Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Birthday Treats

Today, I quickly tidy up my kitchen as usual soon as I get home from work. I went to bed as soon as after I am done with my dance routine workout and text my kids that I wont pick them up to school because I need to sleep for longer hours since I have to wake up earlier than usual.

We just ate here at Wok Of Fame Chinese Buffet Resturant located at Hurontario and Steeles, Mississauga Ontario. Affter the dinner, we went to my kid's school to meet some of their teachers. I am glad to meet them and here good feedbacks about my daughter's performance in school.

I am off from work tonight but I have to be back to work tomorrow night for overtime. I will bring some food for co-workers tomorrow at work as my birthday treat,

I have to wake up early and go to downtown Toronto tomorrow, for my daughter's prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. Then I also need to buy few things for my business and for the food that I will bring tomorrow at work.

Funny Slogan T-shirts Online

I am thinking of going back to the Philippines this Christmas but I will use the benefits of my brother as Chance Passenger to fy to the Philippines. It is quite risky that I wont come back at the right time for my work, so I am planning what is the best thing to do to avoid that. Otherwise, I might just come back on Summer. That's why I am already looking for a nice gift to bring for my close friends and relatives on my next visit to the Philippines.

I found this funny t shirts website and I really find their t-shirt grahics design very unique. This can be a very good remembrance gift.

They provide funny t shirt slogans and can be a simple entertainment for my friends and relatives. They have fast standard shipping. It is a one-stop shop for all foul, hilarious, and obscene slogans.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Special Appointment ... SOOOOO?

I went home late today because of some special and important appoitnment. Why will I share this appointment on any of my blogs? Knowing how many nosey people from my real world are snooping around my private life through my blogs. It may sound very intriguing to some judgemental and malicious mind, but who cares? I will just let them think whatever they want to think. I don't have time to share it with anyone.

Anyway, I have set the appintment for out dinner tomorrow night at the Wok Of Fame Chinese Buffet in Mississauga for my birthday celebration with my family. I am off tomorror but I have a line up of things to do for me and my family. It's very stressful to think how many things I need to do by myself, and I am trying my best to do everything one day at a time.

Checkerd Upholstery Fabric Online

I just love the checkerd polo/blouse that I bought in the Philippines during my vacation. I love it fabric so I end up having 3. I wanted a different style but the same design of fabric but I douldn't find one. So I thought of looking on the internet to see if I can find any checkerd fabric with a mixture of pink and dark blue and I found this upholstery fabric website. They are the leading home d├ęcor fabric and trim store online. Their fabrics and trims are sold by the yard.

I might change my kitchen table fabric sheet and choose one of this checkerd fabric. I realized that it can be a good table sheet color for my kitchen. It looks very cool in the eye. I am glad I found this website.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 New Assignments and Some Phonecalls

Woot woot, I have 3 new assignments from my newest sponsor. Thank you and thank you so much. You just made my day. I will do it tomorrow for sure and will be doing it one day at a time to make sure that I am not crowding my blog with too much links in one day.

Anyway, I have few things to do today but I will start by making this one pending order and hopefully to mail is today as well. I am glad that the remaining ink of my printer allow me to print the labels for this order.

I just need to do few phonecalls and hopefully to do all the scheduled task I did for today and tomorrow. I am not sure if I can do my task for tomorrow because I have a special appointment right after my work, so I might as well do it all today. Huh, I am trying not to stress myself....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Feeling Bitchy Today

I feel so bithcy today when I get home from work. I don't know why but it just flashes into my head all those postings that my brother in-law(hubby's brother) posted on his FB. I just find it so meaningful and I know that everything is posted for me. For all I know, they all wanted us to be separated so they can take advantage of hubby's "Don't Care Attitude" and get all his money.

Yes, I have been thinking of leaving him sometimes when everything gets rough between us. But because of the fact that they will be happy about it, it gives me a second thought. I will definitely won't make them happy.

Oh well, I wasn't able to update this blog yesterday because I got busy and need to go to bed soon as we get home from grocery. We were not able to attend the church because me and my father took more than an hour waiting for the doctor. We went to the mall to have our printer ink be refilled but unfortunately, the ink cartridge that we have is not refillable. And then we went to do thr grocery

I have few things to do today and I hope I can finish all the things I have schedule to do for today.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Rants

I slept for long hours last night since I didn't sleep the whole day yesterday. And now I feel so sleepy. I will go to bed after updating some of my blogs.

Today I bought the Ninja Bullet Ice crashing for making my daughter's favorite Philippines sweets cuisine, Halo Halo. I tried how it works and it is a really perfect tools for crushing ice in making Halo Halo.
I was suppose to have my printer ink refilled but I forgot. So I might go to the mall again tomorrow for ink refill. So I will be able to start doing the order on Monday.

I also set an appointment for hubby's orthotics for his feet's pain. I hope it helps. He will meet the podiatrist on next Saturday.

Then I went to Canada Post to mail letters to our insurance for claiming some vision expenses.

I bought few things at Dollarama like plastic glasses and some spoons for our daily use. We always run out of this things in our kitchen since we always wait until our dishwasher is full before we run it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Too Much Words Required

I hate it when advertisers require too many words of about 400 words. I dont think it is necessary. It is the incoming link to their site that matter most. I just dont understand why they need bloggers to create a long post for their links. And aside from the long words required, they demand a perfect grammar for a cheap price.

Advertisers must realized that not all and perhaps most of bloggers are not really professional writers. Most bloggers like me, are just blogging for personal purposes and being paid for links are just to make extra income. I have to decline the offer. Anyway, I spend a lot of time singing on my Home Karaoke this morning when I get home from work. Too much singing that I didn't bother to do my workout routine for today. I also spend a long time chatting with my bestfriend on FB. It's good to catch things up even on the internet.

Then I pick up my kids, bought Mcdonald for snacks and then I went to bed. They woke me up after about 2 hours to drop them to the Theater to watch "Hunger Games".

Hubby is still at work for overtime. I will ask him to pick up the kids unless I am still awake.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Missing My Bestfriend

I miss my bestfriend even if she have done so many bad things to me. I guess the lenght of time that we have together makes our relationship as deep as this. I am happy that her life is a lot better now than before. I really hope that her life will continue to improve so all the things in her pass won't happen again. Financial difficulties can really change people.

I actually want to have a vacation in the Philippines and hope to spend more time with her. Perhaps cath up with all the lost time. We didn't have much time together during my vacation because I didn't want to bother her at her work. I wanted to share a lot of things to her about the ups and down in my life. I hope this time, she won't betray me again.

Yeah I know she betrayed me and she never admit that betrayal. But I still find some space in my heart to forgive her even if she never ask for forgiveness. My friendship for her prevail.

CVS Online Job Application

I am planning to have another vacation in the Philippines next year. And this time, I will bring my other daughter to experience was is it like to live in the Philippines. That's why I am looking for extra income and saw this cvs jobs online.

They provide resources on how to get a Full-time or part-time positions. They provide application for prospective workers. Simply complete the CVS online job application to start.

This is a very helpful job online application specially that there are so many people who are looking for a job.

Fighting The Weekness

I was busy again yesterday soon as I get home from work. I did the laundry and did my 20 minutes abs workout routine and went to my 45 minutes massage therapy appointment. I was so sleepy and dizzy after my massage so I went straight to bed when I get home.

I am glad I was able to run at the gym at work last night. I still feel kinda week due to the infection and now I have runny nose and sore throat. But I am trying to make myself to fight these viruses despite of my lack of sleep for a couple of days now. I dont know why I keep waking up about an hour early.

Oh well, today I will just do some blog update and make sure to do my relaxing Hot Bath Tub. I hope to have a good sleep.

St. Moritz Watches Online

I was suppose to buy my husband a perfume at duty free when we get home from the Philippines. But unfortunately, I forgot due to my excitement to get home. So I was looking something to give my husband and saw this momentum watches webstore.

They are made by St. Moritz Watch Company. Their watches look so elegant and with excellent durability.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

New Portable Piano

I was busy yesterday that's why I wasn't able to update my blog. It's good that I did some scheduled posts on some of my blog for yersterday's blog update. But anyway, I bought new portable piano for my daughter yesterday at Square One Mall after the church mass. I am so happy to see my kids with a big smile on their face whenever I bought them something that they want.

Today me and my father went to Mississauga Immigration and Citizenchip office to submit a letter of explanation why he wasn't able to attend the verification of identity last January 19. I hope he will receive a new schedule soon, so he can have his Canadian Citizenship.

I have to deny two opportunities from my other sponsor first, the other task require 400 words. Too much work for the offered price. The second one, is too much complicated and my mind is not set to do this kind of post on my health blog. Better luck next time.

I glad I have two assignments from my newest sponsor. Aside from their easier system of blog post submission, the assignments are more interesting for me to post on my blog. Oh well, I hope to have more opportunities this week because I am very much ready to grab it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stressful Busy Life Again

I have updated my blogs, finally. Oh well, I am back to my stressful busy life with full of "things to do" all day and week!!!! Today, someone from Enbridge will come over to our house for our furnace maintenance. Then I will go with my hubby and daughter at Albion Mall so I can get the receipt of the prescription eyeglassed for insurance pruposes. I will see if I can go to the optical place that a friend recommended me to go for my kids contact lenses. I hope I still have the energy.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. But I am glad I was able to do things I have been wanting to do. I have mailed that insurance claim form for my orthotics from last year. I hope to get the half of the price of my orthotics with no more issues. I need the money back.

Few hours ago, I orders two workout dvds online. My insurance cover this expenses so I am happy to order some more workout dvds to add on my workout routines and have fun while working out.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Back To My Life's Reality.

I am finally back in Canada after my 3 weeks vacation in my home country. It was good to be back to the country where I grew up but it's also always good to be back to the country where my life belongs now. Ahhhhhh fresh air and quiet but stressful life!!! Back to reality.

I was busy on my last week in the Philippines in preparation for coming back to Canada. I bought a lot of things I need to bring to Canada with me. Then I got busy right away when I get back in Canada. I have to do a lot of things most specially in cleaning and organizing my home, then I have to go back to work.

Huh!!! Now it's the weekend once again and I have a long list of things to do for me and my family. Cleaning, appointments, phone calls etc. blablabla. I try my best to do one day at a time and not to stress myself. But sometimes, I can't help it but get into my nerves when I have some thoughts of all the things needed to be done. hayyyy!!! LIFE!!!

Oh well, I wasn't able to update all my blogs for more than one week and I will make sure to start to regularly update my blogs again. I will go to bed in a bit, to get enough mental and physical energy in facing my Life's Reality.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Motorcycle Accessories Online

My nephew just got a ticket from the traffic enforcer for not wearing proper helmet including the his friend on his back who was riding with him. My father was so mad with my nephew for being irresponsible motorcycle driver.

I was looking for a good quality but affordable price helmet and I saw this schuberth motorcycle accessories. The owner have been in the business for 50 years now and continue to offer amazing ow prices and fast delivery for all motorcycle accessories.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Feeling Bad For One Task

I just noticed now that one of the task that was assigned to me by my other sponsor requires 400 words. Advertisers are getting demanding for the price too low for their demand. I feel bad about it. I have to decline it because it will take a lot of my time to finish one task with 400 words only to be rejected after posting it on my blog for a couple of days. Not worth my time specially that I am on my vacation.

I am glad that I have 2 new assignments from my newest sponsor when I open my account today. I am very thankful for all these blessings and I really hope that God will continue to pour us with blessings.

Online Shopping For Standard Stroller

I am happy to be back in my home country after 5 years since my last vacation. But I feel bad every time I see how hard life goes in this country. Our neighbor have two kids and she have to bring her kids, one 1 years old and one 6 months old, while she is working at the public market to sell vegetable. She could at least have one baby stroller with her.

I wish I have enough money to buy her a standard stroller so she can work at the public market without carrying her little ones with her. And her kids don't have to struggle under the heat of the sun. I really feel bad seeing them.