Monday, February 24, 2014

Redundant Link Removal Requests

I have not open my account from my newest sponsor last week because I was so freakingly busy. Then when I open it today, I have a lot of pending assignments. Plus there are so many link removal requests. The sad part about link removal requests is that, aside from too many at one time, most of the requests are redundant. It's too much work to open the post then only to find out that the link was already removed.

I will try to finish all the pending assignments. It's just confusing to open my account lately because link removal and link request assignments are all together...

Anyway, I was able to clean my kids room and the bathroom plus the main floor. Then I went to Westwood Mall to mail the two sample orders, then deposit the two checks from two of my customers, then set an appointment for the vision testing for hubby and Kelly. All is good. I am ready to go to bed now in a bit.

Speakers at Guitar Center

My daughter's speaker just broke and I need to buy her a new one since she is using it everyday to practice for her bandfest. So I look around the internet and found this kustom pa speakers at Guitar Center.

I am not a guru when it comes to musical instruments but I really think that this website provide good quality. Aside from that, the price is very competitive. But I will still ask my daughter to visit this site to see is they can provide what she is looking for. I am sure my daughter will like this website because they offer different instrument and instrument accesories.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

No Energy

I was busy as usual. It is better to be busy than waste time for nothing.My wallet is so happy. heheheh

Today, I decided not to go to church because my hips really hurts and my energy is really down for some reason eventhough I have a good sleep. I guess I am just too tired and not been exercising a lot for this week. Oh well, I was busy from Tuesday to Saturday so what can I do??... Plus, I guess I have been eating too much carbs...

Yesterday, after my cleaning, me and my family went for grocery... I was so freaking tired...

Anyway, I was able to clean my basement. I am leaving the main floor for tomorrow when I clean the second floor.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dont Care

Today I will be busy with my bi-weekly Wednesday cleaning. Then I will go home to relax and prepare myself for another night at work.

My friend gave me some slightly used boots for my kids. I hope my kids will like it.

Just funny how people with different personalities chat among themselves. Just an annoyance if I will mind all of these nonsense thoughts. But then I learn so much from it and gave me more confidence about myself. Bitterness is simply about jealousy... Ahhhh, it feels so good to live in my own world.... It feels good not to care about other people and just live my life. Thank for Lord for your endless guidance.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Busy Valentine

Uhhh so busy to update my blogs. Busy making money. Busy keeping my house clean. Busy spending time with my family. But I will try to summarized all my activities since I last update this blog.

I was busy with my cleaning during the last few days of the week. But my other Friday bi-weekly cancelled my scheduled so I was able to sleep after my work and wake up in the afternoon to have enough energy to go out for a Valentine dinner with my family.

Hubby went home last Friday with this Valentine gift. So happyyyy!!!

Then we ate dinner at our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant at Dixie and Derry Road, Mississauga.

The next day, Saturday, I went to my regular Saturday cleaning then I went home and get some rest.

Sunday, I cleaned my house (basement and main floor) while doing the laundry. Then me and my family went to Sunday mass.

Then we dropped hubby to his part-time work while me and the kids went for shopping at Orfus Road as I promised.... So happy to see my angels happy... Then me and the kids ate at Congee Queen, and bring home some for hubby.

I picked up hubby, and end my day watching "The Walking Dead" with hubby.

Today. I just finished doing two sample Mineral Makeup orders... I will just stay at home to clean our bathroom upstairs. I won't have time this week to clean since I will be busy from Tuesday to Saturday. I am thinking of filing a one day vacation leave this week. We will see.... We might do few grocery today.

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Princess Clean Rooms

Just finished cleaning the second floor and changing the bedsheets of my two princess.

This is Kelly's room.

And this is Kim's room
And then after cleaning, I call the Honda financing and just found out that the maturity date of our contract is on year 2016. I thougt it will be next year... Hahahaha!!! I have more time to save money to buy a used car for Kimberly, and for their University and perhaps, for their 18th Birthday. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bodyvibe and Keurig

First I am so happy when I saw the notification of the arrival of this body vibe that I ordered online. I picked it up at Canada POst since nobody was home last Thursday morning to receive the parccel. So I have to pick it up at Canada post. I assembled it right away to my excitement and I am so please when I tried it on. My body is moving everywhere which is perfect on my busy day when I don't have time to exercise. It is also perfect for my stiffness...

Then I was so happy to see my kids happiness to buy this keurig coffe maker so they can brew their favorite starbucks k-cups since tassimo coffee maker don't have starbucks. I was also happy since they have this special k-cup where I can brew other roasted coffee I am buying at Fortinos which is cheaper than buying their ready made k-cup coffee. Love it.
Today I am going to my regular Saturday customer and make few bucks and save it after all these luxurious wishes buying for me and my family. I guess the body vibe will be the last big expense I will spend. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Things For My Hard Work

So I just ordered this bodyvibe machine online few hours ago. It says it is good for a lot of body pain issues like foot, back, etc. including stiffness. I thought I should give it a try since I have so many pains all over my body. I read a lot of reviews and it's all good.

This is quit a big decision in terms of money but since I am working so hard, why not buy things for myself?

I know I have been buying a lot of things both on and off the internet, it is because I am rewarding myself with the amount of work that I am doing. I just want to make sure that I am happy providing me and my family all the things that we need. I really thank God for all these Blessings.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Vacuum For Cleaning

Busy, busy and busy to update my blog. I wasn't actually that much busy with my part-time but I had a busy week added to my schedule watching this new Filipino teleserye... hahahah " The Legal Wife".. It relaxes me before I got to bed.

Also, I think I have a new cleaning client, recommended by one of my regular bi-weekly Wednesday. I was ahaving a second thought of accepting her house since the schedule for my part-time cleaning is good enough, as well as the money. But since she needs her house to be clean every week, I thought of accepting it. Oh well, I am being greedy again.
I bought this new vacuum cleaner to use for some or most of my cleaning client since most of them have central vacuum. One dont have a proper brush for carget and area rugs, one dont suck good enough and have a crappy brush nozzle which is giving me a back ache. One have dyson which is not good for hard floors. And this new customer have such a big ass canister vacuum. Hmmm