Sunday, April 29, 2012

Assignments, Work and Rest

Oppps, still no new assignments from my newest sponsor. I wonder why? I thought they have new batches of assignments. But that's okey, I will just hope to receive some soon. I need money on my paypal. I usually decline task from other sponsor because most of their advertisers ask too much.

Anyway, I didn't work on my part-time job yesterday but instead I will work today. I need to be done in 4 hours, otherwise, this will be my last day on this one. Not worth my time.

I had a lot of rest yesterday. I just lied down, watch TV and sleep all day. But I cleaned my basement and my kitchen in the morning to make sure that no stressful mess around me during my rest time. Love to stay in my clean, organized and neat house.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cash Money For Me

Wheeeew, I finish my part-time work yesterday for 6 hours. That was really great. I thought I wont be able to finish until 3:30pm but I am so glad to be done at 2:30pm. I have cash money on my hand and Thank you Lord for the blessings. I was really tired though.

I was about to drop my Saturday part-time job because of her bitchy attitude, but then she and her family won't let me go. They obsolutely love my work and THEY SHOULD because I do my work profesionally.

Anyway, I am suppose to work today but it was moved tomorrow so I will be cleaning my basement today instead of tomorrow. I am so jealous of the cleanliness of houses that I am cleaning that's why I am AGAIN and house clean freak like them. hahahahah!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thankful Day

I just did one new assignment from my newest sponsor. Awesome thing to see infront of my computer early in the morning. Thank you Lord for this blessing. I wish I have more assignments from them.

Anyway, today I will do some mailing and faxing of some documents. I am glad that I have ample time to do that since I didn't went to work last night. I might as well take this opportunity to do all the phonecalls I need to do and perhaps, do some cleaning so household chores so I have less things to do before the weekend.

I don't spend much time on cleaning my house anymore since I did a thorough cleaning from top to bottom last Holy Weekend. All I do is maintain everything and I am glad that I was able to do that up to this time. So cleaning my house is not taking so much of my time anymore. I just need to devide it and do the basement alone on Sunday and the rest are on Wednesday or Thursday. But since I will have a part-time job on Wednesday, I might do my house cleaning on Thursday after or before my workout.

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I didn't work last night because of my terrible headache. I guest it is probably cause by my stiff muscles that is going up on my head area which is giving me some kind of migraine. But I feel a lot better now after having a good rest and sleep. I am ready to do my regular daily life routine and will do some paper works needed. I might go out and send some through mail and some are through fax. But before I do that, I need to find something for our church activity on Sunday.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Monday

I was glad that I was able to go to church yesterday despite my tiredness. I met someone at Square One Mall after the chruch together with my family. Then they just dropped me at home while they do their grocery. I need to sleep and it will be so late for me if I will go with them for grocery.

Today is another busy Monday for me. I need to go out later to Fax some papers. But I will see if I can just do it after picking up my kids from school so I can go to bed early. I will fold some clean clothes before I do my workout. I want my laundry area to look neat so I want those clothes hanging to go away. I am being clean freak lately.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tiring Plus Disappointed Day

I was tired going home from my part-time job. But still went out with hubby to replace his celphone and then we buy Pizza Hut and then I went to sleep. Today I am not sure if I will go to church again because I am really tired. I will go back to bed in a bit and when I wake up, I will clean my basement while doing some more laundry.

This week is going to be a regular week for me. I have to do a lot of phonecalls but I will make sure to do all my regular scheduled routine. I need to keep my mind focus otherwise, I will lose and file up the work over the weekend which I am trying to avoid because I also work on the weekend.

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I will have money on August and I buy something for my kids. One of my daughter want a camera and the other one wants a new guitar. I know where to buy a camera but I dont know where to buy a good guitar. So I look around the internet and saw this Martin Guitar's Website.

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Looking For A Replacement

I am thinking of not going back to one and my very first cleaning customer if I will stay on her house for that long again. It is really not worth my time. I will be looking for a new customer to replace her and I am gone. She have this some kind of rude attitude. I just dont like her.

Anyway, it was another productive and busy Saturday for me. A little disappointment but I am fine. I just need to find a replacement for this customer so she will realized how stupid she is.

Hypo-Allergenic Latex Mattress

I have another neck and shoulder pain today. It is most probably because of too much work and lack of exercise this week. I better start doing my daily workout or I will be stiff all over my body again. Aside from this, I was thinking that my pillow and bed might have something to do with it as well.

I was looking at this latex mattress website that I came across this morning. I provide excellent support and strress relief, that helps to alleviate sore backs and necks and different kinds of body aches and pains. I learned most of this pains and aches are cause by mattresses specially those with no foam.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Productive Busy Saturday

I am so happy to have four new assignments from my newest sponsor. Aside from my new Part-Time job, making money online through blogging just makes me so happy. I still have two more assignments to finish and I will definitely make sure to submit it tomorrow of later today. God is good to me!!

Today, I will work about 4 hours part-time and go home to continue spending time with my family. I might buy few things at Albion Centre like theToilet Bowl cover that was on sale. I want to replace the old toilet bowl cover of my three washrooms. I might ask hubby to clean up the showroom in our basement so I can use it as my storage room for my dirty clothes.

Buy Examination Table Online

Friday morning, I went straight to my Massage Therapist. She have a clinic in her house basement and I am so amazed how she made her basement looks like a simple and cozy SPA Massage Clinic. I was looking at this exam tables website and I thought I should show it to her the next time I see her.

This exam table have it's own cabinet with two doors and adjustable shelves that can be adjusted for right or left-handed installation. It has a two position stirrups, air-spring backrest, padded leg extension and a statandard basin shelf. The good thing about this is if exam table is damage, all components are easily replaceable.

Beat Week For Money

Okey for those snoopers of my life who are waiting for my post about what happen to my daily update. To start with, Monday is just a usual Monday morning for me. I did my Dance workout and start doing some phonecalls to make sure that work will not file up because I know it will be a busy week for me making extra income; Tuesday I have to go home from my full-time job to change for my part-time wherein I work from 9;30amork until 1pm. Went home really beat and slept at around 1:30om 'til 9pm.

Wednesday, I was busy soon as I get home from work to clean my own house and then did few phonecalls as usual; Thursday, I went home from my full-time job and change to go to my part-time job and work from 9:30am 'til 1pm. I actually work only up to 12:30pm but I have to wait for my boss so I have to leave at 1pm and slept at around 1:30pm and woke up at 8pm to watch my favorite TV series "the missing", before I prepare myself for my night shift full-time job.

Wooooo!!! Isn't that a busy week. But this week won't be as busy as it is. I workes Tuesday and Thursday instead of working 7 hours today (Friday). So next Friday I will be working straight from my full-time job and hopefully to get home before 3pm. MONEY MONEY MONEY!!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy Week Doing Extra Income

Ahhhh it was such a busy week for me. I had to do part-time on Tuesday and Thursday which made me too busy not to update any of my blogs. But That was just for this week. This coming week will just be a my regular daily routine and I will for sure update my blogs. I will be sharing some of the things that I did during my busy days on my next post.

For the meantime, I will be posting what I did, what I will do for today. This is for the nosy people who are such a big fan of my life. jajajaja!! Well, let me tell you something, I have extra money and that makes me smile.

I am also happy to see that I have 4 new assignments from my newest sponsor, and that means another extra money aside from my new part-time job. I will start doing these 4 new assignments later today or early tomorrow and make sure to submit it before the deadline. Wooohooo!!! Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Okey Sunday For Me

I work yesterday and I stayed a little bit longer that I was suppose to. Mainly because it was my first time and the customer was so fussy. But that's okey, I don't think it will be the same the next time, otherwise, I might not come back anymore.

After my part-time, I just went home and spend time with my kids at home, watch TV and buy snacks at Wendy's restaurant. And today, I have an appointment with my massage therapist. We will go to Bramalea Centre after to just window shop around and spend quality time together. I might drop by at Dollarama to buy few things that I will use for my part-time and then stop by at any grocery store to buy few snacks for my kids.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Busy Friday The 13th

It's Friday the 13th.. Huh!!! Oh well, it's going to be a busy Friday for me and a busy weekend as well. I have few things to do today and I will for sure go to bed late. I need to get my twin's contact lenses and then go to the 2nd cleaning customer that was refered by the 1st customer. Then go to Kennedy Rd., Mississauga to bring my Rainbow Vacuum for service. I need this vacuum for my basement since my dog always stays in the basement. But before that, I still have to do few phonecalls and then I will leave the house at 12noon.

Anyway, today is a busy day for me. I am as well quite excited to start my part-time job tomorrow. I hope my meeting with my second cleaning customer will be successful so I can add it up on my extra income. I might not go with my daughter's guitar lesson tomorrow and just take a lot of rest for the whole Saturday.

I really need to focus on my daily schedule so work won't file up for me. Like I really need to reserve time in cleaning my house neatly at least once a week, so it won't be hard for me to maintain the cleanliness of my house once I start getting busy with my cleaning business.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Vacuum For My Cleaning

Oh yeah, I got a new Vacuum Cleaner yesterday. I tried using it today and it is awesome!!! Wooohoooo!! I am ready to clean my house often and clean the houses of my customers. Oh yeah, I am so happy that the customer that I talked last Wednesday responded to me and refered me already to her sister-in law even though he hasn't personally talked to any of the references that I gave him. Oh well, no worries as I have no bad record or whatsoever.

I am already scheduled to clean their house on Saturday and then I have an appointment with his sister-inlaw on Friday afternoon just to meet and see the house I will clean for 8 hours. hahahah!!! It's probably a big house which mean bigger money. I don't think I need another 3 houses after this two customers. I will probably get maybe one more and then maybe ask my friend to help me out on the rest of the house that will be given to me. Yes.. Thank you Lord for all the blessings. I can't wait to count my money and start planning our future with it.

I might be using this vacuum cleaner tomake my work faster. It's a very good vacuum cleaner and it sucks dirt strong which make my work easier and faster.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Need New Vacuum Cleaner

This is going to be quite a busy day for me. I have to buy a new vacuum cleaner because the small vacuum cleaner that I just bought last year is now broken. I should have taken my rainbow Vacuum Cleaner at the service center incase this thing happen. I love my small vacuum. It makes my cleaning easier. waaaaa!!!!

I will do my workout first then, me and my father will go to the bank. He will open a new Bank account and I will withdraw some money. Then I will mail the claim form to my hubby's insurance for his massage therapy and orthotics. Then I will go to Canadian Tire to buy a new small vacuum cleaner. My kitchen is filty.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Busy and Productive Saturday

It was a quiet Holy Saturday for us yesterday. Me and my father went to the Scotia Bank yesterday for him to open an account with them since the bank is closer to our house plus their service is good. And for me, to withdraw some money to save for my family.

I am so glad that my customer enjoyed the Making Mineral Makeup workshop yesterday despite the lack of handout because my printer run out of ink. The workshop starts from 2:30pm and end at 5:00pm. It was a fun and good money workshop. Ohhh, I should have taken a picture of me and my customer before or after the workshop so I can post it on my Facebook and be proud to have another workshop at home. EASY MONEY!! I wish there are more people who will be interested to make their own Mineral Makeup. I might post it on Kijiji. Who knows?

After the workshop, me and my family did the grocery and buy bus tickets for my kids.

I spend most of the day organizing and tidying up the rest part of the house making sure that everything will be easier to maintain incase my life starts to get busy. It's easier to maintain a clean and organized house.

Tonight is another night at work and Tomorrow is the start of another busy week for me. My father have the appointment to open an account with Scotia Bank with one of their Financial Representative, and me to withdraw some more cash. Then the rest of the day will be my rest moment in preparation for another night at work.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Cleaning

I cleaned my house from top to bottom and it took me almost 5 hours to finish it. I was so tired but so happy to see how clean and organized my house now. I will try my very best to maintain the cleanliness of my house no matter how busy my life will be. If I will do cleaning for extra income, I might as well make my house as clean and organized as the houses that I will be cleaning. I will make sure to include my house in my cleaning schedule.

My mind have recovered from the stress that I had this week. I am back on my feet and I will try my best to go on my normal life routine making sure that my house will stay as clean and organized as it is right now. Plus, I am back on my feet to do my regular fitness routine.

Today is Good Friday and everything is close except for some fastfood chains like McDonald. So this morning, we bought some Mcdonald breakfast before I start cleaning the house. Then we went to my brother's house but since he was still at work, we went home and bought Pizza Hut. I will go to bed in a bit and see if we can go back to my brothers house later.

Tomorrow, I will do the laundry while I clean and organize my kitchen in the basement for the preparation with the workshop that I will have tomorrow.

The Mineral Makeup Workshop will start at 2:30pm so if I still have the time, I might go to Scotia Bank to withdraw some money for savings, also for our family cash allowance.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Starting To See The Light

Oh Lord, I wasn't able to update this blog for a couple of days. I was so busy trying to find solution to this chaos that we are going through. But at least, now I can see a light on the path that we are going through. It's going to be a bumpy one but, I will keep my faith that everything will be okey.

Oh well, I am accepting a cleaning job for extra income so I can earn extra money for my plan. It's either I am going to use the money I earned from cleaning for my kid's tuition fee in their University, or use it as a down payment for the house I am planning to buy in South Mississauga or any house near any subway station, for my kids University.

I had an interview yesterday with the husband and wife in Brampton to clean their house. I like them and they told me that if they like my cleaning, they will recommend me to their friends and relatives who needs a reliable cleaning lady. They told me that the last cleaning lady that they had, cannot accomodate the referal that they gave her. Gzzzz, the money I will get from this is good clean cash (no tax) so it wont add to our income. Waaaa!!! I might accept 3 to 5 houses a week to make sure that I will earn the amount I need before my kids go to University.

This doesn't mean that I will turn my back on my blogging.. Oh no!!! I definitely wont.

Anyway, I am so tired today and I haven't slept from my last night's work. I will go to bed and take a good sleep. Then I will do my thorough cleaning on my house and try to get how much time I spend in cleaning the whole house. Just to give me an idea on how much time I should spend in a house. I will exclude my basement in the time tracking so, I will clean the basement first while I am doing the laundry.

And before the end of the day, I will make sure that I have prepared my kitchen in the basement and all the things I need for the workshop on Saturday. Oh yeah baby, somebody paid me again to learn how to make mineral makeup... Wooohoooo!!! Thank you Lord for all the blessings!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

NetTalk Issue As My Landline

I was able to accomplished a lot of things to do for today. Thank God!! I have few pending things to do, still but I decided to put it on hold like cancelling my lanline in Bell and just use NetTalk line as my landline. I did have a problem using my nettalk this morning and I have to spend some time talking to the technical support of NetTalk just to solve the issue. If I don't have my line with Bell, I will have a hard time talking to the Technical Support to solve the issue. Aside from that, when I was having problem with the High Speed Internet, I couldn't use my netTalk, what if I don't have a line from Bell.

Oh well, I might cancel my landline with Bell sometime next month to save some money. I just need to make few more observation with the use of NetTalk as my Landline for a while and see if I will encounter another problem like this. I hope I won't coz canceling my Bell phone line will save me a lot of money.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not Feeling Very Well

It's Sunday once again and I will be back to work tonight. I don't think I will be able to go to church today because I am not feeling well. But I will try my best. I wasn't able to sleep the whole night thinking of something. I wish I can share it on any of my blog to release the stress, but unfortunately, too many nosey people who will be laughing about it, so never mind.

Too many questions running in my head. A big WHY that I know somewhere along my journey in this life, I could find some answer. Everything is just not going to the path that I am trying to go. It keeps falling on the wrong direction. I just don't know why? I am trying to get a message but I just can't find it anywhere.

I am still glad that there are someone who is there to make me feel strong. Every person's presence in our life, really have a reason.

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