Saturday, November 30, 2013

MIllions Are Against You

Do I expect any of my friends to stand by me? NOOOOOO!!! I just find it a blessing if someone will and I can be the same if I have to.

If the purpose of a friend is to create a chaos that will lead to a fight, then I probably have to stand back. But if I know a friend is doing nothing but to be a normal human being, I really think I will stand by my friend.

Epiphone Guitar Center

Oh Christmas is on it's way very fast and 2 weeks from now, it's going to be my daughter's birthday. So I look around the internet to find a nice gift and found this epiphone explorer goth at guitar center.

This Epiphone Electric Guitar is for heavy riffs. It has tonal depth and dark appointments that enhance its sinister vibe. It has a black chrome hardware, rosewood fretboard with side markers, and with a very nice black satin finish. It has a master tone control for innovative integrated killswitch/tone pot to create sonic strobe effects.

My daughter will love this for Christmas.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Friendship

Friendship? I can only give the kind of friendship that they need, and whatever kind of friendship that I give, I don't expect anyone to do the same thing for me.

Why? It's because the time that I was in confusion around me, he was beside me. He may not be doing anything and saying anything, but he was there with support me. He wasn't neutral like any other friend that I know. He was beside me.

Foam Cushion Online

The living room sofa set that we purchased from the previous owner of the house is getting older. The quality of products is good, so it just needs a little repair.

I found foam cushions website. It's perfect for my plan to renew the foam cushion and it's textile.

The largest size of their cushion is 76" x 82" which is perfect for the size of our sofa. It can be glued together if needed so I guess I need to measure the size of each cushion before I order.

I want to match the color of the new cushion with the new curtain that we have.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Throne is Yours

I am so annoyed with so many things around me. I guess the word of God is simply working at my end. Call it crazy but as I was reading the bible, I read that "everything will go against you by following his words". Well if I am wrong, I hope God will show me the way and correct any wrong doings and mistakes that I am making. But as fas I am concern, I just simply can not take those people who keep looking at someone's imperfections without looking at theirs.

I walk with confidence. Is it wrong? Or you just can't walk like me?

I can smile from my heart. You see it as Flirting while you can not even prove that I have dated anyone outside my marriage. I can't understand why being nice is mistaken to be flirting. Or you just can take it that I can be nice.

Oh well, I am not competing with anyone. If you think you are pretty and sexy then so be it... You can have the throne and congratulation. Bear in mind that you don't have to hate anyone by having that throne...

Bose Companion

My kids love to play different musical instrument not to mention their love to listen to different music. My hubby love to play his games on this playstation with the loud sound, and I love to sing my favorite songs using my karaoke system with a loud sound. I really think we need to replace our speaker with better quality. So I look around the internet and found this bose companion 2 at musicians friend on the internet.

I says that it has better performance than your our speakers and more affordable. All sounds can be heard with just two speakers. It has a unique digital signal processing that produces clear, full sound at any volume.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Faith In God

Funny but posting something to point out her view that daughters should comes first. So she thinks I dont?... hahahahha!!! Okey.. let her be if that will make her happy.

I want my daughter to believe and have faith in God.. This is the only important wealth I can give them when I am gone into this world. Sending them to Cathotic school to give them the knowledge about the Bible, and having faith in God is what will give them the right direction in life. It will give them the wisdom to make the right choices in life. And this doesn't mean, they are not my priority in life... They are!!!

Giving and having faith that in returm, more blessings will come is not bad. Not giving and being greedy is lack of faith in God... We should give food to everyone who ask for it.

Musical Wall Bracket

My daughter love to play different kind of instruments. She have been wanting to have a small music room at home that's why I am looking around for different tools and equipment for musical instrument and then I found this yamaha bws20-120 wall bracket

This bracket can mount a speakers weighing up to 15.4 lbs. It is designed designed for use with the Yamaha brand but it will also work with other speaker systems.

This is appropriate for the small room that I am planning to use for my daughter's wish to have her own music room.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Who You? Bullying Me? Hahahah

Ahahahah So funny to see insecure people. What kind of a man who will look for someone to be on his side to help him insult me or bully me.... hahahah!!! Can't do it on his own... wahahahha!!!

Anyway, today I am waiting for home depot contractor to take a look at our roof and see where the squirrel can go through into our attic. Maybe there is a hole somewhere in our roof. I hope everything will be okey.

I am planning to bake an oatmeal muffin to bring to work tonight.

Noisy Canceling Headphones

I wasn't happy when my daughter told me that she broke her celphone's earphone and asking me to buy her a new one. I thought I should buy her a headphone instead so I look around the internet and found this noise canceling headphones webstore.

My daughter loves to play different kinds of musical instrument so I thought this would be nice in replacement of her earphone. This noise canceling headphones often use in the studio when you need to hear your sound of music over the sound of a drums or other loud instrument. It is also very useful for traveling to enjoy whatever music you are listening to.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Givng It A Try

I was busy.. Busy inside my house and doing some phonecalls. I was actually enjoying my sparetime although I am not used to it... I'd rather have something worthwhile to do rather than doing nothing.. I am happy with the cleanliness of my house, until I got a new phonecall from a new prospective customer. So I thought I should give it a try and I did!! I will give it a try for another couple of weeks and sae how it goes. It is good on my budget specially when there are some cancellation from my regular customers.

So yesterday I was busy. Me and hubby brought our big dog to the Vet Clinic. Then we went home and I took a nap before I went to my regular weekly Saturday cleaning.

Today, we are planning to go to Costco and buy few things for the house. Then we will go to Church for Sunday Mass.

I wasn't looking for a new customer. Infact, I have rejected a lot of referals from my regular customer's friends and relatives. Mostly because I don't like the location. Until I have this one phonecall.

I listen to the little voices inside. And I always believe that God send the right people for me. I want to give it a try and see how it goes... Life is good because God is good.!! Thank you Lord for all the blessings

Friday, November 8, 2013

MOX6 For Complete Musical Performances

Christmas is on it's way and I have so many parties to attend. I also have few gathering to be held in our house and most of these will be Karaoke or dance gatherings. I need to buy something that will make my home karaoke to be more than just a home karaoke... So I look around the internet and found this mox6 at musicians friend

This can combine multiple Voices together (up to 4 parts) which can allow to play dynamic layered sounds. It can also play solos with drums and bass backing tracks. Playing simple chords will create a complete musical performances.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Choice Vintage Kitchen

We all have choices in life and we have to accept the fact that we can not have everything. Now in my case, I'd rather have a simple house and use my money for other things that will make me and my family happier than having a nice big house like those other trying hard people that I know.

I have a small kitchen in a small old house. The mortgage is low, and maintenance is low.. Not to mention the low property tax compare to other places in Ontario. It's an old neighborhood but pretty quiet.

Since we still don't have the budget for a kitchen renovation for our vintage style kitchen, I bought this rack to put all our kitchen appliances like the microwave oven and the oven toaster while we are waiting for the right moment for a new kitchen

I bought this rack so that we can have a decent counter top space for my baking purposes and for my husbands cooking. Our counter tops is still small but we can deal with it. Infact. I already made my new recipe for chocolate cake and I am looking forward to make a 3 layer chocolate cake very soon.

So this is my vintage kichen inside my vintage house.. So don't ask why I was able to do a lot of traveling.... Life is all about choice... Unless your life really suck because our decision sucks.. hehehh!!!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Saturday

This day of Saturday is all mine... hehhehe... My Saturday cleaning called to cancel my appointment so I have few things in line to do for today.

I started with my regular thorough cleaning of the basement while doing one load of laundry. Then I removed the old curtain and put up this curtain that was given to me by one of my customers.

This is in preparation for plan to decorate my house for Christmas. I am planning to buy a real pine tree as our Christmas Tree this Christmas. And of course, I can't wait to hang my Philipines Christmas Lantern.

Today, I am planning to go to Square one with my family and return one blouse in Sirens, or perhaps exchange it with another type of blouse. Then we are going to buy a tall step ladder to use in reaching the open spot in our attic for blocking the squirrel in getting inside our attic.

I am also planning to buy a small microwave cabinet so we can have a bigger counter space for my plan to start baking again. Well we have a small kitchen and I don't think the kitchen renovation will start anytime early this year. So I guess buying a microwave cabinet is more affordable at this time.

I am also planning to drop by at Home Depot to have an estimate of our roof sidings since the water is really pouring all over the front of our house. I guess it need to be replace.

Better Pricing For Projects

There are so many projects I have in mind inside and outside of my house. I guess I will start with the kitchen next year and that will be the focus of our budget. I really hope I can save enough money for this project. This is the reason why I keep searching around the internet to see which company offers a better price. And then I found this website wherin the pricing was better compare to other company.

They are company based in USA that offers industrial products that features an impressive, full-color, 900 page industrial products. They have been serving manufacturers and machine builders in over 60 countries with their best in Knobs, Handles, Clamps, Tooling Components, Fasteners, Leveling Pads and many more.