Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yesterday's Birthday

Hmmp, LAZYYYY!!! Yup I was lazy and I am lazy updating my blogs. I am so hooked watching and trying to finish all the Seasons of "LOST" TV series... It is so addicting.

It was my Birthday yesterday. So I went to my regular Saturday cleaning even it was my birthday because it is a commitment, and of course, MONEY!!! heheheh. Then I went for a dinner with some friends... FRIENDs????

And today, I went for LUNCH with my family. This is my happy birthday celebration... Family!!! at Wok of Fame buffet restaurant in Brampton.

I am still off from work tonight but I will be working tomorrow night. And tomorrow morning, I will make sure that everything that I need to do will be done. I need to focus and make my life my priority and not the TV series.. hahahhaha!!!

I will clean the whole house tomorrow and finish all the laundry for sure. Because on Tuesday, I need to renew the passport of my kids and hubby...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hooked On TV Series

I wasn't able to update my blog not because I am loaded of work at home and on my full-time/part-time job. Busy yup, but everything is as usual. It's just that I am so hooked watching this TV series "LOST" on netflix. It's so addicting.

I wasn't able to do my regular workout as well due to this, but everything runs as normal. My house is clean and organized and I am able to attend to all my part-time cleaning, and at the same time, do all the things needed for my family like their eye exam appointments, banks etc blabla....

Anyway, today I just finished cleaning my basement. It's feels so good to have clean house specially my basement because this is where me and my husband stays.

And even if I am so hooked with watching TV, I am able to maintain the cleanliness of my kitchen and my whole house. I am actually using disinfecting wipes all over my house as often as I used to. I just want to make sure that my family is safe from viruses and bacteria. Clean freak as it may sound but I am happy.

I also just finished the budgeting and I am so happy to say that everythings is very well balanced. Just watching the budget and make sure that everything is on place. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Just Dont Care

Yeyyy, weekend nahhh!! Cancelled cleaning here and there that's why this is a very relaxing week for me. Good thing it's March break and kids were here, so they are here every morning when I come home from work and see them before I go to bed.. Loving to see them before I go to work.

Just work at my work. Talked to people who wants to talk to me and Ignore the people not worth my attention. I just love this feeling of not caring what other people thing and say about me... I feel so free!!!

Anyway, today I am planning to pick up something to a friend and then go to TARGET to buy something for our Kuerig coffee maker. Then perhaps, spend time watching movies with my kids.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Niece First Birthday

It's my niece 1st Birthday last Sunday. We went home late so I just decided to call my work to notify them that I can't go to work. I am glad that my boss allowed me to use my vacation leave.

She is such a cry baby. heheheh!!!
So many food. Me and the kids will go to my brothers house to get some left over food from the party last Sunday.... I am just waiting for my kids to wake up so we can go. For the meantime, I just finished cleaning my kitchen, load some bedsheets in the washer and hang them to dry.
I just love Rhyley's Birthday Cake.
Yesterday, I just watch "Lost" TV series on Netflix. I am not still half way from 6 seasons of the series but I am loving it already...

My brother drop by to return the table and chairs that he borrowed and my laptop where he downloaded a lot of movies. I will be watching these movies one at a time.

I just love watching movies. It relaxes my mind. However, it sometimes makes me forget some of the things I scheduled for myself to do, or it just simply makes me lazy.. hehhehe

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Clean House, Happy Life

So yesterday, I went to my regular weekly Saturday part-time cleaning and make few bucks. Then me and my family went for grocery. Then we went home and watch "GRAVITY".. I was fun and we love the movie.

Today, I just finish cleaning my basement. I just love the feeling of having a clean house and then tomorrow, I will clean the main and the second floor. We have to keep our house clean and organized. This is where our happy life begins. Filty house and disorganized is a sign of unhappy and disorganize life.

I also have finished paying our bills and budgeting our money. Nothing to be stressful about because everything is in balance. Just waiting for some insurance return for my husband and daughter's eye vision care. I hope to receive it soon so I don't have to use our savings while waiting for the claim money.

We will go to church today, and go to my brother's house for the first birthday celebration of my niece. I will try to take a picture and perhaps post on my facebook.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Just Busy Always

Busy with so many things but usually with my cleaning business and watching series TV shows and of course, keeping my house clean.

Anyway, I took this picture last week. It's a french macaroons made by my daughter. It taste so good and I am so proud of her. I guess somebosy is not happy about it again. heheheh

I don't know why some people just cant be happy for someone's happiness. Oh well!!!

It was a crazy week but very fruitful. I have been very hooked up with few of the good TV series. I guess it is better that wasting time with non-sense things. It really relaxes my mind.

Just a few funny thoughts... hahahahah... GREEDINESS IS A BAD CHARACTER...Pigs go to slaughterhouse!!! hahahahah

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Usual Weekend

Today I went to my regular weekly part-time cleaning job. I was finish early and I was so glad to see my work done nicely and faster. We don't have any plan to go anywhere today but tomorrow we will go to church.

Anyway, yesterday I went for a massage and will have another one on Tuesday. This really help to ease my stiff shoulder. Then I went for a couple of hours sleep. I woke up to attend our household meeting last night. It's good to see nice people close to my heart.

Summit Audio For Mix Mic

I have been wanting to replace the Blu-ray DVD player with sorround system in our family room area, because it is not working since last year. I feel very disaapointed in buying this because it only last for less than a year. So I look around the internet and found this Summit Audio from musicians friend.

I know I was looking for my love of watching movies, but singing is also one of my hobby and this is realy great for my karaoke. It has an individual controls to mix mic or line inputs for variable vacuum tube output. You can mix them or separately through individual solid outputs. I just love it.!!!