Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Party

These pictures were taken last Saturday night (December 28, 2013) at Sis Cynthia's house. It was fun and I am glad that my kids went with me together with our small dog. The owner of the house was the previous owner of our small dog. They are so happy to see their dog.

It's always good to be with the people with simple minds. No pride or ego to compare their lives to anyone. They just love being together and having fun doing things for God. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Busy Assembling Furnitures

It was quite a busy day for me and my family yesterday. First, I drop hubby to work. And while waitng for the animal control team, I put this glass organizer I bought in IKEA, on our powder room. Just above the sink. Isn't it nice?

Then the animal control arrive and look at our roof. It has to be done as soon as possible. Good thing that they will be sealing the opening of all our roof where the squirrel is coming in for a cheaper price.

Then the home depot guy came to look at the roof water diverter infront of our house. It needs to be replace and these is another cost for us.

And then the IKEA men came to deliver all the bedroom furnitures that we purchased. We were so busy assemling and we are not yet done.

Yesterday we have finished Kimberly's Bed and dresser. So today, we will be buying things in removing Kelly's room border and paint. We will probably start assembling Kelly's Bed and Dresser tomorrow, if we decide to pain her room today. If we are not going to paint her room, we will start assembling her new bedroom furnitures Hopefully everthing will be done before the New Year's Eve.

We also have to buy the Mattress for Kimberly today.

Hubby is going to work to his part-time job tonight while me and the kids will attend a party at my friend's house.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day 2013 With My Kids

I already changed my FB profile picture so I don't think it is good to put this up so I am just posting it here. Look vain and kacky? I guess I am, but only for myself. It's not bad to love yourself and be happy about it.. Is it?

So this was taken yesterday before I went out with my kids for boxing day. I bought a new bedroom set furniture at IKEA and it will all be delivered today. I can't wait to see their room soon with a new look for year 2014.

Then we went to Orfus road to look around. I bought some fabric to replace the kitchen chair cover. I will make it maybe later today if I have the chance.

Then we look around for some new clothings but didn't buy any.

Then we went to Woodbine Mall to eat ice cream at Baskin and Robin. Look around and just decided to go home because there are so many people... Nice day it was!! But my pocket is bleeding... hahahahah!!!

Today I am expecting the Animal Control people to fix the hole on our roof where the squirrel is coming it. Another spending that will make my pocket bleed... hahahah!!! I will pay them in cash to save the tax.

I am also expecting the bedroom delivery today from IKEA. So I guess I will be busy assembling the bedroom furnitures today with my kids for kimberly's room.

Hubby will go to work today, so maybe later today, I will ask him to buy some paint for Kelly's room. He can probably start painting her room tomorrow. So I am looking at assembling and finishing Kelly's new bedroom furniture on Monday. Hopefully everything will be in place before the New Year's Eve.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas to all my friends and haters as well.. hehhehe.. It's always good wish everyone Merry Christmas including all those who hate me...

I woke up early today as usual.. I load the white dirty clothes and hang them to dry. I am not doing anything until January 5, since it's company Christmas shut down so I thought of not using the dryer as much as possible by loading dirty laundry one day at a time and hang them to dry. This saves me gas and electricity.

I wanted to go out with my kids to shop but all establishments are close for today, so I will just watch all the movies that my brother download on our laptop... Burn my eyes until January 5 ... hahahah

Merry Christmas to all... Life is good because God is good.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Picture Thoughts

I am planning to make this picture as my FB profile picture. But I just recently changed my profile picture so I thought of waiting for few more days.

This picture was taken last Sunday before we went to the church. I just love how my hair match my make up. I realized that it looks a lot better to use matte eyeshadow. It looks more natural than the shimmer. Well it is good to have more option.

I look so vain indeed and I think this is what makes them mad and angry with me. I am not perfectly beautiful but I can make myself look so much better... What can I do, I simply got the skill... heheheheh

Stunning Electric Guitar Online

The weather is so bad for a couple of days now. I have been wanting to to go to the mall to shop for a good Christmas gift for my daughter, so I just shopping around the internet instead. I am so happy to come across this jackson electric guitars website.

I just love their new Jackson X Series guitars which is loaded with hot humbucking pickups. It has compound-radius fingerboard with the distinctive shark-fin inlays, and stunning finishes with fantastic tone.

I can't wait to show this website to my daughter

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Creepy Sunday Thought

I did my regular weekly saturday part-time job. I got a pretty good Christmas gift from her.. Happy!! Then I went home and did the grocery with my family... Happiness...

Today we will attend the 12noon Church Mass then the baptismal of my niece. I am not sure if we will eat somewhere after the mass.

I am planning to take a bath early and make myself beautiful again for photo taking and post it on facebook as usual... hehehhehe!!!

Funny to think how people run their minds. If I dont post anything on Facebook, they think my life is boring... If I keep posting, they think I lack attention... hahahah!!!

Anyway, just having some thoughts about how these creepy people think. How insecure they are... How I wish I can get out of these kind of environment soon... I don't really care about the money anymore.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Crappy Minds For My Good Life

Funny but a lot of these crappy mind people are so affected by my vacation leave without pay. Why? What is wrong? Am I interrupting their lives? This is my life peepz, and I will do anything I want with my life. If you are jealous, that not my fault but yours. You can never control other people... You can never control me... You can only control yourself.

So since I didn't work last night. I went to this chinese restuarant with my Kimberly. I dropped few food for my so called friend. First to give her a cold head that I know how to give and care even if she is treating me like crap behind my back. God knows what is in our heart!!! Good and bad Karma is always around.

Anyway, today I will just stay at home. Hubby used the car so I might have to wait for him to do some grocery.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Subwoofer for Sale Online

The DVD player with sorround system that we purchased last year is not working anymore. What a shame to have this very awful quality sound system. I am very disappointed specially that it is a brand name known for its good quality. But that's okey. It's about time to buy a new one. So I was looking around the internet and found this subwoofers for sale.

These stage subwoofers are designed for low pitched bass frequencies. A lot of us dont know that bubwoofers are made to withstand the air pressure generated by low frequencies that is coming from high output levels. It used to limit the amount of bass on a record because too much bass would cause the record to skip.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Loving Myself

I love my hair and the colored contact lens that I purchase 2 weeks ago. I just love making myself beautiful. I guess that's why a lot of them hate me because, I am not perfectly beautiful but I can make myself look a lot better.

Funny to see them hate the way I make myself look better. Most of them don't even wear lipstick or eyeliner. But look at them now... hahahahah!!! Trying to be me!!

Well I just hope they will continue loving themselves and forget about the hate in their heart. But is it possible? Because from what I know 'ANG INGITERA AT INGITERO AY MAMAMATAY NA INGITERO AT INGITERA!!!'.... hahahahha

Well sorry, because this is me and will always be me!!

Portable Electronic Keyboard

My niece who happens to be my goddaughter, is going to celebrate her 17th birthday soon. I heard from her dad, that she is taking a piano lesson so I thought of giving her an electronic keyboard portable

This electronic keyboard is very easy to use. It has 54-key electronic keyboard which is very good for entry-level player. It has a wide rang with a great tone at a very affordable price. It also contain 100 voices and 100 rhythms, with 16 volume levels, 8 demo songs, 8 panel drum presets, Single Chord Function, and Finger Chord Function.

Monday, December 16, 2013

I am Happy It Shows

Where will she get her looks from? Is that a question? I am the mother!!! hahahhaha!!!

Funny how jealous people try to make happy people like me, to feel bad about myself. MISERABLE people want happy people to feel miserable like them... Well I am so sorry, because no matter what they do, I AM HAPPY and I feel so Blessed because GOD is good!!! bow!!!

I am happy and it shows obviously... Hating me won't change anythings about my happiness.

Here is the thing... I may not be perfectly beautiful, but I got a lot of things that you don't, that's why you hate me... hehehhehe

EGH Law Firm

It's not easy to run a business whether it is small or big business, you need to prepare yourself that somewhere down the line in running your business, you will encounter some problems.

EGH Law will help you on how to resolve complex business disputes. They provide a high level of service for their clients.

They also provide help for those who have suffered injuries caused by other people's negligence like vehicle accidents or other issues. Their lawyers will provide the necessary courtroom skills for you.

Their Happiness Is Mine

This picture was taken last Saturday at Chako Korean BBQ Restaurant to celebrate my twin daughter's 16th birthday with their friends. I wasn't there since I have to work at my part-time job. But listening to my kid's joy in spending a great time with their friends, makes me so happy. Their happiness is my happiness.

It's my gift for them for their 16th birthday and I really hope I really made them happy.

I posted this picture on my facebook not to show it off but to let people know that I am here to provide my kid's their happiness. Because some parents would want a grand celebration without knowing what and how their kids really want to spend their birthday.

Feet Warmer Online

It's winter once again and this Christmas I need to buy clothes that will keep us warm specially for hubby since he is just taking the bus. So I look around the internet and found this feet warmers.

This is an electronic heating systems that can be worn with the boot. It will keep your feet warm and solve the issue of moist boots.

This is really cool and I will ask hubby take a look at this website and see if he will be interested to buy one. I really think he need this.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Party With My Daughter

I have not opened my account from my newest sponsor and I was happy and surpise to see a good number of assignments from them. Thank you!!

I have been busy with a lot of things and at the same time, LAZY to do things on days that I am not that busy. I guess trying to relax once in a while is healthy.

. Anyway, this picture was taken yesterday at our Christmas Party. I was with my daughter this time and I am glad she had fun with the food and venue. I was worry that she might get bore and won't have fun, but she likes the fancy atmosphere.

Organic Matress Online

My Christmas Gift for my Twin daughters is a brand new bedroom furniture. So I am looking around the internet and found this austin mattress stores. What caught my attention about their product is their Organic Matress.

Why do I need an Organic Matress? It's because one of my twin daughter have allergy and I thought and Organic Matress would help since conventional mattresses contain a different toxic chemicals which is not helpful for for people who have allergy.

I have been using natural cleaning products at home and it help her a lot. So I thought of buying her natural furnitures for her bedroom.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Looking Stupid For Copying

So funny how people are sooo insecure and obviously trying to copy things you do... hahahhaha!!! You simply have to yourself to SHINE!! The more you copy other people, the more you will look STUPID!! hahahahh!!!

Anyway, today is going to be a busy day for me. My ki's will eat at Chako Korean Resturant with their friends to celebrate their 16th birthday while hubby will drop me and pick me up after 4 hours to my part-time cleaning job. Then I will go straight at home and prepare myself to our Company Christmas party. Woooolalalal.. Snowing or not, I will be there!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Proving Them Wrong.

I was so busy since Friday because I have to work overtime.. I was supposed to clean last Saturday but cancelled it because I need to take some rest.

Then Sunday, me and my family went to Bramalea City Centre to shop after attending the 9am church. So this is a pricture taken yesterday at Bramale Centre. I made it as my present profile picture.

Funny how gossipers and hater suddenly switch their words against me. hahahahah!!! Too scared to face their malicious minds.

Anyway, today I realized that I really shouldn't mind what people's say and think about me. But then, I have to make it a point that they should know where they stand.. Ruining other people's life is just not right. And yes, who am I to control their minds and their mouth? I just want to make sure that they know that I am always ready to prove them wrong.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pissed Behind The Scene

Pissed with someone's gesture of trying to make me jealous... If I know, she is one insecure woman behind the scene. There is no reason to make me jealous because there is nothing to be jealous of... Trying to point my flirtiness without even looking how she is.. Judging how I wear lipstick and makeup and look how she is now... She don't even wear anything at all before!!! Pissed!! Just pissed!! but that's okey... I will not ruin day...

Anyway, today is an easy day for me. I will just load two batches of dirty clothes to make sure that I won't have file of household chores on the weekend since I have to work overtime this weekend.

Today I pray that God will help me change something in me that is not necessary on his eyes. I pray for forgiveness if I have done any sins and help me change it according to his will. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Hotels At Niagara Falls

Yeppeyyy!!! Two more weeks and it is already Christmas shut down at work. I can finally take a lot of rest. I will be off from work for about 3 weeks and I am already thinking where to go and spend a relaxing time away from home. I thought it would be nice to spend two to three night in Niagara Falls for I need to find hotels in Niagara Falls.

I was suprise to see the prizes of hotels when I check some hotel rooms availability for this season. I was expecting about more than $100 per night, but suprisingly lower than what I have expected.

The prize for 4 starts hotels per night are suprisingly lower than I expected. I will definitely talk to my husband this weekend and see if he will agree with my plan to make a reservation at Niagara Falls this Christmas.

I am also planning to cross the USA Boarder and do some shopping with my kids at Buffalo USA. I am also planning to eat on this italian fine dine in restaurant that was recommended by a friend, which is also located in Buffalo USA.

We don't have any family here in Canada, so we just spend our Christmas at home. But this Christmas, I want something new. I want to be outside the house and do something different. We might spend two to three nights in a hotel.

I might find nice hotel where pets are allowed so I don't have to send my two dogs in a dog boarding house. Beside, we love spending our time together with our dogs.

On this website that I came accross, I realized that they have a web page where thay will recommend place and things to do while you are on vacation. I know that, that me and my family have come and spend so much time in Niagara Falls, but it is still good to have some more options to consider. Perhaps, we can go outside the City and explore more.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Rest For Work

Ahhh, it was just a regular Saturday for me yesterday. I went for 4 hours cleaning on my regular weekly Saturday cleaning and then went straight home. Then hubby and my daughter Kimberly went out to buy a new printer ink and pizza plus the dog food.

I just colored my hair yesterday and hopefully the color will look better soon.

Today, me and hubby are just planning to go to church and maybe do small grocery.

It's Sunday once again. And if it is Sunday, it means I have to take my rest half of the day to prepare myself for my night shift full-time job...gzzzzz!!! Ready for another childish battle if there will be some...

Ultrasone Headphone Online

Here is another gift idea I have in mind for my other daughter who also love to play and listen to music. It's an exciting ultrasone at musicians friend.

It is a foldable, closed-back headphones with aluminum nameplates. It has a hardcas for safe storage plus accessories. It has a drivers that have the most exact and correct sound reproduction. The nice velvet earpads will give an amazing comfort for long working hours with a maximum of isolation.It comes with one straight and one coiled cord, and a spare pair of velvet earpads.