Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home Decor and Organization

I am so happy that I finally completed all the things I need to buy for my house. Half of my bonus just went to all the things I want to buy for house decoration and organization. There are many things that I purchased using my bonus, but I only took two photos so far.

This is the artificail grass decor that I have been wanting to purchased and I am so glad I finally did last Friday at Ikea, after my part-time cleaning. I also purchased this thick glass decor where I put my potpourri. Not only that my powder room looks nice but it smells good.

Then this bench I ordered online at Walmart finally arrived last Saturday. Me and my hubby together with my daughter assemble it. I am so happy that I already have a bench on our hallway that look elegant yet very functional.
Now that I finally have everything that I want, it is time for me to tighten up my belt again for our budget. I am happy!!!

Parking Lift Online

My friend is planning to put up a business in buying and selling brand new and used cars. It's a very good business idea for him since he is an uto mechanic back home. He also went to school to upgrade his skills in auto mechanic during his first year in this country. And now that he had save or earn enough money, he is very much ready to put up his own business in cars.

He will definitely need this parking lift so I thought I should give him the link of this website. He will start his business in a very small area near his house, so this will really help him save some parking space.

Monday, February 18, 2013

No Time To Spend Money

Yesterday was a busy and fun day with my kids. But first I have to go to my doctor to ask for a prescription for my stocking. It was frustrating wait since there are so many patients. So while I was waiting, I went to Walmart to buy few things that I have been wanting to buy for my house. Like the long door rug, shower caddy and the bathroom organizer.

I was suppose to buy the shower caddy at Bed Bath and Beyond store but I was happy to see to see one in Walmart which is a lot cheaper. I was also suppose to buy this Bathroom Wood Bench at Ikea to Organize some of the things we have in our bathroom, but found this Stailess Steele Stand at Walmart, which also a lot cheaper that the Wood Bench in Ikea. I need to go back at Walmart to buy another of this long door rug. I just dont know when will I find the time.

Then me and the kids went to Orfus to shop for their clothes and drop for few minutes at Yorkdale.

It is so frustrating to have the money to buy the things I need and I want using my bonus, but very little time to do it. I still need to buy a lot of things for my house like the cult at Canadian Tire, the Shoe Cabinet Organizer at Bed Bath and Beyond, the Wall File Organizer at Staples and some of the decorations I want to buy at Ikea. I will be busy this week and I dont think I will have the time for this until next weekend.

But looking at the bright side, this is the advantage of having a busy life. You dont have time to shop and spend money. Lazy people have all the time to shop and waste money, thats why most of the people who are lazy have no money.

Buy Promotional Items Online

I was talking to my Friday cleaning customer yesterday and she told me that it will be the 10th year anniversary of her business on June. She have been looking for a nice gift for her employees and customers. I found this promotional items website and I thought it would be nice to have a custom made gift items for her employees and customers.

They have a very wide selection of promotional and gift items. You simple have to select one of the promotional items from the catalog, and they will guide you through the marketing process. It will really help to maximize your business exposure and increase sales.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Busy Shopping

I was busy yesterday but had so much fun. Me and the kids went for a massage, went home to eat lunch.

Then we went to the optical clinic to get their annual eye check up.

Then we watch the "Beautiful Creatures" the movie. It was an interesting story.

Anyway, it is going to be a busy week for me since my former bi weekly Tuesday customer call to have another cleaning business with me. Weeeeee, MONEY!!!!.. But I dont think I will share this busy life with anyone anymore other than my family. Not everything should be shared ....

Today I will try my best to buy all the things I need to buy because everything will close tomorrow.

I need to go to the doctor for stockings prescription. Then go to church with hubby.

I am planning to go out by myself to buy few things at;
Canadian Tire for cult ;
Walmart for Rugs, swifter long duster and air purifier;
Bed Bath and Beyond for Shoe Door hang organizer, Shower Caddy;
Staples for wall file organizer and clear hook:
IKEA for Molger Bench and Grass decor for my bathroom

I dont know if I can do these all tomorrow since my kids want to shop at Orfus.... ahhhh BUSY!!!!

Order Management Workflow

My friend at work who is now on a long term disability is planning to bargain with the company to have her package benefits instead of going back to work on a modified duties. I am planning to support her and even bargain as well, since I have been wanting to leave the company but I value the lenght of service with the company.

Just thinking I am out of work, I get excited on how to start focusing on my online business again. I might need a order management workflow. It effectively process customer orders and efficiently deliver product. This helps many large and small business owners to manage customer orders.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blessings To Consider

Uhhhhhh I got my bonus... It's not bad... Thank you lord for all the blessings!!! Anyway, I got 2 new assignments from my newest sponsor. Thank you so much!!!

I also have a new customer. I am actually looking for a bi-weekly Saturday to fill in my boring Saturday morning while everyone are is sleeping. But the location is so good for me, so who am I to say no!!! So I am now going to be busy from Wednesday to Friday. Blessing that I should be thankful.

All blessings that I am very very thankful. I can't ask for more.

I might go out later today to shop for few things to use in my house.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy, Annoyed and Planning

Yey, I was able to do all the things I need to do for today. Now I am going to fold some clothes and see if I can do the cleaning upstairs. Otherwise, I will just do the cleaning tomorrow.

Just some thoughts, it is getting so annoying to listen to some desperate bragging about young women. Ahhhhh....!!!!

Anyway, I wanted to go out and buy this wooden shoe rack at Zellers. But I am not going to put some shoes there but some stuffs to organized some of the things in my house.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Smiling Saturday

My Saturday plan went through. I went for a massage at 9am. Then me and mu family went to Costco then went straight to Chapters Indigo to use the $50.00 gift card I got from work. We buy 2 boxes of Panormus Pizza Hut before we went back home. I am happy to see my kids happy.

However, I was too lazy to do my household chores yesterday morning so I end up doing it now. I am doing the laundry. I might clean my basement later because hubby is still palying with his playstation. I don't like cleaning when somebody is around.

I wanted to do some shopping at Zellers to buy few things for my house organization but I have one house cleaning today so I might just do that sometime next week.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Snowy Friday

Busy, busy and busy and.... It is snowing so bad outside that's why I have to cancel my Friday cleaning. So here I am at home, relaxing and spending time with my kids. I want to go out but gzzzzzz, it is a big mess outside.

I have few plans for tomorrow. First, I want to use the $50 gift card I just received today, at Indigo for my kids.

I will make sure to do all my cleaning to my house tomorrow morning before I start doing all my plans.

I wanted to post something about me, on my Facebook but just too lazy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No-load Annuity Marketplace

One more year and we are free from debt. We are on our way saving every penny for the future of our kids. With all the trials that we have been through, I learned so much on how to handle the money. However, I consider 75% of what put us into this financial trouble, as a MISFORTUNE. But life goes on. We just have to look at the bright side and learn from the smallest to the biggest mistake that we made.

Although, me and my husband promised to each other that we will never loan or borrow money from any financial institution, our door is always open from the possibility that an emergency financial needs can always happen. So it is always good to know which financial instution is good.

For those who are looking for some financial assistance try to visit an independent no-load annuity marketplace on the internet and learn more here.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Weekend With My Family

Yesterday, me and my family did as I have planned. We went for grocery first, went home to drop all the grocery items. Then me and the kids went to Bramalea Centre for their books to read, and have a few bonding moments at the fastfood area eating a Thai Soup. It was good.

Then we went home to pick up the small dog for his annual vaccine at Eglinton Animal Hospital. It was a fun moment.

Today, I will finish my Laundry and probably clean the washroom upstairs so I only have to clean the rooms upstairs on Tuesday. It is going to be a busy week for me.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Better To Be Busy

Busy as usual but I had a great week. It was pretty quiet and only few annoying things to laugh about... Just finish my budgetting and ready to face the whole month of challenges and happiness.

Tomorrow, me and my kids will go to Bramale Centre to buy books for one of my daughters. Then do few groceries and then bring our small dog to the Vet Clinic for vaccine.

I will do my laundry tomorrow but I will do my cleaning for my house today.

You know, it is better to be busy that waste time for nonsense things.....Thank you Lord for all the Blessings.