Sunday, August 25, 2013

Audio Microphones Online

I am so happy with new number of songs that was installed to my home karaoke unit when I updated it last month we went for a vacation in the Philippines. I am also happy with the new microphone stand that I purchased in the Philippines for a very cheap price. I actually purchase two microphone stands so I need another microphone since I only have one. So I search around the internet and found this sterling audio microphones website.

I just love to sing whether I am along or with someone with me. I always have some friends to come to our house and enjoy singing with my home karaoke unit. Having a good quality microphone will definitely make our karaoke parties, more fun.

Saturday Time With My Family

The technician didn't arrive last night so I just called Rogers for another appointment to install the new internet modem which will be on Monday. It is really indeed very frustrating. If their new internet modem won't give us a good wifi connection, I will be transferring to Bell this time, so I wont cancel my appointment with Bell on October 5 yet, until I know Rogers will give us what we need. So far, I am enjoying the Filipino Channel but it is quite expensive compare to what Bell offers.

So we had our lunch at Pho Mi Pho Vietnamese Resturant as I promised my kids. We didn't went to the old Vietnamese Resturant that we always go to but went to this Pho Mi Pho along Derry Road, Mississauga which is quite nearer to our house. The previous Vietnamese Resturant that we always go to is good, but this Pho Mi Pho is a lot better and tastier.. I love their soup!!!! We will come back on this resaturant for sure.

Hubby is working overtime today. He used our car so this mean I can't go anywhere for this Sunday off... SIGH!!! I might do all the household chores that I need to do like the thorough cleaning of the second and main floor of our house so I dont have to do it on Tuesday. So I might call to set an appointment either to our family doctor or for a relaxing massage therapy.

I still don't feel quite well so I might go back to our family doctor to look at how my health is doing.

Wedding Photographers Online

I am excited for the visit of my niece with her boyfriend/fiancee next month. They will be here with us for one week. I found out recently that they are already talking about getting married so I am thinking of what gift I will give for their wedding. So I search around the internet and found this north carolina wedding photographers website. I thought of hiring a professional photographer for their wedding.

I've learned from this wedding photographers website that they take a documentary approach to weddings and events. I want to make sure that all the moments will be capture as they happen without orchestrating them. And since their are professional photojournalists.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Waiting For the Technician

It's actually not a busy week for me because I only have to clean two house. Last Wednesday and today. However, I did a lot of things for my family and took time to go to bed early.... I guess I should call it laziness in updating my blogs... lols...

Anyway, I was suppose to switch my Cable TV and Internet from Rogers to Bell. But as usual, Rogers will do their best to hold their customers and so they succeed this time. I only agree to stay with them if they have a technician to come over to our house to replace our modem since the wifi sucks. The schedule is 4pm to 8pm today. It is almost 5pm and no technician yet. I am trying to contact Rogers on their live chat support but the waiting time is about 15 minutes.. Frustrating indeed!!!

We are planning to have dinner today at Pho Vietnamese Restaurant but still waiting for the technician.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Posting Lunch On FB

Yesterday, me and hubby attended the 9am church, then went home to pick up the kids for grocery. After the grocery, we went home just to put down the grocery stuffs and went to Chako Korean BBQ Grill Resturant. If was always fun spending time with my family. It was a short lunch but full of laughter and joy. Worth spending few bucks and make a difference.

I posted it on my Facebook... Why? Is it to show it off that we have money to spend every week to have lunch on fancy restaurant?... Maybe... Or maybe to let everyone know that we always spend time together because it is always important to spend quality time with your family... Whatever it is, this is our passion.... Eating out!!! I don't know why some people will be bothered about it.

Ohhh I know why?.. Maybe because they hate the fact that YEAH!!!!, we have the money to spend every week to a fancy resturant like this... Yeah I guess that's what it is... But you know what? I don't see anything wrong with that because me and hubby work our butt out to have this kind of life... Why can't they just be happy for me and my family...? Facebook is sharing.... I am sharing my life just like anyone else on facebook... Thank you Lord for all the Blessings!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Busy And Happy

My busy life started again and I am not complaining because I am happy for everything that I have. I am so happy lately that I am starting to worry what is next? Because they always say, that if there is happiness sadness will always be on it's way... Gzzzzz, I really hope God will guide me not to have some kind of unbearable sadness.

Anyway, I was busy since Friday cleaning 2 houses since my Sunday customer requested to have her house clean on Friday and so I did. Then it was a usual Saturday cleaning for my Saturday house.

Today, we are going to have our Grocery and then eat lunch at Korean BBQ GRill Restaurant.

I am trying to finish all my household chores and hoprefully get back to bed for a couple of hour nap. We will see!!! Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Buy, Rent and Sell Textbooks Online

My daughter love books and I am planning to buy her some set of books on her birthday so I search around the internet to buy affordable books, and found this Beck's Books website.

They offer textbooks at the lowest prices. You can compare the prices of their books by entering the book information in the search box and simply choose the best deal.

If they do not have the book that you need they use many of their textbook partners to have it shipped to you.

Philippines Christmas Lantern

I am so happy that the two Xmas lantern that I purchased in the Philippines perfectly survived the long travel from Philippines to Toronto, without any damage. I have been wanting to have this filipino xmas lantern for so long now and I am so happy, I finally have it. I can't wait to hang it on Xmas

I am so happy and satisfied with our vacation in the Philippines. Our budget is perfectly okey and infact I was able to keep about $150.00 heheheheh.... I am now back to reality and I will continue to work hard and save money for another vacation plan.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

UA Apollo Online

One of my plan is to built one small room for me and my family in our house here in the Philippines, so we have a decent place to stay here everytime we are going to visit the Philippines.

I am planning to buy a nice a cute furniture to put on the room I am planning to built and of course a nice big tv scree, with a nice sound system, so me and my friends can just hang out here and have fun singing karaoke.

This is a Universal Audio provide a high-resolution Duo DSP computer audio interface that will give the a quality sound of an analog recording. This ua apollo provides control and recall of all interface and UAD plug-in settings within individual DAW sessions, even months and years later.

Vaction For Assignments

I am so happy and having so much fun having my vacation here in the Philippines with my two daughters. I didn't realized that I have some responsibilities as a blogger. I check my account last night and I saw two assignments from my newest sponsor. Gzzzz... I was only using my iphone to search on the internet and my nephews are always using the desktop. So I only had a chance now to use their desktop since their are still sleeping.

Anyway, I still have one assignment to go and I am off to go to bed again.

Today, I am planning to buy some can foods to bring back home and some other things I need to buy. I really hope I won't for get anything.

Multitrack Recorder Online

I am enjoying my vacation right now here in the Philippines. My kids love the foods and everything are so cheap. I wish I can buy all the things I need but unfortunately, I cannot carry them all back home. But I am so glad that I was able to buy my daughter her ukalele. However, I need to buy her a new good quality recorder. It's cheaper to buy here but it is not advisable to buy here and use it back home because they use 220 volts here.

So I look around the internet and found this exceptional music stores zoom r24 bundle at guitar center. It has 24 built-in voices that can be triggered using 8 pads and 3 bank keys to produce sounds to each track and create loops.