Sunday, April 28, 2013

Silly Crazy Week

What a crazy week as always. But one thing I know for sure, you have to be strong and calm at the same time with this kind of environment that I am in. Strong so nobody will ever think that you can not fight a good fight. Calm so you will find the right time to fight their way.

Silly and so childish it may seem, but if that is what it need to stop their stupidity so I have no choice but to dance to their jealousy and envious way.

They are like crabs who will try to full you down so they will get their way on top. They will try to control you by treating you so bad so you will stop doing your way or stop being you. hahahahahah!!!! Try me!!!

The thing is, you have to try to be as nice as you can without changing who you really are. Because no matter what you do, some people will like you and some people will hate you. It is simply because "you cannot please everybody".

You cannot control what people will say and think about you. You can only control yourself.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Busy and Thankful

I was on vacation leave on Thursday night because I have to drop my Kimberly very early in the morning for her Music Band performance in Pennsylvania USA. I miss her already. Then I drop hubby to work and I went straight to my regular Friday cleaning.

Today I have special work from my bi-weekly Wednesday customer. This is an extra work which means extra money on my pocket.

Then I have few things to do for my family like pick up the receipt for my stocking for hubby;s insurance coordination benefits claim. I need that 20% back on my bank account.

I also need to mail one order and deposit one check. And probably buy few grocery stuff for home.

I have to drop hubby to work today for overtime. They are so busy at his work that's why they are ask to come almost every weekend for overtime. Ohhhh God thank you for all these blessings.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nobody Really Cares

It is so true that when you found peace, there will always some kind of a devil's work that will come to ruin your peacefulness. I just find her so funny!! Trying to catch attention... What can you do to someone who have a lousy choices in life... No wonder she is soooo bitter!!! All I can say is God bless you and I hope you find peace within you. A lot of people don't really care what you up to with your life... Only you can appreciate what you have.. No need to show it off, because nobody really cares. In fact, you might annoy some people by doing so...

Anyway, I just had a phonecall with the sister of one of my customers. Ahhhh look at this? Isn't it a blessing to be so thankful for? But I know that narrow minded and arrogant egoistic people will find it funny and cheap... All I can say is, I dont care... This is a blessing and a lot of people don't have a job and hear I am, I have to say "NO" to this opportunity because I am fully booked already.

Thank you Lord for all the blessing.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Greedy Me heheheh

I am freakingly busy and will be busier because I have a new Saturday cleaning customer... waaaaahehehhehehe, new money... Money, Money, Money... Inggitttttt lang kayuuuuu!!! I alos have 4 orders to make..hahahahhahahaha inggit na naman..

Also my father send me money through Western Union... hahahhahah!!

Also I made few changes on my webstore.
Also, I have some opportunities waiting for me to grab for my blogs.. swapang ko sa pera talaga.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Busy But Happy

Sooo busy as usual specially last weekend because we had a party at home in celebration of my birthday and a good friend. It was really a hectic week that's why I wasn't able to update any of my blogs last weekend. Feeling bad about it, but I had fun at the party.

Anyway, I am busy with my cleaning business and being a hard working housewife. Yeah I am freakingly busy but I am happy.

I have a new cleaning customer. I know that my schedule for my cleaning business is freakly book as my part-time income. But the house is very near to me and a good opportunity to have her as my future permanent customer. Who am I to say NO???? Money, money, money!!!

Aside from my cleaning business, I have few blogging assignments and now, I have three big orders from my online business. I already ordered some of the ordered products on my supplier and I will pick it up on Friday.

Gzzzz really busy for money

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book For Cheap Hotel Online

I was just talking to my high school friend on the phone and it really feels good to go back to old high school memories. We really had a good laugh. I can't wait to be with them on summer for our reunion.

I need to find a good hotel in Virginia to stay so I look around the internet and find this book cheap hotels website. This website makes it easy for me to find and book for a hotel to stay.

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The problem with other flight and hotel booking website is that they don't have enough option to choose from so you end up getting a high price for a flight and hotel accomodation. This website gives you a lot of option so you can compare prices and the kind of accomodation that will suite your need.

I just simply need a place to stay so I don't need too much luxury. I just need a decent, clean and safe place to stay.

Me and my friends have been planning this reunion for quite sometime now and I have missed a lot of reunion in the past. I want to make sure that I won't miss this fun.

Aside from this reunion, I also have so many travel plans for next year with my family. I want to make sure that I will get a good price for a flight and hotel booking without comprimising the accomodation that me and my family need.

I can't wait!!!