Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Quiet Week

Yesterday was a busy day for me. After my Regular cleaning, I went home to take a bath and hubby went to pick up Kelly at MCdonald. Then we went to pick up our friend for Doug Ford BBQ party. And then we went straight to another friends house for covenant for new members of Couples for Christ. It was so good to see people whom we haven't seen for quite some time now.

Today, I did the cleaning on the basement and main floor powder room. Then we went for grocery at Walmart. After dropping the grocery, we drop kelly at MCdonalds again. Me and hubby ate at MCCDonald for few minutes, then we went to Westwood Mall for his haircut.

I am just doing my weekend beauty routine and I am ready to go to bed. A quiet week.. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

First MCdonald Paycheck

Yesterday, Friday, was a busy day for me. I did my 3 hours cleaning which was suppose to be last Tuesday afternoon but she moved it yesterday. Then I went home, took a bath and had a good sleep with hubby. Then I woke up at 8pm and pick up my Kelly Anne at MCdonald with Kimberly. We ate burgers while waiting for kelly.

Kelly looks so cute working as a cashier at MCdonald. She was so happy to receive her first paycheck. We deposited her first paycheck before we went home. Then I dropped hubby to work.

And today, I started my day with few loads of laundry; picked up hubby at work; then we ate breakfast at Tim Horton.

I am going to my regular weekly Saturday cleaning. Then we are going to Doug Ford's fund raising BBQ party with few friends. Hoping to take few pictures to post on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Misunderstand Appointment

Yesterday, I did the deep cleaning of our main bathroom and a quick tidy up on my kids bathroom.

Today, there was a misunderstanding about our appointment. We thought somebody will come over to our house. But then when I called them for follow up, it was us who were suppose to come to their office.. hhahha!!!

Anyway, I called and leave a message to set another appointment.

I did a quick tidy up on our kitchen and load one dirty blanket and hang it outside to dry.

I am just taking some rest after my workout, and ready to go to bed with hubby.

Tomorrow, me and hubby are planning to sort out some of the clothes in our closet. We will donate those t-shirts that we are not using. Our closet is full of t-shirts.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Personal Visit

Yesterday Sunday was a busy day for us, as usual. Me and hubby went to church at 9am then we went for grocery at Walmart. We were suppose to buy lunch at Lync Chicken but they were close so we went to Fortinos to buy roasted chicken and salad.

Hubby went to his part-time job in the afternoon with Kimberly so he can practice her for driving. I was sleeping when they come home.

It was a quiet night last at work. I hope it stays that way.

And today we are expecting a visitor at 10am. I don't want to go on a details on what the visit for. I'd rather keep it personal.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Red Skirt with Red Scarp

So I bought this red long skirt and the red scarp. I was happy. I was suppose to buy two long skirts. The Blue and this Red, but just decided to buy one because the blue was on the other store which is buy one take one 50% off. They don't have the red skirt so I just went to the other store and surprise to learn that it is much cheaper. And I was excited when I saw the red scrap so I grab it.

Then I bought Kelly her favorite Oreo Blast at Baskin n Robin and then, we ate at Fusia Asian Fastfood and went home. At 9:20 pm me and hubby watch "A Walk On The Tombstone" at Cineplex Brampton with Kimberly.

Today, me and hubby will attend the 9am mass and then do the grocery. I am not sure if any of the kids will come for grocery but we really need to buy some stuffs for home.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Busy Rough Time

Ahhh it's almost 2 weeks now since I last updated my blogs particularly this one. What can I say, but I have been busy and going through some rough time but I am okey. I guess answers to all my questions are almost there. Just trying to get some clear thoughts on how to accept it.

Anyway, my days is really not that busy because of all the confusing cancellations of all my cleaning customers. So I am spending most of my spare time at home cleaning and tidying up my house and spending a lot of time with hubby.

Yesterday, I slept early after my work and then woke up to spend quality fun time with my kids. We went to Woodbine Mall to eat our favorite ice cream at Baskin n Robin. Then we tasted the New York's Fries veggie works. It taste really good. Then we went to buy Popeye's Fried Chicken at Albion Mall to bring home for dinner. We also drop by at Shopper's Drug Mart to buy Kelly's medicine for her slight fever.

I was suppose to buy that blouse and skirt at Woodbine Mall but having a second thought. So now, I want to go back to the mall to buy it. So I might go back to the Mall today since I wont have cleaning. We plan to watch a movie later tonight. Kid's will be out with friends the whole day so we will be watching the last full show.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fun Skype Chat

It was a busy Sunday for me that's why I wasn't able to post. But I Will try to share whatever I can.

As I've said on my last post last Saturday, that we are going to my brother's house, we really did and it was a fun time video chatting with my family in the Philippines. Thanks to SKYPE.

Sunday, me and hubby woke up very early. I cleaned the basement and did few loads of laundry. Then we went to Costco with my Kimberly. Then we went to Bramalea Centre to buy a printer. We went home and I went to bed.... Woke up at 8:30 pm and went to work.

It was a pretty quiet night at work. Nothing much!!!

I did my bathroom deep cleaning today.  Tomorrow and on Wednesday will be a busy day for me so I am not sure if I can update any of my blogs during that day, unless I will took a day off from work on Tuesday night

Saturday, September 6, 2014

For My Sinusits

I picked up hubby to work this morning and we ate our breakfast at Tim Horton. We went home and watch TV after I tidy up, vacuum and steam mop the kitchen floor. Then I went to my regular weekly Saturday cleaning.

After me cleaning, I went straight to the pharmacy to buy all the prescribe medicine for my sinusitis. I used the spray right away when I get home. Then I ate so I can drink the antibiotics.

We are going to my brother's house in about an hour.

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Allergy Test

It was last Wednesday since I last updated this blog so I have two days to cope up in updating my life for my snoopers or should I say, fans of my life. hehehehh!!

So yesterday, Thursday, I was just busy tidying up my house and did my 40 minutes dance workout. I also did some phone calls and load some laundry before I went to bed with hubby.

And today, Friday, after my work, I went straight to hubby's work to picked him up to drive me to my allergy test appointment. I was surprised to learn how high the level of my allergy to different kind of allergens, particularly cockroach dust. I guess cleaning houses makes it worst. So I will have to be injected by some kind of medicine to make my body strong to all these allergens. Good thing that my work insurance cover it because it's quite expensive. And he gave me a nose spray to spray two times a day until next year, then it will be once a day. This will clear up my sinusitis problem. I can't wait to buy this tomorrow.

Then after that, hubby and I went to buy Popeye's Chicken.

I didn't do my regular tidy up coz I was tired. I was suppose to pick up my kids, but didn't have the energy. sigh!!

I will drop hubby to work and go home to get some more sleep so I can have the energy for my part-time cleaning tomorrow. I hope I can have the time and energy to clean my basement, otherwise, I might do my deep cleaning in the basement and on the main floor on Sunday morning.

My kids will come with my at hubby's work coz they want the Oreo McFlurry.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back To School

It was the first day of school yesterday. So finally, I was able to clean my kid's room because they were not home. It was really messy and dusty. It feels good to finally able to clean it.

Then after that, I did my 30 minutes Belly Dance workout. Then I took a shower and went to bed with hubby.

Today I will go to my bi-weekly Wednesday cleaning. I am doing one load of dirty comforters and hang it outside to dry, before I go out for cleaning.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Yellow Flowers

Today is Holiday for Labour Day in Canada, so we have no work last night. But tonight I will be back to work so I am just updating few of my blogs and I am off to bed.

I already clean the basement and the main floor last Saturday, so all I did today was load few of the remaining dirty clothes, and do a lot of tidy up both in the basement and on the main floor.

Love this yellow roses that my Saturday customer gave me last Saturday. I put it on our living room together with the synthetic orange flowers I bought in Dollarama last Saturday.

I am getting ready with the Halloween so I will buy few Halloween decor next weekend, I just started it with these orange plastic flowers.