Monday, June 30, 2014

My Struggles Hope

Iknow it's been quite a long time since I updated any of my blogs. I guess my snoopers were already wondering why? PROBLEMS!! I guess everybody does. And I know that my snoopers will be very happy to learn that I have been going through some struggles. But guess what? I think it's over and I thank God for that.

It seems such a long journey of struggle but I am back on my feet and hopefully this is going to be the last.

Anyway, it's  Canada Day and we are just staying at home. Me and the kids went to Orfus Rd yesterday to shop a little and then went back home. 

I faced all my troubles yesterday and I am back.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Confusion In My Head

All confusion is in my head but I am Okey.. I know God will be there to guide me all through out this test..

I didn't went to work last Thursday night because I am not feeling very well. I just stayed at home but made sure that I attended to all my cleaning.

Nothing much new. All are usual routine. We just didn't went to costco this week because we are over budget for our grocery last week. So I just purchased few stuff at Walmart yesterday with hubby after our church.

Today I will just clean upstairs and go to bed early.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Profile Pix

This is my new FB Profile Picture... Ala lang... Trip trip... I will be posting one selfie picture with huby soon.

Anyway, I've been too lazy updating my blogs last weekend. Something came up that put my spirit down. We all have problems that we encounter on days that we least expected it, which is why we were not able to attend the CFFL Conference last Friday. But all is good right now. Problem is still there but who don't have it? We all do and I know God is always there to guide us..

Today, I was suppose to submit the passport renewal form for my twins and hubby, but realized that the expiration will be on July so I thought of submiting the form after I come home from Las Vegas. I will just do some phone calls today, which I was suppose to do few weeks ago but too busy to do so.

To my snoopers, don't you like my beautiful picture??? hahahhaha