Sunday, July 21, 2013

Busy Mind For Vacation

I wasn't really physically busy but my mind is. I have to take down note of everything that I need to do and buy for our vacation in the Philippines. I really hope that everything will be okey before I leave and will not forget anything. And most of all, I really hope that we will have a safe and peaceful trip.

Friday, I went to Bramalea Centre to buy few cologne and lotions in Bath and Body Works to give out to some friends. Then I went to Walmart to buy Sugar Free Chocolate for my mother and to friends.

Then yesterday, I went to my regular weekly Saturday cleaning and went straight to Orthotics Footwear store in Vaugnhan. I was freakingly busy.

I bought another orthotics sandals because the one that I have is starting to worn out. I need a presentable footwear wear I can put on my orthotics during our vacation in the Philippines. I wish I had a new Orthotics but I run out of time. I need to buy another one when I get home from the Philippines

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Busy For The Flight

My other bi-weekly Thursday cleaning cancelled her appointment as well for this week just like her friend which is my other bi-weekly Thursday... My budget for this month is totally ruined because of these cancellations. But that's okey... I am really busy and I need this time to do all the things I need to do in preparation for our flight for Philippines next Friday.

Today, I purchased a new carry on luggage bag to put on some of the things I need to carry with me during the flight.

I am also doing a lot of phone calls for appointments like for our family medical general check ups, including for the two dogs grooming.

Next I will be very very busy from Monday until Friday because almost all my cleaning customers booked their houses for cleaning before I leave for Philippines. So I will be very very tired on the airplane next Friday...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Buy Amplifier Online

We were having a a karaoke party at my friend's house last week and I was really amazed by the sound of their karaoke. My friend told me that they have a great sound system that they purchased on the internet last year. I really want this kind of sound for my karaoke, so I search around the internet and found this great power amp at musicians friend website.

Having a good quality amplifier is very good when using speakers but the amplifier must match the speakers in terms of the impedance and the power. They offer free standard shipping to all orders over $25, including many heavy items.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Facebook Is Sharing

Yesterday me and my family eat our Lunch at Wasabi Japanese Buffet Restaurant. And I just posted it on my Facebook map... Funny but some people just can't get the essense of Social Networking Site like Facebook...

Facebook is sharing lives and daily activities for friends and relatives. However, some people makes it a little bit over like posting every details of their daily life including their meals and etc... But as for my situation, I am only posting like 1 to 2 time a week and sometimes not at all.

Hating happy and nice things about other people are just sooo negative... JEALOUS I may say.. Enjoy Facebook... It is simply about sharing!!! If you have nothing nice and proud to post, well hating others wont give you anything but stress!!

Online Shopping for Tents

Summer is really here and the heat is on. Me and my family are planning to go on a camping trip soon so I was looking for a nice and affordable tent. As I was looking around the internet, I saw this Integral designs website.

They offer a very functionality and light-weight tents, shelters, and apparel. Their tents are made up of durable, light and waterproof fabric makes their products different from the rest.

With this extreme weather that we have right now, it is really advisable to have this kind of tent for an outdoor fun and activities.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Problem For Freedom and Peace

It just creeps me out just thinking how some people can not just be happy for me. I know that they are facing some problems with their life right now and I don't really have a big issue to face in life at the moment, compare to what they are going through at this time. But I did too.... Infact, me and hubby are still in the middle of some crisis. But I guess it is just how you face the problem in life with a smile.

We all have some problems.. It comes and it goes but we always learn from it. It makes us wiser and stronger. I think problems are spice of life. However, I am not really comfortable sharing my problems to most of the people around me. It's just not me....

Most of the time, our problems comes from us. We create it ourselves and we just don't realized it until the problems are solve. Once you realized the root of the problem, the solution will come along. It's life and we simply have to go along with it and learn from it.

It has given me a true humility inside that has given me freedom and peace. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Buy Amplifier Online

Here is another gift I have in mind for my daughter who loves to play guitar. I am planning to buy her this before the school starts. It's a bogner amps at musicians friend website.

It is an Alchemist 112 combo amp with a modern style but taken on vintage tube amp design. It just simply made with timeless appeal to classic with modern ingenuity.

It has a 2-channel design and each channel has its own voice and identity. It features an open top-end and tight bottom-end. It also features a power section selection, from 40 to 20 watts that will quickly transforms into a very different kind of magic. When you switch it to 20 watts, it will create a sonic metamorphosis.

Tired and Sleepy

I was so tired yesterday. I only slept for one hour after my overtime and then went straight for 4 hours cleaning for my regular weekly saturday customer. Then me and my family went for grocery... Gzzzz!!!

I already had a sleep but I feel like I need more. I loaded few laundry and then updating this blog. I will go to bed in a while.

We will have lunch at Wasabi Japanese Buffet Resturant and I might try to drop by at Xcargo to buy the BBQ Grill cover.

Houses In Jacksonville

I just love watching renovation TV shows. Not only that I am always having fun looking at the outcome after the renovation, but I am also learning so much. It is always been my dream to have my house fully renovated someday and turn it into a dream house. I wish I have the money.

I just love searching for a house design and I came across with this houses for sale jacksonville nc website. I love most of the style of the houses on this website and I can't believe the difference of the prices of their house compare to the price of houses where I live right now. I can have a very nice house in jacksonville.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Real Busy Weekend

Yeheyy and it is the weekend. Is it for me? Nahhhh, I worked overtime last night and in few hours, I will go out for me Saturday cleaning. Am I complaining? Yeah??? Maybe a bit since I have so many things to do at home and things I need to buy that I will bring in the Philippines. I just really don't have that much time to do everythings.

Today, after my cleaning. I am planning to go straight to Xcargo to buy the BBQ cover since the one that we have is already broken. I might just use the old BBQ cover to cover our patio furnitures for the winter.

Then me and my family might do out grocery. I want to have meat for BBq over the week. Love the outdoor feeling while BBQ-ing.

Then tomorrow, I promised my kids to take them out for lunch at Wasabi Japanese Buffet Restaurant.

I am not sure if I can clean the house this weekend, but I will definitely do that on Tuesday after my blood test.

Then I might buy all the these I need to bring in the Philippines one day at a time during the week and perhaps, everything on Friday since I free that day.

Custom Foam Mattress Online

I saw this very nice and affordable sofa bed at one store nearby. I think I want to buy that to put on our small family room near the kitchen. It fits perfectly for our family specially for me since I always fall asleep on that sofa when I am watching TV. However, the mattress is sold separately and the store offers a very high price for their mattress. Aside from that, I don't think their mattress has a good quality. So I look around the internet and saw this custom mattress deals website.

I was looking at their Standard Foam matress and this is exactly what I am looking for. This kind of mattress provide relief pressure while maintaining proper body support and firmness. It will help to maintain the body contours with support while resting.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sick Night

I feel so sick last night so I have to go home early and ask for an emergency leave. I vomitted but I think it is not because of the fever but because of my acidic intestine.. hehehhe... Aside from my fever, I have this chronic lower back pain make me limp..

Hubby use the car for work so I guess I can't go anywhere. Good thing that my Thursday cleaning move her day tomorrow morning. I know I will still be sick tomorrow but I think I can do it.

I will be back tonight at work. I hope I feel better.