Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cleaning my BBQ Grill

Today I am going to clean for my regular weekly Saturday house. I woke up early today so I can clean our porch/patio as well as our BBQ Grill. I want to make sure that my BBQ grill is always clean so my family will always get a clean BBQ meal since we love to BBQ. Also, this make sure that our BBQ grill will last for a long time.

And then, I might just stay at home and relax with my family. I will do the remaining laundry later today and make sure that all clean clothes are folded and place on their respective places. I want to make sure that everything in my house are clean organize before I go to work tomorrow night.

I will also do the thorough cleaning of our bathroom tomorrow, instead of doing it on Tuesday, so that I have time to relax on mornings when I come home from my full-time night shift job, where I have no part-time cleaning.

I might take another vacation with no pay some time this month if I will still be permitted to get some. This might really make some of the haters to raise their eyebrows but who cares? This is my life and I have nothing to explain to anyone about how I run my life.

Anyway, I covered our BBQ Grill for the meantime while waiting for the water to dry inside. When I do thorough cleaning of our BBQ Grill, I usually spray it with easy off and let is stay overnight. They I will scrub it with a steel srub and I spray it water using our water host. I will come back later today to wipe it off with Greenworks to make sure that the grills are clean when we use it again.

Victom Of Wrongful Termination

Eventhough I am not happy with my job, I still feel lucky for being part of my company. They pay me well and the benefits is really good for me and my family. This is one of the big reasons why, I am still with them and try my best to do my job and produce quality products. Unlike other company, they don'treally care about their employees and some may even experience some kind of wrongful termination like what happen to my friends.

As I wassearching around the internet to find some answers to help my friend to get some kind of benefits from her company who terminated her without any good reasons, I found this here for wrongful termination San Diego website.

They provide a Free Consultation and analyze your wrongful termination, and be able to get a claim. They will remain very attentive throughout the process about your case, to make sure that you are given all the informations that you need so that you will understand where you stand..

Friday, September 27, 2013

Temporary Full-time Housewife

Ahhh my unpaid vaction leave from work is almost done. It's a very relaxing days at home for me and my family. It just feel so good being able to live a life a full-time house even for few days. It can be boring if I will make this kind of life a reality. It just feel good to make some changes, temporarily.

Jealous?? I bet some of them are>> But I really hope they won't hate me for doing so... I hope that they will realize that this is my life. I am entitled to do whatever I want to do with my life and I don't have anything to explain my life to anyone.

Anyway, I was just here at home recuperating for a light fever due to sore throat. I will go to my doctor today to follow up my medicine. Then maybe do some window shopping for some furnitures at home. LIFE IS GOOD!! Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Homes For Sale at Louisville

It's been more than three years that we are living in our house. I think we have accumulated a certain amount of equity from our house, that's why I am thinking of moving into a house wherein I can have an extra income.

I was looking around the internet and found this homes for sale louisville ky website. It's a realty website where their expertise are focus on Louisville KY Real Estate. They are also an experts on the Greater Louisville Metro area and homes for sale in Shelbyville and Oldham County.

Maps, photos, virtual tours and lots of information about Louisville and the Greater Louisville Metro area can be seen on their website wherein all the listings are regularly updated.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Clean and Organize Life

My niece went to Virginia last Thursday but I am still off from work. I thought it will be good to continue my day off since it is already our last night, so I enjoyed being with my family and loving my home.

Everything is clean and organize so far. I was glad that my niece find my house to clean. I guess it is about being well focus and organize.

On my kitchen, I always make sure that everything is clear and sanitized. I just use vinegar with water to clean and sanitized the whole kitchen.

* Making sure that the floor is clean from the doorway to the kitchen. Having a clean doorway makes less dirt going to the kitchen.

* I always declutter my kitchen going to the small family area.

* I always wipe my microwave oven with vinegar and water together with my stainless steal fridge (in and out) and my stainless steal stove. I found out that vinegar is the cheapest and effective cleaner for stainless steal appliances.

Loving my life

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CN Tower to Niaagara Falls

With my niece at CN Tower. ahhaha!! I've been here in Canada for more than 13 years now and I am so glad I finally been to CN Tower... heheheheh Like a dream cometrue...

Don't know why the nearest place to go where a lot of tourists always visits, is always the last place you go...

Anyway, today is the last day of my niece and her boyfriend to stay in our house. We are heading to Niagara Falls and stay there for overnight. Their flight is tomorrow at 6 am so I thought it would be nice to just take a hotel to stay overnight to let them see the beauty of Niagara Falls.

Life and Health Insurance In North Carolina

I am so happy that my niece from California is with us since last week. She and her boyfriend will be with us for one week.It's been a long time since I saw her and I can't believe she is getting married.

She and her boyfriend have been planning to move to a different state, and one of their choices is in North Carolina.

If you live in America, it is always good to have an insurance. We search on the internet and found this

This insurance company was established in 1977 for North Carolina residents They offer life and health insurance to individuals. Their services were expanded over the years and always provide the best policy for each client.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Busy Shopping Weekend

It's another busy weekend for me. After my cleaning last Friday, I went straight to Dollarama to buy few things for our house. Then went home to get some rest.

Saturday, I dropped hubby at work early in the morning for his overtime. Then me and the kids went to Costco to buy few things to use at home like paper towels, toilet tissue etc bla, bla. We picked up hubby then went straight to Etobicoke to get my kid's 6 pairs of contact lenses that I ordered.

We went home just to dropped hubby and Kimberly. Then me and Kelly, went to Canadian Tire to buy few things we need for cleaning our backyard, went to The Brick store to just looked around the furnitures. Just getting some ideas how much I will spend for my plan to buy them their new bedroom furnitures this Christmas.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Affordable Musical Instruments Online

I love to sing. It makes me feel relax.. That's I find my karaoke system very useful for my everyday living. They say it is expensive to have one, but for me, it is all worth the money as long as it makes you happy.

I am planning to buy a very nice amplifier that I can hook up on my sound systmem. An amplifier where I can use it for my karaoke and for my daughter's love for guitar. So I search around the internet and found this affordable Fishman Instruments at musician's friend.

They offer different instruments to use for acoustic guitar lovers. I am sure my daughter will be happy to see these different acoustic guitar instruments. Their prices are affordable with good quality.

Smile From Within

It is so funny and annoying to look at her. She looks so trying hard to have such a great sex appeal..hahahhaha!!! I sometimes feel she is trying to copy me. She is trying to immitate my everyday happiness that truly shows on my smile. hahahah!!!

I am indeed happy!!! I feel so blessed!!! I may not be perfect but I know that the smile on my face come from within!!!

But what about her???? She is so bitter and I think a lot of people or most of the people who know her knows how bitter her life is.. How bitter her attitude in life!!!

Abs Cello Case With Wheels

I was so happy to see this bellafina abs cello case with wheels website. I have been looking for a nice gift for my daughter who loves to play different musical instrument. So when I saw this cello case, I thought I should buy it for her for her next band competition.

This Bellafina ABS Cello Case with Wheels includes an ABS plastic shell with different options for transporting the case, six latches and an aluminum valance. It gives a great protection. You can either use it as a backpack/shoulder straps or the wheels for transport.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Right On Time

Today I was able to finish everything that I listed on my "to do" list for today. I was able to clean the washroom and rooms on the second floor, workout, mail the orthotics claim to Manulife plus few snack at Walmart for my kids. I did everything right on time.

I am just updating this blog and I am ready to go to bed.

I really hope to have a good night at work tonight!!! Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Safe Buying Of Gold Bars

I am so happy with the extra income I am making with my cleaning business. I amalready thinking of investing some of these extra money into something that my children can inherit someday. I search around the internet to learn more about investing and found this website about gold bars.

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Busy Life For Appointments

I have been busy as usual, not only with my cleaning business but also with my personal life. I have attended so many medical and dental appointment for me and my family and I still have few appointments that I need to attend in a couple of weeks more, and after that, I hope my daily life will be more relax.

Anyway, I have told my Sunday bi-weekly cleaning that I am not going to clean for them anymore due to some health issue. They were about to gave me my first raise and so sad to hear about me not cleaning for them. As much as I wanted to stay working for them, but I need to spend more time with my family during the weekend. I will still clean for them until they find a cleaner to replce me.