Monday, February 23, 2015

PS4 For Hubby

Today is another tiring busy day for me. I don't know why I am always busy. I don't go to work due to my injury, and I am expecting that I can do more on things that I would like to do on my online business but it always end up doing nothing. 24 hours is always not enough for me whether I am working full-time or not.

Today me and hubby went to Costco to buy few things to use at home. Then we look around for the prices of 50 to 70 inches TV because I've been wanting to replace either the TV upstairs or the big TV in the basement. But we end up buying nothing for now. But we purchase the PS4. Funny but he bought me the MK bag yesterday for the cost of less than $200, but I purchased the PS4 for $508 for him. hhahah!! Something is not fair here.

Then I did a lot of phone calls. First to set an appointment at work to submit the Final Form but they are not returning my calls. I need to submit the form this week or I will be in trouble.

Then I called our insurance and I am still waiting for their call. However,I was able to talk to our nurse and it seems like I need to go back to work. Well, I don't really mind going back to work since I will be there only up to May. Let us see how it goes.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

MK Blue Bag

Yesterday was another busy day for me, so I wasn't able to do anything on my online business. I just updated one of my blogs and rant about my blogging thought. I am very sure that my haters will be waiting for me to say or write something about my daily life that might put me in trouble? hhahahah!!! I am not stupid..

So today, me and my loving husband together with our pretty twin daughters went to Niagara Falls as I promised, to treat them for a shopping. I didn't have any plan to buy anything fancy for myself but surprisingly, hubby purchased the MK bag I want while I was looking around inside the MK store. hhahahah!!!

I was so happy because I love This blue MK bag. I wish I can show it off to my haters but sadly, I can only brag about it here on my blog and hope that they will waste their time to visit me here, to hate me more. hahhahah!!!
But why hate me? They should be happy for me. Because despite of my injury, I can still smile and be happy about something. I really hope they will find happiness inside them too, despite of everything. Thank you Lord for all the blessing.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Last One

So tired today but I am so happy because I receive our annual bonus. I guess my last one.

After I clean the house and cook our lunch, I went to my doctor for my allergy injection, then me and hubby went to the pain clinic as usual. Then me and hubby went to this appliances store nearby to look for the price of TV. I am planning to buy one to replace the one on our kitchen area and put it upstairs for the kids to use, since the one that we have upstairs is really old and ugly.

Then me and the kids went to Demetre for my treat as I promised. Then we went to Target to buy few things I wanted for my house. I am happy!!

I wasn't able to do any work on my online business today because I was busy. I feel tired now and I will go to bed in a bit.

I am so happy with this kind of life and I can't wait 'til I really own this kind of life.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My New Blog

Wooooo!!! It's been quit a long time since I last update all my blogs. I guess my snoopers are dying to know what is happening to my thought specially that I haven't gone to that freaking environment for more than two months now... And most specially that, I have remove a lot of people on my FB account which makes them more blind and debt on what is going on with me hahhaha!!!

Here is the screen shot of my new blog.

I am planning to shut down two of my domain blogs and create a new one to help boost the online marketing of my mineral makeup products. hahhahaha!!! Don't worry snooper, because I have no plan to shut down the domain of this blog because I know that you are visiting this blog to snoop my life.

I will be updating this blog actively now to make them happy!!! For now, I just finished disabling some of my products on my webstore and will be focusing on selling my Mineral Makeup.