Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Spacious Look

I was busy since last Friday and for some reason, my energy was so down. I just tried my best doing what needs to be done on every house that I clean. I guess it is the lack of sleep because of all these stiff muscles on my shoulder causing me sleeplessness. But thank God I am ok now. I have full of energy to do my Sunday cleaning.

Anyway, despite my lack of energy, I still was able to do the changes I need for my house with the help of hubby. I replaced the curtain rod on my living room and made the style of my curtain come out. I also mooved the curio on the stair side and put this glamoroud big lamp shade beside our bay window. This looks my living room need and spacious.

I need to replaced the curtain I purchased at Walmart because the color doesn't match any of my furnitures. I need a lighter shade.

Equestrian Apparel Online

I was looking for a nice skinny jeans to warm me up a little this fall season and found this kerrits equestrian apparel webstore.

I love the fact that their products have strength and unity for a woman with a horse. They have fresh, vibrant colors and patterns with high-performance fabrics. You can choose from classic or modern, bright or neutral. .

Do I have to ride a horse to wear this kinds of clothes? I love their cups, jacket and their Cross-Over Knee Patch Breech for this winter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Replacing Curtain Rods

No cleaning today because she move my schedule on Saturday instead. Good thing that my other bi-weekly Saturday cleaning move her to Friday.... Sigh, I will be cleaning to houses on Friday... Im fine with that thou!!!

Anyway, I am doing some load for the dirty comforters and bedsheets today. I will go to Walmart in a bit, to buy new curtain rods on all the main floor's windows. I am planning to replace all thse old blinds with curtains. Better and easier to clean.

I will go to bed early today and hopefully have the energy to pick up my kids form school. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's My Greediness

Today is my own house cleaning day so I will make sure to do a good job in cleaning the second floor of my house because, I will be doing this every other Tuesday from now on since I have cleaning every other Tuesday for my newest cleaning customer.

It's just my greediness for money that's why I took this newest customer heheheheh!!! Beside, I don't do anything at home in the morning when I come home from my night shift work. So why not take the opportunity to make more extra money?... hahahahah!!!

Professional Shears Online

My life is always busy. It's not that I am complaining, infact I love my life. Being busy keeps my mind off for nonsense things. However, I admit that sometimes, I am having a hard time finding time to go to a beauty salon for relaxation. That's why I bought all the beauty equipment I need so I can do my home facial cleaning myself in my own house.

I admit that it's hard to do my own haircut but sometimes, due to my busy schedule, I cut the front part of my hair and I think I am doing a good job on it.

I saw this professional shears website that offers different salon tools like Kamisori Shears, Kasho Scissors, Joewell Shears and many more. I really think I need one for myself.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Big Mouth

Few things I learned, stay firm of how you get to know one person. She is a chronic gossiper. A kind of gossiper who say things about other people without any solid proof. An evil doer to ruined someone's reputation.

I sure do listen to some stories and gossips I hear around, and who doesn't? I think everybody does. But to say something from her big mouth that was created by her small mind????? common!!!! that is so unfair!!!

Anyway, yesterday me, hubby and my daughter Kimberly went to Richmond Hill Cosmo Music store to purchased the clarinet I promised to buy for Kimberly. I always wanted to make my kids happy and I am so glad she is happy to have her own clarinet.

It's Monday and no cleaning of course. I will do the remaining loads of dirty clothes and hang it outside to dry, while folding some of the clothes I washed yesterday. Then do my workout and go to bed!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Enjoyed Mexican Foods

I only clean this one bi-weekly Saturday customer for only 3 hours yesterday so I was finish early. I wasn't feeling very well due to my headache that's why I try to finish my work as fast as I can. Then I went to bed. I woke up at around 5:30pm and went to dinner at El Sombrero Mexican Resturant with hubby and my Kimberly.

The food is excellent. They tasted real mexican foods and we really enjoyed it so much.

Today me and hubby will go to church and then me and my Kimberly will go to this one music store to buy her own clarinet to use for school.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Worship Furnitures Online

It is almost October and I still haven't heard from the leader of our Couples For Christ leader. I need to confirm the date and location of Marriage Encounter seminar that we will be attending. Otherwise I will make other plan for the long weekend. I will contact our group leader later today.

I wanted to see what kind of furnitures that they will be using, because the chairs and table on the last seminar that we attended looks old. I wanted to see if I can suggest this worship furniture website that I saw on the internet today. This way, all the religious functions and parties will look presentable specially for the new members.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Busy and Lack Of Sleep

Ahhhh it was a very busy week for me. I wasn't able to update my blogs. Guilty as usual for the ranking issue of my blogs, but not for my snoopers. Ahahahaha!!! I know my nossy snoopers are always waiting for the update of my blog... What a big fan club I have hahahahha!!!

Anyway, I was busy cleaning houses after my night work since Tuesday. Busy, tired and lack of sleep, but my pocket is always smiling as usual. Greedy I may sound but I am happy. I will make sure to have enough sleep this weekend.

Tomorrow I have one house to clean and then I will buy my daughter her own music instrument so she don't have to borrow from school. Then I am planning to eat in one Mexican Restaurant somewhere. I will be taking pictures and post it on my blogs and of course on my FB....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thankful For Caring

Yesterday, me and hubby went to church early because we wanted to listen to the filipino priest, Father Lorenzo, of our parish church. My kids were still sleeping and it's too early for them so we just went with ourselves.

Then me and my daughter, Kelly, went to Square One Mall to buy her a new school shoe since her old one is already broken. I went to straight to bed when we got home.

Today, I send money to the caregiver of my mother as my gratitude for aggreeing to stay in our house and cancel her xmas vacation on her province, until my father get his citizenship so he can go back home to be with my mother. I feel thankful for finding someone like her to take care of my mother. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just Simple Budgetting

This is the Vietnamese restaurant that me and hubby went to yesterday. The foods are awesome and the price is very affordable. Love it!!!

It was a busy day for me yesterday but I am happy. First I had my car maintenance service at Castle Honda for about 45 minutes and then I went straight to my bi-weekly Saturday cleaning. It took me more than 3 hours because we were chatting and they prepare food for me. Kids are busy doing their homework so only me and hubby went to Costco Brampton and buy lots of frozen foods and snacks for my angels.

Then me and hubby went to Pho Mi 99 at Brampton to have fun eating Vietnamese Thai style cusine. We even take out some more food for my kids

I love the fact that I can again afford to buy this much for my family. Excuse me, I am not using the money I am making from cleaning. It is me and hubby's money together. I learn my lesson well and it is just about simple budgeting. It's only now that I realized how much blessings we have in terms of money.

I am now on my hunt for mexican restaurant nearby!!!

Thank you lord for all the blessings

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blue Microphones Online

I love to sing. It is a stress reliever for me on days or weeks that I am really busy. That's why I purchased a very nice videoke. I need to buy a new microphone because that one that I have is not good anymore. So I search around the internet and saw this blue microphones Musicians friend website.

Their business is focus on helping anyone to find what they are looking for interms of musics. The provide custom-tailored shopping experience for music. They also provide resources that will help you to choose the perfect product.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Being Me

Helping other people is good. WHY not? It feels good to know if you know you were able to helped someone who need it badly. It's a blessing to be able to help someone.... But am I still have to be considered as a bad person for doing that? ahhhh maybe I am? But only to people who are BAD to me!!!... There is a difference between stupid for letting things happen, and those who are STRONG enough to fight for what is needed..

I dont give a shit to what other people say and think about me... I guess that's how people hated me? I laugh, smile and be happy... Hating me for that won't change anything in me!!!

Ahhhh we are suppose to have dinner at this Vietnamese Restaurant but I wasn't able to wake up on time so, we might just go there tomorrow.

I need to bring the car for service, clean one customer for 3 hours, go to Costco and dinner at this Vietnamese Restaurant... I might have to cancel my dinner with my two friends. Beside, they never called!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Smile Not Busy

Not a busy morning for me after my night work, because my Wednesday cleaning canceled my appointment again, and will just do her next Wednesday instead. NO WORRIES!!!

I might have unexpected new customer to squeeze in to my schedule. I am already happy with the number of customers that I have, that I know I can take- but this one might come from God so who am I to say NO to this opportunity. I will visit her house today at 11am.

I need all these opportunities for all my plans. I want to bring my father with me to Vegas on December, for our high school friends reunion; I want my kitchen renovated and go to the Philippines next year.

Anyhow, I will clean my house first and make sure that my kid's room and the washroom upstairs are clean before I meet my new prospective customer. My house should be clean like the house of all my customers.

I am looking at my life now and everything is falling into places. God is soo good!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

French Patio Online

Hubby's birthday will be next month and he wants to have a simple celebration at home with few friends. I wish the weather will be good so we can have it at our backyard and have some BBQ. I need to buy few outdoor furnitures just incase the weather is good.

I saw this different styles of french patio furniture from thegardengates.They provide different kinds of benches, tables and chairs; from outdoor chairs and patio tables to french bistro sets with variety of shapes, sizes and colors. LOVELY!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Blessed With Opportunity

Gzzzzz I have cleaning inquiry again, even if I have put down my ads. I don't know how to fit her house on my schedule anymore.. Her house is very near... I responded to her inquiry and told her I can only take her house on a bi-weekly basis on days that I am not cleaning. I can not take her house on a weekly basis anymore, because I need to do things for my family too!!! Ahhhhh, I wish I can do this on a full-time basis... So many customers waiting for my service.

I feel so blessed. So many people looking for a job for money and they can't find it, but here I am filled with opportunities to make extra money when I already have a full-time job to help my husband to support our family needs.

Anyway, I did few things today like do one more load of dirty clothes, set an appointment for the maintenance service of my car on Saturday, set an appointment for our house duct cleaning service next month, and activate my kid's prestocard.

So how can I do these things if I will take cleaning jobs everyday? I need at least two or three days a week for my family. But still very thankful... Thank you Lord for all these blessings!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday Dinner

After my cleaning, me and my family had a dinner at Swiss Chalet Rexdale. I took some pictures and post it on my FB as I promise to try to post my weekend happy activities. Next Saturday, I will have another dinner with my two friends. I will try to take a picture and post it on my FB again... hehehhehe!!

So today, I need to clean my kitchen and my basement before I go to my Sunday bi-weekly cleaning. I need to wash the rags after my cleaning because all are now used. Then I will go to bed to prepare another freaky night. Life is good!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Dreamhouse

I am beat!!! but my pocket feels great hheheheh!!!. This is my Friday house part-time cleaning. One of my favorite house to clean that's why even if it is quite far, I don't mind going there every Friday. Aside from the nice house, the people who live inside the house are awesome.

The grandmother of this house gave me this beads bracelet. She makes bead jewelries as her hobby. Isn't it sooo cute?
Oh well, freaky day but it's okey. I thought my days will be quiet but I guess it won't because jealous person will never stop. ... BRING IT ON!!!...

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me but will make sure to have time for fun.

I will go to bed in a bit...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beauty From Insecure People

Ahhh thank you Lord because my life is quiet on that place. I wish it will always be like this. I don't really give a shit what they think or say about me, as long as I cannot hear them. All these people who keep talking about me behind my back are simply jealous.. People who have such a big problem with themselves.... INSECURE!!!

I never see myself as someone pretty or beautiful, but these people who have so much insecurities with themselves just made me feel that maybe I AM beautiful... hahahahah!!!

Ahhhh I am just a normal human being and nothing so special to be talked about or nothing to be jealous of. I am just being happy and try my best to always smile despite of all life's struggle.

I always believe that "beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" and "beauty always comes from within".... You don't have to look like a celebrity to be beautiful... Just be yourself and love yourself.

Anyway, I got a message from my Wednesday cleaning to cancel my appointment for today. So I am taking this opportunity to take a rest.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day With Friends

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me. We went to church at 12pm then went straight to Costco Brampton. Then we bought few liquor to bring at a friend's house.

This was taken last night at my friend's house. It was a very peaceful chatting with our husbands. Foods are great too.

I know few people will raise their eyebrows when they see this on my FB. It will be a question why I was with her. But the thing some people should understand is that, I never had any fight or whatsoever with her.

Oh well, the long weekend is gone and I am ready to go to work tonight again.

Yardley Now In USA

I am planning to visit my college bestfriend in London UK. I know how she loves Yardley products eversince we were in college. That's why I am trying to look for yardley products online and found this yardley of london website.

Their Yardley products are all originally made from England and are now available in the United States.

All orders are processed in 1-2 business days while the Standard Shipping takes 2 to 6 business days.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday Chillin Out

I called Yaco Filipino Restaurant to make sure there is a band playing last night, but unfortunately there is NONE, so me and hubby just decided to stay at home and chill out.

So we bought this Tim Horton's sweets and we watch movie at Netflix.

Today, we will go to church and probably do few groceries for the kids. We need to buy few things for our dog at Petsmart and probably go to Brampton Bus Station to buy my kids their own Brampton Transit cards.

Me and hubby might go to a friend's house just to spend time with friends.

I have few loads of clothes to do and will clean the kitchen.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Possession The Movie at Oakville

It is suppose to be tonight that we will watch "Possession" movie in 5 Drivein Theater in Oakville but it doesn't say any movie showing schedule for tonight.. It mght be close then, so I decided to watch this movie last night instead.

It's good because me and hubby have time to go to Yatco Restaurant tonight to watch a band. Just to chill out and spend quality fun time; take few pictures and post it on FB

I hope the war is over now... Pissed moments are over for those relatives of Satan!!!! Oh God, please let me have peaceful night on the place. Please remove me from their eyes and let me just work without being sorrounded with evilness. I hope what I did will keep them off my way!!! Thank you Lord for all the blessings.