Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Busy Life

I cut my cleaning today for my house because I need to go to bed early for my appointment to a urologist this afternoon at 3pm. I am just doing an update to some of my blog particularly this one to make sure that it will reach the search engine.

Anyway, yesterday I had my one and half hour massage and I went straight to my bed after. It feels so good!!!

Tomorrow is the start of my cleaning to a new every other Thursdays cleaning. I will clean this new house, alternately with my other Thursday house. I am always excited to clean new house and of course to receive cash !!! hahahha!!! I dont care about what other people will say, as long as I am being paid this good. WHO CARES!!!!

I will try to take a picture of the money I receive in cleaning and post it on this blog for those who don't believe with the price I am being paid in cleaning. This will be for those nosey people who are so obsess in reading my life through my blog!!!

I have few things to do like mailing the coordination benefits of my husband's insurance to my insurance. Ahhhhh, I will probably to this on the weekend!!!

Online Shopping For Care Packages

My life is so busy. My friend's birthday is coming soon and I really have no time to go to the mall to shop for a gift. So I look around the internet and found this online store for care package. They offer diffent kinds of care packages for different occasions for everyone.

. What I love about their service is that, the packages you order can be send directly to the person you want give the package for. All you have to do is order online. Their customer service representative are always ready to answer any of your questions with regards to your order.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wasted Time

I was busy yesterday trying to figure out what is wrong with my Steam Mop. I was thinking of returning it since it was still under 10 days warranty for return at the store. But then I thought maybe I should let the filter system dry without the water container sitting on top of it. So this morning I tried using it again and it is still not working good. I was frustrated but then for the second time reassembling and assembling it, it finally work like wonder. Gzzz I forgot to lock the handle thats why the heat does not trigger continously.

Oh well, anyway it was a waste of time for this new Steam Mop. I guess I am just obssess with the cleanliness of my house. I was suppose to do the one remaining opps from my newest sponsor but then I wasted so much of my time and I have 1 and 1/2 hour massage today. I will do the opps tomorrow morning before I clean half of my house. Then I have to go to bed early than usual because I have an appointment with the Urologist tomorrow at 3pm. Busy life!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gaming Computers Online

I need to buy one computer for my other daughter so she don't have to use mine. Aside from that, their school lessons are getting harder and require more computer and internet use. At the same time, I want my kids to enjoy their weekends since they have been working hard for their school lessons and activities for the whole week. And since she loves computer games, I might to buy her a gaming computers.

I saw this computer and electronics website and they offer great prices for selection of desktop computers, laptop computers, netbook computers and computer accessories. I might let my daughter take a look on this website.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Customer, New Steam Mop and New Assignment

I was so busy with my part-time cleaning. I have a new customer and she refered me right away to her friend. I was so tired because I cleaned a short noticed new customer last Thursday and went home to get 6 hours sleep to work on my night shift job. I went straight to my Friday cleaning the next morning, and it was a disappointment because I was trying to finish the job so I can go home and get some sleep because I have to work overtime that night. I know I disappoint my Friday customer but I will make sure that this wont happen again.

Anyway, I bought a new Steamer Mop and I am so happy with the way it cleans my kitchen floor and the whole house. I won't buy any disinfecting solution anymore because this steam mop will do the job since it can be lifted off for other spaces in the house other than the floor. Awesome!!! I will just finish the rest of my cleaning and disinfecting solutions and I will start using using natural cleaning solution after.

I am sooooo happy to open my account with my newest sponsor. New 2 opps for me!!! Awesome life!! I will be working on this new opps tomorrow morning before I clean my basement as usual. Thank you Lord for all the blessings

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Wednesday Thought

Opps, wasn't able to update this blog yesterday. I was busy soon as I get home from work. I spend most of my morning cleaning my house from top to bottom. I was so tired but happy to see how clean my house is.

Anyway, I was suppose to have cleaning today, but my customer are on vacation until next week. I am sad because I have no extra cash that I usually got every Wednesday. I will contact my new Friday Cleaning Customer later today for the confirmation of my first cleaning day for them on Friday.

So annoying moments again. I dont think I can never get used to this kind of life but what can I do. I have to strong to live up to this kind of environment.

Oh well, I will do some laundry and then tidy up my kids room before I do my workout.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Better Option For Life Insurance

I was talking to a friend last week with regards to their life insurance coverage. It seems that their life insurance premium is much lower than ours. We are in the middle of financial crisis right now and what I am looking for is something that will save us some money on a monthly basis. I need some time to shop around the internet to find a better Life Insurance company that will save us some money but will give me and my family the protection that we need.

There so many get life insurance quotes online nowadays, and it can be confusing to find which or what kind of life insurance that will suits our needs. What we need right now is a company that will give us better options that will protect myself and my family.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clean BBQ Grill

I just cleaned my BBQ Grill. We are ready for BBQ-ing. The weather is so perfect for BBQ. Hubby just marinaded chicken for BBQ today. It's going to be a long weekend so we want to make sure that our kids have enough food to eat at home while on holidays.

Life is so good and quiet at home with people you love. I wish life will always be like this. Very quiet and relaxing. But we all need to go out and work.

Just some thought with someone again. Probably she is looking for my blogs to read what is really on my mind. I don't really give a shit if she read my blog. Infact it is my pleasure for her visit anytime. It is about time for me to stand up and believe what I see and hear from her for such a long time now. She always accuse me of spreading somethings about her while the truth is, a lot of people knows about what she so called secret. A secret is not a secret is a lot of people know or heard about it. Beside, what is she have to hide? Everybody knows her life. For all I care!!!

Didn't know that material things in life bother her looking at all the people around her. Hahahahah!!! It is so funny!! Material things can be bought, borrow or stolen. But the happiness and peace inside, can't. She is not happy simply because she keeps on comparing her life to people around her which makes her bitter. Ahhh whatever!!

Anyway, we are going to church in a while then I will spend time with my kids watching movies at home.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

At Yatco Filipino Restaurant.

I woke up early as usual on Saturday morning, doing nothing but cleaning up whatever my eyes can see in the kitchen while watching TV. Going up and down the basement to watch the laundry and on and off on the internet. I tried going back to sleep but I just can't and up to now I am still wide awake.

Me and my family went for lunch to this new Filipino Restaurant in Brampton. It is called Yatco Filipino Restaurant.

The food is okey but nothing so special about it. The place looks fine but there is also nothing special about it. The thing is, there is only few Filipino Restaurant in this area and I think that is the only thing that makes it special.

Anyway, I support any Filipino business in Canada. So for those who are interested to visit this place, Yatco Filipino Restaurant is located at 120 Advance Blvd., Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Me and hubby will try to come back here at night time to see the the band playing to chill out. I will posting some of my pictures on my Facebook later today.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Enjoy Life

It is a mix emotion for someone's reaction. "I'd rather work overtime than clean houses"... So what's the point of this person saying it to me and trying to act as if as I care if she work overtime over and over again. WHAT THE F*CK???? WHO CARES about how she run her life. Why does she care about my cleaning part-time job? Funny but later on, she came to me and ask me "I hope you don't mind me asking, how much do you make for cleaning houses?"... Oh my Lordie!!!

Sure life is full of ups and down, and who doesn't? I think we all do. But when I learn to stop caring about how other people live their life, and focus on living my own life, that's the only time I said to myself that life is good, because God is soo good.

I sure sometimes break down but at the end of the day, I will always find my way out by simply focusing on how to live my life instead of minding what other people say and think about me. I don't have to shout to the world what makes me struggle in life. What for? My haters will jump in joy to hear about it. I neither dont have to shout to world how I find my way out of it. I don't have to. Why should I? I have nothing to explain to anyone. It's just life!! I dont care about those people not worth my time!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nobody's Business

A little bit sad and wary for some reason because my Wednesday customer is going away for a vacation. I wont be working with them for two weeks... Gzzzz, loosing some bucks I make from them from my budget.. hehehhehe!! Anyway, I hope my new Friday customer will go through next week. I am quite excited to work with them and see how my working relationship with them will go.

Anyway, I had some annoying moments but it is okey. It is just some jealous and envious thoughts from someone. This is my life and nobody will run it but ME!!! I don't care what other people will say and think about me. I clean houses because I need extra money. And whatever reason I may have for doing so, it is none of anybody's business.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I am soo Happy this Mother's Day as always. My two angels spend some time and money to go to the mall to buy me this gift for Mother's Day. They also clean my car today as part of their gift. All worth my effort to work hard for them. I am so bless to have daughters like them. PRETTY, SMART, INTELLIGENT, TALENTED and most of all LOVING human being.

Anyway, I am not going to work again today because I am still not feeling well. I will go to the doctor tomorrow to have my shoulder to look at. The pain is getting all over my body and I really need this to be look at. It is giving me some short breathing already.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quite Disappointed

I was a bit disappointed with my Friday part-time customer's attitude. So I am now looking for someone to replace her. If I will replace her, I will be replacing her sister too and I don't mind replacing both of them because they are cheap and their place is so far. Not worth my time. But I am thankful for the experience that I got from them. It is a learning experience after 10 years of not doing it at all, and first time doing it all by myself. And now that I have the experience, I need a good price for that. Infact, I already have one new customer to visit on Sunday. woot woot!!!

Anyway, it's mother's day on Sunday and I will be going to one new customer's place, just to see her place and to meet her. It won't take so much of my time. I know it is going to be quite far but it's only about 5 km farther than these two annoying customer. The price is quite good and she seems nice.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Practical Reason

Busy days as usual but doing a quick update on this blog for those who are waiting for an update.. jajajjaja!!! I was just simply busy working on my part-time job and my full-time job. I am also busy keeping my house as clean as possible because I don't want to spend too much time for one time cleaning just to cope up for the lost days that I can't clean my house. I always make sure that I clean my house once a week.

I have been thinking for quiting my full-time job but I have to do it the drastic way and hope that I can get even at least the employment insurance. I just can't stand the way of life I am having on that place. It will be a big change for me but we all need some changes at some point of our life. It's is going to be a practical reason to do it although some may see it the other way. But who cares, this is my life.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cleaning Freak

If I do scheduling for cleaning the house of my customer to manage my cleaning time for the day, I might as well create a cleaning schedule for my own house. And I did, make a cleaning schedule for my house today to make sure that my house will be thoroughly clean every week.

If the houses I am cleaning is clean, my house should be clean too. I am jealous of their clean houses that's why I am saving one day in cleaning my house. It is always nice to go home with a clean house. I am now going back to my CLEAN FREAK attitude. I always want my house to be disinfect and sanitized as I used to.

I clean my Fridge and Stove and the Cabinets of my house and I made sure to include these on my cleaning schedule to maintain its cleanliness.

Insurance For Small Business

I am happy with the extra money I am making with my cleaning. There are so many referals and I cannot take them all because I only do this as my part-time job, just for extra income. But to be honest, I have been thinking of quiting my full-time night shift job and just do cleaning for full-time instead. I am so tired working on night shift and with the people that I am working with.

If ever I will do cleaning for full-time, I might have to get someone to work with me to accomodate all the referals. I might need a business insurance if I will do cleaning for full-time. I need to find a good commercial insurance companies to help me get a suitable insurance that will protect me and my business with coverage for claims related to allegations of negligent activities or failure to use reasonable care.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Protecting The Privacy In Blogging

My newest sponsor have new rules and it is very straight forward. It simply wants to protect everyone's privacy and I totally agree. Some blogger just have to shout to the world about everything they do online which is quite not necessary at some point. Some may find it helpful specially for newbies who are trying to find ways to make money online. But not everything that we think can be a help, can be helpful for everyone.

Anyway, I am so happy that I have new assignments from them. I hope to receive more as it really helps add up to my budget. Even if I already have a new part-time job, I still want to continue my blogging journey because it always been part of my daily life. It releases stress when I rant my thoughts through my blogs. Few bucks that I make through my blogging may not be a lot, but something to be thankful for.

POS Hardware For Business

I have so many plans on my online business life putting up a small store so all the customers who want see my products personally, can just simply visit my store. However, my busy life and lack of money to make all these dreams to happen are just not there yet. But I never stop dreaming that someday, all these things can be possible that's why once in a while, I search around the internet to look for products that is related to business.

POS Hardware provide different business automating processes to save time and money for your business. They carefully choose all the hardware that is best suited for business sale that includes retail, full sevice restaurant, and quick service restaurant environments. All the system are set up by their in-house technicians. This way, you will not have to worry about setting up the system by yourself.