Saturday, June 30, 2012

Certified Smart

Yey long weekend!!!! And most of all, my beautiful, talented, smart and intelligent daughter, Kimberly got an Honour Roll certificate which have removed all my tiredness when I get home this afternoon from my night shift work and cleaning part time job.

I post it on my facebook because I am soooo proud, sooo happy, feel soooo blessed!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Harley Davidson's Motorcycle Parts Online

It is always traffic on the highway specially on rush hours. I sometimes thinking of buying a motorcycle to avoid this traffic but I want a good quality motorcycle. Harley Davidson Motorcycle has always been known to be the best, so I look around the internet to see how much will it cost for a harley davidson motorcycle parts.

These are all Harley-Davidson parts for customizing or repairing your motorcycle. They provide Harley-Davidson exhausts, windshields, air intake systems, mirrors, and chrome. We also have parts for Harley-Davidson Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Touring, VRSC, and many more.

Just Perfect Timing

Today I am suppose to clean but my customer move her house cleaning on Tuesday instead because she wants her house to be clean before she leave for one month vacation with her family. So since I don't have any cleaning on Mondays and Tuesday, I agree to have it move on Tuesday. She is happy, then I am happy too.

So I went to sleep early this morning because I have a doctor's appointment at 2:30 which is a perfect timing for not having to clean my other bi-weekly cleaning today. And I am a wake at this time because for some reason, my body is not used to sleep as early as this. Oh well, I will try to go back to bed in a bit.

Mother's Ring Online

It is my choice to keep myself as busy as I am right now. This is my way to keep my mind off with all the non sense things around me. I really like what is going on with my busy life. However, due to my hectic schedule and very well focus on my everyday life, I forgot to remember one very important person in my life. MY MOTHER!! I forgot to call her or get in touch with her on Mother's Day and I am so guilty for doing so. So I look around the internet to find something to give her even if there is no special occasion.

I found this mother's ring webstore and I am so amazed how wonderful their designs are. Their have solid gold or sterling silver. Each ring or necklace includes a birthstone.

Quiet Zone Of Life

Woot woot it is pretty quiet but I've been hearing so many funny stories around about different people. Hearing all these stories just made me realized something. It is really better not to talk around with different people about different things because you will really never know how people will interpret what you say.

Ahhhh life is really confusing if too many people are always around you.

Oh well, I'd rather focus my mind to most important things in busy life. I am too busy to mind all these non sense things.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lowest Price For Acoustic Guitars Online

Few more weeks and I will have the money I have been waiting to buy few things for my kids that will make them happy. I can't wait to buy my daughter her new Acoustic Guitar and to give me an idea on how much it will cost for a brand new Acoustic Guitar, I look around the internet and found this ibanez acoustic guitars for sale.

The prizes are so affordable. You can call them for price verification to beat other prices. They provide wide selection of premium and Private Reserve instruments.

Saturday Moments

I had my Massage Therapy this morning. And while I am having my massage, my kids went to Woodbine Mall to buy few things for themselves. Then I picked them after my massage.

We went home and pick up hubby and we all went to Home Depot to buy few thing we need at home. I also ask Home Depot to give me a rap estimate cost for our kitchen renovation. I already have the cash for this renovation but I need more time to save more. I don't want an empty budget.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Medical Lab Coat Online

My kids will have a community service at one our the medical clinic in our house. She need to wear a white medical lab clothes so I look arounf the internet and found this baby phat lab coat webstore.

It is a brushed cotton/poly poplin with a feline logo printed on a grosgrain ribbon. The logo is at the top edge of the pockets and center back belt of a notched lapel lab coat. It comes with XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL sizes.

Done With Another Busy Week

Another busy week for me and I like it because it keeps my mind off about stupid things. Being busy is not bad at all, aside from keeping my mind off from stupid things, it fulls my wallet with money. hahahah!!!

Today I went to Bramalea Centre with my kids to buy body lotions at our favorite Personal Care Store, Bath and Body Works. I don't like using other brand for body lotions and Moisturizing hand soaps but only at Bath and Body Works.

Buy Seals and Gasket Online

There is a water leak on our furnace area and hubby just found out that it is coming somewhere the airconditioning system near our furnace because the filter of our furnace is soaking wet. We thought that it was the loose gasket again that's why I look around the internet to replace the old gasket that we have. I came across this gaskets website.

They provide seals and gaskets that prevent the flow of water or any substance. These are use for plumbing and many more.

Anyway, the technician is on his way now to find out the problem

Monday, June 18, 2012

Need to Finish Because I am Busy

I wasn't able to update my blog yesterday because I was so busy. I clean half of my house and went to church with hubby then we went to Walmart to buy few things I need for my cleaning.

It is going to be another busy week for me and I need to finish all the things I need I do before Wednesday. Otherwise, nothing will be done because I will be freakingly busy until Friday.

Welding Helmet Online

I thought that our basement have a link then hubby found out that there is a hole that needs to be shield by a welding machine. Our neighbor have a welding machine but we need to use a welding helmet for safety purposes. So I look around the internet to give me an idea how much will it cost to buy a welding helmet. Then I saw this welding helmet webstore.

The price is not bad at all, compare it I will hire someone to do the job for us. This is just a small job and our neighbor is very nice to offer their welding machine. We just need it for protection.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Resting Time

I did some laundry when I woke up this morning. I have few more loads to do but I will try to do it tomorrow and perhaps, hang it outside to dry faster.

I will take my time to get a lot of rest today and tomorrow because it is going to be another busy week for me. I need to call my Urologist for another appointment.

Donate Your Property Online

I am thinking of buying one used small car that I will use for going to houses that I clean then I came across this car donation at car angel website. It simply captured my heart. What a noble way to create a website like this and be able to reach many people all over the world.

I wish I have something to share but I will try my best to look around my old stuff and see if I have something to share.

This foundation gave everyone a chance to decide what project you wish to fund.

Simply Bragging

It is so funny how some of my friends commented on the picture that I posted on my FB account. It is so funny how FB can trick a lot of people.

I try not to stay of FB for a long time now because it just pisses me off how some people brag about some random things about their life specially all those materials things they posses. I think that is just how really Filipinos are. Stupidly annoying!!

I posted this picture simply to show what beautiful house is and slap the faces of those people who are trying to post picture of their house simply for BRAGGING. To think that there is really nothing special about the house or part of their house that they posted. I dont see the point why they have to post their house but simply to BRAG!! The part of the house that I posted is really beautiful and special and worth to share... It is a work of art.

I really think that FB or any social networking sites should be for sharing, communicating, getting in touch and not to brag about things almost every minute and hour of their life. It is annoying!!!

Online Shop For Truck Bull Bars

My car is not a a 4 wheel car because I choose not to have that due to the price difference. Beside, I don't think I need since I just use my car going to work. But it is a SUV type 2 wheel drive so it will lokk good with a nice truck Bull Bars.

I have not buy any accesories for my car and I think it is about time to buy something that will make my car look different. I love the way it look and the performance is great. So I think my car deserve some nice to look at.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Simple Time Management

The extra income I am making in cleaning house is great and having another set of blog assignments from my newest sponsor is wonderful. Thank you Lord for all these blessings.

Where to I find time to do all of these? How to I do all of these? It is very simple... A simple time management to do it all. It is hard of course. But I'd rather have a busy daily living than doing some stupid nonsense things like, looking and minding other people's life.

Kentucky Mandolins Online

My kids love music and I am so thankful for that. Because like them, I love music too. I used to be given an opportunity by my grandmother to take a mandolin music lesson when I was in Grade 3. But I was so young back then and didn't know how wonderful it is to know how to play at least one music instrument. Now that I have kids, I am giving them all the opportunities and encourage them to continue playing their music.

If you love music and you have some basic on how to read music notes, it is easy to play any instrument. My dauighter knows how to play guitar and I know that playing this kentucky mandolins will not be hard for her.

Thank You For The Job

I am so happy because I have another set of assignments from my newest sponsor. I know it is a challenge for me to do this much blogging because I have part-time cleaning already. But blogging has been part of my life already.

I know that there is not much opportunities in blogging as before and it is hard to depend on making extra income on blogging anymore. That is why I am happy and thankful everytime I receive some opportunities like this. Who am I to say know? Blogging is also my job and it is not just all about MONEY!!!

Flowers For Fathers Day?

It's Father's Day on Friday and I want to give hubby something new. I thought of giving him some flowers. I know that flowers are usually given to women, but it can be interesting to send flowers to a man this Father's Day.

I just love how these flowers have been arranged. You can order it to a lovely smaller bud vase varieties. These are 50 gorgeous stems which are near up to 200 blooming flowers. It will be ship fresh, budding, and ready to bloom.

Pissed With The Traffic

I was pissed because of the traffic at 401 highway and then when I reach highway 50 going to my Friday cleaning house, the road is close. So I have to go on the other way and it is so traffic. I started late so I went home late. I wasn't able to pick up my kids!!

I hate the fact that Toronto has always highway construction and by the time the construction maintenance is done, it is already winter time which is another traffic going home specially when it is snowing. gzzzzz!!!!

Outdoor Zero Gravity Chairs

It summer once again and I am so happy that me two neighbors agree to change and share the payment for materials and labor. I can't wait until it is finish so I can buy a new patio and other outdoor things like this zero gravity chair that I found on the internet yesterday.

These are outdoor chaise lounge. I love that fact is has a recline points and a stress-relieving design. This is a great chair for me since I have back-pain because outdoor chair is designed to relieve strain on the lower spine and back.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love This Kitchen

Another nice and clean kitchen that I love to clean. I am so happy to finish early today on this house and yet, I was able to do a lot of things with regards of detailing my work.

I took some pictures of me on this house and will be posting on my facebook for fun. hahahah!!! I will try not to say that it is not MINE!! heheheh

Personalized Mugs Online

We are going to have a summer picnic party. I am thinking of having some games for the kids to make it more fun both for adult and kids, as well as the teens. I need to buy few gift prizes for winners. It doesn't have to be expensive but I want it something nice and personalized.

I look around the internet and found this website where you can find lots of mugs to choose from. They provide wide variety personalized coffee cups from initial cups, to decorative coffee mugs, fun photo-printed mugs, to seasonal holiday mugs.

They have unique coffee mugs that are simple to make and make it your own. You will just simply use your hand to design your very own cup by uploading your desired photo to print on the mug, and they will create it for you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love This Kitchen

Love this kitchen so much. There are so much space to move and most of all, there is nothing much to clean.

This is the house that I clean on Wednesday, and tell me if there is really something hard to clean in this house. There is nothing on top of the counter which only shows how easy this house to clean. What basically I do in this house and most of the house that I clean, is just mainly maintenance.

Convertible Sofa Online

I am thinking of changing the futon bed extra room that we have on the second floor. I want to make this as presentable as possible. I am thinking of buying a convertible Sofa, so I look around the internet and found this for a convertible sofa.

I was surprise with their affordable price with the elegant style of Convertible Sofa that they are offering. I just love their Istikbal Vision Rainbow Brown Microfiber Convertible Sectional Sofa. I even thought of replacing the big Sofa that we have on the main floor and put this instead. This will make our living room big. It is very nice.

It's Wednesday House

I went home before I go to my Wednesday cleaning because I need to publish few posts on my blogs. I also want to make sure that my kitchen is neat and tidy.

Aside from that, I know that I will be doneearly with my Wednesday cleaning so I thought it would be better to go there late so I can leave at exact time.

Corner Electric Fireplace

All the houses that I clean makes me jealous because aside from their rich furnitures, every corner of their house is clean and tidy. That's I always clean my house as well. I may not have a rich and expensive house and furnitures like them, but my house is clean and tidy too. That is enough to make me happy.

I am not wishing to be as rich as them, but there are some things that I also want to have. It may not be as expensive as what my customer's have, but having a fireplace in my house will make me happy. I want a simple corner electric fireplace that I will put on our small family area near the kitchen. This will keep us warm while watching TV specially during winter.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stress Fly By Because I am Busy

Ahhhh, I need to do a couple of posts today and have to do some for tomorrow. I will be very tired tomorrow when I come home from my cleaning. I don't think my mind will have enough energy to do the posts, so I made the two posts now and I will just publish it tomorrow.

Then on Thursday, I will also have cleaning after night shift work, but that's okey because my Thursday house is not as big and longer time to clean as my Wednesday house. So I might come home about 30 minutes earlier on Thursday and make two posts before I go to bed.

My life is so busy but I like it. It makes my mind fly by and avoid those non sense things to come into my head. It can be stressful sometimes when you encounter some annoying things on your everyday life. But because I am so busy and my mind is too pre-occupied with my activities, everything that is annoying just fly away.

I will end this now and start cleaning the second floor of my house before I go to bed.

Cigar For Father's Day

It's father's day on the weekend and my kids are already thinking what and where are we going to spend Father's day for their father and grandfather. They are also thinking of what kind of gift they will buy for these two special man.

I was loking around the internet and found this cigar retailers website. I know my father was never a smoker and hubby have stopped her smoking for about 5 years now. But looking at the different kinds of cigar makes me want to buy some for some of my friends who smoke.

Their packaging is very nice and neat. Very presentable and interesting to buy as gift for someone special this Father's Day.

Annoyed But Different

Annoying night as usual. What else is new? Nothing is new on that place but annoyance. But that is okey. It is sickening sometimes but that's okey. Ahhhh, I can't wait to clean my favorite house tomorrow and try to finish it as early as I can but making sure that everything is neat and clean to make them happy. I might bring my long duster and I will dust her ceiling since I haven't done this to her house eversince.

It is always annoying on that place, and cleaning house makes a difference in my daily life. This part-time cleaning is a new challenge for me that's why I am always looking forward on going to each houses. I don't know how long this excitement will go on inside me, but for now, I want to enjoy it and the money as well.

Guitar Tuner Online

My daughter loves to play guitar and I am so happy to listen to her music when she is practicing. I might buy her a new guitar soon but right now, I need to find a guitar tuner guitar center to fix one of her acoustic guitar. The guitar tuner that we bought her is not working anymore.

There are so many kinds of guitars and guitar tuners, that's why it is important to do a research before buying one. This way, you can easily find the one that is suitable for you. It will save you time and money.

The internet has been a big help for me and to a lot of people in doing some research. Surprisingly, I learned that there are some website who offer interactive web app for tuning a guitar by ear. This can also help you to find the right kind of tuner that you need.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Money I Made

I need to go to bed early today because me and hubby have an important appointment this afternoon. I know I need to do a lot of things but what can I do? This appointment is important so I have no choice but try my best to do everythings tomorrow. Because Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings are busy days for me. I want money, money, money!!! hehehehhe!!

Oh I always forgot to post the money I made from my Wednesday part-time cleaning. This is my favorite of all my customers. I will always come in the house with the cash money on top of the dining table. They are paying me for 6 hours work but I am always done 1 to 1 1/2 hour early. Love it !!!

I will try to try my tripod so I can take a picture of my inside the house that I am cleaning.

Oh well, I am just waiting for one laundry load and then I will go to bed. I just want to make sure that all rags that I will need for my cleaning will be ready before Wednesday.

Buy Steel Shelvings Online

I am so jealous to all the houses that I am cleaning. Aside from their rich featured house, their house are very neat, clean and tidy. So I thought why not make my house as neat, tidy and clean like their house even if my house is not as expensive as theirs.

My house is always clean because I always make sure to spend at least one day in a week to clean my house. But I know I need to buy few things to keep some of the mess in my house looks neat and tidy.I need to buy steel shelving for the storage room. There are so many kids of steel shlevings that's why it is better to do some research before buying. I need to talk to my husband whether we need a adjustable compression clip type or a standard type; open or close type.

Good Reason To Stay

I had a good sleep when I came home from my bi-weekly Sunday cleaning. I actually woke up early for my night shift work and I was able to do few things at home before I went to work. Not bad to work and make extra income on the weekend.

I hate to go to that place but I have no choice. I have some good reasons to stay and these annoying peepz won't be the reason for my to turn my back on those more important reasons that I had with myself. Inggit lang kayooooo!!!

But Netbook Online

I can't wait until August because this is the month that I will receive some money to buy things for my kids. I am planning to buy one of my daughter a new laptop or netbook, so she don't have to share with my computer. I look around the internet and found this cheap netbooks website.

Netbooks is very light and yet the screen is wide enough to read and see graphics clearly.

The good thing about shopping with The Source is that, you can read some of their customer's review so you will have an idea which item will suits your need.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Money Weekend

I did another good money today. Their are nice to me and even bought me Mcdonald for my lunch. I will be back to their house after two weeks and I might bring my sister-in law with me so she will learn to make extra income by cleaning.

It is not a bad part-time job. I don't do anything on the morning weekend so it is the best time to grab some opportunities like this instead of me, spending too much time on Facebook where all I can see are annoying posts of some people who are looking for extra attention.

I will go to bed in a bit and prepare myself for another night on my full-time night shift job. Sometimes I'd rather clean houses that go to this place. Because when I am cleaning, my life is so quiet. Noone is bothering me!!!

Business Coach Online

I am happy with the extra money I am making. However, it is still always at the back of my mind to spend some time and money for my online business, and hopefully make it successful.

I was reading this brad sugars business coach website that share something about re-education for entrepreneurs to gain knowledge and use of proper tools in building a successful and profitable companies.

You will have your own business coach who will give advise and support on a one-to-one basis and make sure that you achieve your goals and vision for your company.

There are different kinds of features and services for everyone's business. So if you are interested it will be helpful to visit the website to give you all of the informations you need to start and make you successful.

Extra Money On The Weekend

Yesterday was a relaxing day for me. I spend few hours with my two angels and buy gift for their friend 15th Birthday at Square One Mall. I also bought few Natural Cleaning products that I will use for my house and for my cleaning customer for today.

Yes I also have one bi-weekly cleaning customer on Sunday morning and this is my first day to work with them today. It is not bad to take extra money during the weekend specially in the morning when everybody are sleeping and I am the only one awake in the house. So why not go out and make extra bucks.

I have my good day rest yesterday and I have cleaned my house. I am cleaning in the morning; go home; and get some sleep in preparation for my night shift full-time job. Isn't it nice?

Buy Silver Coins Online

I am enjoying the extra money I am making from all my pst-time job. I wish I can invest it for the future of my kids, like buy silver coins. But right now, my priority is to save money for my kid's University which will be about 3 years from now.

Here are some of the Gold and Silver Bullion products that I came accross the internet few minutes ago. They have large inventory for both the Bullion Investor and collectors. They provide all date and size of American Gold and Silver Eagles. They also offer Canadian Maple Leafs, Krugerrands and Silver Bars.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Enjoying The Money

UUUUUHHHHH I have 12 new assignments from my newest sponsor. Wow Thank you, Thank you soooo much for this opportunities. I know that my life is freakingly busy but I will make sure to submit all of these before the deadline. It will be a challenge due to my cleaning part-time work, but there is always some ways to do things.

Anyway, I am enjoying the cash money I am making in my cleaning. All I hear from all my customera are praises about my work. I am doing a very good job and able to do everything so fast. I am always done earlier than I expect. Money, money, money!!! Love it!!!

Treatment For GERD

I am always having upset stomach. I hope there is nothing serious about. I try not to eat before going to bed so I wont have acidic pain in my stomach.

I was looking around the internet to find some simple solution to upset stomach and found this dexilant reviews website. I read all the review and find it very ineteresting and educational.

Dexlansoprazole is an enantiomer of lansoprazole. It is use as for treatment and maintenance of oesophagitis and non-erosive gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

Well I hope my case is not this serious but it is always good to be aware.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jealous Of Extra Money

Today I am going to my favorite house to clean. I will try my best to take a picture of the money I will receive and post it on this blog. I know some are skeptical to believe how much a professional cleaning person is being paid and this is CASH. It is not that BIG but decent enough to have dignity of labour. Aside from that, I am always happy seeing my work done and making my customer happy about it.

Why do I have to clean houses while I already have full-time job? Oh well, it is actually none of your business. People who are asking these kind of questions are just OBVIOUSLY JEALOUS. It is not actually not jealousy about the cleaning itself. YEAHHHHH Who will want to clean other house? But what I am saying is, these people are obviously jealous that I am making extra money. That I have more money that them!!! CRAZY RIGHT? That I can do it and THEY CANT!!!!

So if you are not JEALOUS, then you don't ask WHY simply because this is my life. I am not bothering anyone's life for cleaning houses for extra income. Just get over it!!!

Online Shopping For Elo Touch

The technology grows so fast. My friend told me that there is a already a touch screen tv which makes everything easier and faster in finding movies to watch. I was searching around the internet and found this elo touch website. I find it very ineteresting.

Elo Touch will meet specific needs of resistive, capacitive, accutouch, or acoustic resistance. These elo monitors are specially designed for applications like industrial, medical, POS, kiosks, retail, hospitality, and more. Elo monitors comes with LCD and CRT.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Money For My Busy Life

Yepeyyyy!! I have two new assignments from my newest sponsor. I am happy to do some works from them because their system is very easy and faster for me to do specially now that I am so busy with my other part-time job. I will try to submit the first one tomorrow morning.

Oh well anyway, I had my cystoscospy at William Osler Hospital this morning with my hubby with me. I thought I will be given an anesthesia so I tool a leave of absent at work for tonight, but no anesthesia. It was very uncomfortable but it is about 1 to 2 minutes procedure. It didn't take me long.

After that, me and hubby went to Walmart to take a look on something but didn't buy any. Then we went to X-cargo to buy this refurbish digital telephone to connnect to my nettalk line. It has two digital wifi phone extension which is very good since I will only have one USB to hook the main phone to my nettalk. I have my Bell Home Phone line account cancelled today but the line will be up until July 4.

Then I did a quick cleaning on the second and main floor of my house to make sure that my household work load will not file up on me since I will be very very busy. I will be cleaning houses for 3 days straight coming from my night shift work.. wooooo!!! BUT MONEY MONEY MONEY!! Then on Sunday, I will start a new cleaning customer and it will be a bi-weekly deal. GREAT!!!!

Then pick up the kids to school and eat at Wendy's Restaurant. Great Day!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Traditinonal To Natural

Oh my Lordie, my Wednesday customer went back and she wants me to work until mid of July, and if I continue to do a good job I might stay with them for as long as I can. So I will be working 3 stright morning every week. And then I have a new bi-weekly Sunday part-time work. Gzzzz, can I really do this? I don't have time for anything anymore!!! But thinking how much money I wil make, I just cant say "NO" to anyone of them.

Anyway, I am happy with the extra money I make and I am so happy with my decision in switching all my cleaning products to Natural. These are all the natural cleaning products that I will use for my home and for some of my customers. This is avoid my exposure to all the traditional harsh cleaning products. I will use these to all my customers who haven't switch their cleaning products to natural.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy Making Money

Today is a busy day for me but I am happy because I was able to finish my work in a shorter time than what I expected. I like my customer to be happy with my work. Then I went home and spend time with my kids.

Yesterday was the first day of cleaning my other Thursday customer. I am so suprised too, to be able to finish in a shorter time than I expected. I am happy because I know that when I finish early, I can do more detailed work next time and make my customer happy and satisfied with my work.

I didn't work last night so I have more energy and good mind set. All my thought is about making money. I love making money!!!