Friday, October 31, 2014

Awful Pain On Halloween

I didn't worked since Wednesday night because my shoulder is killing me and I cannot turn my head to my right. It was awful. So I went for a massage, followed by Chiropractic treatment yesterday. I feel a lot better now that's why I can update my blog through my noebook. I am still having a headache. Tylenol help but not quite.

Anyway, candies are all ready for all the kids who will knock on our door tonight for Trick or Treat.

This morning, I was able to do some cleaning and load few dirty clothes. Me and hubby also went for few grocery at Walmart this morning. Hayyyzzzz, life !!! I am getting old.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Canada East Trip

I was freakingly busy and lazy to update my blogs. I am just pushing myself to do it now.

Here are just a few shots on Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec last weekend with hubby. Me and hubby had so much fun.

Me and hubby went for this trip basically to visit the Notre Dame Basilica in Quebec City for the Holy door. It wasn't included on the bus tour but since the tour guide gave us a n ample time to went around Quebec, me and hubby grab the chance to go to Notre Dame Basilica by taking the taxi. It was quite expensive but it's all worth it and I know that God will appreciate it. The holy door was already closed but our purpose of going there is pure and simple. God can see it.

I went to work last night but I did't tonight because my shoulder and neck is killing me. I guess it's because of the trip. I was sitting and sleeping all the time in the bus is a awkward position. I will set an appointment for a massage therapy and chiropractic treatment tomorrow if there is an available time for me

Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Caddy Organizer

I was busy this weekend and it was a good thing to update this blog last Thursday because it was a sudden announcement for a volunteer overtime at work last Thursday night. Yes, I volunteer because I need an extra day off. hahahah!! Well I need money and I guess we all need it, but spending more time with my loveones is ore important.

So I work overtime on Friday night and went home to do some quick cleaning on my basement. Then I went to my Saturday cleaning for 4 hours. I went home to get some sleep and woke up after about 3 hours, by the noise of my hubby's drinking buddies who happen to be also my friends at work. I didn't took a picture anymore to post on Facebook to avoid more murmuring from my haters. heheheh!!

Today, me and hubby skip the Sunday church mass and I feel guilty. We went for a short few grocery and drop Kelly at McDonald. Then me and Kim went to Target to buy this caddy organizer for my beauty routine stuffs at the basement washroom.

I love it and my makeup and skin care products are all within my reach. It will my life easier and faster without messing everything up.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Quebec Tour Reservation

It's almost the weekend.. What a busy week for me after the long weekend.. Tuesday, me and hubby went to Taipan Tour to make a reservation for the Holy Door at Quebec city. It will be on the 25th, 26th and the 27th of this month. It will be a 3 days 2 night tour in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Kingston. It will be an adventure for me and hubby because we are planning not to go on the Quebec city tour and take the bus or Taxi to Notre Dame Basilica of Quebec. God will guide us for sure.

I did a few phone calls to set an appointment for our house duct cleaning from Home Depot, furnace and aircondition maintenance from Enbridge, and a call from a possible new extra income/part-time job for me and hubby.

Then yesterday, I went to my regular bi-weekly Wednesday cleaning.

And today, I was suppose to go to our Family doctor for my annual check-up but the clinic was close. So I just did my regular deep cleaning on my kid's rooms and the bathroom.

I will take a bath in a bit and ready to go to bed. Thank you Lord for all the blessing.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Today is holiday for Thanksgiving Day. We don't have any plan but to stay at home and take a lot of rest. I have to go to work tonight so I want to make sure that everything is organized inside my house specially that me and hubby are planning to go to Quebec this weekend with some friends.

I am thinking of hanging BOB ( our Halloween Decor ), and the rest of the Fall decor a bought in Dollarama. I can't wait to put up our Christmas Tree. Holy Lord, time flies so fast. I can't believe it's Christmas once again.

I love the changes I made on my basement. I have more room for my sewing and more room for folding clean laundry. I will keep it this way since I am planning to do more entertaining. I will see our budget if we have extra money to buy a small fridge for the basement.

I am doing the laundry and I hope to finish it all so I can fold it all tomorrow. I will try my best to do the laundry and keep the house clean, so I don't have to worry about my house this coming weekend for our plan to go to Quebec.

Happy Thanksgiving to al!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Party For Hubby

Yesterday was definitely a busy day for me and hubby because of the people coming over for hubby's birthday celebration.

I started my day very early to start cleaning and preparing the basement. I did a few changes on the basement kitchen in order to fit th folding table. So this is how it looks.

The space looks bigger and more space for the visitors to singing and eating.
Visitors come and we started the fun. It's really nice to spend time with people you are comfortable with
This is the blessing and honouring hubby and two of our friends whp celebrated and who will celebrated their birthday.
Today is going to be a relaxing day for me. I will drop hubby and kelly to ther part time job.

I still have few cleaning in the basement to do and I am thinking of leaving the changes I did, as it is, since I have more room for my sewing machine and folding of clean clothes. Besides, they will come back on November 1 for the covenant of our new member.

Thank you Lord for all the blessing

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Curtain

Hayzzzz busy as usual but I will try to summarized my life for my snoopers.

So Monday, I went to bed early because I was having a headache probably because of my sinusitis. I took the bus going to work because hubby have to use our car to pick up kelly since she worked for closing at McDonald.

Tuesday, my friend drop me at subway and meet hubby at Walmart. We bought few stuff for his Bday celebration.

Wednesday, I deep clean our bathroom and quick clean up on my daughter's rooms. Me and hubby changed the curtain on the living room as well.

Thursday, Is hubby"s birthday. I went straight to his work to bring the food. I ordered from people at work. We went to bed early so we can go to his 4pm appointment and eat at wok of fame but there was a construction in front of our house so we end up staying at home. Peel water was replacing the water pipe.

Today Friday, I will do some phone calls and clean the house in preparation for hubby bday celebration on Saturday.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pizza for Midnight Snack

Everything goes as I planned it for yesterday. I went home after my Saturday cleaning and then, hubby and I went to pick up Kelly at McDonald at 2pm. We ate there for few minutes while waiting for Kelly. Then we went to Harvey's to buy Burger for Kelly for her snack. She start hating McDonald already. hahhaha!!!

Then I took a bath and went to bed with hubby. We woke up at 11pm and he bought Pizza Pizza for our midnight snack. Kids are happy.

And today, I will continue doing the rest of the dirty clothes to wash, fold it and put it on the cabinet. I need to clean the powder room and a quick tidy up on our kitchen area. And perhaps, I will hang all the Halloween Decor if I still have the energy and motivation.

Me and hubby will go to Costco after the 9am church mass today. Then I will go to bed early for more energy at work tonight.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Collage Apps

It's just so funny how people obviously snoop on my life true my blogs. Someone was really hating when he knows my life is really quiet and he will do anything to change it. Well bring it on.

I posted some of my Selfie pictures so I can pissed him off... It is simply to show him the difference between his face and mine.. Just having fun playing with the new apps I uploaded on my iphone...hahhahahah!!!

Anyway, it was another busy week for me which is why I haven't updated my blogs. But to keep my snoopers updated, I will try my best to remember.

Monday, me and hubby went to his appointment.. Don't want to share the details of this appointment. I will keep them thinking and make their neck LONG!!! hahahah.. We went to bed after. I just did few loads of laundry. The weather was good that day so I hang the clothes outside to dry.

Tuesday, me and hubby went to bed early because I was not feeling well. I didn't even tidy up my house because I was having a headache.

Wednesday, I went to my regular bi-weekly cleaning. I was knock out to bed..

Thursday, I cleaned my daughters room and load few laundries.

And yesterday, hubby went with me at my appointment. Do you think I will go on the details of that appointment????? NO WAY!!! It will make their neck longer. hahhahaha!! And then I accompanied my two angels to their massage therapy appointment while I was having fun playing with this new collage apps on my iphoone...

Today is going to be a usual Saturday for me. I will go to my cleaning earlier than usual, as she requested. I might just take a rest or probably spend time with my kids...

Thank you Lord for all the blessings,