Sunday, January 26, 2014

Perfume On Sale

Yesterday I went for 4 hours cleaning to my regular weekly Saturday house. Then me and my daughter Kelly went to Shoppers Drugmart to buy this perfume on sale. 

Together with this perfume, I bought my daughter her foundation and I bought blush for myself.
Then we went to Woodbine Centre to pick up my frame and ate ice cream at Baskin n Robin.

We past by at this Shoe store and I am having OCD to buy this high boots for spring... gzzzz

Anyway, today we are going to church and do the grocery

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hard Work Is Luck

Today, I am going to my regular weekly Saturday part-time and make a few bucks. Jealous with the money?... It's because I am not lazy?.. I don't do extra money just for the sake of MONEY. I always make the most of my day without neglecting my time to rest. I actually had a good sleep last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and do my regular weekly cleaning in my basement and on the main floor. And then I went back to bed and woke up after 3 hours, to have breakfast with hubby.

I am just doing a few loads of laundry, and then I am ready to go. It's just a 4 hours job, so I will go home later this afternoon and see how the snow storm goes, if we can do the grocery today. Otherwise, we will just stay at home and enjoy the pizza that hubby bought yesterday, and just do the grocery tomorrow after the church.

I also just finish the bill payments and the budgetting. I think I am ready to buy the purmist on the internet sometime this week. Awesome!!! Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Vacuum For My Basement

Busy week as usual, to update my blog. So here I am sharing something again.. It's Fridayyyyyy!!!

Yesterday I bought this new light weight vacuum cleaner. I have been wanting to buy this for so long now and I am so happy that I finally have it. The amazing thing is, it was on sale!!! hahahha

I was suppose to buy the newest Shark Vacuum cleaner, but when I saw this on Canadian Tire and it was on sale, I grabbed it right away.

I am so happy because it is very small and very light but it has a very powerful suction and most of all, it is complete seal with anti-allergen. Perfect for my basement since my two dogs stays in the basement. Now I dont have to struggle with the heavy weight of my old vacuum because this small vacuum is very light..

Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Things I Was Blessed To Have

It's Sunday so me and hubby went to church. Kids are busy studying for their exams so I excused them for not coming with us until next Sunday.

After the church mass, hubby dropped me to Woodbine Mall and he went to buy Popeye Fried Chicken for our lunch. While waiting for him at the mall, I went to the Framing studio to follow up the frame that I ordered. It wasn't there yet. I hope to have it soon. Then I went to buy this new high winter boots. It's warmer than the one that I just bought, and cheaper. I will wear it tonight for sure.

Then I went to Dollarama to buy this flower vase and artificial flower. I have been wanting to put a flower in our room to make it look warmer and nicer and I am so happy, I finally did.
I am happy, I am done buying all the things I am so eager to have. I am so blessed!!!

I am thinking of buying this light portable shark vacuum cleaner for my basement and for cleaning my car, but I can live without that for now. The one that I have is still working anyway.

I am also having this thought of buying this one console table that I saw on the internet, but I can also still live without that for now. I will buy these things one day at a time. For now, the next thing I have in mind to buy online is 4 Large and 4 standard size Ultimate Cloth. Maybe sometime this week. Thank you Lord for all these blessings

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Few Home Things For My House

Busy as usual but I was able to buy a couple of things I want inside my house since I was off from work last Thursday night. First, I was able to buy this flower at dollarama and the base at xcargo last weekend, I placed it on the corner of our stairway.

Then yesterday, I bought this 2 small orchids and one regular size yellow orchids at Home Depot, after my Friday cleaning while I was waiting for my kid. I put them on our living room side table.. It made the room looks so pleasant.
And together with the orchids, I bought this bonsai at Home Depot and placed it on top of this plant stand that I bought in Home Essence last Monday when I bought Kelly's bedsheet.
Then this Bissell pet spots deep cleaning machine at Canadian Tire last Thursday. I was suppose to buy the Shark Rocket portable vacuum but this was on sale, so I thought I should have this instead. This will be good in deep cleaning some spots in my car.
I thought I should try growing some plants indoor eventhough I know, I don't have a green thumbs but who knows.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Kid`s New Bedroom Furnitures

Yepeyy, I off from work tonight so I have so much time to do a lot of things inside the house. I want to buy this and that!!! But for now, I wanted tso share the bedrooms furnitures that I bought in IKEA for my kids last Christmas..

This is Kelly Anne`s bed with the side table and the lamp. She want her room to be in purple so I bought 2 sets of purple king size bed sheets and comforter. I will buy 2 king size pillow later today.

And this is Kelly`s dresser ..
This is Kimberly`s new bed and dresser with the new night lamp. I have to return the side table because it wont fit in her room anymore.
Yes, my kid`s wont be with me for the rest of my life but I want to give them my best for as long as I live. They are so happy with their new bedroom furnitures..

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Clean and Simple House

My daughter Kelly didn't want me to buy her a new winter boots since she said, that what she have is still very much fine. That saves me few bucks.. Very nice daughter.. hehehhe... So after my part-time, me and hubby went for grocery and went home.

Today, I did the cleaning on my basement and on my main floor. This is my lovely living room!! Isn't it nice and simple? My house is small and old, but a lot of people who come here and compliment the way I arrange and decorate my house. And most of all, I always make sure that my house is clean and organize.

My two daughters told me that they wont be able to come to church with us today, so I guess it's just me and hubby who will go to church. I have to go to bed early because I will definitely go to work tonight.. I was absent for three days since I was sick.. I bet there are some eyebrows raising again but who cares? I was and still a little sick..

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Buying Daughter Winter Boots

Today I am going to work for my regular Weekly Saturday customer. After that, I am planning to buy my daughter, Kelly, her new winter boots since I realized that her old winter boots is already broken. I wonder how cold her feet was, during those cold and snowy days. My kids never ask for something they know they that will burden me, eventhough I find it important for them to have it. I wanted to buy another boots for me, but I will just buy it for them.

And then, we might do our grocery today if we still have time. Otherwise, we will just do the grocery tomorrow after the church mass.

I did the final laundry cloths today so I will clean my basement and the main floor tomorrow morning before we go to church. Then I will just do the second floor on Tuesday or Monday when kids are gone to school. I need to change their beddings and do thorough dusting all over. I am simply a clean freak to my house.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Winter Boots

Yesterday was an easy but busy day for me. I drop hubby to work and the kids after. Then I went at Mavis Road to buy a new Winter Boots for me at Shoe Company. I happy with what I purchsed for myself. hehehe I think I want to buy one more boots buy a higher one.

Then me and hubby went to our appointment.. FREEDOM is what I can say but not quite yet....!!! Soon!! Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Today was a real busy day for me. I have to clean two house. One for my regular bi-weekly Friday and one for the mother of one of my customer. I only clean this small condominium once a month. It was only a two hour job and quite far but the people who own the house is important.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Exploring The Cleaning Cloth

Today me and hubby have an appointment at 4pm so I still have a lot of time to do things in and out of the house. I drop hubby to work this morning and drop my kids to school. I saw an advertisement at the Conference Center for winter clothings and accesories. I might drop by and see if there is a winter snow boots that I would like to buy for myself. Otherwise, I am planning to go to Highway 7 and Weston Road to buy.

I am exploring the Ultimate Cloth that I bought online last week so I cleaned the house surfaces including the mirrors and glasses. The cloths needs to be clean and squeeze a lot before reusing it so it's not saving me any TIME at all. Not very impress but I would still order one set of standard size since it saves me few bucks on buying Windex for my clients where I have to use my own cleaning supply and also for cleaning my house as well.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sick and Yet Busy

Busy again since I started going back to my Night Shift work. So I did work for 2 nights starting last Sunday. It was actually an easy 2 nights for me. There's not much work. Slow down I guess. I was able to go to work despite the bad weather, but last night, I have to call in sick because I feel really sick.

So today, even if I am sick, I drop hubby to work because it was really cold this morning. Then I have to go to my regular bi-weekly Wednesday house. It's just a three hours work so I survived with the help on my 2 remaining antibiotic and tylenol.

After that, I went home to take a bath and go to the doctor with my daughter Kelly who is also sick like me.

Then, we pick up hubby to work, pick up my order in New Directions, and then pick up my other daughter.

I still feel sick so I don't think I can go to work tonight and will be absent for the rest of the week. Ahhhh I really feel weak!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cleaning And Sick

Yesterday, I went out with my daughter Kelly. First, to send the claim form to my hubby's insurance company. Hopefully I will receive the claim money soon. Then, We went to the car wash station to have my car clean both inside and outside. Not happy with their service... Then we went to buy few groceries at Fortinos.

Today I clean the basement as usual and the main floor. I didn't clean the last floor because the kids are annoying. I hate cleaning when somebody is around so I guess I will clean this area on Tuesday. I can't clean tomorrow (Monday) because me and hubby have an appointment in the afternoon.

Today, me and hubby will go to church early. I want to go home early because I will go to the doctor and have my throat infection check. I am not getting any better after taking that antibiotic for 7 days. I might ask our doctor to refer me to a specialist.

It's going to snow hard today until tomorrow morning, I am thinking if I am going to work tonight or not. Aside from that, I am not really feeling very well. So I will see how I feel the rest of the day. Otherwise, I might just call in sick!!... Any problem with that??? Kiss my a*** if you have any problem with that. It's my life.. Run your own life will yah!!!!

I keep cleaning my house to avoid being sick, but I keep getting sick... gzzz!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Home Decor and Printer

So the Animal Control went to our house yesterday morning to fix whatever probem we have on our roof. I am so happy that the guy fix the roof water converter which saves me a lot of money. Now, I dont need the Home Depot contracter to fix the water converter.

Then me and hubby drop the kids to Bramalea Library for their homework. Then me and hubby went straight to Walmart to buy this printer since we are having trouble printing with the old printer. Gzzzz another expense!!!

Then I drop hubby at home and I went to IKEA alone to buy few home decor. I bougth this two artificial plant for our living/visitor's area to make it looks nice. Love it!!

This radio component used to be in one of my daughter's room. She is not using it so, I thought it would be good to put it on the main floor so I can listen to music when I want to.
I also bought this nice white lamp in IKEA and put it in our family room area. I put our old lamp in the basement. I also thought it would be good to have a lamp in our basement to save energy when we don't need the whole basement to be bright.
I like buying things for my house instead of buying things for personal stuff. I need to buy more but my budget was limited since I bought my kids their own new bedroom furniture set. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Seat Cover No Expert

I was busy yesterday doing the kitchen dining chair seat cover. I was until this morning that I was able to finish it all. I just want to protect the original textile of the chair. The first seat cover that I made was too small and looks bad. I am glad it looks neat now eventhough I am no expert.

It was a quite today day for me and my family but mostly eating. We went to IKEA to return the wrong matress for Kelly's new bed. Then we drop by to Fortinos to buy this potatoe wedges. Then hubby bought Harvey's burger for the kids... What a big appetite family

Tomorrow, the Animal Control team will be here to close the hole in our roof. I am planning to go out to buy few things, after. Then I will see if I can start doing the cleaning so I dont have to clean next week coz I know I will have some sleeping adjustment again for my night shift job. More than two weeks vacation is quite long to ruin my sleeping time.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

It was a quiet New Years Eve for me and my family as usual. New Year celebration here in Canada is boring. Unlike in the Philippines, everybody were having fun celebration for the New Year coming in. But that's okey... As long as I am with my family, I am happy and very thankful.

What is my New Year's resolution? hmmm, nothing I guess... Because everyday I always try my best to the best according to God's will. I will continue to avoid negative people in my life. I will continue to appreciate what God has given me.

Today since everything is close, I will just stay at home and keep my house clean and organize as possible. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.