the gym. Running at the gym really relaxes my mind with all the boredom at home. I also need to lose 5 pounds as I always plan to and I really hope to lose it this time.

Buy Trophies Online

I was just looking around the internet for a simple and affordable tropy that I will give for the winner on our weight loss challenge at work, and I found this sport trophies webstore few minutes ago.
They are the a leading provider of awards and recognition products. They are located in Stafford Virginia USA. They offer a very good customer service through e-mail, phone or internet. I really think it is important for any business to offer a good customer service.

My Weekend Tasks

I am so happy when I open my account and see that I have another batch of assignments from my newest sponsor. Gzzz Thank you so much for these opportunities. At least it will keep my mind busy for the following week instead of being busy to all those nonsense. I hope to have more opportunities I had a massage therapy yesterday at 10am. My shoulder feels a lot better and I am so happy that I can now have a massage therapy as often as it used too since they increase our benefits for this.

We just did our grocery yesterday while waiting for my daughter from her guitar lesson. Then we went home and I watched one of the Filipino Movie I bought last Friday at Scarborough. At least, it helps to alleviate my boredom.

I also had fun having lunch at Chako Grill All You Can Eat Restaurant with my buddies in Scarborough. My tummy ache when I get home but I feel great inside. My mind was off the life's boredom.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Natural Seaweed Body Wash Online

I have started running at the gym last week and I think I will be doing this for a long time now, this time. I will run at the gym at least 2 to 3 times a week in addition to my home workout. I am doing this now because I am trying to lose some weight before my vacation in the Philippines next month. But them I realized that running at the gym really relaxes my mind and body. It helps me to alleviate boredom.
I also need to make sure the I good great by keeping my skin looks smooth and always fresh. So I look around the internet and found this website that sells different beauty products that are made from natural seaweed. It's very interesting to know that there is a body wash made from natural seaweed. It made from combined seaweed extract with kukui and neem oils to soothe your skin.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bangs For Oval Face

I don't know why there are some people who see things so negatively without looking themselves in the mirror. Why do I have to make myself, or my hair looks as stylish as it should be on that freaking place? Do I have to? I dont think I have to. But the thing is, here is the real style I am trying to get, not for anybody but for myself. As far as I am concern, I have an oval face and having a bangs is the best style for the shape of my face. Compare to someone's hairstyle, I don't think I can compare mine.
As much as I am trying not to mind this kind of people, but I just can't help BUT wonder why?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Back To Reality

Sigh!!! Tonight I am back to work... My rest day is over!! But that's okey, I had enough rest and I am ready to face the reality of my life.
We never did anything special but I had fun eventhough I am just home. I met new friends online which give me something new to smile with.

I cleaned the house and will be asking kids to clean the second floor since they switched rooms and it's really a mess up there.

Oh well, New Year once again and I want to live my life to the fullest this time.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Simple New Look For New Year

New hair to have new look for New Year.. I just my bangs to give me a new look for this new year and I planning to keep it for a long time. I may look weird at work's uniform after taking the hairnet off, but its okey. I dont really give a sh*t how people see me in that place. I do things for myself and not for anyone.
I love the earnings that I bought too and I might buy some more the next time we visit the mall. I just love being vain and I will continue to be me...

God is always good to me and I have nothing else to ask from him but his continous guidance and love for me and my family. I know there are so many humps and bumps for me and my family and there will be more, but I always keep in mind that there is always a reason for everything. Happy New Year to all!!!