Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Frustrating Moments

Today is another quite busy day for me. I cleaned my kids bedrooms and the washrooms. Then me and hubby went to the pain clinic for our treatment. It was frustrating because they are always late. Me and hubby always go to the clinic about 15 minutes earlier than our schedule only to end up being treated 15 to to 30 minutes late from our appointment. So I complained. I hope next time I don't have to wait again, otherwise, I will stop getting their massage service and go to the other clinic instead.

Then I purchased this Ultimate Spin Mop at Home Hardware. I was so happy because, the mop head of the other spin mop I purchased 3 months ago, where the mop stick broke 3 weeks after buying it, fits in to this new spin mop. I really hope this won't break anymore for a long time. It's frustrating because it always comes in a package of mop and the bucket. So if either the bucket or the mop break, you have to buy everything again. So I thought it would good to keep the old bucket in case the new one break. GZZZZZ!!!!

These are just the two frustrating moment for today. At least my life is so quiet....hehehhehe!!!

Tax Day

Yesterday, me, hubby and kelly went to the accountant to file the income tax. Well, I am happy because, eventhough hubby is paying, at least I am getting something to cover up what we have to pay for hubbby and get something more to save.

Me and hubby also open a new RRSP account to use basically for tax shelter, and also to be able to save more for the future. My accountant also advice me what to do with my package. I am having some thought about it.

I have been wanting to work on my Mineral Makeup products and create some new colors and pictures to post on my webstore, and perhaps alter some of my Mineral Makeup products. I also wanted to start working on my Mineral Makeup Blog to start the advertising campaign for my product, but gzzz, I am busy!!! Yes, I am busy!!!! hahhahahah!!! What am I busy about???? You tell me???

Sunday, March 8, 2015

New TV

My snoopers are probably waiting for an update of my blogs to know what is happening to me and find out how can they pull me down. hahahah!! I guess I have a new snooper too, waiting for me to blog about something that can put me into trouble. But guess what?, I am not stupid!!

Anyway, I bought this new 65' Smart Samsung TV at Costco Online. I am so happy!!!! Jealous???? hahhaha!!!

We threw the Old Big and Heavy TV that we have in the basement and replaced it with this sleek new 65' Samsung Smart HDTV. Hubby and his friend had a hard time putting that Old TV outside. We actually don't have any problem with that old tv. It's working just fine, but we thought it's time to have a new one where we can watch movies and TV shows using a new technology. I am so happy!!