Sunday, August 31, 2014

Household Meeting

It was a busy day yesterday due to all the preparation of our household meeting held in our house. I totally forgot to take a picture, but that's okey. As long as we had fun glorious moments with friends, that'smore important than taking pictures.

So after my regular weekly Saturday cleaning, I went home to pick up my Kimberly for her haircut appointment at Albion Mall. As she was having her haircut, I went to Dollarama to buy few things for the household meeting. Then went we get home, I vacuum, steam mop the floor tidy up and prepare all the things needed for the household meeting including the music we need.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Driving School For Kim

I was busy yesterday and didn't have time to update any of my blogs. Me and hubby enrolled our daughter, Kimberly, to a driving school nearby. In class school starts today until Sunday.

I also spend more than an hour fixing our printer. I think it needs to be repair and if this is the case, I'd rather buy a new one. Hmmm, my friend said he will take a look at it first, next week, before I buy a new one.

Today, hubby will drop Kimberly to the driving school and I will do some quick cleaning at home and maybe load one dirty clothes.

I promised my kids to take out Mexican food.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tidy Up Time

I was busy with my washroom deep cleaning and fold some clean clothes yesterday, that's why I wasn't able to update any of my blogs.

I filled up the gas before I go straight home that's why hubby already cooked our breakfast when I got home yesterday. And today, he cooked ham and egg for our breakfast.

I already tidy up the kitchen and did the steam mopping as well. I am also done with the bedsheets laundry. Since the weather is good, I hanged it outside to dry.

I will take a bath in a bit and get ready to go to Bramalea Centre with my kids to buy the printer ink. Then I will leave them at the mall for their shopping, and I will go home to get some sleep.

Busy meeeee!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Delicious Breakfast

I came home with this Binagoongang baboy made by hubby for our breakfast. I ate a little. I am trying to lose weight but hubby keeps on cooking delicious foods... waaa!!!!

After we ate our breakfast, I did the floor cleaning on our kitchen area using the steam mop. Then I Skype chat with my high school best friend. Then me and hubby went for a one hour massage at Humber Chiropractic Clinic.

I wanted to buy that black long dress at Woodbine Mall and I am also suppose to buy the printer ink, but I was too lazy to go down the car. I will see if I can go out tomorrow for these two items..hhahaha

Last night was a pretty quiet night. I just thought I heard an insecure person mocking me, but that's okey. It's just a sign that someone hate me for nothing. And if someone hate me for nothing, that someone is INSECURE of me..hahahha!!!

Just doing some blog update while hubby updating his facebook, and then we are ready to go to bed.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Cleaning

I washed all the dirty clothes in our laundry room. I have also changed our bed sheets. I just need to washed the sit cover, changed the blanket and the pillow case on the family room.

I already clean the washroom in the basement and the powder room. I also did the dusting on the basement and on the main floor, but I left both floors to be mopped tomorrow when I get home from work so all the garbage are all out.

Today me and hubby will go to church at 9am. I am planning to buy the printer ink. I also wanted to go to Woodbine Mall to buy the black long dress at designer depot. I am just not sure if I have the time. I wanted to go to bed early so I have enough energy until the next day.

I hope the someone have read the quotation I post on my facebook. I hope it can changed his expectation of me, about being happy and funny all the time. I have nothing to do with his boring life.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Garlic Toast Bread

This morning I woke up so early. I was suppose to do my cleaning but I was too lazy to do so. I just watch Extant and Reckless TV series while I cooked breakfast for hubby. I also wash 1 load of dirty clothes before I picked up hubby from work.

I did only a quick workout today then I took a bath, then went to sleep with hubby.

We woke up at past 3pm and went for grocery at Metro Store at Bramalea Centre. I wanted to do our grocery in Metro because I wanted to buy this Furlani Garlic Toast. Kids love it.

I will just take a lot of rest today. I will do my cleaning and finish the laundry, tomorrow morning before we go to church.

I wanted to buy this black long dress and need to buy the printer ink.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Relaxing Friday with Mexican Food

Friday is usually busy and tiring day for me, but since my Friday cleaning did not responded to my email confirmation, I presume they are still in Florida for their vacation. So I just made my time as relaxing as possible.

After my breakfast with hubby and tiding up my kitchen, me and hubby went down in the basement to do our love of socializing online. He was using the desktop and I was using my new wonderful notebook. But I used my IPhone to Skype with my high school best friend. It was a funny online conversation.

Then me and hubby went to bed. I tried sleeping but I don't know why I couldn't sleep when it's Friday. So when I heard my two angels woke up, I ask them to go out for lunch and spend quality time.

We went to Woodbine Mall for an Ice Cream and we suddenly decided to take out some Mexican foods at El Sombrero.

I will go back to bed in a bit, and wake up at 10pm to drop hubby to work.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Home Alarm Installation

I was a busy since Tuesday but I will update my snooper for sure.. hahhahah!!!

To start with, last Tuesday, Rogers Smart Monitoring System was installed. Now I have peace of mind leaving my two angels alone while me and hubby are working on night shift 5 days a week. It was a busy Tuesday for me since it was my deep cleaning day. So I was cleaning while it was being installed. It was good that hubby was here to help me.

It's a good product for peace of mind. What I love about it is that, I can arm or disarm the system even if I am at work. I can monitor the house through my cell phone.

Then yesterday, Wednesday, I have to go to my regular bi-weekly cleaning. TIRED!!!|

Today, I went to Walmart straight from work to buy few can foods. Then I tidy up the kitchen after having breakfast with hubby.

I am waiting for the response of my regular weekly Friday customer to confirm my cleaning tomorrow after their 3 weeks vacation in Florida.

I also called the vet to schedule the dental surgery of our Golden Retriever dog as requested by my kids. It's going to be expensive but what can I do. I want my kids to be happy. They are so worried about their dog... Gzzz

I also called the animal control since my daughter heard something on our roof. The service they did last December is still under warranty. Thank God...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hectic Dental Appointment Day

At it was a busy Monday for me. I ate my breakfast soon as I get home from work; fold the clean clothes while doing the laundry. Then I did my 30 minutes workout. After that, I tidy up and just did a quick vacuum on the kitchen area; a quick vacuum on the basement. Then I took a shower.

Hubby drove me to my dentist appointment for some dental filling. But we went to Canada Post first to mail some letters. It was still early for my appointment so we drop by at one fast food restaurant since he is hungry,

While we are waiting for my dentist appointment, I have been doing some phone calls for the installation of the house alarm. So, tomorrow is the installation of Rogers Home Monitoring system of our house.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Run Errand Plans

So I started my day with dropping my kimberly to her friend's house for volunteer work. Then me and hubby had our breakfast at Tim Horton. Then we came home to do some household chores. He cooked lunch, while I am cleaning and doing some laundry,

We had lunch again together.

I only cleaned the basement and the powder room on the main floor. I will just clean the rest of the main floor tomorrow before I go to my dentist appointment at 12noon.

I have few phone calls to make and some paper works to do, but I am not sure if I can do it all tomorrow. I wanted to focus my time on doing my scheduled workout to reduce some fats on my body. I feel bad!!! hahhahaha

So I will do my workout first thing when I get home from work tomorrow, do the deep cleaning on the main floor, if time permits, otherwise, it will just be a quick tidy up on he kitchen area.

I need to go out early to mail something before I go to the dentist at 12 noon.

Busy and Tiring Day

It was a usual busy day for me yesterday. I got up early with hubby after a quite annoying argument with him. Then I went for cleaning, go home and took a nap for less than 2 hours with hubby. We woke up and dress up for a friend's daughter 18th birthday party.

This me and my daughters.

And this is hubby and my daughters.
We went home before 10pm and was so tired.

And today, I have to wake up early to drop my Kimberly to her friend's house. She and few of her friends will go to MultiSclorosis center to work as a volunteer.

We might not go to church today because me and hubby are really tired. We might just go to Walmart to buy few foods for the whole week, I need to clean the basement and the main floor and I am not sure if I have the energy to do that. Gzzzzz!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Finally An Update

I am finally updating my blog after almost 2 months of inactive blogging due to some personal life issues. Problems are still there and I am not sure when is it going to end but I think it is simply part to life.

Anyway, I am so happy that the notebook I ordered at Shopping Online finally arrived. I am not trying my best to familiarized myself to this new very high tech and sensitive technology. But it is very nice.

My snoopers are probably rejoicing after reading this because I am having some life issue... Oh well!!!!