Friday, August 31, 2012

A Horn For Them

It's okey NIGHT for me except for the negativity around the corner. But I am glad God is always there with me to overcome the evilness in me, and be able to have a happy moments.

Anyway, it's a long weekend and we have few plans to do over the weekend. Me and the kids went to Walmart to buy 4 folding chairs to use for our plan to watch a movie in a Drivein Theater again tomorrow.

Few things I learn this week.... Find the right time to put out your horn for your enemies. Just to let them know, you have a big horn in your head ready to sway towards anyone who deserve it.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Health

I am off tonight from work because I cleaned in the morning and then went straight to my doctor in downtown Toronto. I came home at maybe around 6pm...I can't go to work without having enough sleep so I filed a one day vacation leave. Glad it was approved.

I am so happy because it is my 4th year free from the desease they took off my belly about 4 years ago. I will have another test after 2 years to make sure that I am totally free from it. Thank you Lord for all the blessings!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

We Have Different Opinion

So funny to hear someone tell me things that differentiate people's views and opinion. OPINION is just an opinion. Everyone have different opinion so, it shouldn't be given unless being ask. That is just a simply ETIQUETTE, if your mother or father have taught you to have one.

If you see or find a person UGLY in your eyes, that doesn't mean she or he is ugly in the eyes of other people. Beside, you should take a look at yourself first in the mirror before seeing someone as UGLY. There are some imperfections that cannot be cured by science. Or perhaps, you are just simply BITTER and a HATER!!

Easy day after work. I just came home from the doctor's clinic for my Kimberly's blood clotting issue. She will have another blood test on Friday afternoon.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Drivein in Oakville

Yesterday, I was busy and lazy at the same time so I wasn't able to update my blog. But it was really a fun day at home during the day as we give our dog a bath on our backyard. Then we left home at around 8:30pm to watch a movie "Bourne Legacy in a Drivein Theater in Oakvile. It was my first time to watch a movie inside the car and it was fun for me. I can only see this in a movie and I am so happy to be able to experience it.

Anyway, my Sunday cleaning cancelled my appointment today because they will go to the beach. He asked me if I wanted to come Saturday afternoon instead, but I said 'NO' because I feel like taking a day off from any work yesterday. I will be cleaning for them next Sunday instead.

I am happy and very thankful to God for all the blessings that he is continously giving me. I really hope that he will not get tired and will continue to shower me with his love. I have no room for any kind of envy or jealousy for anyone.

It is just annoying to see or feel if someone is trying to show off their life to me. It just makes me feel how competitive I am in whatever I do or say. Whatever I try to be out of any kind of competition, someone or something will try to put me in... hahahah!!!... What can I say? heheheh

I posted this dark picture on my FB and I will try to post all my weekend activities on my FB now. It doesn't matter if I am on it or not, but it will be nice to let my haters know my weekly or daily activities. ... This I will just try!!!... For now, I have fun at this drivein theater in Oakville

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sick Leave Means Sick!!!

If I didn't go to work and have it as SICK LEAVE, that means I am SICK. However, some people will never take it simply because they do it themselves.... The thing is, whether I am sick or not, if it is a SICK LEAVE, take it as I am SICK otherwise you will just feel some hatred specially if you are a HATER or a chronic jealous and envious person.

Psalm 37:1
Fret not yourself because of evildoers; be not envious of wrongdoers!

Anyway, I had a good day at my Friday cleaning. Everything run smoothly!! Then I ate ice cream at Baskin n robins with my two angels. Life is good!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let's Play The Game

Tell me who are the people I am insulting behind their back? .. These are the people who are insulting me behind my back or even face to face... But then again as I've said "In order for you insult me, I would first have to value your opinion"...

We all have our own imperfections simply because 'NOBODY IS PERFECT'... I was just wondering why some people just can't help but to find and see other people imperfections?....

I know it is not right to do something wrong, BACK to anyone, but that is how life goes on that place... It is sooooo sickening!!!!... Fight back by doing what they are doing... Doing nothing just makes things worst!!! So I am in the game now!!! Bring it ON!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Busy Day Yesterday

Ahhh I was busy yesterday doing things for my family. I did some laundry, then bring my daughter to x-ray for her mild scoliosis annual check up. I hope everything will be well for her in God's name.

Anyway, today I am cleaning for my other biweekly Saturday instead of cleaning for her next Saturday. I hope to finish early so I can go to bed early. I am just doing a quick update on my blog and I am set to go to her house.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday Busy At Home

I wasn't able to update this blog yesterday because I was busy doing a lot of things at home, making sure that everything is neat and clean before I go back to work.

Anyway, me and hubby attended the Prayer meeting last Saturday night at our friends house about few blocks away from our house. I was so sleepy during the meeting. But I was glad and happy to be with these people after quite a long time since I last saw them.

Then yesterday, hubby cooked BBQ chicken and porch chop and I went to Walmart for a few minutes just to buy a napkin holder for our kitchen. The one that we have was broken.... And then I saw this Facial Brush Cleaner. I have been looking for this for quite sometime now because the one that I have was broken since I didn't take good care of it. There are so many facial brushes like this on and off the internet, but they are all quite expensive. I am glad to have this for only $8.00 at Walmart.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Canada East Tour Thoughts

I am looking at my schedule and I am planning to have another vacation trip but this time I might be with hubby only.

I am planing to take this Canada East Tour in Taipan Tour. My kids went there already so they didn't want to come. I really want to see all these Tourist places in Montreal and Quebec. The price is not that bad and it's only a 3 days tour which is not bad for my schedule.

There are so many choices and I am thinking which package tour I will take. Oh well, I still have one month to go.

Today I have no cleaning so I will be concentrating on my house. We will do grocery and might go to a prayer meeting to a friend's house tonight.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Top Smartphones

I am so ready to change my celphone. I just need to wait few more weeks to complete the Bill cycle. I don't need an expensive celphone but I need a good one with a good plan. I want a smartphone so I look around the internet and found this website that provide the top smartphones.

There are so many choices to choose from and I can't wait to go to the store and find the right one for me. I need to find a good mobile company that will offer me a good rate for unlimied call and text. I can't wait.

Waiting For The Right Time

Everything is happening the way I wanted it to be. God is so good to me. I am happy despite a part of my life is not. For now, all I can do is wait for the right time and I know God will be there for me all the way.

I am just so unhappy with my full-time job. I know God have other plan for me and I am really stock in the middle. I really hope God will make things clear so I can see the right path. This place is not for me.

Hydraulic Hose Online

The house that I am cleaning on Friday have so many leak on her basement laundry area. That house is so nice and well design but it is too old and needs some major fix on plumbing.

I look around the internet and found this Delafield hydraulic hose They provide different systems or components with regards to design, routing, termination or manufacturing of piping, tubing or hoses. They are experts in working with all types of fluids (liquids and gases) to improve, assist or design.

You Are So Pathetic

I know some of my haters have been visiting my blogs to find out what is happening to me. I'd rather not share on this blog why I was absent for a couple of days at work because for pathetic people.

Whoever you are trying to find out why I was absent, all I can say is you are so pathetic. Get a life!!!

The Right Accounting Firm

I am not unhappy with my full-time job anymore and I am just waiting for the right time to quit and then start focusing on my business. For now, I will stay in this company and continue working on my part-time cleaning until I finish paying our car.

When I start focusing my business, I might need an assitance in my personal and small business tax. So I look around the internet and found this cpa firm raleigh nc. They provide financial and tax help.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

They Hate Happy People

There are so many unethical people particularly, Filipinos turning to be HATERS. You can easily recognized it specially if you know where they really came from. Those who are so arrogant and ambitious but turned out to be no one. So they simply HATE happy people.

Oh well, yesterday I was busy doing a lot of things at home. And today, I will clean our master bathroom upstairs. I wasn't able to clean it last week due to my laziness so I need to clean it today to make sure that no soap scum or molds and mildew build up. Clean House is Happy Home and of course, Happy Life.

Dunlop Tires Online

It getting cold at night and early in the morning, this only means that the Summer is almost done. Fall season is on it's way, and then the pain of winter snow. I need to change my Car tire so I look around the internet and saw this dunlop motorcycle tires website.

The advantage of ordering online, specially if the items are quite heavy, is that it will be deliver to you.

Depending on your location the motorcycle tires and other accessories will normally arrive within 2-3 business days after placing the order. They update their prices every day for the best deals.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Worry

Oh so I was like hold up with the money that I am suppose to have. I am a little bit worry about whether she will give it back to me or not, but I guess I should just leave everything to God..... KARMA is continously working for everyone and I really hope that she will realize that after all that is happening to her life.

Anyway, the first prospective cleaning customer that I went to yesterday turned out good. I like them and I think they like me too. But the last inquiry that I went to yesterday, didn't turned out good since they only want someone to clean their house up to the second week of September because of the wedding. Then after that, they are not sure if they will need a cleaner at all.

I had another inquiry and I will start cleaning for her on Wednesday. I just hope everything will turn out well for both of us.

Buy Trophies Online

My Friday cleaning customer will have a party next month. She is planing to have some games for the party and she is thinking of some prizes for the winner. I look around the internet and found this fantasy football trophies at They are not only offering trophies for football games but for different events and occasions that needs trophies or awards.

Their Trophies are all custom made and are usually shipped out by the next business day. They also offer plaque, medals and many more.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Topstyler Hair and Two Inquiries

Yesterday I had a dinner with my two bestfriends, Precy and Ricky. I tried using the Topstyler for the second time and this is how it turned out... LOVELY!!!!... So I had to meet my two friends with this hairstyle. I know it's a little bit OVER, but I dont think they will hate me for this.

Yesterday I have two cleaning inquiries and I really hope that both or even at least one of them will turn out to be my regular customer. I will go to the first one before I go to my Sunday bi-weekly cleaning, and go to the other house after the cleaning. Just to see the house and talk about days they prefer their house to be clean.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Topstyler Finally and my Busy Days

The Topstyler Electric Hair Curler finally arrived and I am so happy. I tried a couple of my hair strands yesterday and it seems working fine. I just need to spend time to try it on all my hair and see how it works.

Anyway, yesterday I clean the house of one of my bi-weekly Thursday house and she gave me an extra money since I haven't been to her house for more than one month already, and she want a thorough clean because they will be on vacation for two weeks.

And today, I just cleaned my weekly Friday house and she seems so happy that I am back from my absense last Friday. I was tired but I am okey.

I am waiting for my weekly Saturday cleaning message if I will clean their house tomorrow because she told me that they might go somewhere tomorrow.

Ahhhh my off from my freaking full-time work is almost over.. grrrrr!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Misfortune With Karma

Just got an email from a friend regarding money because of some misfortune at her end. Now she is begging to borrow the money I am suppose to get. Ok it is really fine with me eventhough I also need the money. But the way she think, act, say and laugh at me behind my back just doesn't seem right.... I always know that GOD is not sleeping and he always know what we deserve in this life.

Anyway, I did my new house cleaning yesterday which I am happy because the house is only about 15 minutes away from me. However, she only want me to clean for her every 3 weeks which is not what I am looking for. So my hunt is still open for one new house but I will still clean for her every three weeks.

After my cleaning, we were suppose to go to Spadina to spend some fun time hanging around the area. But I was too lazy and tired so I just decided to watch movie at home with my kids. It was FUN!!! Aside from that, it save me more money just having fun time with my kids at home.

Today, I will clean one of my bi-weekly Thursday customer. Her kitchen renovation is finally done. Then me and one of my kids will have a massage theraphy.

We need to stop judging other people and focus on improving our life. Because the more we focus on our life, the less chance of judging other people. The less chance of hating, envying, being jealous of other people. KARMA is always behind on everything that we do. Misfortune is sometimes considered as KARMA...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Bag and My Busy Day

I just love this white Guess Bag that I purchased in Grove City last Sunday. It is very light and the design is very cute. The color can match any color of my clothes. It looks small yet I can put a lot of my personal things inside. I will be using this bag everyday.

Anyway, yesterday was a busy day for me but I am happy that I was able to accomplish a lot of things. Me and the kids together with my father went to the Philippine Embassy to get my father's Philippine passport. Then we ate at my favorite chinese restaurant at Leslie and Finch ("Congee Wong"). Then we drop my father at home and me with my kids went to Brampton to buy their new uniform. After that, we went to Brampton Canada Service center to get a new SIN card for my kids since I lost their SIN cards. Then we ate at Baskin and Robin before we went home. Busy but a great day!!!

Today is my first day to clean my new cleaning customer which is only about 15 minutes aways from my house. I really hope everything will be okey so I can put her house on my lists of regular customer. I don't like going to different houses. I just need one permanent cleaning customer for, either weekly or bi-weekly.

After cleaning this house, me and my kids might go to Spadina just to pass the day by and spend quality time with them. I will definitely carrying this new bag for my daily busy day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy After Short Vacation

We went home so tired yesterday from our short vacation in Pennsylvania. We are planning to do another trip next year and this time, it is going to be longer than 4 and half hour. We are planning to rent an RV and stay in a campground maybe in Blue Mountain. Or maybe go to Piers Mooreys in New Jersey and at the same time, visit hubby's cousin.

I am happy to see my kids enjoying their life shopping for what they want. My kids love to stay in a hotel and I am happy to spend money just to make them happy.

I purchased only few things for myself like the Ralph Lauren Romance perfume, Guess bag and few on sale clothings.

My short trip vacation is done but I am still off from work until next week. However, rest and relaxation is far yet to happen to me because while I am still off from work, I have part-time cleaning on mornings of Wednesday until Sunday. I also have a lot things to do for my family like getting a new SIN card for my kids, family annual medical check up, kids school uniforms and many more. I will be posting my activities here for sure. I am sure my haters would love to know about it. hehehhehe

Today, I will bring my kids to our family doctor for our annual medical check up. Then I will drive my father to Philippine Embassy, then get new SIN card for my kids. And then if we have time, we might get their new Uniform. It is going to be a busy day for me today. I want to finish everything so I have time to rest before the weekend.

Plus Size Cocktail Dress Online

I am gaining weight and I need to go on a diet. I just don't know when can I have the motivation to lose weight again. I really don't like to be like my High School classmates who are overweight at our age My bestfriend is always looking for a store where she can buy her clothes. She told me she needs a cocktail dress for her niece wedding.

I saw this plus size cocktail dress website and I was surprise how oversize women can look good on dress even if they are a little bit overweight. I just love the Go For Gold style.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Happy Business, Beauty and Family Vacation

I have been using my Dermawand and I can already see the difference on my skin. I just love the way all these beauty equipment I purchased, have been making me happy.

Anyway, I was so tired yesterday for cleaning two houses however my pocket is smiling. I will not go back to the house that I clean in Goergetown anymore. It is too far from me. My cleaning in Caledon is enough driving for me, so I will only take houses near my house. I think I have a new cleaning client which I will do on Wednesday. Her house is just 15 minutes away from me.

Today we are ready to drive to Pennsylvania and spend some money for shopping. I want my kids to be happy so I don't mind spending some money I have saved from my cleaning. We are all excited to stay in a nice Hotel near the shopping mall, for one night. We will definitely have a good time. I will make sure to take a lot of pictures and post it on my FB.

I will just fold the clothes I wash yesterday, and prepare the things we need for the travel. Then I will do my workout and take a bath.

Guy Harvey Jewelries

My bestfriends birthday is coming up and I am thinking of sending her something. She lives in London, UK and I want to suprise her by sending her with a unique gift for her birthday. So I look around the internet and so this guy harvey jewelry website.

Their jewelries have images of marine wildlife animals with special detail and brilliant colors. It is simply created with an art in precious metals and gemstones.

I love the fact that I can send it as a gift through mail or courier since it is light so I don't have to pay too much for the shipping and handling. What a nice and unique gift idea online

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally Dermawand Arrived

I am so happy that the Dermawand finally arrived. I have started using it on my face before and after I go to bed. I just love pampering myself. Iam sure my haters will raise their eyebrows when they read this post and perhaps, those imitator haters will buy their own... hahahahah!!!

Anyway, I have two houses to clean today and then after cleaning this two houses, I will go home to prepare my things for our short overnight trip in USA tomorrow.

I have enough good rest and sleep last night so I have few hours to do some household chores before I go out to make extra income.

Guitars For Musicians

My daughter who love playing the guitar is requesting me to buy her a new one so I look around the internet and found this epiphone zephyr blues deluxe website. It seems like their website is new and I can't wait to see all the images completed on their website.

My daughter just love looking at the guitar accesories they have on their website. The prices are quite competitive.

They built this brand new website to provide musician customers with quality products and superior service at competitive prices.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Long Long Weekend For Me

Yepeyyyy!!! Long long weekend for me because I off from work for the whole week!!! Woot woot woot!! I will be spending most of my time with my family of course!!!

Today, I will go to downtown Toronto at Mt. Sinai Hospital for ultrasound. I hope and pray that everything will be okey. I will go to Mt. Sinai with one of my daughter and probably eat somewhere after my ultrasound. I will try to remember to take a picture so I can post it on my FB and burn the eyes of whoever wants to be burned.. hehhehehe

I will fight these games of stupid people with laugh and smile. Nobody will change me because I will always be me no matter what.

And for you INSECURE and you know who you are, God knows what is in your heart. Your insecurities will go nowhere!!!... Your laugh at me and hating me for my happiness just makes me think and feel that I am really specially beautiful. You are so affected by who I am!!! ... Sorry, but yout laugh and hate will never change anything in me... I really hope that God will do something about you and those people like you!!!