Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy And Proud

So happy when Kimberly hand me this Honour Roll Certificate. I am so proud of her. However, I am a bit disappointment with Kelly's grades but I can deal with that. Kelly works hard, I guess there are just some confusion on understanding Science. It is a really hard subject.

I know sometimes people cannot understand my personality. But I believe that if you don't have any jealousy and hatred in your heart, you will not take things with bitterness and just be happy about it. Beside, I only post on my FB very seldom now.

It is the truth that my kids are beautiful and most of all intelligent and talented. If they can not take it then, no worries... heheheheh

I am just happy and proud and so be it. Anyway, today we will have lunch at Mississauga Chako Korean BBQ Grill Resturant. I will try to take pictures and post in on my FB...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Insecticidal Soap For My Cherry Tree

I just love looking at the cherry fruits on my backyard. I tried spraying one liter of insecticidal soap on the branches, leaves, and fruits itself. This is the first time I srayed an insecticidal solution on any plants around my house. I tried spraying it all over the tree but most of the branches are too tall to be reach by the spraying bottle.

I will buy another 2 to 3 bottle spray of insecticidal soap and will spray it on the tree every weekend. I really hope it will kill all the pests and insects on my cherry tree and give us a good bunch of cherries soon.

I will be posting this picture on my FB.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Electronic Drum Set Online

Few days ago, I posted about the music instrument that I was planning to buy for one of my daughter when she bring home to me another Honour Roll certificate, until I found this electronic drum set website.

This is a very good musical instrument in the world of electronic for music. It is durable and responsive and most of all, it has all the comforts of the acoustic environment. Sound module is also included with programmable kits and a vast quantity of drum voices.

My daughter will love this!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy and Pissed Weekend

Ahh it was a very busy weekend for me last weekend. First, as I have mentioned, I have to clean two houses last Saturday since my Sunday cleaning requested me to clean their house on Saturday instead of Sunday. So I was finish at around 6pm. Then. me and my Family watched World War Z at 9:40pm. I went to bed 1am already.. I was soooo tired.

Sunday, I did the laundry and clean the basement as usual. Then me and my kids went to Caffe Demetre at 1pm, as I promised them.

I went to bed before 3pm and woke up at 9pm for my night shift work.

It was indeed and busy weekend and it was actually ok until me and my kids just had a small arguments about their montly dental appointment for their braces. Hearing them complain pisses me off since I gave them the choice to have and not to have their braces since they will be required to be at the dental clinic every month for adjustment. I also gave them the choice to look for second opinon with other dentist but them they choose to have our family dentist to do it. Hearing them complain makes me feel that I am to blame for all the appointment that they couldn't make.

Grrrrr kids!!!! Hate it!!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Free Bankruptcy Consultation

I know a lot of the people I know have some financial problem that's why they work so hard. I have been there and I will not go back to that financial situation again. That's why I work so hard and always watch our financial spending.

I wish I can help them but I know how egoistic some of these people to come to me and ask some help. I just wish this short article will help them in seeking some financial help.

There are many free bankruptcy consultation that you can find on the internet nowadays, that's why it is important to know which of these are legit. You have to make sure that they are licensed bankruptcy attorneys to discuss your case for free.

Tiring Weekend Cleaning

Today I cleaned two houses since my Sunday cleaning madea request to clean her house today instead of tomorrow. So after cleaning my regular weekly Saturday house, I went home to take a rest and then went to my Sunday cleaning customer. I am so tired and I have to watch a movie with my kids today at 9:40pm as I promised them.

Tomorrow, I need to clean our house and do the laundry before I go to bed.

Kids are on summer vacation so I will be cleaning our house every weekend afternoon instead of Tuesday morning, because they will wake up late.

Custom Design Playset

I am so happy for my brother for having their new baby girl. They have been wanting to have another child and finally, after 16 years of waiting, this little angel arrive. I can't wait for the baby's baptismal.

I am thinking for buying the baby a nice toy as a gift for her baptismal. I search around the internet and found this swing sets in chesapeake va. They provide a custom made playsets that are designed to be strong, look great to meet your need.

You can call them so they can schedule a time for your design consultation. They will even do a walk through of your backyard to create your custom playset.

Maintaining The Cleanliness Of The House

I will be doing the laundry and clean the basement tomorrow since I don't have any cleaning which I am suppose to have. Good thing that I did some of the laundry during the weekdays.

I was reading the Cleaning Tips on the newspaper this morning and I am so glad to learn that I have been practicing most of the tips that were being suggested on the ar article.

It is true indeed that it will be easier to maintain the cleanliness of the house if you be deligent to work on it everyday.

Remove all the the clutter everyday as much as you can specially in the kitchen. Clutters makes the house looks dirty. Clear view of the kitchen counter makes it easier to clean specially if you have a small kitchen like mine.

I vacuum the kitchen area and the basement everyday because I have two dogs.

I clean the kitchen counter as often as I can using vinegar to make sure that bacteria won't build up.

I try to mop the kitchen floor as often as I can to make sure that the bacteria won't spread all over the house.

Do the thorough clean of the whole house once a week specially the bathroom. wipe walls, doors, light switches, dust the ceiling, change beddings, mopping and vacuuming and dusting all the furnitures.

Clean house means happy life.

Pesticide Online

I was so disappointed when my neighbor complain about the smoke that is coming from the new firepot that I bought. I am doing it to burn all the old papers and at the same time, give my cherry tree a good fruits by annoying all the pest and insects from the tree itself. I guess I need to buy a pesticide.

So I search around the internet and found this suspend sc. It kills pests for as long as 3 months by using it every 3 weeks. I think the pest problem in my backyard is very close to severe, so 0.25 to 1.5 fluid ounces must be diluted into 1 gallon of water per 1,000 sq ft. It is quite interesting

Long Saturday

I only worked two nights this week and was able to make extra income from my part-time income as well. I feel a lot better but I am still taking some pain reliever for my headache. I guess it's because of my night shift life.

Today, I am going to clean for my regular Saturday cleaning then go straight to my regular bi-weekly Sunday cleaning. My Sunday customer have to go to Niagara Falls on Sunday that's why she as my to come today instead. It is going to be a long day for me today.

I promised my kids to bring them on the drive-in theater tonight to watch World War Z. It will be hard for me to stay awake since I am going to be so tired cleaning two house. But I will try my best to be awake for my family. I will have the whole day for rest tomorrow anyway... SIGH!!!!

Sound Synthesizer Online

It was thelast day of school for my kids yesterday and summer has begun. My daughter told me that she will have an honour roll certificate again for this year and I can't wait to see it. She was asking me what will I give her for being on the the honour roll again. So I look for something special on the internet and found this novation ultranova from musicians friend.

It contain a massive Nova sound with a built-in vocoder. It provide deep control of the synth by a touch of your fingertips. It features includes wavetable synthesis, powerful filters, a software editor, and a revolutionary new touch-sense performance mode.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Outdoor Firepot For Old Documents

Yesterday, after I pick up Kelly Anne at her school, we went straight to this truck store for patio bases and pots. They have a lot of cool things inside their truck and I purchased this outdoor firepot. It is so nice.

I put it under the tree because I am hoping that bugs, pest and insect will go away from my cherry tree when I am burning some of our old documents on this firepot.

This firepot is actually not on my budget but it looks so nice and I have a lot of reasons for buying this. One of which is to burn all our old documents because it is taking a lot of time to shred it on our paper shredder. Also, I am hoping bugs, pest and insect will go away from my cherry tree while I am burning those old documents under the tree, and hopefully to have good fruits this time.

I will try my best to burn and smoke the tree whenever I can. However, I am worried that our neighbors will complain about the smoke it will create. So I guess it will take me some time to finish all those old documents. I need to do thi at least 3 to 5 mornings a week or more. I have to spend about at least 30 minutes to do this because I dont want to create a fire since the pot is under my tree

Patio Umbrella Online

Yesterday I bought this outdoor firepot for my backyard. Hoping that the bugs, pest and insects on my Cherry tree will go away while it keeps my backyard warm.

I am still dreaming for our backyard to have a nice landscaping someday. However, it is on our last list of priorities for now. So one by one, I am purchasing some things to maake our backyard looks nice. I am looking for a nice outdoor patio umbrella where I can put at least two outdoor chairs near the cherry tree while I am burning some of the old documents on my new firepot.

I saw this outdoor patio umbrellas website. They have these different colors of the same patio umbrella, all the same price. The great thing is they all have free shipping.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Curtain For Cozy Room

I didn't go to work last night because of my terrible headache due to my fever. I feel a lot better now but I don't think it is good to go back to work tonight after being absent last night since it will be the same count of occurence. So I guess I will takje advantage of the time and spend working on some things I need to work on insde my house.

I was able to put up the curtain that I have been wanting to put on Kimberly's room and it looks great. It made the room look cozy. I hope she will like it.

I am thinking of going to Walmart and buy about two more curtain rods for Kelly's room and for the other small room.

I am also thinking of going to Orfus Rd. to buy some fabric to replace the dining chair seat cover. The one that I made is already broker and it doesn't really fit on each chair. It was my first time to make it so I guess the second time to do it will be a lot better.

I am sure one person will be quite furious with my absence. I don't think my absence don't have anything to do with anyone's life. .

Immigration Lawyer In Los Angeles

I am so happy the my niece is now living her dream life in California. Thanks to her father who was determined to get her from the Philippines.

We all know hpow hard it is to get an immigrant status in USA nowadays but if you have a good Immigration Lawyer, nothing is impossible as long as everything is legal at your end.

If you are looking for a good Immigration Lawyer in USA you can visit abogado de inmigracion website to learn more about their service. You can try calling their toll free number to set an appointment for free legal consultation and know your chances of having a legal status in USA. They will also give some good options for your immigration case.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Sunday

Today is Father's Day so yesterday, we ate at Wok of Asia Restaurant at Higjway 7 and Finch. It was a good quality time spend with my loving family but nothing so special about the taste of the food. So I don't think I will ever come back to that restaurant again.

After we ate at the restaurant, we went for grocery and bought this cake for hubby.

Today me and hubby will go to church earlier than usual to Thank God for all the blessings. Then I will bring my daughter to the doctor for the result of her ultra sound on her armpit little bump. I really hope everything will be well with my lovely daughter.

I thank my newest sponsor for the set of assignments I received today when I open my account with them. It is really such a blessings to be one of your bloggers.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Who Me? Flirt?

Funny how people hide their true feelings and the reality of the situation, just to make them look good in the eyes of other people. But who is he making a fool, but himself.

And so funny how to hear some people belittle me just to make herself feel better. What??? to make herself feel better with all her stupidity...

All I can say is, not everyone see beauty from the outside but from the inside. Not because you see a woman talking and smiling to a man, it means SHE is flirting.

People who knows how to communicate with other people are not FLIRT.

People who knows how to smile to other people is not a FLIRT.

Yeah I joke, but I dont take things seriously. And it is so funny how these women think it is flirting to smile and laugh with a man. These kind of thinking makes me feel BEAUTIFUL!!! hahahhahah!! Because they are so affected that my what they so called flirting will have a result of affection... weeeheheheheh

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Buy Headphones Online

I just love listening to my favorite music before I go to sleep or when I am having my weekend relaxation. However, my kids is not loving the type of music I listen to, so I am thinking of buying a good headphone for myself.

I really don't have time to go to the mall to look for a good quality headphone so I look around the internet and saw this studio headphones from musicians friend website.

I learn few things from this website in looking for a set of headphones and one of which is the importance of having a headphone that is comfortable and lightweight. This is what I really need since I have been wearing a quite heavy ear mups at work which is really irritating my ears.

Sweet Bonding

Yesterday, me and the kids went back to Ceffe Demetre for another sweet mother and daughter bonding. I just can't help thinking about getting my own Crepe and I just love having a good time with my kids with this La Vida Mocha.

Today I will have my regular Saturday cleaning at 1pm and probably stayed at home and watch Orphan Black at 9pm.

I am thinking of going out like watch a movie at the Drivin Theater but it is raining and I don't think we will have a good time with the rain.

We might do the grocery today or tomorrow. Great day!!!