Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sigh!!! I have to go back to work tonight and I still have tons of things to do on my list. But that's okey... NO worries... I'd rather be busy than do nothing but look at the life of other people.

Anyway, yesterday was a busy day for me. I am glad to welcome a new customer eventhough I don't need anyone anymore since I am happy with the extra income I am making from my cleaning. But she was refered by one of my loyal customer so I squeezed her in to my busy schedule.

Today I will go to the smallest house I clean and then pick up my kids and go straight to Costco to buy few candies for halloween. Life is good, because God is good.

Where To Buy Gold Bars

I can't belive that it is almost one week now since I last updated this blog. This only shows how busy I am because updating this blog is always included on my daily routine specially on days that I don't work on my part-time job.

Anyway, I have a new customer yesterday and eventhough my schedule is fully booked and I am already happy with the extra income I am making from my part-time job, I still accepted the offer because she was refered by one of my loyal customer. So I guess it is another blessing that I have to be thankful for.

I wanted to invest the extra income for the future of my kids. I was thinking of investing some of it in a gold bar. So I search on the internet on where to buy gold bars and I found this website who offer wide variety of Gold and Silver Bullion Products. The have large quantities of Canadian Maple Leafs, Krugerrands and Silver Bars.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Chores

I wasn't such a busy Sunday yesterday for me, but me and hubby did few things. We attended the 12noon mass and then we did few grocery at the chinese store that we always go to. Then I went to bed right away.

Today my mind is very well focus on the things I need to do at home to make sure that all the house chores are done before Wednesday because it will be another busy days for me until the end of the week.

Tomorrow, I will still have some few things to do at home and I want to make sure to have it all done before 11am because I have an appointment with my doctor. I think I have some infections somewhere because I am constantly having a headache. This bothers my sleeping habits. Ineed a good sleep every after my cleaning for well rested body and mind.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fleece Jackets Online

The weather is getting colder every night and every morning. I have kept all my summer clothes and hanged all my Fall season clothings. But looks like it is going to be a short Fall so I need to prepare all my winter clothings.

All my winter jackets are old and I need to buy a new winter outfit this year so I look around the internet and saw thisnorth face fleece jackets website. They have super soft and comfortable designed to keep me warm during this cold season. I like the fact that their jackets are water-resistant and stretchy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

No Worries, He Knows What Is Best

It was another busy days close to weekend. We have overtime at work I didn't went. I just don't feel well working another busy night. I feel like my shoulder will collapse if I do.

Some people are too worry about things that they shouldn't, just because of so many of their financial difficulties. That even if their mind and body is saying "NO" to what it can afford to carry, they force themselves to.... Not realizing that, WE human beings are the only who are making our own BURDEN.. I used to and I still am but only to the point that my happiness should come first ... The only problem I can see is when people starts looking on other people way of living comparing to theirs... Judging other people why and what makes this people do things different from them.. I am not worry or afraid because I know God knows what is best for me... I listen to those little voices inside me to give me the directions I need for me and my family.

Anyway, Thursday and Friday is always my busy days to update any of my blogs. I was supposed to have two houses to clean but I cancelled the last one because I am having my lower back pain again. gzzzzz!!!

I am also not going to have my Sunday cleaning anymore as they no longer need my service. No worries!!! My ads is up again... Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Funny Swallow People

It is just so funny to noticed how people are so affected by other's people way of life. With a very simple material things, I was able to determine how swallow someone's attitude in life.

I posted something about my desire to have this iphone5. I was so surprised how people reacted with these. Oh Lord, how can they be so jealous with all these things in life. There are more important things in life that we can be happy about. This is just a celphone my goodness!!!!... Maybe not on his budget? We all have our own priority. It just so happen that this celphone have been on my budget for quite sometime now.

I can never compare my life to anyone. My life is always unique on my own little way and I am not above or below with anyone. God is so good to me and that is where my heart and mind is focus on. Sorry for those who keep comparing their life to anyone.

Anyway, I was quite busy yesterday. I made three new blog assignments before I go to my part time cleaning. Then I pick up my kids and went home, straight to my bed. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy As Always

Busy, busy and busy as always, that's why I wasn't able to update any of my blogs for a couple of days now. I feel bad about it specially that I know that a lot of my snoopers are waiting for the update of my life.. hheheheheheh!!!

Anyway, this was taken last Saturday night at home when few friends come over to our house for dinner to celebrate my husband and my friend's birthday. It was a simple celebration and I had fun spending time with these people.

I invited only few and I am glad that the people I am expecting to be there arrive.I feel thankful for their time and effort.

Anyway, it will be another quite busy week for me but I will try my very best to update all my blogs. I just need to call the immigration to follow up my father's citizenship application, then finish the laundry and do my today's workout. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Indoor Foundatin Online

I've been working hard because of some plans or projects I have in mind for next year, and I really hope that it will all come true with the help of God. The first project on my list of priority is to have my kitchen renovated because this part of my house is so outdated.

And of course, buying new kitchen furnitures, specially a new dining table set is a must. As I was searching for a new kitchen furnitures online, I saw this indoor fountains here at They provide home with beauty, moisture and a soothing environment.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Felt Tired For Some Reason

I have a very busy and hectic schedule last week and I realized that I need to slow down a bit. For some reason I felt so tired cleaning last week which I haven't felt eversince I started cleaning for part-time. I felt like it is not good for my health for some reason.

The money I am making with few house to clean is actually enough. It's just that I can't say NO to some offers and it is a good thing to do while I am not doing anything on mornings of weekends and weekdays after I get home from my night shift work. But gzzzzz, this is getting too much. It might not be good for my health.

Pillow and Cushions Online

I cant believe that it's been one week since I last updated this blog. It was my busy schedule and the pain on my shoulder that stopped me from using my computer for while. I feel a lot better now, but I still need to set an appointment for a massage theraphy. I also need to buy a new pillows and cushions that will give good support for my body.

I found this Foam Factory website that provide a broad range of foam, rubber, sponge and upholstery products.

They have the quickest service with a low cost. They will match the price of any products found on other sites owned by Foam Factory.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Moments I Need Time

Hayyyy it's Monday once again and I am thinking of taking one day off this week. I have so many things in mind to do but can't do it because I am so freaking busy. Most of the time, I have so many free time that's why I took part-time job but there are really moment that I need to do a lot of things for me and my family wherein one day is not enough.

First I am dying to have iphone5 and I was so freaking busy last weekend to go to the store and shop for the right mobile provider.

I need to exchange the dark design curtain that I purchase Walmart, from a lighter color. I have to do it now.

I need to shop for a dryer and the host for it to make my life easier washing and drying our clothes with my busy life.

I need to shop for a new dining table!!!!

Ahhhhh!!! I need time for all of these!!!