Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Home Re-organizing For Slow Business

I've been pretty much lazy to update my blog for the last 2 days but I keep track of what is happening to my life by taking pictures to make sure that I can share it here.

Monday was a busy day for me since I went to my two regular customers. Then I went straight to my brother's house to pick up his father in-law to go to Home Depot to look for woods for making two Study Table for my kids. We will go back on Thursday to buy everything he need.

My business is slow this month so I have all the time to re-organize my house particularly my kitchen. So yesterday, I bought few things for my house. This little stainless steel salt dispenser and the glass pitcher (my one was broken so I bought a new one again) that I purchased at Woodbine Mall. And few home decor I bought in Dollarama.

Today, I went to one of my regular customer then I went straight to Home Hardware to buy this Wall Clock that is perfect for the Coffee station that I made using the side table that my brother's father in-law made. Then I bought few place mat at Dollarama to make it look nicer.
I have a call from one new customer and I hope business will go through on Friday.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my Dentist for my Night Guard. Then I have one appointment to one of my regular customers. Then me, my brother and his father in-law will go to Home Depot to buy the things needed for the two study table for my kids.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Side Table And Friends Visit

Uhhhhh, it's been two days but I am ready to update my life heheheh!!!. I was busy I guess and pre-occupied with a lot of things but, I have the time and energy now.

Friday, I was busy with two of my customers and then my brother brought the last wood side table that his Father in-law made for me. I am so happy with how my tiny family room looks after having these two new hand made wood side table. It made this area looks neat.

Then yesterday, few of my former co-workers went to our house for a small get-together BBQ party. It was really good to see all of them and be with them.
Today, me and hubby went to church. I was suppose to pick up my brother's Father in-law so he can measure the study table that my daughters want for their room and then we will go to home depot to look for the materials needed. But the roads were close for the indians feast again. I hate it!!! So I might drop by my brother's house tomorrow and see when can we go to home depot to buy the things needed for the study table.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Celphone Holder, Magnetic Organizer and New Customer

I was a bit busy yesterday with my two customers. After going to my first customer, I have to wait an hour for my second customer appointment so I went to Staples to buy few things I need for home and for my personal use.

First I purchased this Celphone Holder for my car. I am always using the GPS of my celphone specially for new customers so I need this to make my driving easier without the chance of getting caught by a police for using handheld devices. Safer for me and for everyone on the road.

Then I also purchased this magnetic locker organizer to put pens and other little thing on my kitchen area for less clutter. It is use for lockers but I hanged it on my fridge for the clutter around the kitchen/family room area. It makes little things easier to find when we want to use it like pens, eyeglasses etc.

Then I went home with this Chocolate Chips Cupcakes with Peanut Better Icing made by my daughter kimberly. It takes so good...

Today I will go to a new customer. And I hope everything will be good and I can add her up on my list of regular customer.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Burned Actifry

Uhhhh, I didn't noticed that Saturday was my last update. I guess because I was devastated because last Sunday, my brand new T-fal Actifry was broken because of my stupidity. I placed my Actifry on top of the stove and when I was wiping the top of the stove after cooking something, I didn't noticed that when I moved the Actifry, one of the burner was turned on without me noticing it until I smelled something was burning. I looked and my stove was producing a lot of smoke... waaaa I wanted to cry, my Actifry was burned!!!

I wasn't in the mood to blog about it until I got a new one. It was holiday on Monday so everything was closed and I have to wait 'til today to buy this refurbished T-Fal Actifry at Factory Direct which is about $30 cheaper from a brand new one, but I took the risk with one year manufacturer warranty. I have to register online right away and make sure I keep the receipt. It's working just fine.
Today is a quiet relaxing day for me. I went to my doctor for my allergy injection and to get my two daughters a prescription for their orthotics, then went straight to Factory Direct. When I get home, I cook TAPA and friend chicken. It was good.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Italian Style Ground Beef with Kale Today

Two Customers with extra money yesterday. And one customer today.. I am tired...

But even if I am tired today, I went to my brother's house to talk to his father in-law about making a study table for my kids....He will soon make it for my kids. I will just buy the woods at home depot.

Then I went home and cooked this Italian Style Ground Beef with Kale vegetable. I used my Actifry to fry the potatoes before I mixed it with the Ground beef. It's wonderful... My kids love it!!

I feel so tired today. I don't know if it is because I lack sleep last night, or if it is because of my kidney. Well, I am trying to get some rest now while watching the TV Series "Last Ship".

I hanged two loads of clothes to dry, today. It says it will rain for a lot this week so I am taking advantage of the sunshine to dry our clothes outside. I will take a bath later and probably watch more episode before I go to bed.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

T-Fal Actifry For Frying

Oppss! I was busy!!! As always!! But this time, it wasn't my busy life and laziness together, why I was able to update my blog. I wasn't lazy.. I wanted to update my blog but, I was really busy. But anyway, I will try to update my snoopers on what's going on with me for a couple of days.

Tuesday, I went to one of my regular customers and go home straight at home. I have been talking to few people over the phone about my business. All inquires.. I am suppose to go to one, but she cancelled it for some reason.

Yesterday, I went to my two regular customers and then I went home just to eat as I was really tired and hungry. And then I went to Rogers Wireless Store at Woodbine Mall pick up the new Internet Modem, as we are having a lot of internet connection problem... Now we are all happy again!!

Today I went to one customer in Mississauga. It wasn't a big deal. I thought I was going to be busy but then as I've said, one new prospective customer cancelled my appointment. Good thing, I went home first to get my things, and text her before I go to her house. Gzzzzz!!!

Since I wasn't busy and have time for things I need for my housewife life, I went to Costco to buy this T-Fal Actifry that I have been wanting to buy, to help me in frying. It is an awesome kitchen appliance that anyone should have. I cooked my meatballs without oil and no messy oil to clean on my kitchen. I am so excited!!!
Just one spoon of oil to make crispy French Fries. No messy oil spill all over my kitchen when frying fish or chicken.. I am so happy!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Business Slow Worries

It was not a very busy day for me. Just one customer appointment for one hour. It was suppose to be 2 hours but I have to leave early for my dentist appointment, so it will be on Wednesday that I have to stay for 2 hours for her.

Me and hubby did the weeding on our backyard before I went to my customer. Then me and my daughter, Kelly, went to the dentist for dental cleaning. Then I went home and cooked Fish Salchiado for our dinner tonight.

Then I sliced and marinate the beef with soy sauce and garlic for tomorrows Lunch and Dinner.
I hanged one dark clothes to dry and some dog's dirty rugs.

I also did the deep cleaning of our washroom upstairs.

My business is slow and worries just hunt me. I contacted some of my clients and offer some service for next week since I have a lot of free days next week. I hope I will have some response and hoping for some calls.

I started a new TV Series, "Last Ship" this helps to relieve some of my worries.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

CLR For Cleaning Tiles

It was a busy and tiring day for me today, mostly doing household chores. I woke up early so I went straight to my kitchen to have my breakfast coffee using my new reusable KCup and it's awesome!!! I just love the fact that I can brew my espresso on my Keurig Coffee Maker. It's cheaper!!!

Then I did my regular deep cleaning on my basement. Then most of my time cleaning were spent on the mainfloor, scrubbing the tiles. My tiles looks bright but it needs more scrubbing, so I guess I will be doing this every week as part of my deep cleaning. SIGH!!!

I am using this two long mat on my hallway going to my kitchen to protect my tiles from getting too much dirt.

I didn't realize how dirty my kitchen tiles were, until one of my new customer ask me to help to scrub her tiles. So it was my first time doing it on my own tiles. I used the long scrubber I bought in home depot 2 years ago, using CLR mold and mildew cleaner. I also use my steamer and it is really pretty good too but very time consuming since I have to go down and scrub each tile. So I will be using the long scrubber with CLR every week in scrubbing my tile as part of my deep cleaning.

I like using CLR because it is biodegradable and eco friendly plus, it works really good on my tiles.

I also bought two new small mat for my powder room to protect the tiles from getting too much dirt. I purchased two to use the other one when it gets dirty. Me and hubby attended the 12pm mass, and then me and my family had our late lunch in a Vietnamese Restaurant in Hurontario and Steeles in Mississauga.

I am still thinking what to cook for tomorrow. I guess I will be defrosting the Beef so I can marinate it tomorrow morning in Soy Sauce and Garlic to make TAPA (Filipino Cuisine) the next day

I might do escabeche (Filipino sweet and sour fish)tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Little Organizer

I woke up late again so I was late on my appointment and wasn't able to vacuum my kitchen area. However, I was able to do the laundry and hanged outside to dry and sanitize my kitchen.

After my appointment, I went straight to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy these few little organizers for my kitchen and bathroom and this reusable KCup for my Keurig Coffee Maker using my favorite ground coffee.

I bought new sponge strainer and replace the old one I have because the suction cup is not giving a good grip anymore. I put it on my kitchen in the basement. It should be good there since I don't use the basement kitchen that much.

The pan lid organizer makes my cabinet looks more organize. And the Bath Sponge hanger with a nice special suction cup made my bathroom looks more organize.

Then me and the kids went for grocery. The after putting everything in place, I cooked this delicious Chicken Alfredo Fettucini that my family love.

I need to do the deep cleaning on the whole house which includes changing on bedsheets and sit cover and vacuuming my Living Room sofa set.

I also need to do the weeding on my backyard and frontyard and load on light colored clothes and hanged then outside. I am not sure if I will finish all of these but I will try my best, otherwise, I will leave the second floor and do it some other day this week when I get the chance.

Kids want to eat late lunch in Vietnamese Restaurant... Woooooo busy!!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ground Beef with Veggies For Today

I came home before 6pm today, tired!!. But happy to go home with my kids sitting in our living room watching TV. I ate and then cooked this Ground Beef with Veggies. Kelly helped me in cutting the Green Beans and Carrots. I put some shrimp and crab. I cooked this Ground Beef while I was baking the 4 pieces of chicken thigh which I rolled in Italian Seasoning, salt and pepper and a little bit of meat seasoning. My kids love it.

I might not beable to update this blog tomorrow morning because I have to leave early for my Saturday customer, so I am updating it now. I will for sure do the same thing every morning, like tidy up the kitchen area with the family room and then vacuum. If I have the time and mood, I might mop the floor. I will also load one dark dirty clothes to hang outside, which are already inside my washing machine, ready to roll for tomorrow morning.

Gzzz I was suppose to do some weeding on my frontyard and backyard but I was lazy this morning. I wont be able to do that tomorrow morning for sure!!!! SIGH!!! Lazy Ass!!!

Anyway, I watched two episodes of 'The Strain' and ready to go to bed. I will just prepare to defrost the chicken Breast and Bacon for my tomorrow's menu, Chicken Alfredo!!!..

Sun Dried Clothes

Today I woke up late coz I wasn't really feeling well since Wednesday after my Allergy Injection. But I am pretty much feeling well now and I am ready go to my two customers. The other one didn't call so I am only visiting two customers, but I will still leave, and go home late today.

I did one load of dark clothes and hanged it outside. Then I did a quick vacuum on my kitchen area and some busy spot on my living room. My kids went to downtown to do something for their University, so I did a quick tidy up on their bedroom and quick vacuum on the whole second floor of my house.

I just love drying my clothes under the sun. I love how it smells specially my bed sheets. Aside from that, it saves me few bucks on my electricity and gas bills. It just take a little effort.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Update After Long Laziness

It's been so long since I updated this blog. I guess I was busy and most of all lazy and unmotivated. I renewed the domain of this blog because I want to keep something as a reminder of me being a blogger.

Anyway, I will try and I always do my best to update my blog but for some reason sometimes I am just caught up with so many things in life. Oh wee, I have been busy with my life at home taking care of my family which I should but couldn't due to my busy schedule. But now that I am not working full-time on that factory, I am so happy that I have all the time to do all the things that I have been wanting to do. Like gardening, cross stitching, organizing and keeping my house clean and tidy all the time and most of all, cooking for my family.

Oh well, just for an updated, I am busy watching a new TV Series 'The Strain' I hope to finish the first season so I can start the second season soon.

Tomorrow I am going to two clients and still waiting for the other one. If she don't then I will make sure the laundry is done and my house is clean and tidy before I went out. I might do some weeding on my backyard and perhaps on my frontyard.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Random Thoughts Of Projects

Ahhh I was busy, So I am sure my snoopers are curious to know what am I up to. Anyway, I will start with my Monday Victoria Day.

I cooked this eggplant omellette and beef calderetta early in the morning.

And then, I went to the Garden Store at h-way 50 to look around for some flowers to plant on my frontyard. Then I went for lunch with my girlfriends at Max Restaurant Scarborough. It was fun!!
Then after that, I went home to pick up hubby to buy garden soil and flowers for my frontyard.

The next morning, me and hubby started working on our frontyard, until we realized that we have to buy some more garden soil and flowers and we did it the next day. Hubby started digging the soil and put a new soil on top so I just have to plant it for the next day.
Afternoon of the same day, Tuesday, the other contractor went to measure the backyard and he gave me almost the same price as the first one. So I told him I will call him to confirm everything and so I did. I choose him because it will only take him two days to work on my backyard while the other one will take 4 weeks. I can't wait to start working on my backyard and put many colorful flowers and probably some vegetable plants in one corner. It will take him two weeks to start the construction since he have to get some permit to make everything legal.

Going back to my frontyard, since hubby have to work that night, I plant all the flowers on my frontyard by myself the next morning. Well, I hope all the flowers will grow and make my frontyard look as beautiful. Now that is everything is going on the right places, I am already thinking of buying some cross stitching kit to work with. I am already looking on the internet to know which pattern is available for me to work on. I am pretty excited!!!!! I might order one to two cross stitch kits or probably go to one store on lakeshore to shop around. I still need to finish the two more projects I have inside my house, so I better finish it before I start cross stitching, otherwise I will be stuck not doing these two projects.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Two Project and Gardening Tools

I was so busy. I guess my snoopers are wondering why I haven't updated my blog. Well at least now they know that something is keeping me busy and I am NOT just sitting around being lazy.

I am doing a lot of little projects inside the house, like this bathroom organizer. I have been wanting to buy and put this organizer in my powder room but I was so busy and didn't have the time to do it. I am so happy that I finally was able to do it. But the search to find nice things to put in this organizer is still ON..But NO rush since I have all the time in the workd now so I can do it one at a time. Isn't so nice?

I have two more projects to do. One is to replace the existing sunshade on my Kitchen sliding door and I already purchase the curtain and the curtain rod, and the other one is 2 shelves to put on my basement kitchen which I also have purchased already. However, something is stopping me to finish these two works inside my house, because the weather I getting nicer that it is giving some urge to work on my front yard. So me and hubby already purchased some of the gardening tools.
I might drop buy the gardening store tomorrow at highway 50 and I hope they are open since it's holiday tomorrow after my lunch dates with some girlfriends.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Generous Customer and Projects

Yessss!!! I am finished with all the phonecalls. I just need one to do tomorrow which find a new Landscaper or price comparison. I hope I have the motivation to do that tomorrow morning before my appointment with my customer.

Today was a busy but productive day for me. I am so happy with my new customer. She is very generous!!! Thank God for all the blessings.

Now that I am done with all the phonecalls and documents, I will start shopping and working on some of my project at home like replace the slidding door shade of my kitchen into a simple curtain. So I have to buy a long curtain rod and a new curtain.

Then I will buy a shelves and put it on my basement kitchen to place my wine and liquors and wine glasses. I am also thinking of buying a simple area rugs for my kid's room. I guess I will start my shopping tomorrow or on the weekend so I can start working on it next week.

And then after all these project at home, I might start doing some cross stitching!!! I am so Happy!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mineral Makeup Samples For Delivery

So Yesterday I went to the prospective customer that I said and looks like she is going to be a regular customer. She is so NICE!!!.. God is Good!!

Today is a busy day for me in my kitchen coz, after I cooked breakfast for my kids, I made this Baked Macaroni and Cheease, and 12 packs of embotido. It was my first time to make embotido last night and my kids love it, that's I am made more today. I will prepare these on days that I have no time to cook like tomorrow and Friday.

And then I made these few Mineral Makeup samples that I will deliver today to one Importer who saw my website. I am going to have a meeting with him today and I hope this is going to be a good business deal.
I am planning to drop by to the Himalayan Salt Lamp store that I saw on the internet, if I still have time, after my meeting with the importer. I need to drop my daughter to work at 5pm.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Busy at My Own Pace

I am busy and tired today, perhaps one reason why I couldn't sleep. I hope this new customer will stay on a regular basis.

I did few phone calls today, like comwave for some issues on my home phone number, statefarm to inform them about my end date at work to lower down my car insurance premium since I am not traveling that far from home to work, and then I finally submitted my Employment Insurance Application online.

Tomorrow is another busy day working at home.

First I am going to clean my BBQ Grill and the BBQ Patio area, then deep clean the second floor. Then cook!!

Then, I have another phone calls to make like, I will search and call few Landscape company for price comparison; Shark Vacuum cleaner to order a set to filter for my vacuum; order few more set of flyers for my business; Shah Financial to create a login account so I can monitor my RRSP; check the payment status of my Blog's domain; submit insurance claim to Manulife; then search and perhaps visit and buy Himalayan Salt Lamp to put in my room and another one on my basement living room.

If I can not do all of these, then I will do some of it tomorrow.

But then, I have to make few samples of Mineral Makeup Foundation to bring on Wednesday to one of my prospective importer customer.

And then late in the afternoon, I will visit one new prospective customer, and I hope that this is going to be another regular customer to fill up my vacant days.

I am loading one dirty laundry and fold few clean clothes I hanged. If I still dont get sleepy I will watch one movie until I get sleepy. Loving this busy life at my own pace.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Deep Cleaning

I just finished cleaning my basement and main floor as usual. I was suppose to do this on Friday morning but we have to attend the CFCFFL conference so I have to do everything now. Good thing that I have all the time and no stress of doing it.

I folded the clean cloths from two days ago, then change the bedsheets and seat covers while I load some dark dirty clothes. Then I vacuum and deep clean the basement bathroom. Then I mopped the floor while the dogs were outside.

On the main floor, I did everything too, like change the seat cover, vacuum the living room sofas and the floors. Then I deep clean my powder room. Then thorough mop the main floors. Love it when my house is clean.

Today is Mother's Day so we are going to have lunch at Wok Of Fame. Then probably spend time with my kids at home. Relax and watch movies. I will sleep early because I have a new client to go tomorrow.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

House Organizing

It was a busy day for me today and yesterday because we have to attend the CFCFFL conference that was held in Scarborough. It was fun praising God and I saw few friends from previous work that I haven't seen for a long time.

Anyway, I am more excited to share few things that I purchased in Home Hardware to organize my house. First is this kitchen Strainer. I threw the old traditional strainer and replaced it with this new strainer which makes my kitchen sink look cleaner and more space to drain and dry.

Then this organizer I put in the cabinet under my kitchen sink to put some cleaner and gives me more space. Love it!!
And then this Flat Iron Hanger that I put on my basement washroom/laundry where I do most of my laundry work.

These are just few of the things I need to do inside my house. I still have more and I am so happy that I have time to do all of these.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Shortest Hair

I've been busy again with so many things. One of which is establishing new customers for regular basis, the rest are my time spend at work and home. It's really hard to do two jobs. If my company is not closing, I will not be as busy as this. Anyway, I can't wait to get out of that place and focus on my personal business. No more double time working like a carabao.

Anyway, yesterday I went for another haircut and this time, it's really short and I love it.

What about you my snoopers? Do you like it? hahhahah!!! I can imagine how they think about my short hair and now, I have it really short. They probably didn't expect that I can pull it off having a short hair. hahhahahah!!!

Well I cut my hair short so I wont be compared and competed to anyone as pretty, beautiful and UGLY. hahhahaha!! I can't be compared and competed to any handsome and ugly dood too, since I am not a real dood... hahhaha!!! So get over it, insecure peepz... I look totally different from you!! We are all different!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

House Not A Home

Busy as usual but I am so happy that it's getting nearer. The day that I have been waiting for. Funny, but some peepz will shout out loud that money is not their happiness but living simple is. What???? Well all I can say is, you just made a choice to live simple when you have no other choice but to have it that way..hhehehe br>
I will not pretend to be sad just because most of them are. It's like betraying them and myself. So why will I do that?

I live my life as simple as I can but sometimes, life can get tough that you have no choice but to live it the hard way. I learned from it. And now is my chance to live my life as simple as I can.

I can't wait!!! There are so many things to do inside the house and that makes me more excited than ever.

Funny how someone can clean other houses while they can not clean theirs. I can imagine how awful their life must be. Imagine life with a dirty house??? hhahahah!!! My house is clean and organize as always and that makes me happy. Not to mention that I have two dogs.hhahahah!!! Next month I have so many things in mind to do inside my house.

I will put some shelves on my basement little kitchen to put my liquors and wine plus the wine glasses. I will also put shelves on my two daughter's room to make their room looks nice plus an area rug to put beside their bed. Then I will change the shutter of the sliding door in our kitchen going to our backyard and replace it with a nice curtain. I will have fun decorating my house and make it feel like a real home...I really can't wait!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lawn Thoughts

I didn't went to work last Thursday night because of my back pain. So I went to my doctor the next day to ask for another set of pain reliever. The weather is awesome, so after few hours drinking the new pain killer, I cleaned/vacuum the inside of my car. It's good to see it nice and clean.

Today, a lawn specialist went to see our backyard for free estimate for lawn care. I will still have to talk to another lawn care specialist to compare their price. I want to have it done by June and hopefully, if we have enough budget, we might have some plants and flowers. But right now, I want to have a new grass and make our backyard look neat. I might have a spot for a gazebo to make it look a little cozy.

Then me, hubby and Kim went to the Used Car showroom to window shop for Kimberly's car. I will buy her a used car once I get my severance pay. And then we went for grocery.

When we get home, I took a bath and watch one movie "Parker". It's a good action movie.

I am doing the laundry since I am not yet sleepy. I will go to bed soon after I hang the first load and load another one.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Annoying Customer

Yesterday, was a busy day for me. After I came home from work, I took a rest for 2 hours and went to my new customer. Annoying customer but we will see if I can cope up with her. She likes me of course, but I am not sure if I like her.

After my first customer, I went to a new possible customer and hopefully, their going to be my new customer to add on my schedule.

Then I went home a did a quick tidy up, took a bath and went to bed. Then I woke up at 2am and watch Game of Thrones season 5 episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4. AWESOME!!!

go t Today, me and hubby will go to the pain clinic for a massage therapy.

I hope to go to bed early because I have to go to work tonight...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Water Dispenser For Infused Water

I purchased this Water Dispenser at Walmart today and put it in our basement. I stay in our basement most of the time ever since we purchase the 65 inches TV, plus our second TVBox. I love watching movies and most of the time I get thirsty and I have to go upstairs to get some water. Now, I don't have to leave the basement when I get thirsty. hehheheheh!!

They say that infusing lemon to drinking water can help neutralize the acidity so I thought of putting some slices of Lemon in my water since I am acidic. I have been doing this for quite some time now and I find it very helpful. However, I still need to control my caffein intake which I am having some trouble with.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Next Chapter Plans

I was so freaking busy since I went back to work. I am counting the days until I start the new chapter of my life here in Canada. I can't wait to start!!!

I am suppose to live two years in a ralaxing life, since my severance pay is good for one year, and another year with 55% Employment Insurance from the government. But I don't plan to be that way.

This is the LOGO of my Cleaning business. I have already ordered 100 piece of business cards, and I am ready to order 50 pieces of business flyers to start as soon as my end date.

Yes, I will be working my butt out with my business. And then, I will take the opportunity to study the Daycare Management course under the Employment Insurance, and hopefully to start a home daycare business someday.

I will still be working on my Mineral Makeup Business, but as we all know, this is just my hobby and the business is not as good as the cleaning and daycare business. But so much fun to work with. I will be working on my online business in the afternoon and clean in the morning. Beside, my online business doesn't require too much work unless there's a lot of order. Aside from that, I can always work on orders on the weekend.

Yes, I don't have any plan to apply to any company.

God is good to me and he is giving me the chance to pursue all my plans even at my age. I am not wishing to be rich someday, but to have a stable life as I reach my retirement.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Frustrating Moments

Today is another quite busy day for me. I cleaned my kids bedrooms and the washrooms. Then me and hubby went to the pain clinic for our treatment. It was frustrating because they are always late. Me and hubby always go to the clinic about 15 minutes earlier than our schedule only to end up being treated 15 to to 30 minutes late from our appointment. So I complained. I hope next time I don't have to wait again, otherwise, I will stop getting their massage service and go to the other clinic instead.

Then I purchased this Ultimate Spin Mop at Home Hardware. I was so happy because, the mop head of the other spin mop I purchased 3 months ago, where the mop stick broke 3 weeks after buying it, fits in to this new spin mop. I really hope this won't break anymore for a long time. It's frustrating because it always comes in a package of mop and the bucket. So if either the bucket or the mop break, you have to buy everything again. So I thought it would good to keep the old bucket in case the new one break. GZZZZZ!!!!

These are just the two frustrating moment for today. At least my life is so quiet....hehehhehe!!!

Tax Day

Yesterday, me, hubby and kelly went to the accountant to file the income tax. Well, I am happy because, eventhough hubby is paying, at least I am getting something to cover up what we have to pay for hubbby and get something more to save.

Me and hubby also open a new RRSP account to use basically for tax shelter, and also to be able to save more for the future. My accountant also advice me what to do with my package. I am having some thought about it.

I have been wanting to work on my Mineral Makeup products and create some new colors and pictures to post on my webstore, and perhaps alter some of my Mineral Makeup products. I also wanted to start working on my Mineral Makeup Blog to start the advertising campaign for my product, but gzzz, I am busy!!! Yes, I am busy!!!! hahhahahah!!! What am I busy about???? You tell me???

Sunday, March 8, 2015

New TV

My snoopers are probably waiting for an update of my blogs to know what is happening to me and find out how can they pull me down. hahahah!! I guess I have a new snooper too, waiting for me to blog about something that can put me into trouble. But guess what?, I am not stupid!!

Anyway, I bought this new 65' Smart Samsung TV at Costco Online. I am so happy!!!! Jealous???? hahhaha!!!

We threw the Old Big and Heavy TV that we have in the basement and replaced it with this sleek new 65' Samsung Smart HDTV. Hubby and his friend had a hard time putting that Old TV outside. We actually don't have any problem with that old tv. It's working just fine, but we thought it's time to have a new one where we can watch movies and TV shows using a new technology. I am so happy!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

PS4 For Hubby

Today is another tiring busy day for me. I don't know why I am always busy. I don't go to work due to my injury, and I am expecting that I can do more on things that I would like to do on my online business but it always end up doing nothing. 24 hours is always not enough for me whether I am working full-time or not.

Today me and hubby went to Costco to buy few things to use at home. Then we look around for the prices of 50 to 70 inches TV because I've been wanting to replace either the TV upstairs or the big TV in the basement. But we end up buying nothing for now. But we purchase the PS4. Funny but he bought me the MK bag yesterday for the cost of less than $200, but I purchased the PS4 for $508 for him. hhahah!! Something is not fair here.

Then I did a lot of phone calls. First to set an appointment at work to submit the Final Form but they are not returning my calls. I need to submit the form this week or I will be in trouble.

Then I called our insurance and I am still waiting for their call. However,I was able to talk to our nurse and it seems like I need to go back to work. Well, I don't really mind going back to work since I will be there only up to May. Let us see how it goes.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

MK Blue Bag

Yesterday was another busy day for me, so I wasn't able to do anything on my online business. I just updated one of my blogs and rant about my blogging thought. I am very sure that my haters will be waiting for me to say or write something about my daily life that might put me in trouble? hhahahah!!! I am not stupid..

So today, me and my loving husband together with our pretty twin daughters went to Niagara Falls as I promised, to treat them for a shopping. I didn't have any plan to buy anything fancy for myself but surprisingly, hubby purchased the MK bag I want while I was looking around inside the MK store. hhahahah!!!

I was so happy because I love This blue MK bag. I wish I can show it off to my haters but sadly, I can only brag about it here on my blog and hope that they will waste their time to visit me here, to hate me more. hahhahah!!!
But why hate me? They should be happy for me. Because despite of my injury, I can still smile and be happy about something. I really hope they will find happiness inside them too, despite of everything. Thank you Lord for all the blessing.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Last One

So tired today but I am so happy because I receive our annual bonus. I guess my last one.

After I clean the house and cook our lunch, I went to my doctor for my allergy injection, then me and hubby went to the pain clinic as usual. Then me and hubby went to this appliances store nearby to look for the price of TV. I am planning to buy one to replace the one on our kitchen area and put it upstairs for the kids to use, since the one that we have upstairs is really old and ugly.

Then me and the kids went to Demetre for my treat as I promised. Then we went to Target to buy few things I wanted for my house. I am happy!!

I wasn't able to do any work on my online business today because I was busy. I feel tired now and I will go to bed in a bit.

I am so happy with this kind of life and I can't wait 'til I really own this kind of life.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My New Blog

Wooooo!!! It's been quit a long time since I last update all my blogs. I guess my snoopers are dying to know what is happening to my thought specially that I haven't gone to that freaking environment for more than two months now... And most specially that, I have remove a lot of people on my FB account which makes them more blind and debt on what is going on with me hahhaha!!!

Here is the screen shot of my new blog.

I am planning to shut down two of my domain blogs and create a new one to help boost the online marketing of my mineral makeup products. hahhahaha!!! Don't worry snooper, because I have no plan to shut down the domain of this blog because I know that you are visiting this blog to snoop my life.

I will be updating this blog actively now to make them happy!!! For now, I just finished disabling some of my products on my webstore and will be focusing on selling my Mineral Makeup.