Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sad For Greediness

I feel so tired today for some reason. Maybe because I woke up early last night and didn't drink my Espresso coffee. Or maybe because I am sad.. I am sad because my Wednesday cleaning has finally come to an end.... heheheh!!! Their long time cleaner already came back ... tooo bad, and now my a job hunt is on for one cleaning a week.

What I am making without my Wednesday customer is actually fine, however, I want to make my savings for my plans next year to be faster.

Oh well, I will not worry about that. God will give me the right people if he wants to. I am just being greedy with money that's why I am SAD that my regular extra income will be less. But the truth is, everything is just doing great.

Today I am going to my podiatrist for my aching heels. I need a podiatrist to take a look on my feet and see what is going on with all this pain I am having. I hope I just need to change my orthotics.

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Printer and New Customer

I bought this printer last Saturday because our old one just suddenly stop working. I was sooo pissed so I bought a new one. The price is not bad and it is a lot faster than my old one.

I also have a new cleaning customer which I will be working on every Saturday. Their house is not as big as the houses that I am cleaning and not much furniture, so it only took me less than 3 hours to finish cleaning the house which is very good for first day of cleaning. I am not doing anything on the mornings of Saturday and Sunday so it is good to do something worthwhile than lying in from of the TV. Money, Money Money!!!
I use Greenworks to my Saturday and Sunday cleaning and my Friday cleaning buy the same cleaning products and I am so happy about it, because I don't have to be expose to too much harsh chemicals since Greenworks are plant based made cleaning products.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Working Hard For Plans

No special plan for this weekend but simply chilling out with my kids. I will visit one house nearby and see if I can squeeze in his house on my Saturday morning. If we agree for the pricing and see if I can spend cleaning his house for less than 3 hours, then I might take it. 3 hours house cleaning is not bad since I am not really doing anything on Saturday and Sunday morning. waaaahahahhaha money, money money!!!!!!

Some people, just plan but not doing anything for this plan. I plan and do something about it that's why I work double time. I want to have a vacation in the Philipines next year and have my kitchen renovated at the same time. I will work my butt out to have this things in place by next year.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Graduate Record Examination Practice Online

I love teaching and I guess this is one of my frustrations. But the saying goes, "Life can never be perfect because you cannot have everything". There will always be something missing. All we can do is always count the blessings and not those that we don't have.

But it is never too late for anything. So I always look around the internet and find something that can be a way to my dream. I found this gre practice online website and I was amazed how the new technology can really make one life easier specially for students who are seeking for some help.

GRE or Graduate Record Examinations is a standardized test required for many graduate schools in the United States, that aims to measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills.

Friday Dreaming

Busy Friday for me as usual. I went to my Friday cleaning as usual and finish my job with a smile. I am still waiting for the payment online and I hope to have it soon.

Then me and my kids as well as my father went to FedEx to send some documents to the Philippines. Then we went to BR to eat our favorite ice cream

Just having some thoughts about my future plan and I really hope that it will come true. I want to go to the Philippines twice next year and break the ears of some people!!! lols... Happy weekend to everyone, as well as to all my haters!!!

Event Planner Online

My twins daughters are requesting to have a grand debutant birthday celebration. This is will be 4 years from now and I hope this is enough time for me to save money both for their university and debu celebration because is going to be expensive.

I am actually excited for them and I never expect that they will dream of this cultural kind of birthday celebration for their 18th birthday. I need a professional event planner so I look around the internet and found this corporate event planner. This is quite different from what we need but the professional set up that they have on their website is quite similar to want we need, 4 years from now.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Feel Good After Cleaning

Ahhhh I am done cleaning the second level of my house where my two kids rooms are, including one small room for my father and one big extra room for watching TV, plus our main bathroom. It's been two weeks since I did my cleaning on this floor because of too many appointments. I feel bad not cleaning any part of my house at least once a week. But now, I feel great being able to do it.

Anyway, I have few things to do on my list but wasn't able to do, like mailing the insurance claim form. But I will make sure to mail it tomorrow after my Friday cleaning job.

I am beat after cleaning, but I feel good knowing that my house is clean for my family. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Adipex Diet Pills Online

I already gained a lot of weight since I lost 20lbs. I can still wear some of my clothes but some are tight which doesn't look good. I don't know how and when can I start doing my vegetable diet again with all the physical demand both of my full-time and part-time job. But like what other keep saying, "if there is a will, there is a way". I just need to find the right timing or perhaps, an effective and safe diet pills might be good.

I shop around the internet and found this Adipex diet pills. It suppress your appetite to control your calories intake and lose weight. It will also help to increase your metabolism. You can buy Adipex at http://www.shoppharmacycounter.com/t-Adipex-Medicine.aspx without prescription.

Doing Somethings Worthwhile

One more night at work yepeyyy!!!!... I will have Friday cleaning and have to remind her that I am not cleaning for her the following Friday because I have ultrasound at Mt. Sinai. I can't change the date or time because it has been schedule since last year. SIGH!!!!!!

I hate cancelling any of my cleaning. Not only that I am losing extra money, but I don't want to waste my time doing nothing. I want to keep myself busy but not to the point that I am abusing myself. I just like the fact that, I can make extra income.... Also, I am trying to save money for my plan to have another vacation in the Philippines next year.

Buy Candy Online

My niece is going to have her 9th birthday 3 weeks from now and I am thinking of what gift I should buy for her. Then I saw this candy online and the website is very interesting to look at.

They offer wide selection of bulk candy, candy boxes and colored candy.This can be a good way to have a creative party candy or an event candy. They also have candy such as Pop Rocks, Longboys, Chick-O-Sticks, Candy Buttons and many more wherein all are available on virtual candy shelves.

Buy Candy Online from this webstore whether if you are looking for bulk candy, novelty candy or party candy.

Thursday Mixed Emotion

Mixed emotion for not having any cleaning job today from any of my two bi-weekly Thursday cleaning customer. One having a kitchen renovation and the other one is on Europe vacation.

Sad- because I am suppose to have extra money but I dont. Also, I likex doing something worthwhile on these days.

Glad- because I have extra time to do few things and have less work on the weekend.

But to sum it all, I am very thankful to God for everything.

Sirloin Steak For BBQ

This is the best time for BBQ that's why me and my family are always taking the opportunity to have have fun BBQ-ing on our backyard during this season. However, hubby always wanted to cook Chicken. This long weekend, I am planning to marinade sirloin steak for BBQ.

I just saw this Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon on the internet today. They use the finest grain-fed beef and was vacuum wrapped and flash frozen to lock in freshness.

This gave me the idea to make sirloin steak BBQ this coming long weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Money While On VL

Today I will clean my house and do some laundry. Then drop kids to school and go straight to my Wednesday cleaning and make money while on vacation leave. Isn't that great?....

I need to do few things like the insurance claim form that I have been wanting to do but I am always been lazy to do so. Ahhh I will do it now!!!!!

Captured Timeless Moments

My beautiful kids are growing up so fast. They are asking me for a grand Debutant Celebration which will take place 4 years from now. So I am starting to work as hard as I can now and save money for their University and their grand debutant party.

We will definitely need a professional photograper, so I look around the internet and saw this raleigh photographers website. They have nice collection of captured timeless moments of their customers. Their works has appeared in different publications like Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, New York Times, New York Post, LA Times, USA Today, and many more.

Hunchback Mind

It is so quiet inside my house. I am so happy not being sorrounded with annoyance. I was thinking about how this woman act and think specially to other women. She never change. I guess she will always be envious and jealous for the rest of her life. I am not wondering whey her back starting to curve like a grandma this early. All her negativitiis goes to her back.

It's okey to be jealous. It's okey to be envious... But hating other people to the point that she will ruin the person is OFF!!!! I can't fight with someone fighting over me behind my back...

I really hope and pray that God will see all these and do something about it. If it is me who needs to learn something and by all means, I am praying to God to let me open my eyes to see it and learn from my mistakes; apologized if I have to.

But as far as I am concern, I never did anything to her BUT be myself!!!

Benefits of Donating a House

I was reading this website and got curious about donating a house. I wondered who will donate a house, but then I realized how worthy it can be.

Everyone can donate a house either for both individuals and corporations. The equity from your real estate can serve as a working capital for charity.

You can visit this website to provide you with the knowledge and expertise necessary for a real estate donation, and give you the informations on how it will benefit both the donor and the non profit organization.

Unhappy Decision

Hubby wasn't happy when I told him I switch my celphone plan to unlimited calling. He said that a lot of cellular companies are now offering much lower price for unlimited calling with the same features that I have at Koodos. So we might switch next month since it has to be one month to switch.

I guess he is right, we should take all the advantage on these cellular componies competitions. We should find ways to save money and still enjoy the new technology.

Tourmaster Sports Pants

I just saw my friends picture in a magazine today as a biker. He is throwing a party next week and I am thinking of what gift I should buy for him. So I look around the internet and saw this Tourmaster pants website.

These sports pants are available in textile and leather styles for riding needs. It provide weather protection for longer rides that will always keep you protected. It is also waterproof to keep rain out and keep you dry.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yey I am Off

Yepeeey!!! I am off tonight at work, but this doesn't mean I will take all the time resting because I have tons of things to do. First I need to clean my house specially the washroom on the second floor and the washroom on the basement coz I wasn't able to clean it last week. It is a must to clean my house every week. It is a shame if not, because I am a professional cleaner. hahahahahah!!!

So me and my father just came home from the Philippines embassy and I already did few works with regards to my celphone and home phone service.

I need to fill up few insurance claim and mail it.

I will pick up the kids in about 45 minutes and probably treat them for an ice cream at BR. I am craving for another brownie Sundae again... gzzzzz!!!

Property On Kill Devil

I have so many plans for my family and one of which is moving to another house when my kids go to University. I need to buy a house near the University where at least one of them will go, and then just drive for the other daughter.

So as I was looking around the internet for a good real estate agent, I saw this kill devil hills real estate website. It is the largest municipality in Dare County with a population of around 7000 people wherein the property selling is on average of about $185 per square foot.

No Worries With Unlimited Calling

I finally change my Koodos Celphone plan to unlimited Canada calling. Now I don't have to worry when I need to make a long conversation using my celphone, like yesterday when I call Rogers because I cannot use my Nettalk when calling some 1800 or 1888 numbers. I might call Bell on Thursday using my celphone to inquire about their internet and cable TV to replace my account with Rogers.

Now, I can keep my nettalk as our home phone number and use my celphone when calling within Canada or any 1800 or 1888 number without worrying if my nettalk will eat any GB on my internet usage. And when I need to call in USA, I can always use my Nettalk since it is free to call anywhere within USA and Canada.

Buy TV Stand with Mount Online

I am planning to buy a new TV for our Basement entertainment space. I am thinking of whether I should buy a Wide Screen TV or a projector. But when I saw this website for tv stands with mount, I just thought it would be nicer to have a wide screen TV instead of using a projector.

Having this kind of TV stand with mount will make my basement looks clean and organized. Flat Screen or wide screen TV will be secure and will give more shelf for electronic components, photographs, and other decorations.

Trying Save Few Bucks

It's been more than 30 minutes that I am waiting for the Nettalk customer support. This is so frustrating!!!!... I just need to know if there is any chance the problem in calling some 1800 and 1888 numbers can be resolve so that I can just maintain the phone number that I have with them. Otherwise, I might call Koodos to know if they offer unlimited calling and the monthly cost for it.

Gzzzzzz, I am trying to save few bucks from all these telephone, internet and wireless company. A big portion of our income goes to this...

Annuity Payout Online Quotes

I feel so lucky for working with a good company. I actually don't mind the labor job that I have right now, as well as working on night shift but it was the disrespectful atmosphere that sorround it, is what disappoint me the most.

I am happy with the money I make with the my full-time job and happier for having the opportunity to make extra money online and through cleaning residential houses. God is good to me that I don't need special financial aide to support my family for emergency need. But if you do, you can visit structured settlement quote online and learn more about what they offer in term of Annuity Payout.

Frustrating Charges by Rogers

I wasn't able to do any of my assignments yesterday because I was caught up with calling Rogers for some frustrating charges on my bill. I was soo pissed to see that we were charge by the service call that we made just because the new modem wasn't working properly. I am thinking of switching to Bell.

I am just waiting for the nettalk technical support about not being able to call some 1800 to 1888 numbers using my nettalk line. Then, after that I will call Bell for inquiry.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Online

I am happy with my hardwood floor but not quite satisfied with the laminated floor on my main floor and the basement. I can't hardly clean the laminated floor thinking that it might not last long. Carpet is good specially when you have children but since I have a dog, it might not be healthy for us.

If you have carpet floor it needs a regular professional cleaners like carpet cleaning holly springs nc. They have wide experience and knowledge in proper cleaning of different types of carpet that will surely deliver the most powerful results.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thank You For The Blessings

I am so happy to see the set of new assignments that was given to me by my newest sponsor. Thank you soooooo much!!! My heart is over flowing with all these blessing pouring upon me.

All the topics are very interesting to posts on my blog and I am always hoping that I will always receive these kinds of opportunities not only from my newest sponsor, but from all my sponsors.

Anyway, me and my two daughters went to Baskin and Robi, at Woodbine Mall before I went to bed. I woke up and then, we drive thur at Tim Horton to buy donuts. Now I am ready to do my household chores as usual, starting by doing the laundry while cleaning my kitchen. I will go back to bed and hopefully do my Sunday workout before I go to my Sunday Bi-weekly cleaning. Thank you Lord for all the Blessings.

Seaweed For Flaking and Scaling Skin

I always care about my skin by making sure that it is always clean and moisturized proeperly specially during the winter, because I have a very sensitive skin. I have oily skin on my face and dry skin on my body which is very hard when season changes.

During summer my facial skin get very oily while my body skin is normal. So I focus on facial skin care for oil control while making sure that my body is properly moisturized without over doing it. And during Winter season, my facial skin in normal while my body get very dry and itchy. If not treated properly can lead to psoriais or eczema

I look around the internet and found this scaling of the skin website. Their products are focus on fighting dry, flaking and scaling skin by using seaweed with high-quality, all natural ingredients to help manage irritated skin.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Busy Week

Gzz Im beat...Busy week!!! I will have a massage therapy at 10am. I hope my two angels are already awake after my massage because I want to eat brownie sundae at Baskin and Robin.

Ahhhhh I am trying not to be stress with my Insurance Claim at Manulife. I will reserve my anger until next week. I dont want to ruin my weekend.

Anyway, I am waiting for the payment for my Friday cleaning. I hope to have it soon. She was busy yesterday and I was too. So I didn't bother her sending me the payment online yesterday.

I will sleep after ice cream fun then prepare some more energy to clean my house and cleaning my Bi-weekly Sunday cleaning. Busy, Busy, Busy..... BUT... Money, Money, Money... Smiling always....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

He is An Evil

Ohhh my Lordie, I just can't figure out why people have so much anger for each other?... This are all created by one person and I really hope one of these days God will do something about it. It is so vomiting to hear, look and sense people's hatred. This is so much EVILNESS...

When you are persuaded by the hatred talk of an evil, it only means that you already have some jealousy and enviousness for that someone that was just triggered by the devil. Only those who are strong enough who can hold on to the faith and resist these devilness. It will be hard, and I can only cross my fingers that SOON God will do something about it.

You can easily tell, just by listening how much hatred this person have in his heart. He see sooo much ugliness into everyone. Talk bad things about everyone. And if you are weak, you can easily persuaded and start hating the person he is talking about. Or perhaps, if you already have some hate feelings on the person, he will simply make it deeper until you see yourself with so much hatred in your heart.

Life is so beautiful and GOD is so good so why HATE?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Can't Wait

Ahhhh I can't wait!! I can't wait for this beauty enhancement product to arrive in my hand and use it on my face. Haahahahahah!!!!. Haters will hate me more when they read this but who cares?....

This helps to look years younger by relaxing the skin with electronic pulses. The Electrical discharge turns Oxygen that will imitates hundreds of fingers patting the skin's surface at 100,000 cycles per second. This helps to stimulate tired, aging skin and the best way to firm the skin without the pulling or over massaging that slackens and weakens your skin.

What will I do to all the money I am making? I definitely have to use some of it for pampering myself. This is where my love for myself is coming from. Hate me or NOT, I don't care... hahahahhaha!!!!

Now again, I will ask you.... Am I bothering someone's life?... Of course I don't.. Hating me will not do anything good to you because I will never stop being me!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Look Vain?

I made this pictures all together in one to post it on this blog where I know most of my haters visit to snoop around my life. I am trying not to think that she is not wasting her time visiting my blog, but by the way she look and act, just shows how paranoid she is when it come to me. Oh well, I can't do anything about anyone's paranoia.

I wanted to post this on my FB to hit few people's face and trigger anger of hate but I can never tell who will be hit by it because I can never tell who among the poeple on my list are INSECURE enough to hate someone's confidence. So I'd rather post it here on my blog.

I look VAIN!!! ohhhhh I mean I AM VAIN.. But the question is, am I bothering someone's life?.... I love who I am and I am happy with who I am, that's why it shows in my eyes. I guess some people cannot take that and they want to pull down my confidence. Well, I will never change myself for someone specially that I know that I am not doing anything wrong but simply being happy and loving myself.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Weekend Thoughts

I declined all the tasks offered to me by my other sponsor because I find their system too much work. I might accept work from them some other time. For the meantime, I wil just focus on accepting blog opportunities from my newest sponsor. Aside from their easy system, their contents are more interesting.

Anyway, yesterday I had my one hour Massage Therapy and then, me and my kids went to Walmart to buy one daughter a bathing suit for her friends swimming party today. Then we ate Ice Cream at Baskin and Robin. LOVE IT!!!

I also went to FutureShop to buy HDMI to connect my laptop to my LCD TV but it's a failure. I might go back to FutureShop to return the gadget. Oh well,...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wall Safe Online

I am so happy financially, since I started cleaning house because I don't have to withdraw cash for our family allowance. But I always have cash money around the house and always on my bag, that's why I need a place to keep my money safe inside my house.

I look around the internet and saw this wall safe website. I know that most people who have wall safe are those people who have tons of cash money. I really think that wall safe because we have some valuable things where we can keep it safe.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

True Or Not

No cleaning today SIGH!!!! Believe me, I am sad when I dont have cleaning on days that I am suppose to be cleaning someone's house, not just because of MONEY alone but it is about doing something worthwhile.

Oh well, I will go to bed early today but I will go out in few hours to mail something. I wanted to sign-up for paperless Pay-stubs on epost but I am too lazy.

Just have some crazy thoughts about funny things that is going on in my everyday life. GOD is so good that he knows exactly how to slap people's faces. I didn't mean to, but that is just how it goes.... It just happen

Ugly or not, true or not, joke or not - but the fact that there are few people who are exerting their effort to extend their admiration is quite flattering. It is indeed always TRUE that "BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER".

These are the only people that they can see, how much more if they can see the rest????.... Do I have to let them see?..... What for?.... I have nothing to prove because GOD is already doing it for me.

I am not bragging. Infact, I am once strucked by these UGLY attitude from people who have so much UGLINESS in their heart. But guess what, You don't have to look like a celebrity with perfect physical appearance to be BEAUTIFUL. It just comes from the inside.

I will not exert my effort hating on someone's smile and happiness like them who have so much insecurities in their heart.....and you know who you are!!! All I can say is be happy and thankful for whatever you have. Don't count others blessings because you might not realize that you have more to be thankful for... Every little thing that put hate in your heart is just a waste of energy... Be happy!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Few Good Friends

I guess it was just my laziness that stopped me from updating my blog last weekend. oh well, I just need to relax and let go of the usual things I do everyday. Anyway, I went at Scarborough yesterday with my two angels for my Friend's Birthday. The food was good at Imperial Buffet as always. And it is really good to be with the people that I really consider as real friends. Only few I got but True.

I also bought two macbook air last Saturday for my girls. I just love seeing them so happy. All worth the money to see their smile!!! Life is good!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sad For Cancellation

I was suppose to have cleaning today because my customer have kitchen renovation. My Friday cleaning also was canceled for tomorrow because my customer is going to Minnesota for her daughter's basketball tournament. My Sunday cleaning call yesterday to cancel my cleaning on Sunday as well due to 3 bathroom renovation.

Funny but for some reason, that they all don't know each other and they all have to call to cancel for this week. Hubby said it is a good opportunity for me to take some rest. I also see it that way and perhaps, do things that I need to do like I have 3 claim forms to submit to our insurance. But gzzzzzz, I am sad first because I won't have that extra money that I am used to having every week and also, I am used to working alone inside a house during these days, wherein the time goes by and keeps my mind busy. Oh well, only for this week.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Simple But Fun

After shopping in Military Road Shopping Outlet Mall, we went to Our Lady Of Fatima Church, as per requested by my daughter since it was still early to go home.

It was a very nice, simple but fun trip with my family. We are planning to drive to New Jersey next time.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sudden Short Trip

Today we are going to Niagara Falls Buffalo to shop for my kids. We actually don't have any plan to go out this long weekend but me and the kids just thought, it is about time to have a one day short trip to have a little fun and for a change. I hope we will have real good time.

I just stayed at home yesterday to clean the house and do the laundry to make sure that chores won't file up for me when we get home from our short trip. I just had two more load of laundry to hang outside before we go, so I can fold it when we get home tonight or perhaps I can do it tomorrow morning.

I will make sure to get a lot of rest on Monday morning so I will have enough energy for another straight 3 days/morning cleaning. Good thing my Friday cleaning cancel my cleaning this coming Friday. I will have time to do things for myself.